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From personal consciousness to universal consciousness...interview by Hemamalini for Star Teller- May 2008

Divyaa Kummar calls her message “The larger picture”, aiding fellow travelers to “lead a better life through simple shifts in perception. It helps people change the labels they live life through. It emphasizes self-responsibility and helps us move away from blame and anger. It helps us tap into our own creative power, enabling better lives for self, our environment and our world! The microcosm of day-to-day life is much better understood and thus handled well.”

“Channeling, simply put, is connecting to a higher or vaster source of ‘knowing’ than your current conscious one. Actually everyone ‘channels’ at different points in their life. They are unconsciously connected to their higher aspects. Many astrologers and psychics also ‘link’, whilst giving expanded readings for clients. Mediums connect to this on a more conscious level, and for a specific purpose. Whilst mediums can be of varying purposes, at our public meetings we connect only to impart Universal Truths and to emanate the potent cosmic energies that often come through!”

“We all have explored every nuance of karma, freewill, destiny, desire, fears, beliefs, purposes etc and ultimately have realized that they were only different terms explaining one thing…or different views from different windows looking at one place. As our understanding increases, awareness amplifies and the larger picture unravels, we begin to see a lot more into all that we had thus far understood. Many concepts begin to merge and blend into a composite whole, and this ‘new’ whole launches us into a fresh awareness.”

Ms. Divyaa kummar is a spiritual facilitator, reaching out to many in Mumbai. She spreads her message as a fellow traveler, through channeling, discourses, workshops, meditation groups, writings and daily personal sessions. She “blends deeper spiritual truths with how they can be inculcated in the day-to-day modern world, so that ‘spirituality’ and life need not be two separate compartments but a joyous whole, pervading our very being”. Her focus is on “presenting these truths passionately and easily, so that self-empowerment ‘happens’ naturally and with ease; indeed “automatic” is a favorite word my students use in reference to how they enhanced life and sense of Self!”

How and when did you start taking interest in the deeper side of life, like “knowing, the self” “inner journey”, “touching theta state of being” etc.

It might sound a paradox, but at one level I was always interested in the deeper side of life; and at another level it all happened suddenly! It was around the year 2001. Life had thrown me a curve, and to be honest I dived more deeply into the spiritual aspect, only to find a quick-fix method out of my troubles! I had no idea that this exploration would actually have nothing to do with the fixing of these mundane problems...but indeed lead to a complete inner shift...to a desire for not merely a smoother life but for enlightenment.... to not only imbibing spiritual truths but spreading them! On hindsight, I realized it was not as sudden as it appeared, for I was born into a deeply spiritual (not religious, for we were the opposite of that!)  large joint family...with my mother and aunts each resonating to different gurus; and thus I was  exposed to a wide range of satsangs and living Masters since the earliest of days.  In fact the spiritual was a  regular aspect of life…I read voraciously….and indeed even as we the younger lot (of cousins) would get together, the conversations would often veer to such topics... and I guess all that was the fertile soil… for the ‘sudden’ flowering to happen. It was especially beneficial that I was not exposed to one guru or spiritual belief  but many… for indeed my current reaching out is exactly that- a blend of all into a larger universal wisdom or path.

How did you realize that you can be a channel (Medium)? Could you share your personal experiences in channeing?

