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Your Sun sign represents that sign of the zodiac, through which the Sun was passing through, at the time of your birth. Think of the sky being divided symbolically into twelve pies- each corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs- and whichever section of the sky the sun was in during your time of birth, becomes your sun sign!!

But are you aware that you are more than just your sun sign? For each of us has a combination of all twelve signs (and twelve planets) in the twelve houses which cover every aspect of our life. Add in ‘aspects’- an astrological term implying the influence of planets, zodiac’s and houses on any particular planet, zodiac sign or house in your chart - and you may better understand why you are a unique individual in spite of sharing a ‘sun sign’ with others. For example the zodiac sign in which the sun is present, only represents your essential outer personality and distinctiveness as an individual; the moon sign represents the inner you and your emotional framework; mercury’s placement in a sign would show you your mental and communication style!

Very simply put for now: The twelve houses describe the different areas of life- inner and outer-such as self, family, home, money, career, friends, love, romance, marriage, sex, spiritual life, death, occult, service, creativity, self expression to name but a few. In depth- they cover every aspect of life you could explore self through. The Planets describe the inner drives, impulses, desires, motivations- your behavior – for example Mars asserts, Venus loves, Mercury thinks logically. The zodiac signs describe the qualities, attitudes -the manner in which you express the planets in their respective house! For example Venus in Aries would make you an aggressive lover! Or mars in cancer would assert more lovingly! These 3 aspects are the most important ingredients of understanding your astrological chart- and if you understand houses, planets and zodiacs in depth, it becomes easy to read your own chart! You can then more easily see WHAT is happening (through the planets) WHERE (through the houses) and How (through the zodiac signs)!!

It is also important to understand that you are not what you are because of your astrological chart- that combination of signs ,planets and houses- but your chart is such, because of what ‘You’ are in the larger picture - and have chosen to experience, explore, expand and disempower in this life! Your time of birth is like a doorway that you choose, so that you may indeed enter into just that backdrop, that combination of strengths and weaknesses, those opportunities and qualities which you require towards this self exploration, towards disempowering outworn and limiting aspects of self and towards soul expansion.

In this article I have explored the zodiac signs (and will explore the houses and planets in another writing) and thus invite you to a game through it all! Now that you know that you have all twelve zodiac signs in your chart, you may use all of them in exploring self! Just become aware that whenever you identify with any of the described qualities of a zodiac sign, it is within you and thus seek more consciously to use it, or move away from it. Write out your strengths and weaknesses, and find parts of yourself every month! More so, know that you may draw upon any zodiac sign that inspires you in the now! Thus spell out qualities you seek to incorporate anew, and begin a twelve-month treasure hunt! More so it is best to read your ascendant, sun sign, and moon sign not merely as descriptions of what you ‘are’, but as an exploration of current self by becoming aware of what of its potential strengths you are using, ignoring or misusing? What weaknesses are your aware of and thus ready to move away from?

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
TS Eliot

THE FIRST SIGN: of the zodiac, archetypal of the Big Bang! New ideas and possibilities burst through Arians, who have the originating impulse and the force of will to actualize them! Into...well, just what do you want? This is the primary Aries question. Choose your seed wisely, for you have the inborn energy to germinate it! Aries' function thus is to be initiator and get things started which other signs then carry forward. Consequently they make natural leaders and won't shy away from new ground, either! Do you need to kick-start something? Call an Aries! Will he complete the job? Depends on his other zodiac placements!

RULER OF FIRST HOUSE: denoting self; and they pretty much see self as first! This zeal and enthusiasm of self-interest can however translate into egotism and a “me first" attitude, thus the key is balance! Are you enterprising or attention demanding?

RULED BY MARS: whom Roman mythology describes as the God of war unafraid of battle. Ditto for Aries who can be both aggressive and courageous. Their winning edge is the inner vitality and determination, which also confers good health to them. A good question however: are you competitively burning yourself out?

SYMBOLIZED BY THE RAM: a mixed blessing indeed! Rampantly charging ahead without thought helps Arians impressively overcome seemingly insurmountable odds -but their haste also leads to burnt fingers! Rams must ask: if your candid to- the –point expression is forthright or overbearing?

