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Dearest all ...today some passages on numerology!

In the beginning spirit manifested through vibrations and ancient seers symbolized these vibrations as numbers.Numerology is thus far more than a system of divination-it is a language helping us understand spirit and how it functions through humanity

Numerology is based on the scientific principle that everything is energy.And whilst energy is an undifferentiated whole, its different qualities and potencies can be classified and described through the different numbers. Your birth date thus describes the range of qualities you have chosen for this life -the strengths, weaknesses, potentials and challenges that you call your personality. Your numbers do not define you- they only help you understand self better and in that optimize life!

Each alphabet in your name corresponds to a number!Each number describes a certain range of energies!Thus your name is a descriptive energy chart of its own! As your name is used daily, its energy field is alive and vital, drawing to it likewise energies and experiences! No number is positive or negative, lucky or unlucky as each has its unique strengths, challenges and functions.

A name change, which really means a change in your vibrations, must be done in full clarity of what you seek in the now of your higher wisdom. You must know what you are looking to add in your life, and based on that must you explore the options. And whilst your name is a vital ingredient towards the larger energy signature that you are; it is only one more component and not some instantaneous hocus pocus! There are no lucky or unlucky numbers either!The word ‘lucky” must be changed to harmonious – whereby you use one more tool to bring your over all vibration into harmony with your choices in the Now.

At a deeper level, a name is usually bestowed unto you, and inherently contains the vibrations your life plan best requires; and more often than changes are not required!

Thus the ancient Hindu practice of naming children based on their rashi (moon sign) - so that your name vibration complements your soul purposes! No number is positive or negative, as each has its unique strengths, challenges and functions; and you choose those numbers as birth dates and names that you best require as starting energies!
Paradoxically, if the vibration is not an option encoded into your current life plans, you will be unable to make that change! You may not like the new spelling, you may find it impractical, you may just keep thinking about it but not actually make the change, you may completely resist the idea! Sometimes there is a long lapse between toying with the idea of a new name and its actuality- because at deeper levels your higher self will only enable it when current self is ready for it!

Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar
You do not define the truth. You simply enter into it-  Mumonkon 18

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