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Divyaa: I’m in a very light link & they ask not to further the connection so that I may learn to speak in current consciousness. I’m being shown, for my own training, how the energies are completely present, emanating & doing their work, even while I speak in Divyaa consciousness. It need not be an either/or situation.

I’m being asked to speak on ‘purposes to be’. Because it’s a very large topic, it can be viewed from many points of view, from many levels but usually most of you, on the ‘spiritual’ journey… only think of your ‘purpose to be’ in a large spiritual manner: that you must be having a single spiritual reason to exist.

We are aware that if we tell you, that in the larger picture, in the larger context, your purpose to ‘Be’, is to be what you are moment to moment, you will shrug it aside. You will look in askance at us, and ask for a more practical response! Because your true question is “How am I useful? How do I contribute to the other, the world, to God?” Because ‘Being’, even if it is ‘Being’ an ever fulfilled, ever expanding, love, will creativity: Being God indeed, is not good enough!

Being is a state humanity finds difficult to embrace or understand other than intellectually. And that is fine. It is the paradox that your purpose to ‘be’, right now, is to reach that! That is why you will desire to ‘be’ something…. you will desire to ‘transcend’! It is only when you have fulfilled that, will that desire fall away and then, you will only BE.

That is why the Masters have asked all of us, time & again, to incorporate an activity of pure creativity in our lives. To inculcate creativity, is a physical manner (way) of ‘just being’! An activity you enjoy doing, just for the joy, whether it reaches somewhere, takes you somewhere or not, it does not matter! Especially for those who are of Ray 3, whether monadic or soul, you will often find that you are designers or interior decorators; you like to paint or do craft. You may not see it as a very vital spiritual purpose to ‘be’ but it is! You are practicing here, your monadic purpose! When you are creator, when you will create universes & nature & flowers & species- this creativity, which seems so mundane now, will have been its practice! That is why it is important to understand that ‘purposes to be’ invade every area of your life.

They (purposes) can be viewed from many points of view, from many levels. That is why you will find Masters, at different points come here & explain the same point from what appear completely contradictory points of view. In the same meeting, sometimes we have different points of view! Different books, different teachers give you different angles & this confuses many of you! You find contradictions difficult to accept; you feel that validity of one negates the validity of the other. But all of you here are ready to understand that contradictions, so-called contradictions, do co-exist. Reality can accept all that is.

You have been given the example of the analogy of the elephant, time & again. If you’re standing at the tail or the trunk or the side, each aspect that you view is your truth. Very often, when we give you the larger picture, like we started with purpose to be: that your purpose to be is just being- is when we take you away from the elephant! The Shiva point of view! When you see the tail, the trunk, the sides, each truth is a truth but not the truth. When you are able to understand that truth, then what you call universal truth will become easier to understand.

It is very important for each one to understand what your truth is currently & also have an idea of the larger truth so that you know you are moving towards that. I will give you an example, an analogy in very layman terms, other than elephants & tails, so that we understand, because each truth is your purpose to be; whatever truth you are feeling is what has to become the way you think, feel 24/7. It should not be an intellectual concept. Many times Masters come & tell us that sex will be transcended, some Masters come & tell us sex must be enjoyed, sometimes a Master tells us that desires will cease, sometimes they tell us that desires must be fulfilled. It all depends upon what your truth is, in the current point of view; that is your purpose to be. And then to fulfill & experience that! Through that will your ‘purpose’ expand towards the larger & larger. If we tell you that there should be forgiveness, it has to become a part of the way you think.

In analogy, if you are driving by & you see a beautiful young girl being pulled off the road roughly by this big aggressive man, and we tell you- it is fine, there must be no judgment, there must be forgiveness- you may try, intellectually, but find it not truly possible! But then you get off your car, and walk to that scene and find out it is a film studio! Then you do not only forgive him! But find indeed there is nothing to forgive! You may then say, “What a waste of time. Why have I come here?” and the Masters may say, “Everything happens for a purpose.” But you will keep looking at your watch & think of the important meeting you have missed till you go out & realize that your car had an accident & you missed it. And it then will this ‘everything happens for a purpose’ be your truth!

