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Hi sweetheart!Tarot, your belief seminar, personal sessions and now this-each a magical experience which can’t be topped. I am not the type to meditate, and I only joined because it was one of your classes, and I thought only good can come out of it! But even I did not realize it could be so lovely and that I sit for 30 minutes in class in meditation and then do it at home with yr cd! And its not some vague feeling, I and so many of us there, tangibly feel what you call energy which is a first for us. I do not experience that same buzz when I do it at home, but your cd’s help a lot in making it come close to that and I guess as we expand our energy field (which you explained so well in the first class and that really helps to know what I am doing) we will reach our own experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you For everything I cannot believe I am the same person who came last year to you. Love rina

Divyaa-Aha! This is keeps me in perspective and in action...this is what I am about...this is where I am at! this is how I meditate when I working, talking, walking, eating, sleeping...this is life for me...thank you for making me aware of it and I can acknowledge it more as it have put words to the experience...a language to the resonance...the void...the nothing that contains everything or from which everything arises...and goes back into Aditi M

Hi ,I have realized healing is going on, I have been surprised at how many events are coming to pass, I enjoy each session completely for whatever it may be, your emailed versions help and the cds you have started really aid in making me practice it at home which I was finding difficult w/o your cd’s. I still do a two three minute capsule w/o the cd from memory, and that it self is like a boost and relaxer! Regards Nitin

- Hi Divyaa, meditation and me? Never thought about it frankly, only came because you were conducting it. And when I realized I was the lone man I thought I wouldn’t last the 8 weeks-it must be a girlie thing! But not only has it been an (literal) eye opener but so much more. To quote you there are no words to go there- but I go ‘there’ everyday now- and am almost if not quite at that 24/7 you speak about. Vikrant

-Divyaa, I want you to know how much I have learnt from our meditation and Tarot sessions. Much of what you say I have read and taught through my own training in hermeneutics, philosophy, literary theory and psychoanalysis...'the other', 'desire', 'lack' etc .However, you have shown me how these relatively abstract concepts can help me in my day to day living and how they can become the core of my belief system and world view. This has been a transforming experience for me who has always looked for an alternative path and has finally found one. I try to meditate regularly and continue to bond with the tarot cards to become the 'Magician' I am! There have been many examples recently, in my life, where I know the universe is talking to me and I will share these with you someday... Thank you for those uplifting, lucid, and magical classes and meditation session and inspiring discourses when time flies by and no one notices.... In the meantime, I continue to write what I know will become something worthwhile. I look forward to 'Divyaalok' niti

-Hi Divyaa, more men should attend- keeps me in balance through my working days. I somehow find that space, through your meditations where I can rest through the highs and lows of business. Wish you could conduct this on a personal basis however. Bharat

-Dear Divyaa, I would like both batches of CDS...Fine Tuning Our Energy Field and Advanced Batch...the meditation we do each week is so powerful in the group. For me, it has been automatic for a while only I wasn't aware of that or knowing of that possibility....and I thank you for providing the context of automatic...before that I thought it was mechanical and something wrong with me and would insist on myself "sitting" for meditation...ever since I got present to automatic and owned it...the divine presence is and in everything...the wonders never cease...aha's are moment to moment...I really appreciate these simple yet profound ways of acknowledging my experience to myself without words. Love you. I am on your next batch of tarot in June. I am recognising my path in life is to spread the joys of being for no reason at all for the simple fact of being and joy and happiness for the sake of joy and happiness itself, for no reason....just because I work and in schools...where ever I go. Being a Buddha Gamma Woman...that is who I am. I take ownership and responsibility for that. Completely and wholly and totally. Love,Aditi

-hi Divyaa, thanks for the guided meditations that you taught us. have been practicing it [not regularly] but quite often and it has definitely helped in understanding the emotions felt for a particular situations/situations.i think it also shows on the face, coz the other day somebody complimented me by saying ' you look calm and contented, previously you gave out -ve vibrations, but today you are projecting +ve vibrations.
i am thankful to you for those meditations, coz i definately sure it is all because of these meditations love meeta ashar

-Dear d, I cannot express my self in class (I am a private person I guess) but there are no words which can express the thanks I wish to convey. I have never meditated in my life, I did not know what chakra’s are, and yet the moment we sit with you I zoom into some dare I say sacred space I cannot describe. I do not hear all your words, and yet I know something is happening within me yes and externally so many beautiful things are coming to pass. I surprise my self for I am eager to awake in the morning and do each of your cd’s! The cds are a good idea, for the words which I don’t hear when I with you in class, I hear now, and funnily, different parts of the meditation come up at different times to my focus? I guess I need that line for that day? I feel the day go so much better, I feel better, and some good feeling I can’t describe is staying with me more and more. I have heard you say bliss is beyond joy and its opposite and I feel that’s what’s happening! Deep thanks, S.

