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Discourses, books, workshops and mind expanding material is all around us these days and yet most of us are unaware why mind expansion really helps or what it truly does within us, or how indeed it translates so effortlessly to enhanced living. Most think of mind expansion in its abstract connation, and today I want to show you how it is about literally stretching the mind!

Firstly let’s understand that the mind is not the brain! The brain is only the physical counterpart- the apparatus through which the mind interacts with the body- an interface if you like! In analogy: electricity (the mind) comes into the bulbs (of your body) through the circuitry board called your brain. We think of the mind being ‘up there’ in the brain because this is where this interaction takes place!

In fact the mind is not physical at all. It is pure energy vibrating at the different frequencies (commonly known as brain waves) of your many thoughts, feelings and beliefs! We all have thoughts of different frequencies through our day and they make up what we call the lower mind, higher mind, intellect etc! Thus your mind is actually your energy field! More importantly- as ‘energy’- the mind is not a segregated fixed section delineated from the rest of your energy field, and thus even though it is not physical, it is contained in or operates through your body. Your mind is in your toes, in every organ, every cell, and every particulate- and indeed as energy permeates all that is, your mind is not limited to your physical body but extends forth infinitely!

And as you expand your ‘mind’, what you are really doing is expanding your energy field- literally extending it to blend with higher and finer energies- all the way to Universal Consciousness itself, the one mind, God if you choose! And as these purer energies becoming part of your personal energy field - indeed the frequency of your thoughts feelings and beliefs - do you increasingly find your self in sync with the love, wisdom, power and abundance immanent in universal consciousness!!!

Imagine operating from universal mind! Beyond duality- love is a state of being, not something to be found! In its oneness- blame, judgment and the like become naturally redundant! In its empowerment - you claim your Creatorhood more and more naturally! And thus is there ‘automatic’ growth through gyan yoga, the path of mind expansion! For as you expand within and operate from your higher potentials- they reflect likewise in the enhanced outer realty that you call your life and its people, events and things!

Indeed mind expansion is not merely a cerebral path as often thought, but automatically encompasses love and bhakti well within its purview! One always think of the heart as separate from the mind, but now you will grasp the import that if the mind is contained in (or operates through) the body, then your heart is also part of your mind! Thus mind expansion implies expansion at the heart centre too! And just as the brain is merely the physical counterpart of where the larger mind (vaster energy fields) meets the body, the corporeal heart is the physical counterpart of where pure consciousness meets your personal energy fields! Thus mind expansion, over time implies merging your personal energy field into pure consciousness-and what can only be described as Love. This understanding was a big eureka for me- I understood for the first time why mind expansion leads to an automatic ‘change’ in heart! Why one automatically becomes more compassionate, accepting and non-judging; why one automatically begins to feel centered, joyous and at peace; why one indeed increasingly moves into finer and purer ways of being! True mind expansion is not devoid of love- indeed Love in all its nuances- for self, others, and the divine- happens automatically through it!

More importantly, the heart centre is part of what we call the subconscious mind because though we are aware of our feelings therein, we remain mostly unaware of the host of thoughts that give rise to these very feelings! There can however be no feeling without the critical mass of beliefs that give rise to them - but as these are unobserved, they become part of the subconscious mind. And this expansion of the subconscious mind becomes vital, as it is a moment-to-moment energy signature that you are unknowingly emitting and thus drawing towards you as your reality and its relationships and events!

And there is more- for mind expansion goes even deeper! For having understood that your mind is your energy field, you will better understand that your chakras are also part of what you call your mind. Indeed just like the brain and heart are physical counterparts of where your mind meets your body, the chakras are an etheric interface. Each chakra is related to a certain frequency, a certain range of ‘thoughts’, and describing what each chakra symbolizes is out of the scope of this article, but if you know what each chakra stands for- you will understand that thoughts that correspond to each chakra are thought from that part of your mind! For example when you think about material security it’s through your root chakra, if you are thinking about your power issues it is from the solar plexus. And thus, what is interesting in reference to this article is that with mind expansion, you are cleansing, balancing and expanding your chakric system…! Without any direct energy manipulation- mediations pranayam or Kriya! Indeed with mind expansion your centre of operation moves to higher (and higher) chakra’s and what is really happening is an automatic movement from (ego) personal separation based consciousness to I AM universal consciousness! You are indeed removing the veils! Merging back with source!

Thus is mind expansion not some abstract endeavor! Thus does it help in practical ways! Thus does it help you become more loving and compassionate! Thus does it help in deeper ways! And thus does it become a 24/7 spiritual service- for as you vibrate at a higher frequency than critical mass human consciousness- you are like a radio station emanating those frequencies from wherever you are - be at work or play or asleep! You become a ‘light worker’ automatically!

And for those of you who sometimes wonder where does all this growth and expansion lead? Where does it all ‘end’? May you now understand that there is no ‘end’. Universal Consciousness is a kinetic dynamic state of beingness- ever expanding- and thus there is infinite scope for our energy fields to extend; for our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to evolve and thus for us to create better and better realities, ad infinitum, ‘outside’ us! In our personal lives yes, and in the world at large, but even more, as we continue to expand our energy fields do we get a larger and larger canvas in which to create advanced realities till we indeed become creators each, of a unique universe itself!

Divyaa Kummar

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