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How often have you all heard that there is nothing in your exterior that is not in your interior first? Nothing. But what does this really mean? What does nothing mean?

Nothing only means no thing other than I.  Yes, my dears, no thing other than I, because in your meaning of the word, there is no thing like nothing, because every time you reach your so called nothingness… the ‘I’ who perceives that, who knows that nothingness, is present. And when ‘I’ am present, how can there be nothing? So yes, nothing only means no thing other than I.

Come see for yourselves. Conjure your nothing. Shut your eyes for just a few moments and remove all the people around you, remove self… all that makes up self to you. Remove the chairs, the ceiling, the floor, walls, yes, yes, remove our energy presences …and you will find in this nothingness the “I” who perceives it is there; how can it not be? Go as far as you like to find your nothing. Remove your city, your planets, your universe and in that nothingness you will perceive the “I”, who knows the nothingness.

Yes, my dears, nothing means no thing other than “I” and if there is no thing other than I then I am all that is!

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