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Knowledge/gyan is simply a bridge to re-cognizing & abiding as the Knower. And like any bridge, that reaches us across to our destination, we must get off the bridge!  And yet, in getting off the bridge we don’t denounce the bridge as useless but acknowledge and honor its role in bridging the chasm.  In its redundancy once a bridge has taken us across, we don’t render it null and void to other wayfarers traveling along the bridge or about to embark on it! Surely, once we have used a bridge successfully, we would share that with others heading the same way? And in this case, once the bridge of knowledge/gyan takes us to its destination- the Knower- there arises the inherent compassion    “May you be where I AM”- and we are naturally drawn to extending… or at least pointing out… the bridge … to all others… in whichever ways we can….( some may become teachers, mentors, guides, r writers etc… others may do it in day to day ways, still others may just point out the role the bridge of gyan played in their move and in that motivate others…)

So yes this brings us to those beautiful and profound sharing from scriptures and living Masters –where they express about knowledge coming in the way; or there being nothing to know; about the mark of all learning being beyond it ! And imho it is important to understand who are they addressing…and indeed if we have truly traveled this bridge experientially rather than only intellectually… then do we truly grasp to whom these words are expressed: To those still stuck on the bridge… to those at the threshold point of needing to get off…or those who continue up and down the bridge rather than getting off where it leads……to whom  knowledge/the means becomes the end…to those who consider it the goal and get stuck in collecting more… to those who allow knowledge to strengthen  their ego-self rather than dissolve in it…!  The Masters/scriptures do not address the wayfarer… nor the one about to embark the bridge of gyan… the Masters/scriptures know there is a time for knowledge and a time to get off… The Masters/scriptures know it is natural process and knowledge will drop once its role is done! And yet so many who have traveled their path or are in some seemingly finale stages… make blanket statements out of these words of Masters and scriptures which are addressed to a certain segment! They discourage knowledge, gyan, seeking! They spout its use-less ness and redundancy! And in this they do grave injustice to all three….to the Masters/scriptures by quoting them out of context… to the beautiful sacred bridge of gyan/knowledge/learning/seeking …and to the wayfarer who needs the bridge of knowledge to go beyond it….!

Yes, if we go a little deeper, and understand that everything we hear/read is a message from the universe has come to us for a reason… then we can understand that those passages from scriptures or words of masters… those quotes from fellow way farers… have come our way for a reason… maybe to alert us not to get stuck on the bridge when we near its end…maybe to sow the seeds of recognition of our inherent state so that when the time comes it ‘happens’ more easily …maybe because the universe has tapped into some soul pattern and is aiding us to not get stuck in it again….! So yes, if as seeker…while on the bridge of gyan…we come across such gems…let us value them yes, but know where we are in the current moment…! I always tell my fellow travelers to do the tango- to experientially (not intellectually) know where we are in the now and wholly embrace the ‘truth/step’- and yet be open to the 'next' and 'next' … (which is first intellectual, then experiential as our truth) thereby catalyzing our consciousness… into higher/finer levels of beingness…into the larger vision of ‘truth’!

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