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Hi to new friends! Have put some of my facebook postings together here- as easy to read divyaa's quotes! Some simpler ones to start with and some abstract stuff below! Though the fun of the reading really is in the interaction with fb friends on the wall!

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Thoughts matter... they literally become the ‘matter’ of the people, events and things you call life!

There is big difference in your thoughts & your beliefs! Thoughts are your current focus which impact energy into taking shape- thus as you change your thoughts you change what you are creating. Beliefs are your subconscious 24/7 focus-always impacting your reality! Thoughts are like energy signatures; beliefs are like a long standing power of attorney

The ‘future’ is only rearrangement of your past unless you change inside of you that which causes your 'outside'! Trying to fix or manipulate the outside is as futile as applying your makeup on the reflection in the mirror, and wondering why it hasn’t stayed on when you reach the party

We have all heard and read that we are Creators; that the Creator is within you; but where, really where is this Creator within you? The answer of course is that the Creator within you ...is in your belief system. As you believe so do you create

Judgment is an act of perception; perception is an act of creation. In this gnosis may you view the power of non-judgment and appreciation! If you 'see' yourself as a failure, if you 'think' your country as corrupt, if you 'feel' your world as disaster ridden-you are creating it. Stop smudging- move from judgment into the masterstroke of appreciation- and you will create…see more things to appreciate!

Self-love is simply acceptance of self in all its nuances. It is not turning a blind eye to perceived areas of growth, or parts you wish to enhance or disempower- but the attitude you view these with! If you render them ugly, dislike parts or allow guilt to creep in - you move from self-acceptance to blame and judgment. Instead know deep in your heart how utterly unique a being you are and how valiant an expedition you have chosen towards exploration of this self, and in this positive awareness, sure you can choose to incorporate change and extend current self.

Miracles are usually viewed as providential events, orchestrated by a source outside & higher than us & made possible through some circumvention of the natural laws! However in every seeming miracle you are the source, not an outside higher power! It’s your focus that is their life force not divine decree! Indeed miracles are not some divine suspension of universal laws -but our optimization of the same!

True forgiveness is in the gnosis that there is nothing to forgive! When a sense of thankfulness for the experience & learning pervades you, what can remain to forgive or not forgive? Forgiveness is not an occasional act, but a state of being

Each 'sin' is a judgment we form through lives; and as we drop each judgment there no longer remains any thing like ‘sin’

Many of us think of our 'purpose to be' in terms of that one over riding theme; but at its deepest - each truth that becomes yours, beyond its mere intellectual understanding- is your purpose to be! And whatever truth you are experiencing in the now- is your current purpose!

The journey towards your goals- its myriad experiences, joys & learning- are the real objective of any goal; and the perceived goals themselves are only the means towards this exploration & self discovery! In this gnosis will you rest even as you ‘strive’; touch peaks at every ‘step’ along the way; find fulfillment moment to moment rather than at some perceived ‘end’!

Make Beauty the path home! Think what happens when you come across a thing of beauty? You enter a speechless space-which the mind cannot describe & thus it rests- & there is spontaneous meditation! Without the barrier of the mind you are wide open to All That Is! This is why man has been drawn to beauty through existence

Cause and effect simply outlines that we are the cause; not some 'outside' ...'other', 'fate' or' god'. We can call this ‘cause’ our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as outer effects; or we can view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma - what we have chosen to explore ,experience and expand and thus met as outer ‘ effects’!

'Creatorhood’ and 'Self empowerment' are current buzzwords and have become synonymous with the power to manifest- indeed the complete power to shape your life and even world. Yet at their deepest ... what do they really mean? What is an inherent aspect of ‘complete’ power? Complete power only comes with complete responsibility! When you claim responsibility for your life (events, people therein,) environment (yes that political system you find corrupt) and world ...can you shape it. Without claming responsibility you do not really reclaim your Creatorhood... and it remains but an intellectual concept you have picked up...

Death is not in death as we think it to be! Infact 'death' kills death & becomes the doorway to eternal being! Then what is death? Death is in our so-called comfort zones, patterns & conditioning; death is in our reluctance or refusal to move on, change, expand, experiment & surrender! Death is paradoxically not in the endings& change but in stagnation, inertia & fear!

