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The rune symbols are based on ancient Nordic and German alphabets. Symbolic languages like runes, tarot, numbers, planets, zodiacs, i-ching etc are multi layered, with meanings within meanings and only with devoted usage do these languages help you plumb their depths and derive the guidance best suited to the query you have put to them! Most symbolic languages communicate their message in practical ways to those who seek practical guidance and in deeper ways to those who are open to answers beyond the surface! So be open to ‘reading’ between the lines! Symbols make perfect ‘left and right’ brain tools, because the ‘meanings’ diviners have accessed over the years give you a framework within which you can use its guidance; giving you broad outer limits beyond which you cant cross on the ‘excuse’ of interpreting them to mean what you wish as an answer!  Yet within that, they give you a lot of space for personal interpretation! Indeed a ‘good reading’ incorporates both these aspects- deeply understanding their ascribed meanings and within that, interpreting them in individual ways relative to the query and situation! Each rune has a Nordic myth attached to it to better illustrate its cryptic messages! Reversed messages imply more a blockage in the upright message, which if you address, can then turn the runes message ‘upright’ in your life!

RUNE READINGS:  Ask for guidance on any issue; close your eyes and turn the calendar around so you do not know the order the runes are printed in! Then place your finger wherever you are drawn to and read the guidance of that rune from below:

1) Single rune reading for general overview
2) You can even have a dialogue- reading the rune meaning then asking something else and once again doing the above process;
3) Past, present, future – do the above process three times and read the first rune you point to as the root of the situation; the second as the current guidance, and the third as to where you are headed


MYTH: the gatekeeper of the gods, visited earth and lived with 3 couples, blessing them with children who became the ancestors of the 3 classes of mankind (noblemen, warriors and peasants) which would become the different modes to experience self; at a deeper level this rune speaks about the starting point of all experience being: self! And the eureka that there is no one other than I! Thus the point of power is within, and all change must be effected within and not by manipulating the outside. View the outside as a mirror and know that all that you see outside is a reflection of what is within you- you can call it your thoughts or energy field or karma that which you have chosen to view outside and learn from! Change within and change your life and world!When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- This rune talks directly about the querent him/herself- for the querent is the key to whatever they have asked about! They can shape the issue as they choose; their thoughts and energies impact it directly; like will attract like! The inner ‘you’ is in command! If there is an external issue which is difficult- you have to deal with it within you; if it is something positive you seek to enhance- have inner clarity, focus rather than seek outer help! Tap into self!
-Rune of clarity, intellect, skills, ability, dexterity- be clear, focus and act! All magic is really in the will!
-This rune also asks you to remain or tap into humility- for you are creator yes; and there can be self empowered manifestation, but remember you are part of a larger whole hat enables this!
-An interesting feature of the rune is that if you cut this rune in half it becomes the rune of joy with its mirror image! So know you create or reflect the other or the outside! Be positive and positivity   will reflect back. Move away from blame; take self responsibility.
-REVERSED: the rune implies you are not taking responsibility for the issue and need to address it within self; your thoughts and energy fields are not in balance and thus creating like wise; indeed there may now be manipulation and cunningness instead; if it comes reversed in query to someone then that person is not acting in your interests; it can refer to very strong willed parents; communication problems

Myth: Odin had a magic ring of 8 rings, which became 9 every week, and in gifting this every time he made many friends and allies. In a deeper sense the ring is a symbol of exchange between two individuals uniting but not getting lost in their unity. When one whole, comes together with another whole they become the amplified force of 11. When one half comes together with another half you become two - not one whole! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Very positive rune for partnerships, relationships, love!  Yet the rune guides: Lose not your identity and uniqueness but enhance self and the other through this coming together.
 Kahlil Gibrans words sum up this guidance aptly: Let the winds of heaven dance between you!
- At a deeper level the rune is about the most significant of relationships- with divine self; it also speaks about seeing divine self in every ‘other’.
- At a simpler level it is a rune of exchange, gifts, giving and receiving - thus also of harmony, peace and prosperity. The guidance here is to be aware that every exchange is truly fair at the deepest of levels and not to view it in terms of obligation.
-There is NO REVERSED- to this symbol! For such a divine union (shiva-shkati) is indeed the source of all things.


