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November 2005



Dearest all,

Today I am going to speak on something, which a lot of people have been asking me through the last few years… I have also wondered many a time and I am sure many of you have had the same line of questioning crossing your mind at some point ….

The line of questioning being: where is all this leading …? All these classes, channelings, discourses, books, where does it lead, where does it end?

Some ask me how does this unending information, knowledge, wisdom…. help…. in the practicalities of improving life? What practical use does it have?

Others are more concerned with the how’s…How do we apply this in our real life? There is someone who comes to one of my classes and she keeps telling me “words, words, words, Divyaa, beautiful words and so mind-expanding” (pls note this word ‘mind expanding’, as it will have great meaning later…) “ but what do we do with them, how do we use it, put it effect…. how do we apply it all and most importantly how do we actually bring about change in life…what use ‘mind expansion’ otherwise…”

And I had no answer and I would respond with what I did know “I don’t know how it helps but somehow its ‘automatic’ growth”… and I would invite them to “Just look at your life… hasn’t it changed since all this became part of your thinking…?” And mostly everybody says, “yes”…from a dawning “yesss… maybe the way we look at things, or the way we respond”…to a more resounding affirmative Oh yes yes yes!!

However, I identified with their questioning, for when I started this journey it was a burning query in my mind too... “What am I doing!! Here I am ‘teaching’ and sharing… But what am I really doing to put it into practice”, and whomsoever I asked would also always invite me to look at my life for the answer….and I could not but acknowledge the sweeping changes. But the question remained with me, like a cow that chews the cud…and I thank those many who kept asking me because over the last few weeks I have been ‘receiving’ the ‘answer’ (through my meditations, or in ‘sleep states’ …pooling somewhere within me…) and what i am going to share with you today..

I would like to say that this ‘answer’, at one level, is nothing ‘new’, and a lot of you are going to say ‘we already know that’ – but it’s another way of looking at it, another picture…and in that- a more conscious understanding! For me it was a great “eureka’…! One of those aha moments of comprehension as to what we are really doing through all this knowledge …and how or why exactly it helps!

As an aside, dear friends… lets also become aware that nothing ‘new’ is going to come to us from outside. We are being given different, different, different, different, different… pictures, angles, and ‘pieces’ from different realities: different points of Divine focus! And you have to make your own ‘new’ picture from where you are. This is very important for those want something new all the time. But each one has to make their own composite new picture, from all that they come across! that’s the whole purpose of ‘one becoming many’ - so that we each develop our own ever a-new picture of that i am -from the different, different, different viewpoints you are given here or which the masters share from ‘their pictures’ towards helping us arrive at our own! if we all had to develop the same picture of that i am…. why would we have individuated…! what a waste of ‘eternity’…dear friends! for example in every channeling or book…some word, some idea, takes my ‘picture’ or understanding on concepts I may know about from hundred to thousand! So if all of you would use the knowledge given here … towards enlarging you own… you will have something new always.

But back to our topic… and what I was given to understand through a series of mediations and I know sleep states…about how this knowledge really helps or ‘works’; why is growth automatic; what mind expansion really means…!

I was shown that when we say “mind expansion”, we don’t really grasp what mind-expansion is! We use it is some vague abstract manner but we are indeed literally expanding the mind, friends, literally stretching the mind. I would like to say that when I am given ‘answers’, I am shown these pictorially or…without words so to say… and then I put that together into words for you. So try and form a picture in your minds…go beyond the words…it will help!

So- what is Mind? Firstly let’s understand that the mind is not the brain! The brain is the physical apparatus, the interface or interacting point between the mind and the body. View this within you in different ways… A workable analogy could be... Electricity is the mind; its coming into the bulbs - your body, and your electric circuitry board is the brain. We think of the brain as the mind because this is where your ‘circuit’ is…where the interaction is taking place and so instinctively we think of our mind as only ‘up there’…!

