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Dearest all
Some more quotes on DIVINATION
so that as you understand divination better ...your experiences are enhanced.
Today the focus is on the role you-your consciousness plays in every reading!


There is no one other than Self! Thus every message you hear from the outside is actually a message from Self to self!
With this in mind you may also better understand tarot astrology and others forms of divination readings! You get that message that you need to hear in that NOW!
This will also help you understand why you can get different answers from different readers- all your inner voices and thus probabilities are voiced outside to you as ‘readings’- thus they can be contradictory to each other as different voices/beliefs and their results-exist within you!
So if you have received some negative readings and some positive readings over an issue- recognize these are your inner doubts and beliefs being voiced for you by you to hear them on the outside- consciously- and do with it what you may!
Do you use the negative ones to move away from them? Or do you buy into them and strengthen them inside to then experience!? Do you use the positive ones to reaffirm to self that they are possible…your beliefs  have set them into motion…or do you brush them away as impossible too good to be true?
 Thus at the deepest level there are no right or wrong divination readings-every reading is something you have created for self to hear on the outside!
 Instead of judging readings as good bad right wrong… use them as messages from Self to self that you required in the Now!

Your consciousness impacts your astrological charts, numerology, cards or whatever tool you are using, for they are all merely symbols encoded at multi levels;
and relative to your consciousness do they reveal their truth! 
Thus the same horoscope, or combination of numbers or tarot spread, would speak to you in different ways based on your consciousness at any given time- for based on your level of consciousness does any truth truly operate!

There is no separate inviolate ‘chart’ distinct from ‘me’! 
 There is no other  than I! And thus even as I change… so does my seemingly static ‘chart’!
A horoscope or any reading is indeed dynamic, kinetic and alive … a reflection of its operating consciousness!

Your consciousness even brings to you those who do your divination-  you  draw towards you that ‘reader’ which your  consciousness attracts!
In fact as we go yet deeper we realize that there is no use blaming the diviner; no use thrashing a reading-  that indeed there is no thing like a ‘bad’ reading for you draw it to yourself for some higher purpose!
If you do not resonate to its message, you must deliberate why you needed to hear that!
 Perhaps to become aware of something;
or yes…surprising as it might sound perhaps to move away from something by the very act of affirming to self that it does not apply to you!
This too serves a very vital purpose! Every reading is one of your many voices, being said aloud to you through the diviner, so that you may hear externally what you do not internally!

You must seek that reader who speaks your language- whose deeper philosophy resonates with yours!
The consciousness of both the ‘reader’ and the querent plays a vital role!
 All systems of knowledge including the metaphysical are open to personal interpretation and thus the same information can be read at many levels,
from merely ‘predictive’ to deeper insights;
from dire warnings to empowering suggestions;
from black magic and the like to your ability to impact your environment!

Tarot can be many things and many people to you
A best friend lovingly  guiding you,
a tough counselor enabling you,
a mirror reflecting your subconscious thoughts & feelings,
rich symbols to tap into towards manifestation or release,
 a spiritual text fitting in with any religion, a compass pointing you in the right direction…
and yes sometimes even a crystal ball to peek into what you are creating!

True Magic is in understanding how  energy functions and using the conscious mind to appropriately shape it!
Miracles are not a divine suspension of natural laws but indeed your optimal utilization of the same!

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar
Symbols are forms that make us see the formless! Symbols are an inner language that helps us hear what is beyond words! Symbols allow us to access what seems inaccessible, they make  the intangible, tangible; and the unknowable, known-Divyaa
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