We are giving you a day-to-day example, but this must be incorporated for all the universal truths that you come across, whether it is purpose, desire, karma, free will. We have spoken this before & we are going to reiterate so that it is grooved into your minds: that we view the one reality, through these different universal truths. We give them different names: we call it karma; will, purpose, destiny but they are all different words for the same one larger reality. You can call a rose red, fragrant, pink, soft but they are all different points of view of seeing the same rose. So when you are referring to your purpose to be, it is what you have planned for this life, what you call blueprint. It is the same. Your blueprint is what you have chosen from your true free will to do, your destiny. So purpose becomes destiny, purpose becomes blueprint. It is based on your karma; what you have chosen to learn, what you have chosen to expand. So your purpose to be is your karma & as we have spoken in our last meeting with you, your desires are these purposes encoded in you so that you may desire to work towards your purpose! And then you come with those beliefs-which is your karma- which you have chosen to expand or remove, which is your purpose, and which you then desire! It is your destiny, chosen with your free will! So it becomes the same thing, whether you’re viewing your desires, or purposes to be. Whenever you are confused at what is my purpose to be, try & view where are your desires, what are your fears because both will hint to you your purposes.

As all of you here are aware, purposes are many: from monadic, soul, personality…. you have your own purpose, you have a group purpose, you have an universal purpose, you have so many purposes (and I’m finding it easier to speak now in Divyaa consciousness). Each one must view where your desire is, where is your fear, and that will really help you understand what is your current purpose to be.

We have a very beautiful word in hindi or in Sanskrit, it is called ‘prarabd’ karma and ‘sanchit karma’. Prarabd is what you have chosen to work out or learn or expand in this life. That is your current purpose. Sanchit is your storehouse, which you may do in another life. Both will have a role in your life.

As you fulfill your smaller purposes, will the larger purposes open & unfold. But many of us are only looking at our large spiritual missions & we neglect our day-to-day activities & if you do that, your larger purposes are only being delayed.

Very often, you think your purpose to be is a contribution but, very often, your purpose to be is a learning & unless you fulfill this learning through what may seem very mundane relationships, career options, activities, your larger purposes in life will not open up because from the moment we individuate from, what we call, God, your purpose is always twofold: the learning, the removing of the I AM NOT & expanding & contributing of the I AM & that will play itself out in every activity of your life.

If you have had a life, which was focused on relationships, you might say, “What a waste of my first 40 years. It was only relationships.” But if you view it in the larger context, if your mission was to spread love & wisdom, maybe you required to go through those relationships so you could expand your view on love. Does that mean that everybody who has ‘this purpose’ will have to go through relationships? Of course not! It will depend on your karma, your limitations, your learning. Somebody may come with the need of learning abundance; somebody may come with learning self-worth! You may have needed to go through relationships to expand your view on love & if you had shelved that, if you had sat because everybody in your family is into spirituality & God, “I will not enter these relationships”, you will have only delayed your contribution, you would have had to come back in another life. So you must see where are your desires & try & learn what is the essence behind that.

Another way of understanding where is your purpose now, is to see where is your passion, where is your joy, where are you feeling enervated, what do you enjoy doing even if it doesn’t lead you anywhere? That is a beautiful clue to find your contribution. Let it be. It might just be an activity; you might just enjoy writing, you might enjoy painting. If you fulfill it, if you enjoy it, it will lead & open up to larger & larger purposes.

You may also see, that purposes become part of your life in, what we will call, effortless ways. It does not mean effort is not required once it becomes part of your life! But these are the ‘coincidences’, these are the ‘patterns’ in your life; they keep coming back to you, or you just suddenly find yourself in it. We all know Ellaeenah’s story of how she just met Mehru & my story of the Seth book …it just became a way of life, because this was our purpose to be & we were open to that.