Also, it’s important for us to know –consciously - that the mind is not physical at all! The mind is energy vibrating at the different frequencies of your many thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs…what the scientists call “brainwaves, brain patterns”. Mind is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. ‘Our’ mind is ‘our’ energy field! We should now become very consciously aware of this. We all have thoughts of different frequencies: some are what we call (without judgment) ‘lower’ density, higher density and they all make up what we call lower mind, higher mind, intellect …etc!

However, while the mind is not physical, it is contained in, and operates through out, the body. Our mind is in our toes… in every organ, every cell, every atom, every particulate! The mind is working through every area of your body and if you can now start to see the mind as your energy field (unlike when we imagined the mind as physical or synonymous with the brain….) it facilitates the picture that the mind is not contained only within the brain. it is not a fixed piece in the body! that it has no partitions, it’s not compartmentalized. it is not delineated from the rest of energy! and is thus not restricted to our physical body either!

All of us know that Energy pervades all that is. Everything that you can ‘see’: a chair, a table, a mike, everything, is a thought form of this same energy; and everything that you can’t see is pure energy. now as ‘energy’, it is clearer for us to understand that our energy field- our mind -extends infinitely… towards what we call our higher mind… to what we call the soul… (the soul is your energy vibrating at a higher frequency. it’s not a gold packet up there) to universal consciousness…to eternity… to the one mind.. god….!your mind as energy is connected to all that is!

It’s an energy field, which is extending right up to Jade Fire… Shiva, Universal Consciousness, God... And what we are doing thru all this knowledge- words- understanding and awareness is literally extending and stretching current mind/self to universal mind/selves! Naturally the more we extend and expand - the ‘higher’, ‘finer’, ‘purer’, ‘godlike’ are our energy frequencies- thoughts- feelings-brain waves! and so ‘automatically’ we find our thinking (and thus life) … improving!

Because we are all aware that what is within us is what reflects ouside us! Having received this understanding, I for the first time understood why ‘growth or improved lives’ (call it what you may) - is automatic through knowledge! What exactly mind expansion is! That the minds extension is a literal stretch in energy terms to higher and finer…and as we ‘reach’ and intermingle literally with the higher/finer aspects (wisdom/light/love/pure consciousness) of our energies - so do we disempower the lower frequencies/thoughts (of separation and ignorance) and accordingly reflect/create improved realities..

Imagine operating from universal mind! No duality- where love is a state of being, not something to be achieved! Where forgiveness, non-judgment, etc are but natural ...and so there is what I call increasingly ‘automatic’ growth or change!

Auto’ means Self! automatic= self-created!

More so, when we come to channelings or discourses or books or satsangs… (Or whatever source of knowledge you choose…) you are expanding your beliefs, reaching higher frequencies, and disempowering the lower on core concepts and so your day-to-day concepts are also expanding without effort. For example, if we know that there is nothing to be guilty about, then day-to-day issues of guilt will disappear. If I know that everybody and everything has a purpose; that everybody comes with their Blue Print, then automatic day-to-day judgment begins to be swept away. So through changes in core concepts, do day-to-day changes become…. again… what I call…automatic...! It is inherent in knowledge and mind expansion!

And to take the rest of our question…where does all this ‘end’? We all know that Universal Consciousness, God, is ever expanding… there is no end. But that should not make you feel ‘down’; it should make you feel “wow”. There is infinite scope for our energy fields to expand: for our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, to expand… and thus we are going to create better and better realities… ad infinitum… ‘outside’ us! Not only on our physical realm but when we expand our energy fields and become beings of higher dimensions…we will then create better and better even in those advanced realities!