Myth: King Odin had two pet birds named ‘memory’ and ‘thoughts’ that got him messages (till today our thoughts are our messengers if we can hear them!) The rune is also associated with Divine Utterance. Norse mythology also connects this rune to Loki an ancient trickster Norse God to convey to us that words of wisdom can come from anywhere – indeed even in recent days it was the court jester who gave the King messages no one else could! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-This rune is about timely, wise and sacred messages, advice, guidance, signals! Receive these with an open heart like a gift! Allow them to come to you from anywhere! In practical concerns it points to positive news- results, appointments letters, and acceptance!
-The rune also guides you to pay special attention to dreams, chance encounters, meetings, hunches and your intuition- these are all messages from your higher self. For those on the psychic path it is a good sign.
- As a mental rune it also points to a honed intellect and is positive in education matters. It speaks of apprenticeship and inspiration!
- At a deeper level it speaks of   divine connection and to be open to furthering this communication with God-or Self!
-REVERSED: its main reversed message is about some block in communications- inner or outer. Internally it can imply a shutting of from your inner voice, confusion, or the inability to differentiate between facts and fiction… authentic intuition and ego thoughts! Externally it can imply your voice not being heard, your point of view not heeded, advice which is not right, and thus often comes up for groups or families where there are communication problems.


Myth: This rune is associated with Odin himself who hung upside down for nine days and nights to get the secrets of the runes; which he then offered to mankind, and the monarchs. Thus is the rune related to surrender, separation, sacrifice and wealth. At a deeper level it implies the retreat into self which enables you to reach all the wisdom within- that which is yours by divine right. Thus is it also related to inheritance! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-This rune speaks to you in many ways; at it deepest if offers you its gifts through retreat, sacrifice, isolation or separation in the area of enquiry; it asks you to honor this process- release, shed, separate from whatever is holding you back and impeding your growth, be it  person, idea, situation, habit or conditioning. Step back to go forward, Let go to receive
 -Knowing when to retreat and having the strength to do so is an important part of life, thus the rune asks you to detach from your attachment as this separation will free you in deeper ways.
- This is a beneficial rune for property, house, acquisitions and fixed possessions– but through the above advice. It also refers to the land of your birth
-REVERSED the rune speaks about the damage that arises through the refusal or negligence to move on from that which you are bound to; it can refer to painful separation, bitter fights and legal issues; in material terms it can refer to loss, theft, or the position of nothing being left!


Myth: This rune is associated with the most male, almost macho, Thunder God and often likened to the OX. Thus it depicts a strong powerful force working for or through you- the male energy which allows the all-potential to become real, that which makes nothing into everything! The male ox is tough to domesticate, and yet when it does it can carry out heavy tasks! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Powerful forces:  you have great strength and determination in the issue of your query- yet become aware that such a great force must be harnessed positively! Rune of good health and vitality!
- Man/Womanhood- something has outgrown its form and must go on to the next stage of growth- thus it is also considered a rune of challenges, terminations and beginnings; the rune guides you to not resist this as you more than have the force to go through it to something better! Promotions too if that’s your query!
-REVERSED:  it could be that you are not utilizing this force and may thus feel a jolt; or that the force of your strength is being used against you! Sometimes it hints at a health checkup!


Myth: This rune is associated with all three goddesses of the past, present and future who together weave the web of life! At a deeper level, when you view life as a tapestry in the making, you become aware that there is no ‘fixed determined future’ to predict, as its taking shape moment- to- moment!  Thus you cannot truly know it all! Indeed all-potential is available! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- Secrets, hidden, can’t be known – if this is the first rune of your rune reading the runes are asking you not to seek an answer because foreknowledge will affect the perfection of the handiwork of the goddesses! If your query is instead about keeping quiet on any matter the rune tells you that keeping it to your self and not revealing anything to anyone will work favorably for you.
-If you don’t seek to know it all, it is a highly favorable rune of all-potential, and a thus also means gains, rewards, abundance and a rewarding final outcome in unexpected ways; the guidance is to be in the now! This rune is also associated with the mystical bird phoenix -which rises mysteriously from its ashes as a powerful being- and thus the rune symbolizes a favorable outcome in unknown ways- so let go wholly and be ready to expect the unexpected!
- Thus this multilayered rune also means a) initiations (which means into something new yet not wholly known as yet) b) sexuality (a deeply personal private subject for most) c) destiny –something you don’t wholly know but in embracing your destiny do you find fulfillment d) it is also associated with gambling, and at a deeper level living life like game! The old adage fate favors the brave explains this rune too! Take risks! Be light! Nords enjoyed gambling a lot!
-REVERSED: its flip side is emphasized: a) going to the other extreme- being cocky-indeed reversed it cautions don’t expect too much, don’t take risks; the gamble will not pay off; stop, there can be loss b) you are working from past habits- you need to let go of repetition of old ways leads to suffering; c) now the rune speaks about secrets being revealed, viciousness , things going awry d) fate is not on your side-but instead of seeing fate as something out of your hands, know you are the 3 goddess of  the past present and future and you can change your fate by acknowledging past mistakes and changing them in the present!