FIRE (ELEMENT)! Bestowing personal magnetism, charisma and dynamic action! Also think explosive anger! Fearless of fire are you a healthy risk taker or drawn to it moth like? Do you use fire constructively or dissipate it?

IN LOVE! And often at first sight! (Possessively too!) However the unbridled passionate expression of their inner nature makes them demonstratively affectionate, strongly romantic and generous towards their mate! But ask if your intensity makes you easily irritated by slowness or moderation in companions? Does it drive you to seek excitement?

IN HEARTBREAK: a deeply wounded child. In spite of their brave exterior, Arians in love are vulnerable and emotionally very sensitive. Their strong sense of romance makes them place partners on a pedestal and where the trouble begins. In heartbreak view are you downtrodden or did you ride roughshod?

If we set intentions we must be willing to participate towards their fruition. To wish and think and sit at home, never participating within that which we intend, does not bring to us all of the things of which we dream. To realize new realities, we must participate

TAURUS IS: The second sign of the zodiac, securing and stabilizing the big bang (Aries) of ideas. Archetypally Taurus is the first encounter with the physical world and hence its function is to give grounding to impulses & dreams. Concerned with material results, the Taurus in you works patiently, industriously & sensibly towards the harvest of the seed you planted as Aries! As builders of the zodiac Taureans are inherently capable, practical, reliable and resourceful.

RULER OF SECOND HOUSE: denoting value & worth in all ways! Thus Taureans play the game of life, for its many rewards! While material worth and finances are important, a good question to ask this month is: “What do your really value?’ What inner resources are your true wealth, bringing you ‘home’ to self worth?”

SYMBOLIZED BY THE BULL: endowed with its strength & tenacity! Bulls will stay on the job…or their viewpoint with dogged determination and persistence! Ask self: Do you operate from steady resolve or stubborn obstinacy of an immovable force?

RULED BY VENUS: the goddess of beauty, pleasure and too much of a good thing can be wonderful! Thus Taureans dedicatedly woo the beautiful tangibles of life! When you pamper (or secure!) self through any of your senses: sensual clothes; decorating homes with luxurious art, savoring good meals or allowing music to stir your soul- you are operating from the Taurus in you! Caution: self indulgence

EARTH representing nature and body; thus sensory and not intellectual pleasures tip the scales for sensuously aesthetic Taureans! Solid commonsense has also has a premium! Solid anything does actually, indoors or outdoors!

IN LOVE! Harmony, stability and faithfulness (to partner and their social rank!) are their buzzwords! This may not sound exciting at first, but you can be sure that they will be there -good naturedly, generously and amorously- as the relationship develops! Emotional security combined with financial security is a tough long-term combination to beat! Caution: possessiveness!

I think therefore I am. - Rene Descartes

GEMINI IS: The third sign of the zodiac and that phase of the cosmic journey in which we focus on increasing our self-awareness (after the grounding of Taurus). Adventures of the mind are what Gemini’s are all about with their buzzwords being ‘awareness’ and ‘environment’! Thus intellect and more importantly its communication are vital to Gemini’s making them the thinkers and inventors of the zodiac! In practical terms Gemini is the stage in which we start to become aware of what we're trying to do and what will be involved.

Ruler of third house denoting the immediate environment and thus Gemini uses the mirrors of sibling’s, neighbors, and community, towards this awareness! They enjoy diverse relationships in the same manner as they take an interest many different things and all sorts of information! Extroverted, communicative and sociable- they make witty and entertaining companions-perhaps better acquaintances than friends! Their love for short trips (and the vehicles!) comes from here- as a means to explore their environment!

Symbolized by the twins depicting their versatility and multiplicity of interests; plus their dual-natured, elusive, complex and contradictory side! For all of us, archetypal Gemini brings us to an awareness of the many facets of ourselves- and while Gemini’s explore this comfortably and instinctively- the others in their life are never sure which twin will show up! Prone to switching personas to suit the situation prompts others to view them as fickle inconsistent and restless!

