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 Wizard of Oz: Dorothy to the good witch: "Oh Glinda can you please help me get back to Kansas?" Glinda:" You don’t need to be helped any longer. You always had the power to go back to Kansas. It was inside you." Dorothy: "Why didn’t you tell me before?" Glinda: "You would not have believed me. You had to learn for yourself"

This is the wonder of Existence, that every aspect of Its consciousness charts its own inimitable journey back ‘home’! Yes we have beloved masters, sacred texts/ poems & those who have already traveled along the path ( & their wondrous practices teachings experiences) to help, enable, encourage & motivate us- but like we all have a unique fingerprint, we all have a unique path home! Each one shares what works/worked for them, but it is for each one of us to add to that living torch, a meaning, a quality that is uniquely our own! Only Consciousness could come up with this master plan-one journey, one exploration, one destination yet each one individual special & unique!

There is no singular ‘best’ way towards awakening/enlightenment. There is no must do path, practice, step, teaching that is mandatory as a prelude to Self realization. Sometimes we get sidetracked by insisting this is ‘best’ or ‘only way’ or a ‘must do even if you do nothing else”…because something (path/practice/understanding) worked for us! We think what worked for us will naturally work for ‘others’! The intentions are good. But truly truly…as we establish in our awakening/awareness…we realize there is no one way, nothing that is mandatory, that each one charts their own awakening-this is indeed the coup de tat/master plan of existence… each one enables and yet each one creates afresh

The paradoxes of being the seeker: a) While there is nothing (or no one to seek) it is this very seeking that takes you beyond the seeking & the seeking self. b) Though God/Self cannot be found by seeking, it is those who seek that find the God/Self within & around! c) All that we come across while seeking - all the concepts, paths, masters, philosophies - become redundant & yet the seeking was/is not redundant! d) Even as you begin seeking, it changes you and the seeking becomes a ripening. Seeking stops in the moment of understanding that which you seek, and the rest is purely spontaneous process...having nothing to do with the seeker.

At the start of spiritual interest we add, learn, acquire, go deep... there is divine pursuit… effort is natural; at some point a spontaneous removing, dropping, simplifying happens… there is divine surrender... effortlessness is natural! Initially we move from a seemingly mundane world into a seemingly sublime one; at some point... we take full circle to embrace the day to day here and now world as sublime!t we take full circle to embrace the day-to-day here & now world as the sublime!

Maya is the divine hypnotist; awareness the divine de-hypnosis! As we move into awareness & its de-hypnosis can we better enjoy the show of Maya -the mystery & illusion-the ups & downs of day to day life - from the best seats in the house! In this de-hypnosis we abide in the 'gap' between the breath and witness the drama/Maya that every breath brings on

The mind drops off by itself once all its exploration is done...till then ‘dropping the mind’ remains a mind-concept! Silence occurs when The Word has filled and pervaded you…till then silence remains …a word! And imho silence doesn't mean verbal silence.... it means the deep inner silence of acceptance...of gnosis....of embracing the unknown....of awareness.... and indeed this silence has no problem with words....it uses them when required without judging them as less that its own silence...

The ‘journey’ of self to Self... can be experienced in terms of 'expansion' or 'dissolution'! A deeper glance makes us aware that these are not two opposing paths/processes - they work in complete tandem. The path of expansion implies expanding Self (Universal Consciousness) - in that is a spontaneously dissolving self (personal consciousness)! The path of dissolution implies dissolution of self (personal consciousness) - in that is a spontaneous expansion of Self (Universal Consciousness)Thus the paradox: in every dissolution is an expansion and in every expansion is dissolution!

As long as we desire to ‘meet’ or ‘become One’ with God- we are going to have a ‘God’ outside self to do that with & the Godself That I Am cannot Be. Our yearning-while it plays a vital ripening role in the unraveling of Self-at the very core implies some degree of a state/sense of separation. The gnosis that there is no God ‘out there’ shifts us from this desire into knowing its more about a growing awareness ...of our Godhood or the state of consciousness we call 'God'

Many of us try to become another Buddha or Osho or this Master or that; and yet each Master is an individual unique delightful exploration of the whole- enabling us yes -but towards our own exploration and our unique picture of the whole! If we were to all go 'back' with the same picture- what a waste of eternity!