So-I hope you have got a deeper sense of what mind expansion is, and you don’t brush it off as some abstract endeavor, disconnected from the realities of life! But this is not where this ‘answer’ ends; this is just one way of looking at it…and I am going to give you 4 or 5 pictures because this is how it ‘came’ to me…

So… next…lets become aware that if the brain as a physical apparatus, is just a physical counterpart of where the mind meets the body, so is the HEART!. The physical heart we know pumps blood…etc but now let us also be aware that the heart center, what we call the heart chakra, is actually a part of the mind…(naturally, if the mind operates through out the body!!!! )

We always think of the heart as separate from the mind, and it used to really trouble me! I would feel “I am on this ‘mind expansion’ path, the ‘knowledge path’…but what about the ‘love’ factor and what about the heart?” However, like the brain is the interface for body and mind- the heart center is the seat of your “consciousness” itself, (where pure consciousness meets our energy fields. thus also where our ‘knowing’ (gnosis) that we are pure consciousness is felt (what we often call feeling)! and in the very long run all experience is to be translated to this knowing –which is beyond thinking and ‘feeling’- and what the whole journey/game is about!) and in today’s context…the heart it is the seat your subconscious mind! the ‘mind’ can be explained in many, many ways; we often come across the subconscious, unconscious, supra conscious mind… I am not going there today…but briefly put, these describe only the different degrees of our awareness or conscious observation of our ‘mind’ and its contents…

Why is the heart center the subconscious mind? All of us are aware that our feelings are felt in the heart center. But under every feeling, which rises to conscious awareness/mind, there are hundreds of beliefs, thoughts, and ideas underneath that, which you do not observe or become aware of- and thus it is what you call sub-conscious! There is no ‘feeling’ without these underlying thoughts/beliefs. You might say, “no I just feel that”- but if you really sit down and introspect, you will find a host of un-observed thoughts! And thus –simply put for today- is the heart the counterpart of your sub conscious mind! When enough of these thoughts gain ‘mass’, they rise to your conscious mind as an easily observable feeling–in the heart!

So, as you are expanding your ‘mind’… you’re expanding the heart too… and thus also expanding is subconscious mind!! and this is important to understand from both points of view:

- By expanding the subconscious mind –by raising its frequencies to the ‘higher, finer, and purer’… you are changing… raising… your minute-to-minute energy signature! Your sub conscious mind is the vital (mostly unknowing) moment-to-moment energy signal you emit and thus draw towards you likewise energy (as like attracts like) to create your realities.

-Plus, as you expand your ‘heart’ center towards pure consciousness- you then experience its (pure consciousness) unconditional love, acceptance, non-judgment…etc…automatically! All those ‘higher expressions’ are inherent in universal consciousness, which we describe as LOVE!

-Thus through mind expansion is heart expansion. This was a big eureka for me! I understood for the first time why through knowledge we ‘become’ more loving… Why love and acceptance and ‘purer’ feelings become such a natural inherent part of mind expansion…! Why without ‘attempting’ or ‘practicing’ love through say charity or social service etc, it naturally expands and becomes a part of self…!

Now you will also better understand the chakras. chakra’s are also part of your energy field; they are also a part of your mind!

Now, simply put (like the brain is an interface within you so to say… between your mind and body) the chakra’s are an etheric interface between your current mind/self/energy pattern and the vaster mind/larger energy field –universe- which extends inwards infinitely! (Thus also with whom we call other selves/minds and our past, probable and future selves!) Pictorially you can conjure chakras as revolving doors, bringing in from this outer larger energy field that makes you up… and sending these frequencies/energies within your body to your brain. This energy then functions in the physical body thru the brain interface.

We already know the seven chakra’s and what they are ‘about’! So those ‘thoughts’, which have to do with what each chakra is known for - are vibrating at that part of the ‘mind’- the concerned chakra! For example thoughts- or our vibrations about abundance, the material, and security vibrate or function through the root chakra! Those thoughts and vibrations that have to with for balance, emotions is what we call the sacral chakra! Those thoughts that are concerned with empowerment, powerlessness, self all those will be part of the solar plexus chakra and so forth…

So, as we are expanding our ‘mind’, our thoughts connected to those chakras expand and what we call CHAKRA CLEANSING is taking place. This is what chakra cleansing is…removing the limited beliefs, feelings, thoughts…or raising the denser energy frequencies, which have come from separation and ignorance. We are removing the veils, so you can call it cleansing …or expansion!