Dear D, Have tried to convey the essence of my experience- hope it helps. How we have traveled D - Ah so so poornam !! Yes- something must draw you towards it- even curiosity- . I began my journey imagining endless possibilities, multiple routes- and the reality was even more. It is truly a beautiful personal journey within and there is no "right description" to convey what these meditation sessions are about.. Each one experiences the meditations in their own way- and each one receives I assume what they need in the NOW. I have been attending Divyaa's guided meditation for over two years now and had not been meditating prior to this - she guided our group from the basics-(simple tools to help us connect) and then let each one of us discover our ways yet within the group. The energies generated when in a group are also so powerful and palpable that one's meditation is enhanced by sharing one's own and the other's energies. Many concepts that were just concepts come alive experientially and the understanding became instinctive/inherent . Pathways open- understanding deepens- joy bubbles- !! After a point you are in meditation 24/7 Nita

Hi dee, As usual, your quote just sums it up!...‘Over time meditation makes you one with the focus of your meditation….’and ‘energy follows thoughts….There are words…. a world of concepts… makes perfect sense to a rational logical ‘mind’ and then there is ‘no words’….. a world/dimension beyond concepts….. makes perfect sense to a meditator…can u belong to both? … Paradoxically, YES. I used to always wonder what ‘no words’ meant… now, i know…..the meaning of understanding concepts thru being there…it’s like climbing the top of a mountain and being able to see till far far away…..and doing it in a few minutes…AHHH!! Folks, there is no way of doing justice to the experience of meditations thru words .. u have to experience it for yourself and if my words sound like … cotton wool…. then the only other way to express to u my experience is to share with u how it has impacted my life…i have always been a reader but D’s medits have brought the ‘word’, ‘alive’ in me it has changed me deeply like no words have and so, my world has changed…..THANKKKKYOU D☺)Anju

-Dear Divyaa
My meditation journey with you started around September last year. Our first batch was my baby steps into the spiritual world and then the journey began! . At first when I connected I felt such a deep tug to the universe around, to mother earth, to God, and to myself! . It was so heartfelt that now I know the true meaning of aahh! wow ! abundance ! magic! happiness! fulfillment !with each class we just transcended so many barriers that we unknowingly had built around us…and has probably changed my life forever. I have no words but can only hope that more fellowmen join us in this discovery for beyond and experience their OWN JOY and BLISS ! I feel real heartfelt love and gratitude to you for taking me with you through this journey. For Me Divyaa in two words these meditations are a true REVELATION and ADDICTION ! Lv Gita

- Hi divyaa…last evening was simply magical… thank you …after the mediation sessions the tarot cards are spkeaking so well! I know you said that happens but I did not really believe it….till it’s actually as though they are speaking to me! Love M

-Hi Divyaa- did we really fly...? I mean did we...this is a serious question please- S

-Dearest dearest d ..... thank you .... all i can say .... d's the best life coach in the world!!!! lots of love ...hamsi

-Dear Divyaa, i was the one right in front of you..........what i experienced today was magical......and the magic continues to be.........thank you pooja

-Hi! For me it’s exploring new mystical ways. Understanding Energy. Establishing some sort of a connection between your faith and mine through images and symbols. Love Farah,

Hi d, Words just wont do justice... Meditating has brought me closer to my creator, made me see her more clearly than ever before and i have fallen in love… with who u ask? With ME-my creator.All the wonderfully insightful gyan that i got from spiritual or self help books remained just that…gyan...till I started meditating. Almost instantly I FELT all that I had read about.. When we sit in the circle during Divyaa's meditations, our energies following her words which are actually not even ‘hers’...its like being transported to the most delicious place where you FEEL one with all-that-is...its real and you realize THAT is real and this is not...and the more you remain there the better your physical world becomes...when you vibrate at such fine frequencies everything around you has to match that frequency or it can't remain in your experience...its the universal law of attraction (pure science).I recommend regular meditation to all those i care about. I have seen and experienced many miracles around me and the best part is they have all started from within. Love niku