Myth: This rune is associated with the goddess of future; and just like the past posed problems for us to go beyond it; the future poses problems if we are overly concerned with it; indeed then everything appears an obstacle! This goddess is veiled and never lifts this veil in an attempt to tell us that the future is not meant to be revealed. Otherwise it is like playing a game and knowing all the moves, yours and your opponents, in advance- the whole point of the game would be lost! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Doubts, insecurity, leading to problems, obstacles
-Patience, restraint, constraint, perseverance - don’t rush-don’t seek to know-don’t go to extremes.  .The guidance is to be in the now, and do whatever is required currently rather than worry about the future!
-Use this time to rectify current issues -pay off debts, bring things into balance, focus on necessities. This rune confers on you endurance, and stamina for survival which may seem at stake.
-REVERSED: the emphasis is on the future not being revealed and thus what it says is focus on, and utilize, the now- and know that in bettering your now does any ‘future’ automatically improve.

Myth: This rune is associated with ING the Nord God of fertility; it’s believed that wherever he went the fields just sprouted and became fertile. He was also known as the hero god- for at a deeper level this rune is about doing all that must be done for the new to take birth! Till the soil, take out the weeds, prepare the fields-and the crop will take birth. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- Potential, new beginnings, a new life or a new path; at a deeper level however the rune speaks about the completion before beginnings! It is rune of great power suggesting you are now at that stage -and have the strength- to achieve completion and resolution from which arises the new beginning. The emphasis is on this completion which will deliver the new. Thus it implies setting something in order, or completing a project, or phase - letting go and shedding if need be- either way you need to fertilize the ground for it to deliver.
- Time of birth; the rune is about emerging from something into something new; now is the time to make this shift ; make this your priority; it also refers to the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and in layman terms means a phase, stage, unit of time- something needs to end for something to start. Keep yourself clear and open and the new will sprout
-It thus also implies freedom from the previous place you were in; resolution, clearing the way
-As earth, the rune is also about solid good simple qualities and strengths; family values, caring, common sense and good for homes!
- This rune has NO REVERSE as both aspects play out in the upright rune- completion and beginning; potential and its birthing;


Myth: This rune is associated with the Norse Hunter God to depict that there is a time and place for every quality-including assertion! Like the Indian parable where the snake in its new found spiritual wisdom is being trampled upon, and the Gods tell him that he is allowed to hiss to protect himself! Spiritual goodness and right conduct does not imply being defenseless; but knowing when and how to assert self! Indeed when you tap into this gnosis, any assertion that ensues is not ‘yours’ –you are not the doer- and in that it becomes true defense not aggression! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-In readings the rune asks you to don the hunter’s mantel; it is required. Thus there maybe conflicts; have a clear target, take aim and shoot. Clarity of intent and firmness of mind and action will lead to success.
-In any challenge the rune says to take the challenge, go ahead, nothing ventured is nothing gained; indeed through this rather than in avoidance of this will problems be met.  – This rune also supports students and all issues of studies; or any endeavor where challenges seem inherent. Perseverance   augurs good results. Make it your quest.
- Again NO REVERSE in this symbol, as both aspects defense and assertion are incorporated into the rune.


Myth: This rune is associated with Odin’s daughters who could change ‘form’, and would usually take the forms of birds to protect soldiers and warriors. In esoteric circles this is called shape shifting – ancient shamans and seers would shift from their physical bodies into their energy bodies to enable the people they healed or taught. In a deeper sense this refers to shifts in consciousness- into higher states of being- for you are what your consciousness (energy field) is… and any true contribution is only how your consciousness impacts the other or the world! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- This is the supreme rune for healing and protection.
- At deeper levels it’s about self-interest not as selfishness but looking after self, for only if self is strong can you enable another; only if self is joyous can you bring joy into another. In the practical sense this rune asks you to take care of your self- mentally and emotionally too. Lay down your boundaries in finance, time, talent or whatever the are of your enquiry is. Strengthen your energy field, don’t allow emotions to affect you because at deeper levels your only true protection or contribution is your energy field- which unlike a closed wall is always open to whatever is required to enter or leave. In deeper readings the rune can also come up in reference to your soul!
- With this guidance, the rune offers optimism, and is fortunate in your area of questioning. Know you are protected. This will help you progress. It is a good rune for friendship!
-REVERSED: the rune speaks of weakened energy fields and a need to be careful about health matters; it cautions you about being allowing yourself to be used by others, feeling under pressure by others, so be sensitive to your own needs. A reversed rune asks you to use balance and courtesy…this will be your protection!