In one of our earlier channeling’s we were told how a few of us are operating from or getting UNIFIED ENERGY CHAKRA FIELDS, and I came home thinking how…what is it about? Now I understand how: When our minds- energy fields - expand beyond a certain level –because our various thoughts pertaining to the various chakras have expanded – our mind or energy field becomes a vaster more unified mind- and chakra’s are said to be unified! Also, this is why so many of us are vibrating at what we call higher frequencies. Through knowledge and mind expansion and without so called ‘energy work’ or psychic training…! We are thus becoming more intuitive, seers etc…!

Many who come to me for personal sessions ask me “ what is my purpose” and very often the answer is “your purpose is to just BE wherever you are, in whichever field, whichever area of your day-to-day life and resonate your energies!” And this is what it means. Through mind expansion- your thinking- energy- is vibrating at higher frequencies and you are you are like a radio center emanating those frequencies from just where you are. You can go to office; you can go to your work and yet you are in SPIRITUAL SERVICE.

Because once we raise our frequencies-expand our ‘mind’- beyond critical mass, human consciousness we have the ‘power’ to affect human consciousness through our energy fields! Remember ‘higher/finer’ frequencies are not affected by the ‘lower/denser’, and these inherently always move towards the higher! This is being a LIGHT WORKER! Spreading light! Your energy fields =light=knowledge and love!


And friends…it doesn’t end here either! We keep hearing about the ‘EGO’ and the Seth had told me right in the begging of my journey… (one of my earliest writings was about making friends with your ego, shaking hands and embracing your ego, into its expansion) …and the Masters have told us the same through the intervening years to: not to shun the ego…it’s not about removing the ego… you cannot…its about expanding it into pure consciousness!

Like the brain is an interface between mind and body - and the heart is an interface between pure consciousness and the physical consciousness - and the chakra’s are an between you’re the One larger mind/universe and current self- the ego is the interface between current mind and its outer reality! Which indeed allows ‘you’…makes it possible for ‘you’ to interact with this physical world! I shall quote Seth : the ego is the apparatus by which your mind navigates this physical reality.

And as you are expanding your mind …energy field, naturally your ‘ego’ is expanding, and when your ego is expanding, you ‘remove’ (move away from) the limited ego… the limitations of ignorance and separation. and that is what is to be ‘removed’ of the ego- its limited- denser- lower frequency thoughts vibrations, not the ego itself! And through mind expansion that is what is happening- call it removal of the egos limitations, or expansion of the ego!

I prefer the word IDENTITY to understand this, because the word ego has too many preconceived notions attached to it! It is your “I” NESS; your identity. Which keeps all our (for example Nandini, Shernaz, me, Ellaeenah’s) experiences separate from each other. Otherwise it will be one ‘cosmic soup’ and we didn’t become ‘many’ to be ‘one cosmic soup’. It is that… ‘tape recording’… which delineates your energy field of experiences- your mind- from another’s! And the ego is that part of this recording that you are consciously aware of and thus begin to think of this as all you are! So perhaps we may now better understand ‘expansion of ego’ or ‘removal of limited ego’ as the removal of the separation and ignorance of the i… and thus expansion from i…to I!

The oft spoken GRIDS that we each have are this identity at a larger level…as different from the ego referring to the identity we are aware of! When we do grid restructuring it gives more space to the ego to expand! But in reverse, as we expand through mind expansion…our grids automatically expand too!

Friends, I hope you will now better understand: why knowledge, why words, why wisdom really helps…!

Because as our mind expands our energy fields are literally expanding and our thoughts, feelings, are literally vibrating at higher frequencies!. and we all know our thoughts create our lives and thus do our lives, environment and worlds indeed automatically begin to reflect change! Also many of us thus become increasingly aligned with our larger selves- minds- energy fields…. soul… purposes!