- Respected MADAM,
Regarding the session i would put as, The experiences are beyond words, i mean that we cannot put it in words. as experiences are mostly felt and some times difficult to describe, These sessions are among these kind of experiences! In most of the sessions you are able to bring so much energy in the room that the palm chakra, especially mine which was never able to experience the energies can actually feel the weight of the energy, and by which i feel confident that not just my palm chakras can feel the energy but we can all bring so much energy around us. Each session which went through, dealt with different aspects. Especially the one about 7 chakras was the one which was very essential as many of don’t know that we face difficulties or we collect diseases due to imbalanceof chakras plus we collect negative energies around us unknowingly which manifests us with all negative in life, taking our life to depression. AH. but the one we did yesterday was too different, as if we came to know the secret as to how to become one with OM. Epsecially about the remote HEALING, It was something, impossible to imagine but all of us were able to do it, can you believe each of us did the remote healing, sending strong energies to the needy,Further this ultimately was the route to become one with divine. Actually i feel short of words to describe, as you can see, that each experience is so unique and so different and yet all of them dealt with the essential in life.Also YOU TEACH FROM THE CORE OF THE HEART. AND GIVE THE MOST OF YOU HAVE, YOU INTEND TO GIVE, GIVE AND GIVE, is what makes you the MOST GODLY. This is a godly feature to GIVE GIVE AND GIVE, God does the same with us He gives and never asks back in exchange.. You have the same tendency. Unlike few teachers who are not interested in giving but just fufilling Their duty for name sake. But learning from you was altogether a different experience.Even in times when time gets short, You still tend to give more and more and which keeps on adding, and you never care for your own time, which again is a GODLY nature. THIS IS WHAT MAKES YOU MORE GREAT! And WOW ! (is the feeling ) WE FEEL PROUD TO SAY THAT WE ARE YOUR STUDENT,AND THANK GOD FOR THE SAME.Lots of Regard and warm wishes from Thanking You, Yours truly
Tavinder pal singh

-D-Thank you. I read something beautiful -"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless" - Mother Theresa So are the echoes of what you do. Love S

-Hi Divyaa, This meditation transcript is truly wonderful... My humble being extols the glory of Narayana in you...! Warm Regards, Aananshree

-Dear Divyaa, I debated writing to you for several reasons- I don’t speak much and when I do it is very logical left brain. And what I want to convey is voluble and very right brain. The meditation sessions are wrongly named- for they are not the a-typical mediation one thinks about-they encompass so much more. They are miniature orientations into another realm of thought. They penetrate through so many levels-physical, emotional, and mental- that this only hits you later. Yes one does wonder what one is doing attending a meditation session in the middle of a working day; and yes one wonders that other than a instant feel good factor what reason could I be here for. And yet, I was there every week, and only on retrospect do I feel the complete thankfulness for all that you enabled for me. Rgds Prashant

-Hi Maa Divyaa, Have written a few lines about my friday wonders, do check out at or or /2008/04/my-friday-medit.html Cheers Manoj
My friday Meditation sessions with DivyaaI always wondered what meditation is all about, As I used to go to Divyaa's Tuesday classes where she talks and makes one intellectually understand some esoteric concepts.After attending so many sessions i thought I was finally ready to go in for meditations and move beyond words. Finally, I received a email from Divyaa "Come lets fly" about starting new batch for guided meditations. These words beckoned me as the first post on my blog, long before this email i had written the words "i want to fly again". So in a sense I related to this email at a personal level and thought this meditation sessions which i have been planning are for me.Till now I have attended 4 Fridays of guided meditations, and after every Fridays some thing very nice has happened, like just discovering after one particular Friday some insurance people are searching me to handover a maturity amount which I am blissfully unaware of , or connecting to your ex-girlfriend after 12 years and asking to be forgiven for being so insensitive, and finding a new love in life;-) and your major client giving you a 30% price hike after 7 years!!!YAY!!!! Yes these guided meditation are no "mumbo jumbo" as Divyaa puts it, but if one goes beyond intellect, it does make lot of sense, and for me the feelings are too obvious. It works wonders.Thank You Maa Divyaa.:-)( as i would say it) From Manoj

Dear d,belated Dussera wishes.Wanted to share with you that tuesday's meditation was simply mind blowing. I dont know where one is transported. Really going
Did the chakra meditation last night...but it feels so different from what happens when one is with you.Beautiful. Wanted to also share with you that this tuesday's meditation transported me - and I think many of us - to another sona

hi d, first of all, i'd like to thank you for all you guidance, love and blessings. you've touched my life in more ways than u can imagine. please accept my charan pranam, that being one of the messages from my guides.i'd also like to share my experience with you from yesterdays meditation. it was WOW!!! i've never had such a powerful session. my meeting with my guides was so powerful and so real, it was unbelievable d. i actually bowed down to my guides, who happened to stand on the pedestal near me. My guides are deceased n i got a few messages from them. my grandfather actualy embraced me so lovingly...and allof them blessed me so beautifully. they also made me see how you also  are my guru and guide, just like they are. i've felt that for the last few months anyways and they just reinforced that fact. i wanted to pay my respects to you at the end of the session but the wait was super long and i had a doctors appointment. please do accept my love and respect d.i also had the 9 of pentacles in mind when i was getting into you elevator, before class. and thats the exact card i pulled out of the deck right after the session. it was magical....anyways, thank you d. for everything... i loved yesterdays sessionlots of love Suman