The journey inwards: at first it’s all very interesting. Gradually it becomes our intellectual understanding & we hold them like concepts somewhere a little outside us. Then the eureka’s begin & it’s all turning into the way we think & feel…into our beliefs; soon we can think feel speak no other way- its becoming our truth ...our energy signature and we experience like wise.  Through it all we are rewiring our neural pathways-unconscious aspects of self are dissolving increasingly-the new self consciously stabilizes. Its all becoming part of our new neural pathways …our DNA - the starting point for all 'future' experiences or lives. It’s like alchemy... a finely attuned process …we are turning matter into gold...spirit! And as in any finely attuned process… no step is redundant, nothing is wasted, every part of the process builds upon itself… and at some point…the process takes over… there is less for ‘us’ to do … the fruit ripens on its own… the water boils… matter turns to Gold… self to Self… thus the ancient Indian saying: When we take one step toward God, he takes seven steps toward us

The journey towards our goals- the myriad experiences, joys and learning- are the real objective of any goal; and the perceived goals themselves are only the means towards this exploration & self discovery!
In this gnosis do we 'rest' even as we 'strive'! (Effortless effort)
In this understanding do we   scale 'peaks' at every 'step' along the way! (Living in the Now)
In this awareness do we find fulfillment 'moment to moment' rather than at some perceived 'end'! (Bliss)

Each one resonates to their own 'path'. Thus there are no wrong or right ones! When anyone asks me how they know if some thing is right for them... I tell them that if you are drawn to it: path, guru, chant, 'yoga' whatever...in the now, it’s for you in the now! That’s the best clue! If not, then don't pursue it just because everyone around you is! And when it’s served its purpose in yr life...yr growth...you will automatically shift or be drawn to some thing else. And if something doesn't beckon you, it’s not for you! Thus does it not beckon! It’s all in reverse...if we haven't chosen to explore 'that' path...we don't need it for 'this life' experience....thus no encodements within us...thus are we not attracted!! But if anything repels...ah... time to look within...why? There is no need to be attracted to it, but shunning wont work! Reach a neutral ground....or fall in love! It’s all in reverse...if we haven't chosen to explore 'that' path...we don't need it in this Now...or for 'this life' experience....thus there are no encodements within us...thus are we not attracted!! What better sign can there be? Look for this sign within ...not outside! That which that won't leave you alone? That's your path. Respect it. When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing...you are doing what you were meant to be doing.” Don’t try to make another’s path yours! Use from it what aids you! Yet don’t even get stuck in ‘no method’ or it becomes a method! Path’s cross, teaching happens, there is a connection, a resonance towards your own experience of.

There is nothing like is this true or is this false? Those are only two points along the one continuum. And the answer can change at every point... till we can embrace all aspects without rejecting the other! That’s why ancient sacred texts start with the obvious (no me, never bound, never born, free) and yet it takes the whole text and many lives to ‘be’ on that first page! Somehow the many paths, practices, words, and masters we each come across as part of our 'spiritual' journey... coalesce deep within and create a alchemical reaction beyond the understanding…

Each step has to be real-ized - become your experiential truth rather than only intellectual- for the next to happen! So we must know where we are experientially, and yet be open to the next level. I always tell my fellow travelers to do the tango- to experientially (not intellectually) know where you are in the now and wholly embrace the ‘step’- and yet be open to the 'next' and 'next' … (which is first intellectual then as we move into it after experiencing what led to it does it become our experiential truth)… thereby catalyzing our consciousness… into higher/finer levels of beingness…into being more in sync with pure consciousness!