RULED BY mercury: the planet of speed, communication, speech and thought, enabling Gemini’s with a quick mind and power of expression! They are the zodiacs poet’s wordsmiths and verbal magicians! The flips side is they like quick success and need to develop perseverance and cultivate depth. Mercury is associated with the Greek god Hermes- charming trickster amongst other things endowing Gemini’s with their playful nature be it with ideas, words, people or situations.

An Air sign: which adds to mercury’s cerebral input making gemini’s prone to regarding emotional experiences as complications that are best avoided! Air however makes them the clearest of thinkers at work, and with their ability to see all sides of a situation and put forth well-thought-out ideas Gemini’s can be an asset to any team. Their concentration, though intense for a while, does not last ,and leadership does not attract them/

IN LOVE- are known to be fickle, but this is not intentional and stems more from the quirks of their emotional nature- One side keenly interested and the other averse to sentimentality and its emotions! However they make charming dates- playful, flirtatious and lots of fun! They like intrigue, and the excitement of the chase- so give them lots to discover…endlessly!

Best summed up in the popular song ‘feelings, nothing more than feelings’.

While the previous signs were about exploration and founding the Self, Cancer takes us beyond into deeply personal encounters with others to enter the world of emotion and bonding and yet remaining separate -for better or for worse! As these relationships initially take place within the family, especially with mother (or mother –figure) cancerians are closely connected to both. Maternal instincts are in full swing- ranging from nurturing protector to smothering mother hen! And with meals being their way to nurture, do not be surprised at Cancerian friends plying you with food and drink or becoming emotional about declined dinner invitations!

Ruler of the fourth house symbolizing the family’s natural extension - Home! And while a serenely harmonious home-life and its comforts are important, it is the sense of belonging that is really very vital- highly emphasizing any area of life that brings ‘home’ this feeling of ‘being family’. Home is also country and thus are cancerians often patriotic and deeply connected to their roots and culture, making them honor tradition yes; but also making them reluctant to let-go of the past and comfort zones.

Ruled by the moon and its famous moody blues, fuelling this need for emotional security! Throw in its imaginative prowess and tide-like swing of emotions and you may better understand your cancerian beloveds. Remember however, they intuitively, instinctively (even psychically sometimes) see you!

A water sign –completing the (preliminary) round of the four zodiac elements and their basic realms. Cancer explores through the heart - thereby their exquisite sensitivity, and innately kind, loving, and sympathetic natures!! Yet still waters run deep!

Symbolized by the crab and with likewise tough outer shells they silently and tenaciously go about getting their way- keeping the inner softness guarded and often hidden. Cancer is symbolic of the passive receptive but profoundly powerful female force of nature...the all-nourishing or all-devouring mother.

In love they operate from both selves. Emotional, sensitive and lovingly wearing their hearts on their sleeve they can when threatened moodily retreat into a completely refusal of sharing feelings. Do not pry- give them time to brood (crabs can be vindictive when hurt) and they return to their caring selves again!

“If everyone were the same, there would be no need for you and me."

As Leo the best question to ask self is: do you know who you are yet? ? Following Cancer in the zodiac journey, Leo signifies a move away from home and family, to be an individual in one's own right. For having developed the many aspects of self through the preceding signs, Leo focuses on crystallizing one’s sense of personal identity. Leo is thus our experience of ourselves, where we learn to stand alone, value self and allow our individuality to shine! We finally take center stage- and often very literally!

As ruler of the Fifth House representing pleasure, good fortune, creativity, fun & games and romance (legal and illicit!) - Leo gets a large playing field to experience self and develop the leonine self esteem! Thus have most Leos not only been around the block, but around the stadium many a time! Also the house of the child (within), come play time and Leos are at their best! Creatively exploring self through hobbies, sports and drama…or gambling self away whilst chasing excitement is a ongoing choice Leos need to address.

Topping this, the sun rules Leo and it certainly seems that the zodiac is giving them every opportunity towards this grand experience of finding joyful self! Many of the sun’s attributes can be recognized in them- specially the desire to be at the center of things whether it is at the gym or the larger world! Bestowed with the suns life force they are enthusiastic, purposeful and confident and tend to sweep across the life of beloveds! Their generosity of spirit however matches this zest for life and sun-like, they are straightforward and honest-gullible even!

