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SELF LOVE- my first public channeling! 13.6.2004

Greetings. Greetings beloved friends... And what is this love that is all around you today?

You all give it so many names: the love of a mother, friend, lover… you even have a name for the one whom you call God… Divine Love!

But the highest potential (your word) love stands for is: universal energy in its entirety. Yes, my dears, Universal Energy…consciousness…. is what you call love. It is what I Am, containing all my aspects.

This is why you cannot sometimes describe the love you feel. You would literally have to use every word at your disposal to encompass its vastness. …

Yes, as physical beings, having chosen a physical experience you need to view on the outside what is within you; that is part of your physicality. And the only way you can view on the outside, this energy you call love, is through another. And that is why you always link love with ‘another’. (More so you call it the love for him or love for her or for this thing or that or the love of god even and begin again to limit the entirety again to one aspect of what it is)

But remember what is within is what you see outside. You, as self, are receiver and transmitter of this energy you call love. It is through self that you receive it, not through another. You only perceive it through another…

You have spent many lifetimes trying to get love by giving the other (your love). Now, drench self with love and you will create on the outside, what you call beautiful relationships: friendship, loving, divine.

It is this love that you see in your Masters and Gods. This is what they are and thus emit: pure consciousness, which allows all. In your words it is neutral. Many think neutral means a lack of love, but really it accepts and embraces all. There is no thing as good or bad within it- it is all embracing- and this is what you must use to drench yourself and you will emit and create it on the outside.


LOVE VIEWED THROUGH THE LENS OF FEAR- an excerpt from 29.1.2006

Greetings, today we shall speak to you on LOVE. When we first appeared to you, we spoke to you on love. In every now, we speak to you on love. Love is all that we speak, express, convey, communicate…

In your terms, the ‘languages’ used by us may differ. We may- ‘speak’ it through your words. We may - ‘emanate’ it through our energies. We may- hold it for you in but one glance. We may share it through our …and yours… smiles and tears, yes, beloveds, tears. We may use the many, many languages of silence.

We may use music, we may use fragrance, we may have you taste it in the food that you partake with beloved ones. We may have you touch it in the warm embraces shared here. We may have you see it through the gifts that so delight your eyes. You have designed your bodies, your very senses, sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, so that you may perceive love in all its glory. Every facet, every aspect every nuance. So that love may communicate to you in every form….

Even when we use your preferred language- much, much preferred language -of the intellectual spoken word- our words may sound in direct opposition to what you call love. They may sound in contradiction… we may indeed take you round and about - but always, we speak to you on love.

How can we not? There exists “no- thing” nothing but love.

Love is not the emotion, not the feeling, not the caring, not the kindness, not even the strength nor any of those beautiful, beautiful words you use in My description. They are only facets…. facets of the love that I AM. That you ARE. That IS….

Love is what I Am. Love is All That Is. If love is all that is, then where can there be an ‘opposite’ in love? Love holds no opposites because opposite every facet is another facet of love itself…

There can be no negation, absence, lack of love because I cannot not BE!
There is no “I am not’ however much that may help you understand me..
Love uses…how should we put it… many creative disguises, ingenious games …divine designs…towards its own being …and what you call- its ‘negation’, ‘absence’, ‘lack’, ‘opposite’- what you call fear. But they all contain love- indeed containing them all is love…

Do you not view their loving purpose?
Do you not view that there can be no purpose in love other than love.
Do you not view loves creative intelligence, towards its own being-ness, expansion, expression, call it what you may.
Do you not view loves inherent wisdom? Divine intelligence …to enable the paradox that ‘All That Is’… maybe more, ever more. That a state of ‘perfection’ can be infinitely more perfect. That a state of ‘completion and fulfillment’ maybe ever anew. There are no words, there are no words…

If you truly understand this and embrace your fears, they will dissolve into the love that is. It will affirm the love that is.
It will affirm that only love is.
It will affirm a love deeper, vaster, all encompassing, all pervading.

Then where my negation, where my absence, where my lack? wherefore the judgment on all these aspects? Why the fear on fear?

Embrace all that is. Embrace your fears. In your terms: Experience, Understand, Accept, Expand …into loves own awareness, what you call pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is love knowing itself. Pure consciousness pervades all that you call matter. All that you call energy, you know that already!? It pervades every atom, particle, every cell. It pervades every feeling, thought, experience, quality.

It is. It is. Love It Is.

Today we speak to you on love; always… we speak to you on love.


LOVE IS YOUR ENERGY FIELD- an excerpt from a guru purnima channeling

All of you present here already know that Love is not only kindness, affection, the caring, the worry or the concern for beloveds! All of you present here already know that Love is the state of allowing, non-judgment, and acceptance. And while this is becoming more and more easy for you to accept - the qualities good or ‘not”- of whom you call your Beloveds, you still sometimes resist their blueprints, their plans, their life’s incidences of ups and downs. Yet, Love is truly honoring the choices that each one around you has made, however different and however difficult it might appear to you. In this therefore does love becomes the ‘still point’ within you -that then allows all movement to take place around it! Love can be best described, by ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, which means, ‘The jewel that rests in the lotus’. The mind (jewel) which rests in Pure Being (lotus). Stillness that rests in Pure Being. Allow this to permeate you. Then you will not view the ups and downs and the conflicts of your Beloved Ones.