Being born and dying: are like the ship 'disappearing 'from yr horizon and 'appearing' at another’s horizon; not two separate states for the ship...or anyone who can see the full picture/macrocosm....and only so for the two witnesses at either end/microcosm. And if we take this further, a ship goes to so many ports; each being a seeming birth and death!

Desire is its own mover and holds the seeker to the sought; the mover to the movement; the beginning to the end. It sprouts as & when required as the 'voice' we have placed within to trigger us towards those aspects that we have chosen to explore, experience, expand and eliminate! Thus view your desires in these terms - instead of grappling with them- what are they conveying to you from beyond the veil? What soul energies are waiting to be acknowledged? Expressed? Fulfilled?

No choice is really 'wrong'! Even if it leads to what we may view as stagnation, a dead-end or a challenging situation -for that 'seeming mistake' was what we needed to meet, face & get out of the way- and in this understanding...there no wrong choices!

The subtle difference iin being jaded/indifferent and in being truly all accepting: in indifference nothing matters; in acceptance everything is fine embraced! So both states of being might …in layman dialogue… use the words … how does it/x matter… etc etc… but they come from two different points of the continuum

‘your’ purpose to Be in the highest of terms… is encoded into ‘your’ energy fields- your Dna- in ways beyond what you can imagine; because ‘you’ know that as you further individuate and forget your source as the game demands, this information will be thus kept intact!And in every ‘life time’ you encode into your blue print (or what you call destiny) as your free will desires and individual purposes, aspects of this larger divine will! So that when you don the veils (again willfully) you will ‘remember’ what part of I, you have chosen to express, experience, expand, disempower, contribute to and…be. And these then show up within you, in the here and now, as your desires! And both your will and Divine will; your desires and Divine desire ‘become’ one and the same! How beautifully done yes? And thus when you feel within you a desire, it is only your blue print kicking in my dears! It is the divine seeking expression through your current focus! Or how indeed, would you recall and activate your purposes- once the veils came on? So desires are your encodements to your soul purposes in every life…! Your desires are indeed your triggers, planned to activate in different times as reminders for your myriad soul plans and purposes!

Know that as Mankind- you carry all the previous dimensions you existed in- within you! The minerals your body requires are the remnants of the mineral kingdom; vitamins part of the plant kingdom and proteins are your heritage from the animal kingdom! Humanity stands not alone, but partakes in all life on earth!

Unconditional love is not about feeling 'love the emotion' for every one,but moving into a state of acceptance towards each one &their life stories- just they way they are! When we truly accept that each has come with their own roles/learning…desires/fears/ experiences..we rest in that & judge not & in this state of al...lowance does the unconditional embrace 'happen!' Unconditional love is creations free will principle

Simply put: we are ‘love’, and the ‘will’ to ‘creatively’ be it!



Many of us try to become another Buddha or Osho or this Master or that; and yet each Master is an individual unique delightful exploration of the whole- enabling us yes -but towards our own exploration and our unique picture of the whole! If we were to all go 'back' with the same picture- what a waste of eternity!

True insights are when the abstract 'THAT' becomes the tangible Ah this'!

We often think we are going to reach a place there will be no thoughts! But thoughtlessness is not about no thoughts- but about no thoughts about 'our' thoughts! Much like a TV screen allows all stories to play thru it but claims them not!

Oneness is beautiful …but most confuse oneness with sameness and the obvious gets ignored- that while we are all one ...we need not be the same!

Humilty is truly present... only in the lack of a 'me' or anyone... to possess it!

Surrender is the ceasing of living volitionally... and living without volition is the beginning of living wholly

In the absence of all that i think i am tangibly, can true Presence be- but instead of trying 'to absent myself', awareness of the presence spontaneously allows 'me' to become absent..

Focus on whom which you choose to become; not on whom choose to move away from. Constant focus on your higher Self restores your authentic nature spontaneously. Repeatedly acting and responding from your higher Self wears away all that is not in sync with this Self almost automatically!