11) FEOH -COW  

Myth: Based on the cow representing the first cosmic being. In ancient days, when the runes were developed, cows were considered the most important of possessions as they meant wealth and conferred status! At a deeper level, Cow as Cosmic Mother or Void or the Vedic Golden Womb implies the source of all that is! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Wealth, prosperity, financial security
-Rewards, gains, achievements, upward mobility, status
-Possessions: tangible or intangible as in talents, friends etc
-As nurturing nourishing cosmic mother it is a feminine rune considered as a good omen for new beginnings; and for mother-child issues such as caretaking, conceiving or birthing; the rune also guides you to share its cosmic wealth; or to conserve what has already been gained rather than dissipate
-REVERSED: it hints at dispossession- from severe to trivial frustration, loss, blocks in beginning’s or fertility issues; its guidance is to be mindful, careful rather than complacent and careless. Sometimes it comes reversed to tell us to consider the flip side of possessions; that everything we possess comes and goes, and thus to practice detachment or even recognize where your true wealth lies.

Myth: This rune is associated with Odin’s wife Frigga who like any fairy godmother only always wanted the best for everyone …ever after!  At a deeper level it is about that ever lasting inner joy, which comes about when knowledge has transformed into your truth; your gnosis! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-A beautiful rune to pull in regard to any query- as it speaks about delight, joy, happiness, blessings and long-lasting well being! Also desire ,affection and harmony!  Thus is it a very good omen for marriage or any material or inner query.
-Joy has its own vitality, glow and energy- where blocks cannot be.
-It also good in artistic creative matters (especially with hands) as Frigga was known to weave beautifully shimmering looms.
-The symbol of fruition also denotes some rewarding shift, transformation or spiritual reward.
-In rune magic it is beautiful rune to meditate with -as both take you to the same place-the deep font of inner joy!
-REVERSED: the fruition is slowed; the process of birth is long and arduous but Frigga (the fairy godmother is with you) and thus it hints that this period of difficulty is brief. Reversed the rune asks you to tap into joy within you even if seemingly missing on the surface, so that you may attract more of it in time; or to be aware that temporary ways of achieving it- like drugs and intoxication- will not work in the longer run.


Myth: This rune is associated with Odin’s twin sons- one beautiful and the other blind. Frigga, Odin’s wife took a vow from everyone-indeed from everything, nature included- that they won’t harm her blind child. At a deeper level this is about the seeming opposites of duality being part of the larger whole; and the whole looking after all its aspects. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-It is an easy rune to interpret: a rune of beneficial outcomes; rewards; optimism not misplaced; you will get a just and plentiful harvest; your query will yield positive results; the guidance here is that commitment and devotion to your cause will work! The major work is done, yet the crop must be cared for.
- However nature’s cycle is inherent in this rune – because an optimal harvest can be reaped only at the right time; so patience is part of this positive outcome. If you are getting impatient, the rune offers you encouragement!  The term ‘one year’ is not to be taken literally but relative to your query. You cannot add extra fertilizer to your crop to make it grow faster-it will damage the harvest! At a deeper level its about   embracing duality-and its seeming alterations and ups and downs –knowing these balance out in perfect ways in the longer run! This rune has NO REVERSED implication, as it encompasses the opposites in its symbol! 