But of course, of course of course …another important aspect to understand: the Masters keep telling us about conscious living, conscious awareness, introspection, observation, and contemplation. The last few months they have been using the word contemplation time and again! Now let’s understand that we are learning through the added knowledge of books and channelings etc- but even if we didn’t, Life and its experiences are teaching us… anyways! Intrinsically! But when we add knowledge and wisdom, we are going ‘faster’, we are going ‘wider’. We are going from a one, two, three to a hundred so to say…! But to go from a hundred to a thousand, there must be contemplation, there must be introspection. It will make that much difference as learning ,growing, evolving -through life’s experiences - or through the added input of knowledge! That much more will you add with contemplation!

You must take the knowledge home within…and you must chew it like a cow chews cud…stretch that mind! Because only when you get that one more ‘eureka’ does your mind/energy field stretch that one more level! When the actual vibration within you changes! (Which is what wisdom is…knowledge transduced into experiential knowing= your very vibrations)

It doesn’t end here either. As I mentioned at the beginning I receive these understandings pictorially and I would like to share the picture I was shown as I am sure it will help you as it did me! I want you to conjure your mind as an “X”. Do it now!

Naturally the X is open on all four sides…. infinitely!

Conjure the left v as the: ‘lower mind’, the ‘Manas’, the day to day thinking mind, that part your are conscious about.

Think of the right v as the: higher mind, the intellect, the buddhi, the love and wisdom. Now I have understood Ray 2 better- loving intelligence= wisdom= because you have already expanded your mind to encompass the heart to reach the frequency of the higher mind- buddhi! That is why buddhi is ‘loving wisdom’ and not a cold intelligent mind! It is more than thought or feeling…it is KNOWING! And indeed what the human experience is all about! Godself, actualizing the potential, experientially into knowing/being= wisdom!

The lower v of the X is what we call Chitta. Now Chitta has no literal English translation but it is what we can call memory, latent impressions, sanskars; and at its vastest it is pure consciousness! It’s the complete ‘memory’ stored in your DNA from the moment you ‘separated’ from God…and as mind expands you expand ‘back’ to all that you are… consciousness itself!

The upper “V” is the Vedic ‘Aham’-the ego, but let’s call it the “i” -‘identity’, the small “i” which becomes…. as we expand, the larger “I”!

Now what we are doing through ‘words’.. Channelings…knowledge… inforamtion…through gyan…. through mind expansion… is ‘removing’ those lines ‘between’ each ‘part’ of the mind… the x of our visualization…! The different frequencies/densities of thoughts into one larger universal energy field!

Rub out the lines of the X in yr minds to understand this…till it becomes one open energy field!! (One) Pure consciousness! When we talk of ‘removing’, or ‘cleansing’, or ‘disempowering’ those lower density thoughts, (which vibrate thus only due to separation and ignorance) we are removing those lines of the x, the compartments!

More so, we are paradoxically doing this ‘removing’- through adding! We are adding Light! Knowledge! When you add light to your room the darkness goes… in the same way you are removing all these so called ‘lines’, (denser limited energy only) .… because there are no ‘real’ divisions as energy is one continuum field!

And at some point the x became a “Cross” (like the Christ Cross), which has the two lines crossing –the horizontal intersecting the vertical slightly higher than its center, which symbolizes the heart center!

From there your mind thus expands vertically - to higher selves, soul, universal consciousness…! And horizontally to encompass everybody, humanity…!

Till it expands into lines all dissolving …into a circle retaining your identity….(grid) … yet one with all! Till even that dissolves…but that is something I will speak o another day, another time…

Let us therefore offer profuse thanks for the tremendous information that comes through the channelings or the books or discourses or whatever sources of knowledge you resonate to!

BECAUSE THERE IS NO END. We not only create better realities in the Here and Now –physical realms- but also as we expand and become beings of higher frequencies- the Masters-Jade fire.. Buddha… Shiva Shakti… we as then create better and better realties therein too- galaxies and stars and universes! Creation itself expands and becomes infinitely more glorious! And so there is always more! It is truly infinite! One mind- universal mind- God -also expanding- and thus there is always more! Always!