Appropriately symbolized by the lion- king of animals, Leo’s would not bat an eyelid to be described as the blue blood of the zodiac! They are born dignified (and autocratic) commanders -ready to shoulder great responsibility- and live life king size! Luxury is their starting point, the best is what they settle for, and first class is the only way to go! Status conscious? They don’t know what you mean as the pleasure principle is so natural to them!

Their Element is Fire and everything about the Leo is hot, hot, hot. They are fearless, dynamic and shine out in any crowd! In love they are much sought after as romantic, warmhearted and passionate lovers- if somewhat over zealous! Following their heart and expecting the truth they get easily hurt, but their pride will not let you know and they will chase another dream -of perfection!

“The life I touch, will touch another life, and that in turn another, until who knows where the trembling stops or in what far place my touch will be felt”

AS VIRGO we move from the flamboyantly creative self that we reveled in as Leo, towards a more realistic and wider perspective. The quest for personal fulfillment gives way to a higher purpose –perfection of self, and enabling it in others, and service becomes Virgo’s reason to be!

AS RULER OF THE SIXTH HOUSE, throw in the hard work that it represents and we pretty much understand the Virgo’s famed attention to detail. Perfection demands vigilance, and flaws are simply not allowed. Health and nutrition ruled by this house only reflect Virgos aspirations of excellence at every level- the body must match! Virgo infamous critical and demanding nature is due to these high standards for self and others, for nothing is ever good enough; and as toil does not frighten them, they find it only natural to be in a state of constant refinement!

MERCURY AS RULING PLANET bestows Virgo’s with a questioning mind, sound reasoning and clarity that makes them great researchers in any field. Communication, especially the written word, is their forte- and another means to contribute towards the larger world. With a brain mostly in overdrive, they are constantly thinking of how to produce faultless work, and often fall into a trap of their own making- striving towards an impossible ideal and enforcing it on others!

EARTH THEIR RULING ELEMENT grounds their mental acuity in practical, systematic and useful ways rather than contributing fanciful assistance. Virgo’s can dedicatedly do any physical task that requires painstaking input-and excel in teaching, technical, medical, fields. Their concern with the body, health, diet and exercise stems from earth; as does their more sensual side and appreciation of the good things of life.

IN LOVE they loosen up (verbally too!) and can be devoted, intense, passionate, and possessive -an aspect not shown to the outer world at large. As their mate must match their exacting standards- in body, mind and spirit- they can be very choosy! Showing an interest in their work helps! SYMBOLIZED BY THE VIRGIN- they can be picky, modest, and conservative and yes…obsessed with cleanliness… of body and environment! Very private, they veil their secrets from their public image.

“Relationships are not measured in time, but in lessons learnt”

LIBRA marks the midpoint of our zodiac journey and thus represents the objectivity which comes about due to this birds-eye view. Having explored self and our connection with others in myriad ways, we now explore the deeper significance of relationships! Others play a vital role in the Librans life to serve the fundamental purpose of self- exploration through the mirrors of relationships! For it is in the dynamics of interaction that they move towards increasingly enhanced choices within!

This is why LIBRA IS RULER OF THE SEVENTH HOUSE which represents family members, business partners, commitments and long term relationships. Librans often choose careers where people or partnerships are involved and their general and emotional well being is habitually dependant on these relationships and friendships. Paradoxically they are prone to distorted views of others, as they project their own hopes and fears onto them and this is the fine line they need to constantly balance!

The SCALES SYMBOLIZE LIBRANS for they can vacillate endlessly at these choice points till they strike the right balance they inherently seek. LIBRA’S ELEMENT IS AIR- masculine- allowing them to blend their feminine ruling planet and arrive at the equilibrium of the scales! Air bestows on them its impartiality, penchant for fairness, a keen mind and communication skills - all used in relation with another! Thus are ‘relationships’ ‘choices’ and ‘balance’ Libran buzzwords. Librans don't get in a huff when faced with an opposing viewpoint and prefer to consider all options in the spirit of cooperation. When this doesn't work, however, they quite easily use their persuasive charms to get their way and make their point!

