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DO YOUR STRETCHES- mind expansion is more literal than you thought!

Consciousness is not something which is crammed inside the human brain. It is something which, ultimately, expands to be even bigger than the universe

Discourses, books, articles and other mind-expanding material are all around us these days and yet most of us are unaware what mind expansion truly implies, how it helps and why it translates to enhanced living. Most think of it in its abstract connation, and today I want to show you how it is about literally stretching the mind!

Firstly let’s understand that the mind is not the brain! The brain is only the physical apparatus through which the mind interacts with the body - an interface point if you like! Conjure the mind as electricity coming in and shining out of the bulbs of your body, through the circuitry board of your brain. We think of the mind being ‘up there’ in the brain because this is where vital interaction takes place!

In fact the mind is not physical at all- it is pure energy vibrating at the different frequencies of your many thoughts, feelings and beliefs! We all have thoughts of varying kinds and they make up what is called the lower or higher mind! Thus your mind is actually your energy field and not a segregated fixed section you might have thought it to be! And whilst it is not physical, it is contained in or operates through your body- your mind is in your toes, in every cell and every organ, and even in your heart! Indeed as energy permeates all that is, your mind is not limited to your physical body either, but extends forth infinitely to blend with the vaster energy field of which you are but a part!

And thus as you expand your ‘mind’, what you are really doing is expanding your personal energy field- literally extending it to blend with vaster and higher energies all the way to Universal Consciousness itself- the One mind- God if you choose! And as these finer energies become part of your personal energy field and the frequency of your day –to- day thoughts feelings and beliefs, do you increasingly find your self in sync with the love, wisdom, power and abundance immanent in universal consciousness!

Imagine operating from universal mind! Beyond duality - blame, judgment and the like become naturally redundant. In its Oneness- love is a state of being, not something to be found! In its empowerment you claim your Creatorhood as a natural process! Thus does mind expansion lead to tangible shifts and transformations within, reflecting likewise in enhanced outer realties that you call your life and its people, events and things! Thus is true mind expansion not divorced from heart expansion, for as you expand your energy field it implies expansion of the heart centre!

And as Universal Consciousness is a dynamic, forever intensifying, state of beingness there is no ‘end’ to mind expansion. There is instead literally infinite scope for our energy fields to expand; for our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to evolve and thus for us to create better and better realities, ad infinitum, ‘outside’ us! In our personal lives yes, and in the world at large, but even more, as we continue to expand our energy fields do we get a larger and larger canvas in which to create advanced realities till we indeed become creators each, of a unique universe itself!

Divyaa Kummar

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