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Busy lives, hectic schedules and the yearning for something deeper is something many identify with. And if you are one of those who wonder how to balance the two - your day –to- day and spiritual life - my response is: Don’t! Don’t balance the ‘two’, for they are not mutually exclusive states to be each given their due; they are not disparate parts to be juggled with finesse; they are only aspects of the one life you live, and in this awareness can you enter a state of 24/7 meditation -where ever you may be, whatever job you may hold, through whichever relationships you may be maybe partaking in. Yes, meditation is the new buzz word- its on television, it’s in the glossies, it’s seemingly everywhere, as are it many methods and benefits! And if you are tempted but feel the lack of time against you- let me help you make a quantum leap into a state of 24/7 meditation!

Awake with thankfulness filling your heart! Remain in this ‘hallowed’ space awhile, reviewing and reveling in all that’s good and working in your life- and that’s as spiritual a start as you can make! You seed your energy field with positivity and camel-like carry its life force through the day.

As you place your feet on the ground, acknowledge the solidity, stability and succor of planet earth firmly beneath you- feel anchored in its support and thus freer to explore another day of life’s grand experience. Welcome the spreading sunlight by knowing it to be a moment-to- moment embrace of Consciousness itself! When the wind blows, know it is consciousness caressing against your face! Let this attunement with all that’s around you be your prayer and you need not a separate time and space to enter into sacred communion!

Take it out into your day and see everyone as little Gods going about adding their unique touch to the unfolding universe! Seek not to know what their expedition is about, only knowing that each one is adding in secret ways that you will only discover at the ‘end’ of the book! View differences not with disdain, but as a creator expressing itself in myriad ways- and revel in these much as you would in vast and varied buffet!

Make appreciation your mantra- appreciation of the workers and domestics who ease your life; appreciation for the support of friends and beloveds. Revere Godself in every beautiful object, landscape or person you come across- knowing it is the One Divine beauty showing itself through different forms! Bask in the abundance of the universe through all that surrounds you in material ways! View problematic events and people as teachers, guides, soul mates, triggers, aids- personal trainers indeed- helping you keep in shape! And extend this embrace to self, knowing that you are perfect as you are now, for it is on this current self that the universe rests!

Fall asleep knowing that whatever made up your day, was your perfect contribution- you aided the whole through every positive thought; and even every ‘fear’ was your endeavor to experience and remove it for the race! Your true spiritual role is to be you! To experience, explore, expand and disempower what only ‘you’ can! In this knowing, life becomes a 24/7 meditation and the so called ‘spiritual’ and ‘mundane’ lose their boundaries indeed!

Divyaa Kummar

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