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"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is, infinite." William Blake

Perception is an act of creation! This single phrase packs a powerful understanding that can take volumes to explore; and yet these six words strung together can begin that journey for you. For from this, follows the natural assumption that if we can expand our perception: our thoughts, ideas and beliefs-the inner lens through which we view self, the other, life and God- we can create enhanced realties!

Quantum physics catches up with spirituality and proves that there is no observation- ‘reality’ or ‘world’ indeed- without you the observer! And how your world or personal reality of relationships, careers and things, is only a reflection of what you hold inside you as your neurological landscape! So back to square one: only as you expand your consciousness will you will be able to reflect or view an improved and expanded outside! Indeed evolution is forging new neurological connections and altering the pathways of your mind!

But let’s use the (simpler) language of analogy! Conjure that you are unaware of your neighbor giving away his treasures; naturally you could not be recipient! And yet others aware of this even over longer distances, would journey towards claiming this abundance? And the only difference being your lack of awareness! Thus by increasing your awareness of the empowered being you truly are and the many tools at your disposal you are automatically better equipped to affect changes!

Through analogies again: if you trip and sprain your ankle in your neighbor’s home, you would be upset. Yet when you realized this delay had saved you from the elevator crash, the same annoyance would turn to thankfulness…automatically! If you see a young girl being roughly handled on the road you are driving by, you would be agitated; and yet when you realized this was a movie shoot, the antagonism dissipates automatically without attempt! And yet all that really happened in these scenarios was a larger view of the same! Thus Acquiring a larger perspective of self and life allows you to see your myriad life events and relationships differently and thus respond to, and shape them, in enhanced ways!

Let’s hear it from Einstein “Significant problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking from where we created them!” And yet this is often what we do, trying different methods yes, but from the same level of consciousness and then wondering about the patterns in our lives! It’s like trying different recipes to cook your rice just right, instead of knowing all you had to do is soak it for a few minutes! So come, dearest readers explore, expand and extend your paradigms- change your mind, and change your world!

And how do we do all of this? There are many guru’s, facilitators, workshops (or books and websites if you prefer a more personal journey) to make this beggining; introspection and observation translates academic understanding into personal experience; meditation adds ; and if you are open to this awareness and care to hear its message- life itself is the finest of teachers.

Divyaa Kummar

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