Divyaa, nothing ,nothing i say can help me say what i expereinced today.Thank you thank you thank you.i could go on and on. I would like the cd pls, do inform me when its ready. Love sonia

Dearest Divyaa, something happenned to me even as you started speaking  I know it sounds stupid becasue  the  meditation hadnt even started. afterwards i could not beleive i had sat in that space for so long;    and somethings changed inside me, cannot say what but something has. i just know that everything is good. i came home and danced in my loo! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pls keep a cd for me. Love k

hi,I'm aditi makim-kuruwa...I come for your Friday meditation group that started on 11th - Surbhimami's niece. I feel the warmth and safety and beauty and truth of your embrace. Thank you. I can see why Gaia visited are meant to guide me through to my real work - being attractive beyond measure, through the beauty and innocence of body, mind and spirit, attractive to draw all beings to being. I have this recurring phrase that runs through me, Buddha gamma mother. I also have this that I want most to be is woman buddha...I constantly see myself in that light, but in a home, in an office, driving a car, in the throes of daily life. I have never shared this with anyone before. But my experience is that is my greater truth and that is the true nature of my work. I have some idea of what form it might manifest in but still not completely clear. But I know it will come to me. Because everything is opening up in a completely brilliant new light of abundance and beauty. the other day during meditation you said gaia had come..and I feel she was still with me...I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say...she'd entered me....she's still with me... right now I got it that I am gaia, I am mother earth, I am goddess. Just a Aha experience of it. Because increasingly from that day I have been feeling like earth consciousness is safe, safety, warmth and completely embraced. That protective, nurturing influence has embodied me. what more can I say? Love, Aditi

Hey d,You have to hear the mwditation.. it is so so wooooosh- takes you  there and there is no coming back - amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG- that is amazing  AMAZING !!!!  how do you ever , ever question your masterhood-  dearest dearest D !love nita joshi

Dee! It was a fabulous meditation yesterday. So light! i felt that it lasted only for a minute. Meditation always purges me of something or the other and yesterday it not only healed, but cured me of something deep-rooted. Thank you. It will remain with me like the fragrance of my favourite mogra in your lovely home which always reminds me of a field of flowers, in any case!Love anju

Dearest d I am speachless. Have no words to express ....I may be a psychic, I may accept it too and I accept that its amazing to have the ability to see with minds eye the relms we know exist. But another to be able to bask in the glory, blessings, love, energy fields of masters. And for that I have to thank YOU D. Cause thru you I am able to soak the rain of their innumerable gifts, blessings, wisdom, joy, peace, light, path...... Aaaah! Rain!Thank YOU D! Thank YOU!As you proceeded through our journey I felt a presence surrounder us. he was standing next to me. It was amazing. At some point I think I knew he was my guru! I didnt know his name but I was happy to be with him. I have seen him each time we meditate at your place or during our first session !  Listen I dont know or I know why I'm telling you all this but as I write in this moment I know this is whats connects me with you. I've figured that one thing which I kept saying .... I know I am connected with you... this is it!WOW! Thank you D Thank You! ......I'm much too exited to actually sit n punch these keys to express what each session with you is...... Its an eye opener. Mind opener.... I dont know what I see but would love to explore, learn imbibe further.... Thank you.. I cant thank you enough.... Love you.I've put the first few pieces of the jigsaw together today. Even when you told me you may cancel my name if theres a change in venue.. I said I'm looking forward to see you, cause somewhere on some level of conciousness I knew I would be there to meet Babaji! My master, Guru.... n ....... YOU!A big hug and  Love,always.... always...... V:)

HI Divyaa, Thank you Divyaa for showing us  the path  to such a beautiful universe, and sharing the knowledge of how to walk on this path to reach there , in enjoyment , sharing and loving. How more wonderful can life get. The meaning of life and living has changed for me ever since I learnt  tarot and understood how to meditate in their first steps . I am still absorbing it ,and allowing it to permeate thru every pore of my body, before I get ready for more . Keep up all the good work  for us to bask in it. In awe. Love Neena