Indeed in true transcendence... we don’t reject, belittle, invalidate or dishonor that which we transcend ... we embrace the role it played, we honor it as part of the one continuum ... we accept its significance for 'others' who are experiencing/partaking what we transcended... ! Transcendence= open arms ... not arms crossed across our hearts shutting it out!

A quick tool to see if you are on the right track in reference to anything: i call it the 3E - 3D test! Does it bring to you a sense of Elation, Enthusiasm, Empowered ness, Expansiveness ....then you are in sync with the universe and your purposes to be! There will be a sense of passion present. Or does it bring your way a sense of Depletion, Dejection, Dis-empowerment, Doubt... this could be a soul voice cautioning you to do a recheck. Also note, there is  a subtle but all important difference in passion - which is pure focus and freeing; and Obsession which like the latter is chaos and confining...

We are a combination of body, mind, emotions & spirit/energy and just the way we cannot exist only as the mind or only as the body or energy or feelings, our path too ultimately becomes a combination! Thus... Gyan-mind; bhakti-heart; kriya- energy; karma-body… together become the One path to Self. The four paths are only different starting points; each being a door leading to the same place: a deeply fulfilled love and acceptance of self and thus all ‘others’! This is what ‘Bhakti yoga’ truly is! Both encompass ‘Know Thyself’. This is what ‘Gyan yoga’ is all about! Both reach an expanded sense of being …energy fields that can attract nothing but this expansion-and this is ‘Kriya’ yoga’! Naturally they lead to enhanced actions …and this is ‘Karma’ yoga’. Gyan and its in-depth understanding of the Oneness that permeates everything spontaneously leads to love (Bhakti)! And Bhakti(love) naturally brings about a deep understanding of its beloved (Gyan)! This leads to an almost effortless expansion of ones energy field (Kriya yoga) and enhanced actions in day to day living (Karma yoga)! Indeed together they become the one path of Raj yoga, and life becomes a moment- to moment meditation, and one lives in increasing awareness of…as… Self. Only the starting point differs, and based on your nature and sanskars, based on what you require one of the paths beckon you as you start this wonderful journey within. As one travels along their chosen path however, they begin to merge, and this is when the journey deepens.

Each one has their own path... but for me... understanding /addressing the mind.... helped the mind to relax and surrender increasingly... and thus enabled the move beyond the mind! This is the path of gyan yoga which imho automatically leads to bhakti yoga (once we truly understand something everything in us yearns towards those states ...we become devoted to their unraveling in our lives)… and this leads automatically to kriya yoga (our energy fields expand, meditation starts happening) and ofcourse to karma yoga... (when all this plays out as enhanced day to day actions!

Tantra is often defined as ‘expansion’ or a ‘weave’ and this accurately sums up the path of tantra which enables each of us to expand our personal energy field/weave into becoming one with the universal grid/weave!

Spiritual practices (chants, meditation, awareness or whatever practice we may use) are not really about improving self; but about dissolving self!

Focus on That which you choose to become; not on whom you choose to move away from. Constant focus on your higher Self restores your authentic nature spontaneously. Repeatedly acting and responding from your higher Self wears away all that is not in sync with this Self almost automatically

Be the effect...and the causes will follow! So when we become aware of and focus on Authentic Self... we ...with time...automatically move from self to Self

Going within is not about sitting passively with your eyes closed. Going within is indeed a 24/7 moment- to-moment eyes-open state of alert awareness! When this is being done moment-to-moment and I mean moment-to-moment, everywhere you go, and through everything you do... then this awareness- this conscious living- is paradoxically the authentic  ‘going within’!

And what intensity of light are you using within? A matchstick- a brilliant flare which soon extinguishes - coming here hearing us and then forgetting? Perhaps torchlight… some introspection till the batteries of novelty run out…. or an opening your inner windows consistently allowing light to stream in…? Yes what we call : truly going within! Like in any closed up mansion....It is only with consistent light that the shadows of fear and spiders of lack do not return to recast their ominous silhouettes and sticky webs…and it is with consistent light that you come to know the treasures within the inner mansion…and the love, wisdom and pulsating will that is within changes from vague ethereal notions to tangible realities… and there comes empowerment within …

The more we ‘know’ - the more comfortable are we with the unknown!
The ‘surer’ we become in our path - the more comfortable are we with contradiction!
The 'steadier' our truth becomes - the more comfortable are we with paradox!
Indeed the knowing, surety, constancy that we view as spiritual ripening- is in our ability to embrace the unknown, contradiction and paradox!