Myth: This rune is associated with Odin’s son -the torch bearer in the universe- as gatekeeper of the gods, ‘giants’ (higher beings), humans and other beings.  This rune thus symbolizes the torch used and the owl for its watchfulness .At a deeper level the torch = light = clarity and learning = dispelling darkness = which ensures safety. Thus  this runes message is that light is available now in the area of your query which may have shrouded in some darkness. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Light is available; with light comes clarity, vision, energy and the natural power inherent in light. As a morning rune it is also a rune of openings and considered a very positive rune to receive in regard to any query. The guidance here is to move away from conditioning.
-Light also means knowledge and learning thus this is a positive rune in educational matters or the study of anything. Its guidance here is to use ‘light’ –clear intent and focus like a torch and there can be great success.
- Sometimes the rune speaks of revelation and matters being exposed if that is the area of your query.
-In a more mystical sense as this is the light of the gate keeper the rune says you are watched over and protected. Thus in health or other matters requiring healing- the rune confers its energy, light and watchfulness over you and symbolizes healing. This is considered a powerfully positive rune to use in rune magic when clarity, openings or healing is required. In relationships it speaks about rapport and a mutual opening up which can be triggered by your awareness and light of understanding!
-REVERSED: Expect dimming or darkening to continue or come- be it in relationships, business ventures or other practical queries; but if you use the runes light and torch and heed its counsel of moving away from the darkness of conditioning, into the light of awareness and into new ways of being the situation can be illuminated in time.

Myth:  This rune is assoc with the war God: Tir; Teiwaz is the glyph warriors painted on their shield before battle. Nord legend has it that Tir caught a monster no one else could capture by sacrificing his right hand to him and thus this is a rune of courage and sacrifice!! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:
- The rune speaks about courage, conviction, valor, battle prowess
- With these the rune implies victory; conquest; winning of disputes; but some price or sacrifice is also implicit; 
-The rune is also about using discernment –that sword-like quality- an important aspect that can make you victor instead of victim
- The rune is also associated with the sun and its masculine energy and active principle. At a deeper level it is a rune of the spiritual warrior and the battle is between lower and higher self; and being ready to sacrifice the lower for the higher
- It is positive rune in relationships; implying vows and oaths and a coming together for higher purposes; work to be done together; devotion to a cause
-REVERSED: the rune speaks of danger and loss of life force through hasty or ill-timed action and lack of true courage; trust can be an issue -there can be dishonorable intentions; in relationships the rune reversed implies shallowness, power & domination issues; it asks you to do some soul searching on what you really seek in the relationship? The relationship can be short-lived, but the rune reversed tells you to let it go as it has served its purpose and fulfilled its lifespan.

 Myth: This rune is associated with Odin’s wife Frigga- in her role as patron of women, - concerned with woman’s issues of labor, children, and their proper development. At a deeper level it denotes Mother Nature, and her growth and fertility When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:
-As a rune of fertility and growth it is a positive rune to get in any query inner or outer; it speaks about a natural, gentle, ripening, blossoming - it is especially beneficial rune in questions of spiritual growth
- Mother, birth, love, purity, nurturing, gentleness
- Family gatherings and new beginnings in families- like marriage, birth, and engagements. Very good for woman’s health issues!
-REVERSED: it implies thwarted growth, delays, postponements - a need to re-cultivate the ‘soil’- start from square one; family issues; health problems, especially for children woman and the elderly; can imply miscarriage or abortion


 Myth: The rune is associated with vehicles- horses and chariots (now boats, cars, planes and any other); for it is associated with heavenly vehicles such as Mars fiery steed, or Arjun chariot being driven by Krishna’s and indeed with vehicles of all deities (e.g. mouse of Ganesh); at a deeper level it speaks about the chariot being driven by the charioteer- when the physical self is steered by higher self can there be optimal, actions, and thus movement forward!

-Rune of transportation, transit, transition, movement, change, journeys, the future – in whatever  your area of enquiry is; it can refer to physical shifts and relocation; or promotion, progress, momentum, moving ahead in careers, courts cases, relationships, attitudes, ideas, inner growth; best rune to receive if your question is about moving. It speaks of movement in shifts, building up to the larger transition.
-You have traveled far; there has been steady development, feel safe you are on the right track towards the future you have chosen
-It is also a very positive rune to receive in any pet related enquiry.
-In relationships it speaks about the bond and loyalty between the animal and the vehicle or the chariot and charioteer- both in tandem with one other, and thus the guidance is to have one interest in mind.
-REVERSED: The movement is blocked- there maybe inconveniences, disruptions,   and plans going awry; thus the guidance is to bring about some change within –to look at the larger picture; to let your higher will prevail- accept instead of resisting what is and in that do your best;  in health issues it can imply a need to consider another form of treatment