So dear friends, when Masters or Master Energies are present here, look at it this way: THEIR MINDS INTERMINGLE WITH OURS! Think in pictures…when they leave their ‘vibrations’ behind, they are leaving bits of their MIND behind in ours! We all know that higher energy is not affected by the lower/denser… So when their frequencies are present in our energy fields/minds, everything in you is yearning, moving, rising towards it!

Also INITIATION is this: when a part of your ‘brain’ is reprogrammed due to a new level of energy reached- when your mind has expanded one more level frequency…. when your thoughts vibrate a one more higher/finer/purer frequency than before…then an initiation has taken place…!

And in conclusion… I have now understood why THE PATH OF GYAN…KNOWLEDGE …is known RAJ YOGA! Because truly it encompasses Bhakti YOGA/ Love…as we have just seen! Becomes wisdom=knowingness=being ness (beyond thought and feeling) of finer frequencies and pure consciousness=Love! And through this there is but naturally good action…! And you will ‘breathe’ easier and access cosmic energy and the circle automatically widens…!

So you can call it psychological development, you can call it mind expansion, you can call it inner spiritual growth….it matters not! Changes, growth, evolution within, and without…just begin to ‘happen’!


Adding more information as it ‘came’ to me during editing the transcript

1) We expand and connect with the larger energy field/Universe or Consciousness not only through our 1-7 chakra’s (which are more about self to Self) but also through the hundreds of chakra’s…connecting us literally to all that is!

One way (as different seers view it differently) of looking beyond to chakra’s 8-12. Also these are called 8-12 for easier reference as there would be many intervening chakras.

Chakra 8 is that point where our energy fields connect …human consciousnesses / matrix
Chakra 9 connects us to planetary consciousnesses/matrix
Chakra 10 to galactic consciousnesses/matrix
Chakra 11 to universal consciousnesses/matrix
Chakra 12 to Source or Divine consciousnesses Itself

So now… view you mind expanding through these chakra/mind points ….!

2) As our understanding of mind extends to viewing it as energy fields, and ultimately consciousness – the word Matrix …also come to mind as more or less synonymous… giving us again a gist of what mind expansion means! In my current understanding by ‘mind’ we usually mean ‘our’ individual energy field…! Matrix implies ‘The’ Larger Mind- as One- be it the human mind or the planetary or the galactic or the universal…or ultimately the ONE Godself choosing to experience God self! That’s what the ‘mind’ is – an apparatus /medium for Godself to know experientially its potential! And this apparatus/medium as One- as ‘THE MIND’ – an intricate weave or web of individual energies/matrices is (simply put of course) The Matrix

3) We may also view the mind through the term light bodies- from etheric to astral to mental to buddic to bliss body etc… which again only terms to describing the different levels/frequencies of our ‘mind’ or our energy fields! Each body being a differing of frequency and thus color etc…and thus is our physical body also a reflection of or denser frequency of our mind! Thus is all dis-ease of the mind! Thus mind expansion can lead to better ‘health’; or working with the body through pranayam ,yoga etc can help in mind expansion!Also we have a new body every seven years- whereby all the cells in our body are new …and this makes me now realize we have a new mind every seven years…and thus do memories begin to pale…!

4) Different dimensions thus can be seen as different matrices, the myriad frequencies (and their experiences) that the One mind if vibrating at!

5) Also one becomes aware that the mind doesn’t tire! As we sometimes say or think! It is the brain and our physical cells that tire or age… The mind is pure energy!

6) At its purest the mind would become.. dissolve into…merge…with pure awareness- Shiva! Conscious awareness of that i am. for in the largest picture…mind is the origin of separation and ignorance! But for That TO KNOW ITSELF AND IN THAT FOR ALL THAT IS TO BECOME MORE! There is an in-depth channeling on this (No. 29 in this section) of course a lot of this Shiva Shakti meditation and channelings would also add to your larger picture on the mind!Pictorially we can view it as a prism…a diamond…which reflects the many colours and hues of any light ….to be…and then through the heart chakra can these colours ‘go back’ into being the one light!

