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MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL-WHICH ONE IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL-an exploration of the diverse systems of divination!

When life seems complicated and we seek esoteric guidance, we sometimes come across a strange dilemma! Choosing an appropriate system appears to be even more complex than the life-situation itself! Astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, psychic readings… to name but a few hurtle themselves across our consciousness! You can even get a reading in your coffee cup!

A few guidelines may facilitate your choice because each system has its strengths and limitations; and while none is better or worse, different situations could be better suited to different methods! Each works in individual ways, offering you a distinctive insight of its own- somewhat akin to how completely opposing diet plans, high-protein or high carbohydrate help you lose weight based on their unique principles.

The ‘reader’ plays a vital role because all systems of knowledge including the metaphysical are open to personal interpretation. The same cards, planets or numbers can be read at many levels, from merely ‘predictive’ readings to deeper insights; and it is thus best to find a reader who speaks your language- whose deeper philosophy resonates with yours. Your consciousness will impact your readings too, for these are all symbolic languages to communicate with universal aspects of self; and the more expanded your understanding of self, life, the other and god- the more will you grasp beyond the obvious.

Let’s start with astrology! Astrological charts are a storehouse of vital information and contain the blueprint of your life if read at depth!  Simply put, your ‘time of birth’ is merely a door that brings you into the life scenario that you have chosen to currently experience and explore self through.  Through a combination of houses, planets and zodiacs astrology describes the possibilities you have laid out for self. Also depicted are your strengths and challenges; influences of your environment from the womb through life; your areas of learning, and contribution -both of which are usually referred to as your life’s purposes! Even the time tables (dasha) you have laid out to optimize this learning and growth can be utilized optimally when understood as such, instead of a force outside your control! Thus you are not what you are because you chart says so! The planets do not rule you! It is quite the reverse! Your chart is based on who you are, and have further chosen to be! Like the movie “If it is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” you’re not in Belgium because your itinerary says so- your itinerary says so because it is what you planned! It doesn’t rule you any more than your chart does!

Astrology’s deepest advantage is that you can use it to understand why you have chosen the different areas and relationships of your life; and how to optimize each experience. It can also be an excellent psychologist to help you understand self! In more prosaic terms it is amongst the best tools to get an overview on any area of concern; plus the timing in play.  Its challenges are that you must have an accurate birth time, a well-versed astrologer and the time to enter into an authentic reading! It is not the ideal tool to get specific answers to specific questions pertaining to some current scenario, although it has an option called horary readings. We will explore the other systems next time!

                                                                                      THE NUMBERS SPEAK!

“The symbol, by definition points beyond itself, and beyond what can be made immediately accessible to us."

Let’s continue our exploration of the different systems of divination! Keeping in mind that mosaic-like, they each contribute their unique input to the larger picture that we seek through them.

Today let’s peek into the symbolic language of numbers. Numerology is based on the scientific principle that everything is energy, and whilst energy is an undifferentiated whole, its different qualities and potencies can be classified and described through the different numbers. Your birth date thus describes the range of qualities you have chosen for this life- the strengths, weaknesses, potentials and challenges that you call your personality. As you master the language of numbers, it also helps you understand the different cycles and periods you have set into motion, best suited for different kinds of experience, exploration and expansion! So drop that defensive stance-  a belief in numerology does not mean giving your power away to ‘numbers’, but using it like a symbolic diagram of the inner you! Your numbers do not rule you; they only help you understand self (and others) better and in that optimize life!

Numerology also functions through your name! The alphabets in your name correspond to different numbers and thus your name is a descriptive energy chart of its own! It not only helps describe the inner you further, but as your name is used daily, its energy field is alive and vital, drawing to it like wise energies and experiences.  Unfortunately this aspect of numerology is often viewed only in terms of changing your name, or matching the names of your business projects to ‘lucky’ numbers! Firstly the word lucky must be changed to harmonious – whereby you use one more tool to bring your over all vibration into harmony with your choices in the Now. And whilst your name is a vital ingredient towards the larger energy signature that you are; it is only one more component and not some instantaneous hocus pocus!

