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No hooks to hang our hats on! 

As we move from i to I - even ‘I Am’ dissolves… there is just isness… no identity... not even I... as “I” implies another/exists… surely  only in reference to someone or something else other than I – can the notion of I arise…. otherwise where even the notion even of  an “I”? So its we “i’s” who intellectually know about “I”ness, who refer to it as “I” .But as That... (Wordless sate)  It would not say “I”... surely.. .for where the notion of I when there is no other!

We need to go beyond the need to call this state something…even the word ‘no-self’ becomes a sort of self as it gives form to the formless and description to the descirptionless! No hooks to hang your hats on!

A state of witnessing rather than there being a witness! “Events and deeds happening but no doer there of…” NOT EVEN I

Imho I AM is derived from AOM (OM) - The universal sound that emanates as Unawareness (That) becomes aware (I Am) and revels in Its pure beingness. Imho AOM (OM) is the frequency/vibration of this state of Pure Beingness/Awareness - which we in duality, have translated as I AM!

But more accurately A-o-m is a state / frequency / vibration of Pure Beingness/Consciousness and its Awareness. Lets grasp this meditatively:
Aom = A(h)…. The wonder (of awareness) as It becomes aware of All That I Am!
O = (oooo) the ensuing bliss/delight in this experience/knowing!
M = (mmm) resting in this state of being!

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