As the Absolute Self (I) becomes increasingly present, the personality self (i)spontaneously begins to dissolve..and without two I's to confuse the issue .... increasingly .. .Only I AM...

The different roles & life plans are like a board game we have each pulled out from the universal playroom! Someone is playing president or businessman or spiritual teacher/mother /actor /panwala etc! In the larger picture none of these roles or what we ‘do’ in each life matter. They are only means for Self to experience...

God’ and ‘the world’ is one reality –and these are just two (of the many) ways of perceiving the One. But please note they are only different ways of perceiving the one…and not two different parts! Like a drop of water is wet and transparent- you can’t separate the wetness and transparency other than in labeling it towards its understanding! And thus is the world (life, people, events & things) God or Spirit! Maya/illusion does not mean that the world does not exist- as from our point of focus it does- it only means it is not the only aspect! You have not viewed the whole-that’s the illusion!

God is no separate 'Whole'… indeed there is no separate inviolate ‘Whole’ as we sometimes think. God in not a noun but a verb- the entire process of creation and thus all that is - even as individuations or in separation- makes up this 'Whole'! God' is not outside, but neither is God inside you...God is everything and everywhere!

Ah to the paradoxic cosmic mating dance; to the simultaneous divine yearning and divine fulfillment; fulfilled even as we yearn and yearning even in fulfillment; seeking union even whilst enjoying the cosmic foreplay; the Shakti in me seducing the Shiva in me; the Shiva in me stretching it that wee bit longer…Ah to the paradoxical now!

Detachment ‘happens’ in all embracing acceptance- not in denunciation or rejection of this, that or the other! Detachment is not in having ‘no desires’- detachment is in the awareness that ‘your’ desires are only vehicles for the universal cosmic play to carry on! Detachment 'happens'- Striving towards detachment is attachment to detachment!

As long as you desire to meet 'God' or even ‘become one’ with ‘God’, you are going to have a God outside you to do that- and the Godself That I am - cannot be…

'You' can never be enlightened! For as long as there is a 'you' there is no awakening; and in awakening there is no you -no personal self left ...to ‘get’ ...or know... of its enlightenment! Like an orgasm, each tiny realization builds upon itself and becomes a series of tiny shifts - taking you from personal consciousness into universal consciousness- and just like in the orgasm, where ultimately there is no ‘you’ left- in enlightenment there is no you!

A subtle but vital difference in between: I am That;I am the universe; I am the sun; I am the tree....AND That I Am; The Universe I Am; The sun I Am;The Tree I Am.....

Effortlessness does not imply no effort; it means when things happen through a ‘me’ rather than by a 'me'.The self who ‘does’ things starts to recede; the Universal Self that is spontaneously functioning starts to be felt more palpably.Our sense of 'doing' things - ‘negative’ or ‘positive’- starts to recede; the sense of the cosmic play perfect as it is starts to be experienced more palpably.Effortlessness is the shift from i… to I.From limited individual self to the Whole!Effortlessness is pure discipline- current self disciple to its universal Self!And thus effortlessness is not no effort but the empowered actions and inspired activity of the universe- while current self is at rest and in surrender!

When there is no you, it is the end of 'your' karma! Thus expanding your consciousness is 'balancing' out karma; expanding your consciousness back to universal consciousness is 'finishing' your karma! When personal consciousness dissolves into its universal impersonal state there is no separate self left to track his separate chain of cause and effect; in this you enter the causeless ness of the cosmic play!

When there is no 'me' there can't be a reflection of ‘me’ either! Then we even go beyond the 'mirror' concept - the world reflects not 'me' but the cosmic play! Thus mirroring (a most valid concept on the path towards claiming self responsibility & moving into consciousness) is also moved away from. It is the unconsc...ious mind that needs mirrors; for the wholly conscious it is all a reflection of the whole

The word ‘pure’, is without the judgment it usually implies- & not better than ‘dense’! The only difference in pure & dense is the vibratory frequency at which I am exploring or experiencing Self! Thus yes, while pure does refer to our ‘finer’ vibrations -in the larger picture it is these finer aspects of self which choose the ‘denser’ experiences to add to their ‘finesse’! Thus All That Is, can paradoxically become –more!