MYTH:  This rune is associated with the water god- and water is symbolic of many things from stillness to the gentle ebb and flow of its waters to emotions and even wealth! At a deeper level water is symbolic of the unconscious -pure being- the state where Shiva Shakti are always in union. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-It is rune of true spiritual love and thus very positive in relationship and emotional queries. It speaks of deep emotions, union and merging. It is also known as the rune of sacred marriage; and is very good for all queries on harmony in any area, especially the family. 
-Symbolic of the unconscious this rune also speaks about deep unseen powers and is thus a very good rune to draw in matters of intuition, psychic or spiritual matters.
-This rune also comes up in reference to mysteries, the unknown, that which is deep and hidden and dreams (which are a peek into this deeper layer of the psyche)
-The guidance of this rune is about just being, rather than intellectualizing or evaluating things… be it relationships or any area you asked about; use intuitive wisdom rather than the mind; thus the rune is also positive for the creative or artistic field. The rune also tells you to be calm, not hasty and nourish self or the situation; things will flow smoothly even if it seems to ebb currently. Go with the flow, don’t fight it.
-The rune also refers to the all potential of the void state or the bounty of the sea (in many cultures fish is the main source of abundance) - which can be yours if you are in tune with the above guidance.
-REVERSED: the rune indicates that you are going against the flow; it cautions against over reaching, extending too far and striving too hard in trying exceed your self or operate beyond what you have as yet encompassed; reversed the rune also asks you to tap into balance, patience and inner control and cautions you about turbulent emotions- for it can imply obsessions, fantasy, addictions and despair.  Be receptive says the rune- for the passive force is what will work.

Myth: This rune is associated with the myth of the 3 goddesses -past, present and future which weave the loom of life- with this rune representing the goddess of the past! At a deeper level this rune speaks about the disruption that any obsession with the past must bring about; or about seeming disruption which is actually grace as it propels you forward into the now! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- Disruption or release; crisis or grace; breakdown or breakthrough; delays or irrevocable change - either way it will now be experienced as a shattering. This rune is thus a warning that something is not working and you are not moving on or are resisting change! At deeper levels you are guided to view this upheaval as grace; something you in your higher wisdom have created so that ‘you’ could move on!
-The guidance of the rune is to use the power of elimination- shed, prune, cleanse and encompass change. The past (karma) must be released towards new learning.
-With this guidance in mind there can be a new beginning, awakening, revelation, freedom, liberation.  As this rune has NO REVERSED aspect- both meanings play out in the upright rune!
-In most practical queries- the rune is a warning- as inadvisable; in health related areas it points at problems, in relationships at loss, and in work at hardships

Myth: the ancients saw the sun as a big wheel and the wheel in ancient culture has always implied mobility - inner (progress) and outer (journeys). As wheels initially belonged to horse carriages the rune also implies rulers, nobility and noble actions! At a deeper level it speaks of the journey to Self, and the unity that is inherent in every such journey. At the deepest levels it speaks of the stillness of surrender being the optimal ‘movement’ in any such journey; it speaks of surrender to the universal force than removes obstacles over and above personal effort. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Journeys - physical or inner; progress; right action; the end is now in sight, but not still in hand and thus the rune guides you to go even if there seem bumps along the way. As journey the rune can speak about moving on without the past burdening you, vacations, relocation, even death …
-Reunion, Unity, connection to Self- being concerned with nothing less than this perfection; yet knowing it can’t be forced!
- At deeper levels, as this is a journey to self, the runes’ guidance is that this journey is yours alone, so follow your own inner drummer rather than seek outer counsel or remaining with like minded people.
-REVERSED: In practical queries it implies blocks, delays, and detours in any journey or progress; desired outcomes elude you; relationships must be looked into as ruptures are likely rather than union. At deeper level it implies disruption of growth and inner union and in both cases- inner or outer -the rune counsels you to reconnect rather than give up; surrender rather than enforce; know you can be back on track again.

Myth: This rune is associated with gateways and the thorn bushes that nords used at gateways as protection; thus also associated with fangs and swords! At deeper levels this is the gateway between the divine and the mundane- a bardo phase where you can view your entire life and its learning and release all in thankfulness before you start afresh. The rune is also associated with the planet Jupiter known as Guru in Hindi.  When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Place or time of non action; this gateway should not be passed without due diligence or contemplation –outer or inner 
-The rune confers on you the strength to wait; it is not the time for decisions but to examine what is hidden in yourself or the situation. 
-At this point you are protected, but be cautious - thorns (or swords and fangs!) maybe required! Rune magic allows you to use this rune as a charm if you require protection!
-REVERSED: The warning becomes stronger- do not attempt to go beyond wherever you are now in your situation! It cautions that you are stepping out of this protective gateway! It implies stubbornness or hastiness which works against you if not tempered. Retreat or stay put!