For VENUS AS RULING PLANET- not only confers on Librans the magnetic quality and charm to attract all these ‘others’; but the desire for peace and harmony; the skills of cooperation and diplomacy and a generally idealistic, easygoing and sociable personality to enable all of this! Throw in abhorrence of conflict to view why they make good diplomats, civil servants or social organizers!

LIBRANS IN LOVE make loyal partners and delight in being a pair (indeed they dislike being alone!) They are willing to go along with others and do whatever it takes to maintain the relationship. They abhor conflict and discord makes them uncomfortable and yet their indecisiveness often draws them into just this!

"Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power."

At SCORPIO we are crossing the midpoint of the zodiac journey. The lateral exploration of self and relationships now delves vertically to a deeper examination: plumbing our subconscious aspects and the hidden dynamics, power struggles, intense emotions and urges within relationships. Going deeper allows us to go higher subsequently, and as Scorpio the pendulum hovers around cathartic transformation. It is a phase where we both trim and empower self- where we realize the point of power is within. Indeed it is the beginning of making the unconscious-conscious!

SCORPIO RULES THE EIGHT HOUSE and we can see how beautifully this aligns with their zodiac purposes. Associated with beginnings and endings, (also known as house of death), they are afraid of neither and this allows them the transformation they have come for. Also associated with areas in life over which we have no control (thus inheritance & resources of others!) provokes them to encounter their true power. Further governing all things invisible and their investigation, bestows scorpions with their penetrative powers, finely honed intuition, acute perception and investigative skills!

THROW IN PLUTO (RULING UNDERWORLD) AND MARS (WAR) as ruling planets and we may all be murmuring “no wonder” in reference to our Scorpio beloveds! These combinations make them powerhouses, intense, motivated, willful, and passionate…but often with a destructive even vengeful temper till they fathom their depths and undergo the long term metamorphosis; indeed rebirthing they have chosen.

WATER THEIR RULING ELEMENT adds to their intense emotions (often hidden from the world) psychic or mystical prowess and fascination with the unconscious or deeper secrets of life. To avoid the risk of getting lost in this underside and its fantasies (sexual and otherwise) they more than other signs need and are thus drawn to the higher spiritual aspects of life.

Like the SCORPION WHICH SYMBOLIZES them with its tremendous regenerative powers they can fearlessly lose a tail to grow a new one. And it is in this process that they do what they are best known for- sting in self defense!

Scorpio, following Libra, also deals With LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS but explores a deeper perspective: challenging self to love from depths so far untraversed- understanding and encompassing unconditional love and acceptance for self and others in the face of all that we might have previously judged unlovable or unacceptable! Love is thus a passionate but complex exploration!

The radical difference between personality and soul consciousness
is difference in perspectives. Acquiring a soul perspective allows us to see a more inclusive, universal picture

SAGITTARIUS is an interesting upswing in the zodiac journey. Having explored the myriad facets of self through the previous zodiacs, we are now ready for the journey back ‘home’. And thus are Sagittarians known as the seekers of the zodiac! Discovery is their buzz word, yes, but different from the exploration into life for they are now concerned with its higher meaning! They seek its highest potentials, their search is for truth and the vision they hold is the bliss of self which first began this cosmic game!

It is not the known as much as the unknown that draws them, and as RULER OF THE NINTH HOUSE, which deals with spirituality, philosophy, higher learning, truth ,wisdom and journeys (also symbolizing inner growth & expansion-and their need for ‘space’!) they are well endowed towards this yearning. Throw in joy and optimism also 9th house features, and we understand why Sagittarius follows Scorpio…for having plumbed its depths they are now ready to fly higher than before; and this buoyancy of spirit and sense of wonder (and fondness to gamble!) are inbuilt propellants!

JUPITER THEIR EXPANSIVE RULING PLANET, also known as the king of gods and the Guru of the zodiac lends them their lofty ideas and sense of self! With expansiveness not only of mind but also approach- generosity and broadmindedness can veer to excess, exaggeration and extravagance! Thus must they be alert of their flip side: that righteous, patronizing and judgmental attitude … making their truths serve them rather than serving the truth!