7) The TAROT symbols when viewed in depth reflect the various nuances of the mind and its journey. Very briefly for now: the HIGH PREISTESS id the subconscious/unconscious mind. The finer/higher it is the more can the MAGICIAN – conscious mind- manifest from it! As the major arcane journey ends, the subconscious of the HIGH PRIESTESS has merged with the UNCONCIOUS and thus it becomes higher in its potency! And manifestations can be like wise! THE SUN is when there is complete conscious awareness of THAT I Am! Yet it is in the JUDGEMENT card that this conscious awareness again becomes your automatic, subconscious energy signature! And thus are you really born again…or rewired! And in the WORLD card… you are…all that is! The mind has ‘done’ its work… you ARE at a higher beingness…the bridge/mind is not required and you rest in BEING THAT you are!

Other cards also touch upon the mind and its journey…but view that in the tarot section!


Very briefly touched upon and try and go beyond words and logic

1-This sort of makes me understand the traditional concept of why it has been said that your MASTERS AND GURUS CAN ‘TAKE’ YOUR SINS OR EASE YOUR BURDENS/KARMA!! Because their mind (if viewed as an energy field…) vibrates at the highest frequencies and in our mingling with them, they vibrations are seeded in us so to say! (MORPHIC RESOSNANCE) And higher/finer/purer energies are not affected by the lower/denser and thus this can work in two ways: as we spend more time in their energy fields… and their purer vibrations touch ours at critical mass levels ‘our minds’…frequencies change! We can also view it from the angle that automatically all our lower vibrations yearn towards the higher…!

This is ALSO WHY THE COMPANY of those who resonate to higher/finer/purer energies (without judgment as better than lower/denser energies) help!

This also makes me understand the principle of SHAKTIPAT- transfer of energies… from guru to disciple…or teacher to student…! But ultimately it is what the receiver does uses to expand or not…that will make the longer term difference! The finer are your energies the more can you attract from ‘them’! Pictorially the bigger is your mind vessel the more can you fill!

2-And this makes THE TRADITIONAL IDEA OF PRASAD come alive too! As energy pervades all that is; or everything is energy…and when food or items are placed in the energy field of finer/higher frequencies through prayer or touched by those with higher frequencies or by being on altars etc where your highest energies permeate or whatever means…they too resonate to those frequencies!!

Thus yes can your pictures and items on altars etc be charged with higher frequencies and may you yes give them to another to help…but ultimately they will imbibe the energies of the person…for if they resonate to the lower only…due to the law of energy that energy resists its opposite…will the finer not be able to be harnessed by him and the finer will find there way to where like attracts like!

3-This makes me think…that SWYAMVUR STATUES… those which our traditions say arise as jagrat gods…must be those aspects of matter ( stone or crystal or seed or whatever) that has been in the company of, or been the space of, very high energies and masters and gurus and thus it too resonates to that and then becomes automatically a item of worship because its energies attract humanity!

4- AKASHIC RECORDS are thus these energies vibrating at different frequencies which can be accessed at any time from a higher frequency! And this principe is what works in PSYCHOMETRY whereby we touch an object worn by a person to tune into his life…mind…energy fields! This is also why places hold certain energies!unless changed by another higher frequency!

5-EVERY EUREKA (true knowing) expands your energy field/mind! And thus does every Occasion Of Forgiveness, Non- Judgment, Thankfulness, Appreciation , resolution etc ! Again view: how so called spiritual or positive qualities aid us in our current lives!

View self as an equation...a series of numbers and fractions and outcomes and one fraction changes….and the whole changes!

There is a detailed in-depth article on THE MIND in the in-depth articles section. It touches upon the mind as UNCONCIOUS, SUBCONSCIOUS, CONCIOUS AND SUPRA CONCIOUS


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