Myth: This rune is associated with the mischievous Nord God Loki, who in spite of pranks, fun, laughter, naughty still got good results. At a deeper level it speaks about the most profound wisdom being innocent and childlike; and the inherent powers of manifestation within children, which ensues forth lightly unknown to them and is thus so powerful! Indeed it the child is symbol of the enlightened being that emerges through the process of life and thus also refers to your largest of goals accomplished. When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Very positive rune to pull for any query- it portends great results for any area of enquiry- achievement and prosperity- the darkness is behind you now.
-A rune of happiness, cheer, fun, frolic holiday, adventure- the guidance is be light, be optimistic! In deeper terms it says the journey is the true goal so enjoy the path rather than look for the result and it will be yours!
-The rune is also about a break through, a complete and even radical transformation in your area of enquiry; thus it implies healing in health issues, a positive turn around in any difficult relationship; in spiritual terms the rune is very positive and speaks about a major shift within; you are coming full circle; what is divine cannot remain separated from its source. A clue: if this tune is followed by the rune of the unknowable…based on your query it can imply a radical transformation like death, successful conclusion.
-Of course it is a very beneficial rune in all children issues- and asks the adult to tap into childlike wonder too!

23- ISA- ICE
Myth: This rune is associated with the goddess of the present moment. It is a complex rune meaning many things, based on your query and your stage of soul growth! So while at one level its ice symbolizes cooling, things at standstill, freeze on anything you are asking about this is when you are operating from personal will. Then yes, this rune speaks to you of things being on hold; you may feel entangled or powerless. But at a deeper level, if you are operating from universal consciousness, then this rune implies the stillness that comes about once you are one with divine will. Normally mankind sees this phase as sacrifice, but from this point of view it is the stillness of surrender, and the inner stillness which happens when you move from personal identity to larger self. In John Elton’s words: it is no sacrifice! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

-Non action, cooling down, be still, rest, retreat, take a break
-This stepping back can be viewed as impediment or that which will help you step forward through relief from cluttered thinking or striving too hard; it can bring about eureka’s about the situation and where you wish to go from here- ideas about making changes etc
-This is not a phase of accomplishment in practical queries be it work or relationships; it points more to a period of gestation, renewal and restoration; based on the query it can imply guile and things under the surface, not seen or known
- At deeper levels it is about surrender and its inner stillness; and the optimal momentum that will paradoxically arise from this stillness! In every winter, spring is inherent; but cannot be hurried or enforced- it’s not your personal time table but natures cycles at work! And while you may resist this, natures timing is always for your larger good. If you can go along with this seeming pause, spring will burst forth in its appropriate time. There is NO REVERSE to this rune, as both aspects are incorporated into its upright symbolism.

Myth: This rune is assoc with the Sun God- the life giving force. It corresponds to the Vedic Gayatri mantra too which explains how you exist in all dimensions and are part of the whole! When you pull this rune, use this myth and the following ‘meanings’ derived from it to answer you in personal ways:

- A beautiful rune to get! It implies wholeness; all things fitting together in a beautiful whole; of course at deeper levels it implies self- realization
- The attainment of your quest - internal or external- victory - success with flying colors
- As the sun – it’s a rune of great power and also implies positive news, light, clarity, vitality, energy, optimism
-To personalize this rune read it in reference to your query as whatever the sun means to you- carefree, warm, nothing hidden, vision, source of all growth and bounty, clarity, awareness, glory, distinction, honor! This rune has NO REVERSED- and while it offers you much, remember the sun is a selfless giver! It shines endlessly on everything -bestowing its life force silently. So be not too cocky or selfish – humbly allow the suns ray and bounty to pass through you too-into the hearts and lives of others!


This rune is read in many ways by rune experts, some emphasizing the unknown aspect- call it fate or destiny- asking you to relinquish the desire to know, relinquish control surrender and trust that you are headed where you have in your higher wisdom chosen to!
- The blank rune is both empty and full- with unlimited all potential; there is literally a blank slate for you write on as you will.
- It also comes up as a connection with and gift from the divine telling you “ask and thou shall receive” because the creative power of the universe is available to you to shape as you will. Destiny is not something out of your hands but your plans at a higher level.

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