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Dearest all,

My current purpose to be, through this website is to reach out to other selves even as I extend and expand my own. May my words, energies and sharing thereof be 'that one more piece', which enables you towards the reaching of your highest potentials in individual ways, so that we may each be a gloriously unique expression reflecting the Whole...

I hope to abet each one stretch whatever their current paradigms are, as this growing awareness itself, innately & inherently helps, create 'that' delightful peak-to-peak life experience! It automatically empowers each to claim their Creatorhood, and live in that loving joyful empowerment. It intrinsically reverberates like a chorus of joy, with each creating beautiful realties at tripartite levels- personal, environmental and the world!

And through this inner fulfillment there comes about naturally and with ease, the deep union with Self and all Selves around us; and as we 'become' …again, more and more palpably the God within, the 'sacred' cannot help but permeate our every living moment-awake, sleep, playing, at rest or working...

You may call this inner growth, mind expansion, psychological development or spirituality.... you may call it love & bhakti, gyan or Kriya...! Either way as we allow the larger picture to permeate us- there is a literal unraveling and extension of self to Infinite....Self.... and growth, development, expansion, love, better lives...whatever you call it... 'Happens'....

Many of us try to become another Buddha or Osho or this Master or that; and yet each Master is an individual unique delightful exploration of the whole- enabling us yes-but towards our own exploration-our unique picture of the whole! If we were to all go 'back' ...with the same picture....what a waste of eternity!

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar
March 2002

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