I did not know anything about ‘channeling’ till 2001, when I read my first channeled book- by American author Jane Roberts “channeling an entity called Seth.” It is seemingly an abstract, complex book….and yet I somehow ‘understood’ its deeper essence almost immediately. Indeed it became a 24/7 for me… I would only be thinking, speaking, even dreaming of its truths!  The moment I read the book, I knew that it was my purpose to be—to channel, to receive spiritual understanding, and spread the word as a modern young woman enjoying a full life, and thus showing by example how the two need not be mutually exclusive states. Yet at that point, I had no idea why I thought so and how it would happen!And even as I began speaking about all that I understood with friends, more got interested and the circle grew… and in order to explain it better to them I started writing all that I had grasped…but somewhere in this process I realized that what I was writing was beyond not only the Seth material, but far beyond what I as Divyaa knew….! Even then I did not think that I was ‘channeling’After that, it was paradoxically both a completely uncanny and a completely natural process. I started sitting in ‘meditation’- without any guidance or teacher or systems indeed. ‘Seth’ would be so palpably present… ‘speaking’ to me, other masters started appearing and explaining; even sleep became about learning on some inner plane for I awake with so much gyan….sometimes I thought I was mad…but I began to receive so much universal wisdom that the doubts decreased and confidence grew! Initially I required validation and when I come across what I had got from within, in the spiritual texts or the words of revered Masters, I would feel somewhat assuaged. Being impacted by the messages, I felt I was doing something right! Not coincidentally, I met a bonafide channeling group in Mumbai; the Jade Fire group’ where two mediums channeled universal wisdom and Master energies publicly. When I started attending their public meetings the Masters asked me to become one of their channels! Again doubts had assailed, for receiving wisdom within or through my writing was one thing, but sitting up there on a platform and channeling in public was quite another…and yet it happened. I focused firmly on where I wanted to be and somehow the words came, energies built up, confidence came and thus the flow became easier and the energies more palpapable. After that, it all just became more and more automatic. I channeled as part of the Jade Fire group, reaching out to hundreds…which then led to energy work, healing, tarot, theta and higher states of meditation and eventually to giving discourses, without the need to ‘channel’ anymore. I realize that the ‘channeling’ part of the journey was a sort of opening within me… yet now with the gyan (wisdom) more consciously a part of me, the channeling has taken a back seat. I reach out through discourses, classes, meditation sessions and even personal sessions for people.

Have you tried Seance? We like to hear your comments on that.

Actually there is a subtle difference between mediumship and channeling. As a medium, you connect with the deceased through sťances. As channels, we focus on receiving universal wisdom by linking with universal consciousness and the many aspects within it. Of course there are no clear divining lines, and I have on occasions connected with the deceased of clients if required; but my work is wholly focused on being a receptacle for ‘gyan’ and spreading that grace.  A sťance is group of people who meet to connect with the deceased. A channeling session is more like a satsang, like-minded people gather to hear universal truths!Channeling, simply put is connecting to a higher or vaster source of ‘knowing’ than your current conscious one! It is not as exotic as it appears, for anyone can do it, indeed everyone does it at some level… everyone ‘channels’ at different points in their life: inspired books, art, movies, even inspired day-to-day decisions, or the surprising strength and motivation to deal with situations is often ‘channeled’. These persons are unconsciously connected to their higher aspects! The only difference in channels is that we do it on call; with a specific purpose, to receive and spread gyan or healing! As you expand your energy fields and merge over time with this aspect of self, more and more consciously, the need to link or channel falls away and we speak as us. In Vedic terms, as you expand from (or remove the boundaries between) manas and buddhi and aham and chitta, it is channeling! It is said that many ancient scriptures are channeled… when the rishi’s  heard it within them it was channeling!

How did you grow spiritually?

Tapas, clarity, awareness and contemplation!  I refer not the tapas as in sacrifice or hard work, but tapas as in passion. When there is passion, it becomes effortless effort! Where there is passion, there is focus! The root word of discipline is ‘disciple’- and when you are disciple to something, a person or goal, or self growth, discipline is automatic and not enforced! With this passion and focus and discipline, the right tools come along; the combination works like a life force! One doesn’t ‘do’ much …things happen! In my case, I did not have an outer teacher, but the inner legion just unfurled.

The second word I would emphasize is clarity! I was very clear of where I wanted to go and that was deep within! For going deeper or higher is actually the same! And with this clarity, choices became so clear; anything that didn’t fit in with this just fell off without effort Let me give you an analogy…if you know that you are going to the best 5-star restaurant for lunch, you wont eat the bhelpuri on the way; you won’t stop for a sandwich; because you know that you are going to that great place! There will be no desire! There will be no sacrifice!

The 3rd word I would use is awareness, because really it’s all about awareness. Indeed I call my workshops “The larger picture”, for when you expand your awareness from the microcosm to the macrocosm, you see things from a higher and larger perspective. You literally change the way you think, feel, act-automatically. Let me explain this through analogy: if you fall in my house on the way to an important meeting and fracture your leg, you will be angry; but when you become aware that your car blew up in the meantime, the anger will automatically go and indeed turn to thankfulness. If you are driving by and see a man drag a young girl off the street, you will be upset; but if you walked into the hut and saw it was a movie-set, then there will be no anger to control. In the same manner, when you become aware of the larger picture behind your life-events and people, and see your personal scenarios through the macroscopic view of the soul, it all changes automatically. As you expand your lens, you expand the way you look at self, the other, life and god. This leads not only to a better life here and now, but to claiming your Godself!! You realize that you are creator and your thoughts create your world; by changing that you can improve it. Awareness of all these is required or how can it become yours? Here is an analogy: if your neighbour was giving away gold for free, and you did not know it, you could not be recipient. Yet someone who heard about it from another part of the city would come to receive this abundance, purely because he was aware of it!