And ultimately Love is your energy field; it is what you emanate! And when your energy fields emanate Love, you will not be going about merely seeing people loving you, or your presence spreading peace and harmony angelically! An energy field of love will make all who come within it-those whom you call ‘others’… love themselves! An energy field of pure love will allow ‘conflict’ to arise within the other; it will allow seeking to arise; it will allow it all so that ignorance may go! So that each one who comes into your energy field, can love themselves unconditionally, and you will allow this process to take place in the strength of love, completely without judgment, complete acceptance, so that each one can go through their processes, however atrocious it may seem to them, and through this: Love Self. So a Loving energy field will not be pink clouds, it will be the strength of the ‘Om Mani padme Hum’….


Conflict only comes up when Love is blocked, when love seeks itself, and at the root of every conflict is Love. It is only Love seeking to remove the blocks, its Love seeking itself, and if you can keep this in mind, every time you go through a conflict that it is Love behind it, then conflict turns to love! There can be no conflict without love!

But in the larger picture of course the word conflict, that you use, does not mean, the fighting or clashing or arguments, it actually means interplay… friction. It is the friction of pure physics. Friction of stillness and movement, yin and yang, heart and mind …the mating of Shiva and Shakti! It is the very basis of creation; it is what allows ‘void’ to Be. It is the interplay of opposites. This is the conflict, which Ray 4 talks about…Harmony through Conflict…not as in struggle and clash but in exploring opposites to reach a higher harmony!.

You may also understand this conflict better through your sexual act; it is of course orgasmic and joyful, and yet there is a conflict of male and female bodies in your terms, and yet it is Pure Harmony and that is the true conflict, of Ray 4! It is what allows creation to be, and that is why Ray 4 is Love, love so empowered, love so strengthened, love so still that it allows all its nuances, all its aspect to come into being!. What you then call differences is love seeking to explore itself! And that is Ray 4, Harmony through Conflict: through duality, through polarities and harmony through accepting and becoming one with all. If the sexual act is viewed piece meal without the orgasm it builds up to it might seem ugly and painful….thus always view conflict in these terms…building up to larger beautiful picture!


SELF LOVE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE- an excerpt from a longer channeling

And this takes us to that all-important sense of SELF LOVE! So many ask me “what is self love” and I understood it for the first time today in my meditation-what self-love truly is. I have always thought self-love is un-conditional accepting and loving myself. But truly self-love is when I can accept and embrace everybody outside me; when there is no judgment, and instead unconditional acceptance of everything- (because we all know that there is nobody outside us, it is only me) then is there self love! Because the outside only reflects what is within! So every time I judge and condemn somebody, it is self. Every time I accept and embrace somebody it is self. So truly, self love Is IT IS, IT IS; non-judgment, acceptance, nothing to forgive as ‘forgiveness’ is replaced by a pervading THANKFULNESS!

Of-course in day-to-day life we can work at this both ways- when we accept a quality in self we will not judge it outside us; and if we accept a quality on the outside, in ‘another’ we will do so within! And when we can do that with everybody around us, when we can make it all the same outside us, we make that difference within, which is self-love. Or the difference you make on the outside by making it all the same within! Wow!

And I understood for the first time perhaps why self-love is the ‘biggie’! It’s what we now require to move on from the fourth dimension to the fifth and its vibration of unconditional love! Because self-love is the vibration of unconditional love! And it is through self love and unconditional love only are we ready for that next step…to move from this intellectual understanding of what we are…to truly ‘BEING’ GODSELF…BEING OUR BELOVED MASTERS!! And thus of course complete the circle- where in That Beingness… the vibration of unconditional love …we naturally embrace all that is…! Back to ‘it is it is’ on this human plane… and we usher in the fifth dimension!

And we become more and more aware of how SYNONYMOUS ARE FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND NON-JUDGMENT…! We become aware there is nothing to judge when we realize that each one has a purpose-indeed purpose within purpose from monadic, soul to current …in alignment with Godself, universe, humanity, you and me…! And while we may not always know the purpose (indeed we move away from always wanting to know what/why when we truly begin to ‘know’ that there is a larger purpose behind it all) we automatically move away from judging people or situations! Even world disasters or heinous crimes… We never know what purpose is being played out for all concerned…and for humanity…for Godself…towards Its growth and evolution whether it is an Abu Salem, whether it is a disaster or heinous crimes …but we must have this surety… we have created it from moving from the fourth, to the fifth, to the sixth to the seventh…back to Godself!

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