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Restaurant Universe (simple aid to manifestation)

A journey may be long or short, but it must start at the very spot one finds oneself.

This article entails our going to a fine restaurant! Before reaching the restaurant however, lets keep in mind that we would have chosen the restaurant with due consideration as to which one will give us an enjoyable experience, keeping in mind several factors that must ‘fit’: the cuisine we choose to experience, our budget perhaps and a time and day when the restaurant can accommodate our reservation… to mention but a few. Also more often than not, we have plans to meet with friends and perhaps even what dishes we want to try. And this is exactly how we choose to be ‘born’- selecting from a range of options which we feel would be optimal as a life experience! Nothing is enforced- destiny is but our self-chosen plan to explore our karma- the strengths we choose to expand and the limiting aspects that we choose to move away from!

Now let’s view our self in the restaurant deciding what we want, stating the order, and forgetting about it- indeed enjoying the overall experience till the food is placed before us to relish! And this is how we optimally manifest our personal realities- choose what we want, place our order through our positive thoughts and intent and then forget about it - till it is ours to experience! We don’t beseech & constantly remind the waiters and chefs! We do not worry about the order not coming through…and neither do we follow the order into the kitchen and instruct the chef and his team how to make it, what to add or leave out or which platter to serve it in! We trust they know their job, and leave it to the ‘inside’ to deliver- and likewise -surely we can trust our universal Self and its team of guides, helpers, and Master Chefs? Indeed you have perhaps observed that not interfering with the smooth functioning of a restaurant’s inner dynamics works better in your order being delivered to satisfaction- and those who fuss and instruct the chefs are indeed the one’s most dissatisfied with the mish- mash that comes!

However let’s further hone these skills of manifestation, and switch to the ‘Restaurant Universe’ within us instead! Just as we choose our dishes, we must choose our life experiences and use clarity of mind for more than our taste buds! Spiritually this placing of the order is your ‘intent’. More so, as any restaurant indeed encourages -we can choose as many dishes as we like! Yet we sometimes get stuck in old belief patterns that we don’t deserve to have it all, or that its not realistically possible-but it is this belief that prevents us from enjoying more fulfilling realities! And just as we are conscious of not ordering more than we can consume, confident that if and when we so desire we can always order ‘more’, lets repose the same confidence in the universal kitchen: there is always ‘more’; we do not need to hoard its abundance. Manifest what you want in the now!

And don’t forget consistency! Once we learn that we manifest our life events we often become like a child dithering in a candy store: changing our mind and visualizations moment-to-moment. Transfer this scenario onto your earthly restaurant and you don’t need much of an imagination to visualize the confusion you’d create. Also be aware that dishes ordered cannot be cancelled once the cook has ‘materialized’ them from the potential state on the menu. Likewise we must taste all that we have manifested and digest their experience- or pack them as take- homes to partake ‘later’!

Use this analogy to glimpse the much spoken about art of manifestation in a practical, day-to-day, user-friendly perspective! And to rejoice wholly in whatever restaurant of life you have chosen to explore! Translate an elegant dining experience into the fine art of manifestation! Hit the right note of divine nonchalance!

Introspection for today: Observe yourself in a restaurant - are you usually unsure of what you want and ‘make do’ with whatever turns up? Do you fuss endlessly ending up with dissatisfactory meals? Or are you out for an enjoyable experience, confident of your choices and get just the right dishes!

Divyaa Kummar

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