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I am going to put on some music. This music has been specially recorded for the root chakra so through this music we will all focus on the root chakra and we will enjoy being the tangible…physical experience

Through the music resonate to the physical aspects of life… feel crystal, feel rock, feel firm, feel yourself as plants…Feel yourself as a different hundred million species.. 

Enjoy your five senses at this chakra look at beautiful things, inhale a fragrance... taste something delicious… hear some music… enjoy the five senses …experiences each…that allow us to experience all that I am through these wonders…

Feel safe feel secure... think of your homes, think of all the material abundance and pleasures and beauty…be physical, material and yet completely joyous in this being… completely… All that is. That is all that you have to do through this music...and focus on your muladhara… focus on the root… feel it pulsate… focus on all this wonder to permeate you at this chakra… make an intent that you release whatever is not required at this chakra… to incorporate all that is required at this chakra and you balance the chakra perfectly… This will be your intent.

Focus on Godself becoming tangible…and then physicalmineral, plant, animal, man….Feel the splendor and beauty of the physical plane… how I chose to experience being…look through the eyes of animals, birds, fish, All That It Is... Feel the sacredness of the physical tangible aspect of being God... look through human eyes and look around you… smell through human nose, hear through human ears, feel the sacredness for which I created these senses… never again will you hear something or smell something without this sacredness permeating you… Feel the interconnectivity… plants walking on my mineral self… animals feeding on the life… how sacred, how sacred a realm so bypassed by all of you in search for higher realms…yes the first and second and third and yet the stepping stone for all that follows… view your physical body… every hair, every bone, every tooth… how sacred can I be… Look around your homes, look around your city, look around your world, how sacred… And now become Gaia herself… Earth… that aspect of Self which allowed all of us this experience… that largeness… and be in profuse thankfulness, gratitude, prayer to Earth, to Gaia … in this feel her embrace you…. feel her expand…. feel her evolve… feel her look into your eyes to be a part of this physical tangible experience….never again look at the material as less… or the physical as less …what a divine aspect of All that I Am, of Self... Look at your root chakra shining, vibrating, joyous to be…

This way you can truly feel… prayer to the… fan above…worship for… this picture, the sacredness of…the pillow I hold… truly. We all know it intellectually but… through an experience it pervades your day to day life…and things! I thank you all

 And now merely focus on your sacral chakra, the second chakra, while I put on the music. Make intent to cleanse, fill and balance your second chakra to what is optimally required for you in the now, for your highest good and your comfort zone.

View all your bodies- creator, soul, spiritual body, mental body and emotional body pour into your sacral chakra. That is all you need to focus on because when this fills your sacral chakra, what is not required is leaving you, pouring out. Some of you may see clouds drifting out, some of you may see other colors or shapes, some of you may see liquid, it matters not. You focus on filling, focus on being the effect at the sacral chakra and leave the causes to ME.

You (TO SOMEONE PRESENT) who wish to be with child, see all these energies form an embryo within this chakra. Visualize, see an embryo within you, floating in this fluid.

This is the chakra of beauty, of balance, of health; see your self in perfect balance…view a weighing scale in perfect balance as symbol...see you  radiating beauty and filled with the vitality of good health. This is the chakra where you store fears, so view them automatically dispersing. This is known as the gut, where you just ‘know’ who you are. So fill the chakra with who you are, love of the higher emotional body, the highest vision of self from the higher mental body, your spiritual self, your soul, your creator. Fill, fill, fill. This is the chakra of non judgment, all just is. This is the chakra of good health, because truly good health is optimal balance. This is the chakra of beauty, because your beauty lies in this knowing this balance.

Fill beloveds fill with you sweetest of sweetest essences. And as you fill more and more, see something in this chakra, a ‘seed’ break open and this sweetness floods your physical self, this knowing of all that you are floods your physical self, your blood, your molecules, your atoms, your cells, your DNA. Feel the sweetness of that you are. It is known as the chakra of sweetness, sweetness of self. Swadishtan. See the sweetness pour out of your sacral into your stomach, into your womb, into your body organs, blood be filled with this sweetness that I am .

And even as you do that, view the expansion of all your bodies that you just touched and saw. Feel the expansion; this is how you add to them. See your soul shine in glory of this new sweetness that you fill it with. Soul filled you with sweetness , but  even soul did not know that so much more sweetness would fill the it back, and so further sweetened by your contribution…expansion… soul now fills you with even  more…. and you expand that and fill soul again. And so filled with even more sweetness….you explore sweetness further…and   ad infinitum, sweetness is what I Am.

 Whenever you are ready you may open your eyes. You may actually taste your sweetness by putting your palm or hand to your lips. Do not feel silly. Feel your sweetness. Inhale your sweetness. Because through this you add to the soul who then adds to you. Taste it beloveds , taste it, touch it…





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