Stagnation isn’t only in the inability to move on from challenging situations! It is equally vital to move on from our pinnacles; and like in any orgasm ...it is only in letting go that we experience further bliss!

Cheers to being the eternal student! Cheers to having a beginners mind! cheers to being open to the many 'answers' which may each be different yet negate not each other; cheers to being open to different paths and ways and not feeling ours is the only right way...

“I don’t allow what i know to be embarrassed by what i don’t”( I don’t recall where I read that)  but ah yes the power of the seemingly feeble/foolish 'i don’t know' is that  it allows one to get to know...! Whereas the seemingly powerful 'i know- precludes growth...and without growth there can only be stagnation and decline!

Your journey and life indeed always moulds us for our greater good-     indeed it is exactly what it needed to be. So don’t think that you've lost time. There is no short-cutting. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now. And now is right on time.

An all-knowing state is what many view as the penultimate of any spiritual journey, and it is somewhat startling to realize somewhere along the way that there is no such state as ‘all-knowing’. Paradoxically it is this knowing that there is no thing like all-knowing that truly comes closest to it! Indeed all-knowing is a state of embracing the unknown..! Without this embracing of the unknown one cannot be all- knowing!embracing the unknown! without this joyful embracing of the unknown one cannot be all-knowing

Many a journey stops at some summit 'seekers' feel they have reached... happy at 'arriving' at some expressions of enlightenment and we have a tarot card which says just this: when you think you have reached...go through the next frontier …or sit and stagnate in your so called heaven!

As we take our exploration of self deeper and deeper... we realize that ultimately going 'deeper' is reaching the most simple! And the going deeper is only a tool to arrive at the utter simplicity of it all! Or it becomes ‘kaan rus’…intellectual mind games taking us away rather than towards.

There comes a point in the journey when we view the complete redundancy of words and concepts ...indeed of all that we have ‘learnt’. And yet this formed the bridge! And only when you have reached the other side, is the bridge dispensable! Value the bridge, and yet see it for what it is! And that's my current 'challenge'...it was easy for me to say and write the words when they all had that 'profound' meaning for me …but now I find myself always doing the tango ...coming from another place within... yet saying outwards this now 'meaningless' stuff...so that more and more reach the same place... where they too can chuck it all when ready and enjoy its aftermath! Of course sometimes I fall short of the words required... and I cry in joy...I laugh in joy...some think I am mad...and I am…but yes through it all love pervades... Not only is there an increasing feeling of there being no words for where I would like to take you, but the words I do use are usually accompanied by the action of “inverted commas” to imply that I don’t mean the word I mean as I truly mean! In the written expression, this sometimes translates to brackets after brackets or a string of seemingly contradictory sentences trying to clarify this!

Growth is more like a spiral which emanates from a central point, but gets progressively farther away as it revolves around the point…circling back yes, but always at a higher level…

Our state of consciousness, whenever we come across a book, movie, concepts, world events or personal experiences is what dictates our translation of the same

Come beloveds, awake every morning as (Universal-God) Self! Let Self be aware of Self even as ‘you’ go to sleep. Let Self be aware of Self through ‘your’ every action and every word spoken (or not); let see Self see Self everywhere through everything. Establish in unceasing awareness as Self. Use some tools if required initially to bridge the gaps & maintain this Consciousness! Chants, images, your connection with guru/god or whatever works for you to constantly ‘Be’ Self… to unceasingly be tangibly aware …of the intangible! In this, spontaneously where will you/ego/ limited self be? Indeed in trying to move away from yourself you are firmly there! So just Be Self…moment to moment… and 'you' cannot be. Establish in unceasing awareness as Self. In this, spontaneously the ego/ limited self cannot be? Indeed in trying to move away from ego…the ego is firmly there! So just Be Self…moment to moment… and 'you/ego' cannot be

Spiritual knowledge is about understanding the macrocosm to better understand, and thus enhance, the microcosm- your day to day life!