FIRE THEIR RULING ELEMENT adds to the zealousness of their seeking…not only knowledge (which they love to collect) but through action and experience which they welcome head on! Fire also lends them its confidence and high spirits to live life fully, and with THE ARCHER symbolizing the Sagittarians focus to shoot beyond known goals and stretch into new directions… life can be one endless expansion!

Ardent, interesting and straightforward in relationships, Sagittarians are easy to fall IN LOVE with! Their independent nature however, demands complete freedom of movement- inner and outer! Restrictions and routine will not work! Neither will platitudes for they truly (and bluntly) live the credo “saaf kaho, sukhi raho”! A clue: due to their love of animals, pets can not only smoothen things along but also bring them home more often!

What is real can never be threatened, what is unreal cannot exist- Sanat Kumara

CAPRICORN grounds all that we have learnt along the zodiac journey and a large part of being Capricorn is putting it to work within a practical and social framework; for otherwise all our philosophical and spiritual growth runs the risk of remaining academic! Capricorns thus live life like a project with clearly defined, tangible and physical goals; and are endowed with a great inbuilt sense of responsibility and determination to fulfill this reason to be! Due to this subconscious motivation they are often serious and ponderous; reluctant to take time out for simple pleasures! They know deep within them that it is time to complete the tasks in hand…for they are close to the end of one cycle of the zodiac wheel!

RULING THE TENTH HOUSE of career, profession and goals you will further find all its buzz words not only perfectly describing your Capricorn beloveds, but also answering that oft asked query of ‘why and what makes them thus’! Tenth house stands for structure, priorities, commitment, discipline, social roles and rules, responsibility and accountability, caution and endurance…and the strength and fortitude to be all of this! For as Capricorn the pilgrimage within must now reflect in outer progress and results.

SATURN THEIR AUSTERE RULING PLANET almost compels Capricorns to prune, cut back, conserve and sacrifice if need be; not as some stern taskmaster, but as a wise teacher challenging them to finish their lessons (with payoffs if they do the work!) Saturn limits (and pushes) yes, but only so that we may reach beyond our limitations! And thus are Capricorns born mature…so that frivolities don’t come in the way! Its slow movement through the skies matches Capricorns caution and steady pace in speech and action.

THE MOUNTAIN GOAT diligently climbing to the top of the mountain makes an apt Capricorn mascot! For Capricorns too want to get to the top of their chosen field and enjoy its heady air of success; namely fame, prestige and money! Goat-like they industriously work towards this, playing safe, not making waves till they reach the top!

Naturally their element is down to… EARTH! Imbuing them with realistic (and risk-free) ideas yes, but also bestowing on them their love of fine things, material success and its tangible accruements of name and prestige!

IN LOVE they are not emotive! But they are devoted, loyal, reliable and honest!

Explore the entire cosmos by using your being as the entry point- Ishdeep

AQUARIUS is about being the truly autonomous individual that the spin on the zodiac cycle helps us become, and yet the wheel must move on towards merger with the whole from which it began. Thus a large part of the Aquarian journey is straddling the paradox of experiencing both aspects of beingness: individuality and oneness; self and others; independence and unity! Towards the understanding that they are not mutually exclusive…. that oneness is not sameness, and how we can each be a unique individual making up the larger whole

As ruler of ELEVENTH HOUSE, symbolizing other people, groups, community, colleagues, social contacts and friends it gives Aquarians the ideal milieu in which to bridge this chasm between self and others. Thus Aquarians find themselves as part of different groups, often with a large circle of friends and can be viewed as detached or superficial! Also being the house of altruism, ideals and vision they are innately endowed with a love for humanitarian activities and desire to better the world- running the risk of losing their personal sense of self, sometimes going out on a limb ( at great cost to self) to oppose groups when it’s not for their larger good! And yet all this peer power enables their Aquarian purpose of striking the right balance between the microcosm of their personal world and the macrocosm they are so drawn to!