Divyaa Thank you for a very magical and inspiring meditation yesterday. Theenergy was visibly aglow and palpable. I woke up a little aftermidnight and saw the full moon outside my window. I have large picture windows in my bedroom.  Most full moon nights are beautiful where Ilive. I live near Baan Ganga and have a gorgeous view of the tank andtemples and the sea beyond.  But, yesterday's sight was divine andtruly breathtaking. The temples were awash with moonlight. The nightwas certainly not "as it would seem". Thank you again! Niti

Dee,the most enriching experience i have had... thank you from a place deep in my heart-love me

i   divyaaa today's  tarot class was great  and the meditation  classes 're  helping like anything...learning  so many small small things making  life more fun  ...........Oh!  divyaa   thank-u so much  life is  becoming  better  and better  thank-u love harsha udani

Hi Delightful Divyaa,Wow Wow & wow!Amazing meditations divyaa.There is so much i want to express... here divyaa in this space i do just what my soul takes me to do and now Divyaa so many people come to me to just know....i know now i am attracting.Divyaa u know i have become so so at ease at what is and that is a great feeling.Thankyou Divyaa you have given me so so very much.i love you so much. love........Seema.

Hi Dearest Divyaa,Wow! what a fantastic experience,feeling.Thankyou so very much.Loved it.and yes want more and more.Divyaa definitely want a CD of this med.Thankyou sooooo much.Ashram at westmore sounds fantastic.Overfilled with love...........Seema

Hi Divyaa , This was a truly amazing read and even reading it with eyes open it felt extremely energizing , Many many thanks to you I know you are starting your classes on meditation soon , for those of us who want it but cannot physically be there may I request (  if at all possible for you and if it sounds right to you ) that maybe you can tape your guided meditations on an ipod ( external attachment will be required but the recording can run into hours uninterrupted and the transfer to a lap top would be seamless and quick ) or something and burn Cd's for us dear .I know I would happily pay the entire fee for the 8 meditations and more for courier and  postage etc and my gain would still be two billion fold.This way you would be able to reach out to many plus people can replay it as many times as they want  .......just a thought after reading this wonderful and simple but detailed guided meditation I sure don't want to lose out on it .Even if that is not possible I thank you for the medit via mail. Regards Sohrab

Hi Divya,Would like to share a wow moment...was it a moment? time stood still...i think it was a moment of  eternity or "no time"... i experienced a few days back.Was on my way to work, and as i sat back , my thoughts went back to the oneness class with the oneness meditation u had a couple of weeks back. ( that  meditation  had a huge impact..... left me floating...)As i tuned in to the oneness energy essence we experienced in class,...somthing magical happened. Every person in the room was me. As each person spoke, asked questions, i saw how it was me , in the past me in the present and when u spoke i saw u as me in the future! Now all these past present and future mes existed simultaneously!...its so hard to put in words, but i saw with crystal clarity what is meant by simultaneous time...through the experience of oneness , so what was a concept understood intelectually in a flash, became an experience.I floated along lost in this beautiful expanded  sweet knowingness, when i reached my office. Divyaa this experience for me was precious beyond words, and i needed to share it cos it began  at  tuesday class with the oneness meditation.with loving light,sabina.

Dee,Thank YOU...for giving me the opportunity... for allowing the abundance of energy to flow into my life thru these transcripts...Thank YOU.  I really cannot express the pleasure, the joy, the excitement I feel when I have to do the transcripts!  Thank YOU so very much ! Lots of Love & EnergySweety

Thank you for sharing this transcribe- felt my heart chakra actually expand when I read it- Divyaa you must feel so so ah..... everyday watching lives ransforming- people manifesting- people understanding- joyous - with the help of DIVYAA ENERGIES AND DIVYAA MANIFESTING-  what a beautiful beautiful journey

D- no wonder we all said YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. Love you love you N

D, the new meditation has been mind blowing!!!!!! I experienced it ALL while reading the transcript. Phew WOW just have no words to express what i am feeling. Call it ECSTACY. Love you ! Sheila JUNE 2009

Hi Di Thank you for your daily dosages of positivity through your mails. Guided meditation is working wonderfully with me. After six years of my husband's demise I celebrated Onam yesterday with my family and friends(Meditation with CD-2 made this happen.My cup is overflowing with tremendous unconditional love). Finally, I am ready to acknowledge, face and deal with any challenge life throws on me and move ahead. I am the CHANGE and everything is beautiful around me. Thank you once again MY QUEEN OF WANDS.Love Sushma SEPT 2009

hi divyaa iam just again brimming and overflowing with thankfulness to you i have with each of my sessions with you feeling evolved as you so gently alloed me to face my deeprooted fears and understand and ovrcome them thank you for being my guiding force and enjoying my journey thu u and with u am sure there are still more barriers to overcome am blessed to have u as my guide thank u lots of love vaheeda


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