Know Thyself: Know ‘thyself –‘you’ current self are the doorway to your Infinite Self!

Know ‘THYSELF” – as the Infinite Self that you are enables you to understand current self! Know THYSELF: the Godself that you are and the limited self that you are not!

Know thyself: And how do we do this? The answer is in blending what may appear opposite approaches, but truly one complements the other. One path emphasizes becoming aware of the Infinite Self that we intrinsically are- and focusing on the love, abundance and fulfillment inherent in this sense of self. And even as we do this, focus passionately on this ‘new Self’ and fill with its expanded being ness the authentic Self automatically comes (increasingly) into view! The second approach accentuates a different kind of observation…and calls your attention to becoming cognizant of your subconscious conditioning, the goblins of fear and redundant pathways contained within your mind; and like cobwebs disintegrate when shown the light…this awareness cuts through them laser like and the true Self automatically emerges!

Different people and different stages have different combinations of self and Self enquiry! But yes some degree of self enquiry enables the Self enquiry phase! Yet if it is accompanied by some degree of Self enquiry...this enables the self enquiry! Otherwise one can get stuck in the self enquiry stage...therapy…focus on what’s not fine...focus on the past etc! But there are no cut off points...both in tandem work best according to me...and at some point as Self enquiry develops...the self is automatically getting healed and thus is self enquiry not required so much ...! But however much we may progress in Self enquiry...the basics of self enquiry remain the firm grounding and stuff to keep coming back to!!

self to Self inquiry! Initially self is needed...then we come to the gnosis all is as it should be … we know everything is our own soul plan...we know its for our higher better good... we know its all a play of consciousness...we understand there is no personal doer... etc and in that we automatically rest...there is a deep acceptance even if we cant know why...and thus surrender happens...and that phase of self inquiry which got us here isn't required anymore! The self enquiry changes from (current) self enquiry to (universal) Self enquiry...focus on Self...Establishing in unceasing awareness of Self. The inquiry is about Self now...we awake as Self/Consciousness; we are aware of Self even as ‘you’ go to sleep; we focus on awareness of Self through ‘your’ every action and every word spoken (or not)…

Make Beauty the path home! Think what happens when you come across a thing of beauty? You enter a speechless space-which the mind cannot describe & thus it rests- & there is spontaneous meditation! Without the barrier of the mind you are wide open to All That Is! This is why man has been drawn to beauty through existence

Every long song can be heard from The soul to god/higher self/consciousness point of view...indeed almost very love song is great to meditate on... one needs not only chants and bhajans...as a group we regularly 'meditate' to love songs...! For example Johnny cash song "I walk the line for you"...I keep my eyes wide open all the time. I keep the ends out for the tie that binds. Because you're mine, I walk the line"- i hear it as 'God' singing it to me and the whole gnosis of divine will/free will unravels within! Or Stings: "Every step you take (I'll be watching you).. Every single day. Every word you say "i will be watching you." … ha ha i hear it from Self to self! Or Joe Crocker: " You are so beautiful / To me / Can't you see / You're everything I hoped for / You're everything I need / you are so beautiful to me..." I hear it as existence singing it to me... or even the song "I don't want you to be no slave; I don’t want you to work all day; I just wanna make love to you. Love to you Love to you... is Shiva singing it to creation...! Oh I could go on and on! “.So if i am ever in the car with the radio on and love songs playing....zoom i am in immediate medit zone.. ;-)

Everything we see, hear, come across in any way.. .is a message from Self to self!! Every reaching out is a learning! Every healing is self healing! Loving another is only a tool towards becoming Love itself! Helping another strengthens self…encouraging another helps us move from discouragement!

