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28.3.2004 LIGHT

We shall speak to you on light…what is light?

What do we mean by wanting to increase our light quotient? When we say that this child’s light shines brightly, do we mean she is imbued with some universal glitter or shine? No, my dears, light are an aspect of My Being, by which I know All That I Am.

It is not the physical light that shines through your lamp. Light for you is: information, knowledge, knowing. It is awareness of that I am.

It is light; because it helps you remove what you call the veils of ignorance and or what you call darkness. That is why you find light to be ‘expanding’.

The more you ‘know’ about self and its highest potential… all that you are… all that is…you see the oneness, you know the oneness. You do not need to try. When there is oneness, there is fearlessness. Who or what will you fear? When there is fearlessness, there is the joy of your being, all that you chose to be. You can then choose joyfully to be whatever aspect of self you choose; in whichever reality you are experiencing self. That, my dears, is fulfillment. And in this awareness, in this ‘light’…I fall in love with self. That is love.

1.3.2004 NOISE

Noise is the absence of silence. Silence is what I am. Silence not as you imagine it to be, void and empty, but the silence of fullness and completion. This silence is indeed filled with what you will call the most wondrous sounds.

Noise is that part of your journey, which brings you towards Me; you have chosen to experience it, to know what you are not, to rest wholly then in what you are. So do not condemn noise, but use it as a tool. The noise will reflect to you what it is that you need to look at within. For as physical beings it is indeed what makes you aware of all that you are not. It is My voice helping you as to what you need to observe.

Scream then my dears, because by doing so you remove all that is linked with the noise. Scream does not mean shout out loudly; it means the noise having reached a pitch deep inside of you that then makes you aware of it. It is then that many begin to remove the ‘noise’. It may at first be angry words and actions; perhaps confusion, but before you know it will become a chant.
Till the noise reaches a certain crescendo, it might well appear to be an aspect of your experience that separates you further. Because till then, it often appears to be a background static that you are able to ignore.. But a moment will come my dears when this very noise will then be put to its proper use, the static will become a rumble and impel you to look within. It is then that the noise turns into a deep chant within and in doing so it will bring you back into the most wondrous silence that I AM.
That is why noise exists. To make you aware of what you are not. There is nothing in my universe that does not bring you back to me.


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