All of you will find certain incidences in your life, which just become a part of you. If you can focus on that, you will get a clue to what your purposes are. You must specially view your Patterns. If you find that everywhere you go, in every activity you do, you need to, lets say, travel; whether you are with your family, whether you separate, whether you go to a new business, it is always travel. “It seems such a mundane activity. How can my purpose be involved with travel?” but only you will get your answer. You cannot keep asking the Masters. We have a saying, ‘Ask yourself why? Why? Why? Till I reach the ‘I’’ & you will know why travel is your purpose. Maybe you feel that you are in control everywhere & nothing can work without you & when you travel, you see that every area of life works beautifully. Or maybe it is something completely different; maybe you’re very homebound, maybe in many lives you have not been able to move from where you physically are & travel actually teaches you that home is everywhere. There are different answers for everything & neither can we, nor your Masters, give you every answer. We can only give you the knowledge, the wisdom & as much contemplation as you do, as much conscious living as you do, as much ‘Why? Why? Why?’ till you reach the ‘I’ do you do, do you become more & more aware of your purposes to be.

A nice way to invite your purpose, is to expand and see the essence of what you desire. If you desire to write & you know the essence is actually to reach out to people, then you open out other avenues. I’m speaking from a personal example; I enjoyed writing just for the sake of writing. When friends would ask me why don’t you do something with it, I just enjoyed doing it & I realize now that it is what opened me up to receiving the wisdom that I intuitively do. But I became aware that my purpose was not really to write, that the essence behind the writing was that I wanted to reach out the intuitive wisdom that came to me. Because I did not bind myself, channeling, co-leading, energy work, classes, all different ways of reaching out, have come my way.

All of you must know the essence of what you desire. So many people come & say, “We want our own independent house. We do not want to live with our mother-in-law.” What is the essence? And each ones essence will be different. There is no one answer. Somebody wants control, then your purpose to be is empowerment; somebody wants to decorate the house the way they like, your purpose to be is self-expression. There are no answers we can give you, dearest; they are all within you if you start doing conscious living.

Another vital area to understand is it your passion? Is it your tapas? Do you really want it or is it just because everybody around you is doing it? Is it just an inclination? You will know. If it’s a burning, long, steady desire, whether it leads you somewhere or not, that is the clue to look for. If you want to do it because everybody around you is doing it, you will not have the passion, you will not have the tapas, the effort will not come & you will wonder, “Why Ellaeenah can do so much in a day?” “Why can Sohrab channel?” “Why can Divyaa speak?” Because it is a passion & we do whatever is required for it in joy and not as effort.

Very often, you are influenced by people around you; maybe from a business family and you feel my reason is to do business. You will try one activity after another, (and again I speak from personal example,) you feel useless. I cannot do business. I would do ceramics. I would do creativity & enjoy that but not its business aspect! I realize now it wasn’t one of my purposes to be. I was borrowing it to impress somebody else & therefore, there was no effort, no tapas, no results, no purpose to be.

But there is a very fine point here. Are you fearful of doing business? If there is a reason, if there is a desire, if there is a passion (again a personal example) I have a passion to run a new age magazine but if the business is what is stopping me, then that is a fear, which again is a purpose, my dear. It is not only your desires; your fears are your purposes. If you can view them, acknowledge them & remove them from your life, then you will open up yourself to even larger purposes to be.

Look for the gift. Look for the essence of, what you call, selfish desires & you will find a beautiful purpose. If you want power, maybe you will realize the reason you desire power is so that you can maintain your power in balance. If you did not desire power, in the 1st place, how would you have a situation where you would be in power to then practice it in balance? If you desire glory, you will feel, “Oh my God! I desire glory.” But maybe the true purpose is humility because in true glory, you will see the glory of each & everyone around you & there will be complete humility. Try & become aware of what is behind your desires.

Many of you will wonder, “Where is the time for this passion? We have 9 to 5 jobs, we are parents.” and we say: be imaginative. Allow, make place for your passions to be included in small practical ways. As you include them in your life, instead of excluding them, they will make their own ways.

What a beautiful life you have chosen! That our purpose to be is we have encoded as our passion & desire. So for all of you who look for a spiritual reason to do things, here is a spiritual reason to go find your passion!!!!

And yes, there is a difference between passion & obsession. Passion & addiction (do not confuse the two!) Passion will make you feel expanded, elevated, empowered. Depression, depletion, disempowerment will be part of obsession & addiction. And that is also fine! Everything in my universe is to come back to me. If you’re aware of an addiction or an obsession, become aware of what is behind it & once you do away with it, you will rise in passion. Enjoy your purposes to be….

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