A simple analogy to view how awareness of the larger picture changes your responses to life-automatically! If you miss signing a vital contract due to a fall on yr neighbors soapy floor- you would be angry inspite of what the many texts & masters say about anger! But as you become aware that the delay saved you from the elevator crash- your anger would turn to genuine forgiveness & thankfulness… automatically! om the elevator crash- your anger turns to genuine forgiveness & thankfulness- automatically! if you see a girl being badly manhandled on the road you would be pained- no matter what the texts say about no pain- but as you become aware its a movie shoot- the pain dissipates into the zest of being on the sets - automatically! And yet all that really happened in these scenarios- was a larger view of the same! Thus move into the larger ... move from personality to larger self awareness! Acquiring a soul perspective allows us to see things differently - and we always see a more inclusive, universal picture. This expanded view adds to an understanding, appreciation and thus enjoyment of life!

Spiritual 'progress' is not some godliness or devoutness - simply put - it is expanding your energy field beyond current human levels/mind- operating at a frequency beyond the critical mass- where the critical mass/human nature doesn’t affect you-but you affect it. All other gains are like wondrous gifts but not the major shift that authentic spiritual journeys are about - only a single pointed focus on/enquiry into Self- will enable that!
And that’s what the spiritual journey is about! No not knowing it all in advance- that’s against the grain of life- like knowing every step of a game you are playing! Would you play snakes and ladders if you knew before hand every throw of the dice and what would transpire next in the game? You would throw the game away! Would you buy a jig saw puzzle if it were already made?

The very 'awareness' that our thoughts create our life, becomes a strong propellant to change/expand/purify our thoughts… this is the power of awareness.....this is the life force within awareness....spontaneously birthing/enabling us to... move into (or away from) the life enhancing (life depleting) aspects that we become aware of! Just like it is natural for us to place our palm on a body part that hurts /is injured...just as a mother automatically embraces/places her palm on a troubled child...in the same manner awareness automatically makes us place that 'hand' on self because once we become aware that our thoughts create our life- we cant help but want to change our thoughts...and that becomes the first step...and as we all know there is great power in beginnings...

Often when we read books, words of different teachers and friends … we tend to internally react with a silent: “Ahhh …yes… i agree (often with head bobbing up & down unconsciously in yes motion or a “hmm, no no i disagree” (with the subtle no no turn of the head side to side! And thus, unknown to us, often subconsciously through the very act of involuntarily ‘agreeing’ or ‘not agreeing’… we are subliminally operating from: conditioning! The past! A prior understanding! Somewhere we already are! Something we already know/own! A belief !? Some attainment or peak we think we have reached? Rather than from the open, beginners-mind, fertile, all-potential-of-the NOW…! Indeed in ‘agreeing’ or ‘disagreeing’. we are not even hearing whatever we are being presented with … its a one way dialogue... we are not engaging afresh… we are not giving ourselves a chance to review or reflect or refresh or go deeper or abide firmer or make yet another breakthrough! We are simply shutting self and comparing, judging, interpreting it against prior knowledge… with who we ‘were’…rather than who we are…in the Now! In this awareness, let’s catch ourselves doing this! Let’s try and engage with whatever we come across without this hidden inner rejoinder! Try this…it is very subtle… and yet you maybe surprised as to how much more we get from what we read! We then truly partake in each ones sharing. We become one with the ever expanding universe…and its many messages to us...!

Consciousness/Creator: There is nothing in My universe that does not bring you 'back' unto Me.....! No matter how you view some one or something in your present moment, everything, everything in My Universe only enables you, aids you, becomes a vital step towards all that you already are... a step back unto Self. This arose in one of my older channelings in response to someone crying about an addiction that it is taking him away from 'God'. It went on to explain how even seemingly negative phases, bring about deep self awareness...and thus in the longer run are about Self growth...

Evolution is inherent in our DNA! God is in our genes! Our goal… is our Source!

Let us not seek to know it all as much as enjoy All That Is!

Divyaa Kummar

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