BOTH SATURN AND URANUS AS RULING PLANETS adds to the Aquarian paradox. Saturn emphasizes responsible and proper functioning within society and Uranus the planet of spontaneity, liberation and the new age of enlightenment (indeed named the Age of Aquarius!) provokes them into disturbing any limitations, boundaries and resistances they perceive towards a more enlightened and unfettered approach! It is this combination that lends them their eccentricity and at its worst makes them over zealous leaders of their cause, touchy when their ideals are resisted!

As an AIR sign their approach to things is through their ideals, and translating what ‘ought to be’ into accepting what ‘is’, ‘leads to some of their more painful lessons. Air like they are freedom loving, need ample space and love to travel! Yet they willingly share what their inventive, original quirky minds churn out -with no strings attached other than agreeing that they are right! Thus the WATER BEARER symbolizes both their ability to give freely, and the rarefied essence they pour towards a new world!

IN LOVE (or not) they are the opposite of jealous so do not make that your yardstick! But they more than any other sign can bring together that ideal combination of lover and best friend! And yet always remain somewhat of an enigma!

“After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

As PISCES you are at the end of one turn of the zodiac cycle. You have explored all aspects of self through the different zodiac experiences and the opportunities they offered, and the only place is to go ‘beyond’! Into what is the Piscean question? And thus Pisces is about closure at many levels: starting with letting go of old way of doing and perceiving things towards a new expanded beingness and its exploration; but at a deeper level about going beyond personal consciousness itself. For unconsciously Pisces knows closure is synonymous with a new beingness; and as the last sign on the wheel it is not about cycles ‘ending’ but indeed merging back with source!

This is what the DUAL FISH, (swimming in the waters poured by Aquarius!) symbolizes, and if you observe carefully hidden within this emblem are the signs of infinity and the Tao of yin and yang .

Thus it befits Pisces to be RULER OF THE TWELTH HOUSE symbolizing spirituality, non-physical realms, universal oneness, karmic completion, dissolution, surrender and the unconscious. This bestows on them a yearning to go beyond all that they are or have been, to indeed straddle the divide between the human and the divine; the known and the directionless, wordless… unknown. And this is the Piscean dilemma, one part fascinated by the romance of this surrender and the other somewhat aflutter at the ambiguity involved! Twelfth house also symbolizes dreams, fantasy, imagination, non-rational feelings and its flip side of disillusion, lies, escapism and thus drugs, alcohol, addiction…making it easy for Pisceans to live in a make believe world – and there is no use telling them that, for they don’t see the fine line!

PLANETARY RULER NEPTUNE, the Lady of altered states and specially gifted in dissolving boundaries only adds to the Pisces experience , be it in getting lost in movie or a moment, be it living life like a vacation, be it living selflessly as only Pisces can, be it surrender to the process of “let go and let God”. Not the most practical of people, they often run into trouble because they do not operate by the rules of the solid and defined world; and only by participating mindfully can they move from wishful thinking to the complete absorption of their chosen path. Pisceans find it difficult to live

WATER THEIR RULING ELEMENT bequeaths them their malleability, intuition and strong feelings… frequent feelings and feelings about everything! The most compassionate (and vulnerable) of signs, they are often unable to differentiate between their feelings and that of others- always being present for them. Yet they find it difficult to express their own pain and usually console themselves in private! Beauty the closest ‘tangible’ representation of the unknown they yearn for plays an important role, and this urge for that something beyond often leads them to being highly creative artistic and poetic! The day -to -day world seems too limited for the Piscean and thus they seek to imbue it with some rapture- some pretending the separation never took place …living their life in a day dream (or drugs and alcohol) and others infusing it with meaning through their creative or spiritual endeavor.

IN LOVE, they are wholly involved and long-term, period. And wholly involved in keeping the romance alive long-term too - even if they need a ladder to reach the pedestal they put their partners on!

And so the cycles continue…having done one round you start afresh, from a higher point, towards a further exploration of this new self … expanding… expanding… expanding …. till you become one with pure consciousness and leave the cycle of rebirth…

At a deeper level, its not always sequential….and one may return in zodiacs one needs for one’s growth! Or choose that sign/backdrop that is best for a particular blueprint….

Love Divyaa Kummar

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