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All of us are attracted to beauty- be it beautiful things, people or places! And today I want to show you how to make beauty one of the easiest, simplest and most direct paths back ‘home’ to God or Divine Self!

Most of us are aware that there is One God. And as all aspects flow from this one source there is of course only One Divine beauty! And whenever you experience, feel, touch, see anything that you consider beautiful, you are actually reaching this one beauty of divinity itself! Therefore “all things ‘bright and beautiful”- be it art, jewels, a flower, a beautiful face, a quality -are tools all helping you reach the Divine in the here and now.

Think what happens to you when you come across a thing of beauty? You enter a speechless space? Feel a sense of wordless wonder for which you then employ words like joy and awe to describe the description-less because you are actually touching what lies beyond language - the splendid magnificence of Divinity Itself! This is why man has been drawn to beauty through his existence - and in this conscious awareness can you now make it a valid path home! You need not intellectual understanding, you need not will power because moment to moment, as you ‘touch’ sense, feel, view the one beauty; you are in direct communion with the divine!

And yet there are times when you see things of beauty and do not touch the same sacred space- because your feelings of wanting to own it, possess it, make it yours comes in the way! Feelings of lack in it not being yours; thoughts of condemnation at why the other has it, does he deserve it; or calculations of whether it is affordable or worth the cost- are all subconscious veils that do not allow you to enter the Divine zone! And the object of beauty remains just that- another object to annex! This is why nature easily allows us to touch divinity because there are no latent desires of wanting to own, possess, and make nature yours! There is no judgment or jealousy against Mother Earth! And yet let this be property to purchase, and all these feelings block it from being a sacred landscape!

Allow this awareness to help you move away from needing to posses every beautiful object! This does not mean that you cannot enjoy beautiful things - indeed you will enjoy them all the more, free from the desire to evaluate, own, possess all ; knowing that each thing of beauty leads you to the Divine! In this will you be able to admire revel and appreciate it in nature, in self, or on the neck or wall of another! You will be able to make love to every facet of beauty and as it winks back in response, divinity permeates!

So come beloved readers appreciate everything around you and be in a constant state of seeing “God’! Every beautiful aspect will become a thing of worship, a shrine, an altar so that moment- to- moment you are in direct communion with the Divine! Make beauty the path back home!

Divyaa Kummar

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