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Divyaa- excerpt channeling of September 2005-ONENESS IS NOT SAMENESS

Today we shall speak on oneness…yes… because it seems many of you confuse oneness with sameness…oneness with uniformity and the obvious gets ignored… that while we are one my dears, we are not the same! Indeed each one of us manifests willfully as a unique aspect of That which we call One- and so you must understand that your very concept of oneness itself means, or more accurately is - different qualities… expressed in different ways… Infinitely and infinitesimally myriad aspects of That I Am - and thus in your terms -differences!

And true oneness is when you can accept these ‘differences’ as aspects of oneness- instead of trying to change all that is different from you, into what you consider the right ‘one’! More importantly, and perhaps this may surprise you, you must not go about converting everybody and everything to light, love and god-because that my dears, is the easy way out-a convenience -so that you do not need to be one with the many nuances that you are…and are reflected to you through whom you call ‘others’!. It is far easier to be ‘one’ with all, when you paint them with some golden hue, shorn of the multiplicity that truly makes up your world, and its people!

Because when you truly know oneness other than intellectually … you accept all that is within it … you revel in the differences that make it up! That is why one became many my dears- to be all that it is! And in your realm of duality, oneness is this ‘at –one- ment’ with all aspects of Self- reflected to you as what you call life.

Yes you touch it briefly when you are in love…when you partake joyously with friends, family…until the ‘differences’ crop up! And instead of celebrating and expanding self in ‘at- one -ment’ with them- you allow these differences- aspects of that I am- to segregate and diminish you.

And so we say to you, start with self…current self as a doorway into higher, larger selves… and view how many different aspects that I am make up this ‘you’. Do you not accept your hair, your skin your eyes, your nose- your myriad qualities- relationships- the many ships that have touched and left your shores as ‘The one you”!? You are further made up of so many selves- even your physical biology rests on the immense cooperative venture of your innumerable cells- each an individual self- and yet you feel, neigh know that YOU are the ‘ONE YOU!’ And this you, current self, is collective consciousness at its most effective- and yet you are not even aware of self as a collective! Oh no! You wrap your hands around you and say “I am ‘me’!” Yes, yes my dears… yes exactly… but now extend this embrace wider … and as you encompass My infinite aspects…your multitude of people, things, events …will you be able to say with the same certainty, same authority that I am all That Is. And that is why what you call spiritual growth is not merely a vertical line upwards as many of you seem to think…but horizontally encompassing all ‘differences’- Encircling all within self, not rendering the different as heretic rebel and thing to flout and thus outside you!

Humanity finds group consciousness-collective consciousness a difficult concept to truly imbibe other than intellectually-(your very language comes in the way – your vocabulary has not grown with your evolution) - and you wonder how ‘all’ - will or possibly can- think alike? Who will be spokesman? Whose ideas will dominate? Will they not conflict?But my dear’s oneness is not all thinking or being alike-It is different aspects ‘being a magnified one’…what’s called collective consciousness, universal consciousness, Christ consciousness…. oneness..! Just like your different organs, body parts have different purposes- your mouth swallows, your digestives eliminate- your nose breathes in- your lungs help pump it out- yet there is no clash as they are all one! use analogy to help you always! As the microcosm so the macrocosm! The head is not more important than the legs- or indeed than the anus- each one plays its different roles-the nose doesn’t want to be more important-how grotesque would ‘you’ look…! This is how karma works-many wonder how do so many different plans not clash- my dears the different plans are of one consciousness choosing to learn through different means!

Oneness is truly a oneness that is so ‘one’- so singular- that diversity becomes a dazzling embrace- each aspect a display of affection- each difference and an open declaration of love for all that I am- a love song so beautiful …made up by each unique note therein…

And yet so many of you conjure that when you reach ‘oneness’- you will all bask in some light of sameness… no differences … no choices… all with some ‘golden halo’…doing nothing…and in some sort of eternal rest!! But no my dears- we will speak on your antiquated ideas of rest another time- but briefly ‘rest’ is in eternal play or rest becomes unrest surely…?And in oneness you will reach a dynamic multiplicity you cannot even conjure! In oneness your journey does not end but indeed begins an eternal embrace…

So come group of love.. begin this embrace now… not with one special other: lover or god; not with few special others whom you call friends or masters; but with all that I am- with all that you are- with all that is reflected in what you call life…!

Greetings beloved EACH ‘ONE’… Greetings ‘ONENESS’


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