Last but not least is contemplation. Reading, hearing etc can take you only so far. Contemplation is internalizing it, making it part of your energy fields, your vibration! Till then it is intellectual knowing and not your truth, for anything to be your truth it must be resonate in your energy fields. As it does, your energy fields expand and merge with higher consciousness and its joy, bliss, wisdom and love become a part of you.

Please tell us how to inculcate optimism in a person, when he feels let down or feels depressed.

I could give you a variety of tools, but they are all mere tools! Very useful and needed only initially...but Once you expand your thinking and beliefs, once you expand your energugy field concioussness ... your beingness indeed... you don’t need  tools. Tools are like instructions to energy and yes they work but  positive beliefs are like a power of attorney and they work 24/7 without the need to instruct energy, as your focus  is innately positive! For example, as a woman, you would not need to say an affirmation ‘I am woman I am woman I am woman’….for you know you are! Yet you may need to say ‘I am  rich I am rich…’ and this positive affirmation can work, but in the longer run you use it only to move into a expanded sense of being! I t is not possible to affirm all day surely!

Here are some quick tools: The best starting point is to remain in thankfulness. When you feel thankful and appreciative, your focus is on the positive in a heartfelt way. You will attract further, because energy works on the principle “like attracts like”. At   a deeper level, it also implies that energy resists its opposite, so as you create a positive joyful energy field, it resists the opposite. Sorrow and depression cannot come your way! Discover new aspects to appreciate in the usual and customary around you. This is true value addition!  Try viewing the gift of each day before you go to sleep. Begin and end each day, with a focus on all that you have to be thankful about; as you keep doing, the list will become longer.Try Visualization: Build up an inner collection of feel good DVDs and your personal ‘dreams come true’ visualizations. These are effective homing devices for those moments, when things seem askew and you wonder how to switch your focus to something positive! Insert one of these into your inner DVD and achieve the double benefit of shifting your focus and its attracting power from unconstructive thoughts, to your highest visions of self!

What are Tuesday sessions about?

You may call them discourses or sharing! We meet in an informal, at-home lighthearted ambience, discussing a range of such topics.Seomtimes i choose a subject, sometimes its more question & answers!  The feel good factor is palpably present and all those who attend swear it has changed  their life or beingness. The group is eclectic, ranging from teenagers, and those of us in our prime to senior citizens. You may come to try it out, or as and when you feel the need, or as most do: you may come every week to change the labels and laws you live by…view life afresh…create new  pathways and unleash the genie within! Naturally continuity aids you…and old timers view ‘repetition’ in terms of their tilled soil being able to take the same words deeper; in terms of the many contradictions being wordlessly addressed within over time; in terms of the larger picture endlessly opening up its nuances and unveiling its secrets…till it all somehow ‘fits’! Its changing ofcourse...over the years...as it first started out with me reaching out while i travelled my own path- and those who came then travelled the entire path with me! We pursued each aspect of the journey even as it unravelled within me and became my truth!Now its flexible, we sometimes jump into the deeepr end, sometimes take the newcomers through all that we went explored to reach here!

What kind of participant do you reach out to?

These meetings help both those who are currently ‘seeking’ due to problematic lives, for which they find no lasting ways towards redressing their issues; and the many who are seeking to complement their already full lives!Moreover, there are many looking to combine our spiritual heritage with a fresher approach. They are looking for a more updated and universal spirituality that reflects their east-west synchronized lifestyles and mindsets! I feel that spirituality correctly engaged in, must lead first to better current realties, and not only be concerned with the ‘hereafter’! Joy and fun are often ignored as being part of spirituality. These classes, and indeed its energy, conveys that the hallmark of true spirituality is how ‘joyful’ one can be here and now. Spirituality, self-growth and the inner journey can be joyfully blended with our day-to-day lives.


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