Have a great day and year ahead...no, no,no, just the day & year as it will be. Without labels and opposites! ...ha ha we must live our days without judgment :-)

True service is when the service serves the server!
I truly serve, In feeling served through my service,
I best reach out, when I reach within in fulfillment
Service serves the server! Or it becomes other things
Duty, responsibility and the granting of favors

Move into awareness ...being the witness
Even as you do you move from self to Self...
From the ups and downs to the still awareness of...
From the chaotic movie scene to the still audience in the seat
Indeed the moment you become aware you are not in awareness
- awareness happens!
The moment you become aware of being caught in the drama of current self
-you fall out of it!
The moment you become aware you are not in the Now
-you are!

Symbols are forms that help us 'see' the formless; they allow us to access the inaccessible; make the intangible- tangible; and the unknowable- known! They communicate richly & directly to the subconscious in ways far beyond what words can express! Ancient dhyana techniques used symbols to focus on, to imbibe its deeper abstract understandings... beyond words..

We often think in terms of Gods creating us; but in truth it is we who create our gods! Sensing our purest qualities -but unable to accept this vision as self-we project them onto a ‘god’ or goal outside. Anthropomorphism-personalizing or humanizing abstract qualities (to better understand them) - is the basis of mythology. The abstract is given life -the intangible is made tangible thru name, form history- enabling mankind to use these symbols to better understand what is beyond words.

Nothing is really not 'nothing'- but no thing other than I! In this no-thingness ...as this I...or Isness... we become all-thingness! Thus nothingness is not emptiness but fullness; detachment is not severance but all-inclusiveness; life isn’t distanced from but wholly and deeply entered.

As we take Self exploration deeper and deeper...we realize that going 'deeper' is reaching the most simple! And the deepening is only a tool to arrive at the utter simplicity of it all! Or it becomes ‘kaan rus’…intellectual mind games taking us away... rather than... towards....!

Enlightenment is the paradox of finding that there is nothing to find; reaching an understanding that there is no where to reach; becoming aware that there is no one to become! It is the all pervasive stillness and momentum of the dawning that all is perfect, as it is, in every now and everything is happening as it must so really there is nothing to do or not do towards it!

The mind drops off by itself once all its exploration is done...till then ‘dropping the mind’ remains a mind-concept! Silence occurs when The word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains …a word!

Abiding in awareness means bridging even that nano second gap of 'becoming' aware! As we increasingly abide in awareness/being the witness -it’s about this ‘gap’ decreasing! So yes at first living in awareness is witnessing/acceptance/non-involvement/non judgment/non resistance of yr now- 'positive’ or ‘negative'; .then this gap decreases to constant awareness of- whatever transpires- but the nano gap is present; till through this …we move into a more seamless awareness where there can be no ‘negative’ (anger, lack, fear etc) for that arises only in the nano gaps…and that is truly abiding in awareness.

The Word’ - is at its deepest a tool of oneness and union. Because it is ‘The Word’ that allows each individuation, even in separation, to know of their Oneness. It is ‘The Word’ that allows you even in your perceived separation to know of your inner union. It is ‘The Word’ that brings together the far flung spaces you occupy into the one path back home.

Words first help, then limit, then come in the way…till we finally use words to go beyond words.

Words belong to the mind, the mind arises in separation and thus words can only help us define the separation, understand the separation and then form a bridge out of it…but finally we must get off the bridge!

To know and see everything as Self …is... being established in Self... or the state of 'seeing' ‘God!To know and see that nothing is not Self is... being established in Self ... or the state of seeing ‘God!This is the much spoken about purnam darshan (mystical god vison)! Indeed it is the yearning to see /receive some other mystical 'purnam darshan'…that keeps us from this moment to moment purnam darshan!

Creation to each of us: "If ever there was a reason-it was 'you'"

Let us not seek to know it all as much as enjoy All That Is!

Liberation is not for the I but from the I ( that we think we are) !

Moksa .... realization...is the awakening from the delusion of personal karma

It’s not you or me or a fb friend or guide or guru discussing this that or the other...for moment to moment it is consciousness that speaks to consciousness about consciousness

























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