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Kundalini- your personal energy field

Energy follows thought. Your energies travel to where you place your attention. This simple understanding can help us understand ‘Kundalini’ beyond its exotic connotation for simply put it is a term given to describe personal energy fields; and ‘raising our Kundalini’ really implies an expansion of this personal energy field! As we extend our individuated energy fields from current self to higher aspects of Self, finally merging into pure consciousness and its oneness, we naturally experience its bliss and what Kundalini is mostly associated with.

This explains why mind expansion helps. Gyan yoga encompasses a long-term focused attention on higher aspects of self and life; our attention shifts from the microcosm to the macrocosm and thus our energies follow and over time this leads almost automatically to raised energy fields. This is why we can be operating from the higher awareness and bliss of a raised Kundalini without ever doing any direct work on it; and why gyani’s are able to touch enlightened states of being! In reverse, a raised Kundalini implies the wisdom and purity of an expanded beingness and thus energy management, be it through meditation, pranayam, kriya, reiki, or some means of directly working with your energies leads to enhanced thinking! Of course the two in tandem- gyan and meditation help expand your personal energy field at a geometric rate. Bhakti, traditionally considered devotion to God helps tremendously for it is at deeper levels love in its various expressions – starting with love of self and evolving into unconditional love for humanity and all that is. If your focus is on love, your energies follow and you dwell in an expanded energy field moment -to –moment leading to what’s then called a rising Kundalini! Guided meditations can be a vital aid, for they are the modern alternative to ancient dhyana techniques, whereby you willfully with a clearly honed focus place your attention on divine aspects of self. Your energies follow and if you are a regular meditator your energy fields expand and merge with your point of focus in these meditations- be it your Master God or Universe – all symbols or pure consciousness.

Two further collieries: based on the law of attraction, if you are vibrating at a finer frequency you are attracting like wise into your life! And based on the law that tantra employs -energy resists its opposite- and raised energy fields automatically resist denser energy signatures of anger, judgment, sorrow and we find our self increasingly in sync with the universal qualities of love and beingness!

Allow your Kundalini to unfurl rather than using quick fix routes. Remember a raised Kundalini implies expanded energy fields and your current physical reality is only a reflection of this inner you! Density cannot coexist with raised energies and whatever doesn’t match this expansion –be it eroded but safe relationships or restrictive but comfort-zone structures will begin to disintegrate and without the support of gyan and its deep understanding, without the succor of bhakti and its deep acceptance; without the dedication to self growth; you may be well thrown off guard.

Kundalini is a vast subject and all I seek through this writing is to remove some of the mystique around it! Become aware that as your energies follow thought, they can indeed be directed through constant focus and continued attention, and thus raising your Kundalini is not as exotic as it seems! It is more about where your thoughts reside on a regular basis! Based on your inclination Gyan, Kriya, or Hath yoga work equally well; and all inner expansion leads to bhakti which automatically amplifies the process leading you to a 24/7 meditation within, and an enhanced reality on the outside! And that’s truly what’s called a raised Kundalini!

By Divyaa Kummar


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