At a deeper level, a name is usually bestowed unto you, and inherently contains the vibrations your life plan best requires; and more often than changes are not required! Thus the ancient Hindu practice of naming children based on their rashi (moon sign) - so that your name vibration complements your soul purposes! No number is positive or negative, as each has its unique strengths, challenges and functions; and you choose those numbers as birth dates and names that you best require as starting energies!

If you are considering a new energy resonance however, instead of allowing numerologists to arbitrarily change your name, you must know what you are looking to add in your life and based on that must you explore the options! A name change, which really means a change in your vibrations, must thus be done in full clarity of what you seek in the now of your higher awareness. Each number, and thus even your new name, will have its own strengths and challenges.  Paradoxically, if the vibration is not an option encoded into your current life plans, you will be unable to make that change - you may not like the new spelling, you may find it impractical, you may just keep thinking about it but not actually make the change, you may completely resist the idea! Sometimes there is a long lapse between toying with the idea of a new name and its actuality- because at deeper levels your higher self will only enable it when current self is ready for it!

Numerology’s advantage is that it is relatively simple to understand, learn and use and anyone seriously interested can learn it through books, websites and courses. It does not require complex calculations or psychic skills as much as an understanding of human nature! Its strength is not in knowing the future, but in knowing your self better –and in this shaping an enhanced future! Divination truly implies this: “Know thy (divine) self and claim thy Creatorhood”


“Divinations 'accuracy' is not about seeing precisely into the future, but into all that makes up the present moment- for this is where you impact the future in meaningful ways” Divyaa

Having gone backstage and met both astrology and numerology we will now take a peek into tarot from this vantage point; and in that draw the curtain on the systems of divination! While the very word tarot conjures up esoteric images and mysterious answers, human consciousness is now ready to take a fresher look at the great storehouse of wisdom contained within the cards!

The 78 cards are called the Arcana- meaning profound ‘secrets’ or truths underlying the human experience. Each card symbolizes archetypal human experiences and qualities, and in their blend the cards cover the entire gamut of situations and emotions that make up   day-to-day life or its deeper nuances!  Thus can they be ‘read’ to describe your outer situation or point to what is going on within you; not through hocus pocus sprits answering,  but in enabling you to tap into that rich field of information around you which is  not easily accessible through ordinary  methods.  Each card is based on input from many systems of knowledge- ranging from ancient wisdom contained within the spiritual texts of many cultures, astrology and numerology to modern symbolism, psychology and even quantum physics!  Indeed tarot’s workability can best be understood through two core principles of quantum physics: we live in a vibrational universe, with everything being energy vibrating at different frequencies; and this energy functions on the principle of like attracts like! Each ‘card’ is thus symbolic of the energy field it describes and in that does it appear in your readings if your question or energy field attracts it; and not randomly as some meaningless coincidence!

Tarots real power is in its divination being based in the all important ‘Now’! Its forte is in helping you view what is currently afoot! So while astrology and numerology are better suited to reviewing ones overall plans, purposes, strengths, challenges, opportunities and possibilities -tarot helps you zoom into this overview to where you presently are in reference to your situation! As it works on the energies of the present moment it is an amazing tool to pick up the finer nuances - the myriad feelings, thoughts, actions, contradictions and interactions- that make up the current scenario; and in this clarity does it enable you towards an enhanced understanding or choice point on your part!

Tarot’s advantage is in the large gamut its reading encompasses - from a description of the outer situation and factors you may have missed to deeper insights of  how you are impacting and can change it; sometimes a reading helps you get touch with unacknowledged feelings; sometimes it focuses on guidance as to what is best required in the now; and in all of this it helps you tackle those questions that confront everyone time to time: whether it is about how to deal with that all important relationship or  choose between career options; what to do in specific situations or where to look for deeper fulfillment; if you have a question, any question …the tarot picks up meaningful input, specially for you! 

It is also one of the most user friendly tools to learn and use; whether you use it think out of the box, or use it like an in-house hot phone with the universe, for those moments when you seek a deeper, higher, finer answer from within Self!

I hope this series of articles gives you a rundown into how each tool of divination is designed to work ideally in its own ways- and how each offers something different. Thus when you are feeling drawn to receiving guidance through one of them, be clear as to what you are seeking in that moment in time, and choose your tool accordingly. These will optimize your experience with divination!

Divyaa Kummar


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