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Today you welcome serpentine energy…I am being guided not to recoil, not to fear, to indeed meet its eyes and even find or reflect a welcome in mine…

I am linked beautifully to this strange energy… It is beautiful, powerful, creative, wise but not in the usual manner that you perceive power to be.

Serpentine energy is the glory of All That Is AND All That Is Not. THAT is my secret & power & glory.

Sohrab: Contain the energy, Divyaa. Breathe. Relax your body & contain the energy.

Divyaa continues: You fear serpentine energy because it represents to you the ‘I am not experience’-All that I am not- and in this forgetting- what you also call the veils- you are unable to view me ( serpentine energy) or the human ‘I am not’ experience in any other way!

But inherent in it always… always is ‘All That I AM’ because ‘All That Is Not’ cannot be for a moment without this constant awareness, deep within you, of which I come to remind you today.

Sohrab: Contain it.

Divyaa: and thus inherent in both (the I am journey and My serpentine energies) always, is the ‘all that I am experience’! Inherent in the serpentine consciousness’… consciously and in humanity… unconsciously! And we (S.E) is the only life form, in your terms, which maintains a conscious awareness of both, All That I AM & All That I Am Not. . It is in (what you may call) a juxtaposition; a moment-to-moment awareness of both sides of what you call the experience of creation.

And when your unconscious meets the conscious awareness within… the serpentine energy… it is called super conscious! The same unconscious mind becomes the super-conscious! Nay it becomes more even- it becomes the supra conscious, because this experience, when ‘I am not’…. becomes ‘all that I am’…. every ‘time’, moment to moment as it happens through our different human selves… is a bliss, joy, even beyond the ‘all that I am’ experience on its own so to say…(there are no words to go where we are taking you today)…but it is why creation is…! There are no words to describe this to you, the joy, the love, the bliss, the union, not union only of, what you call, male & female but union of I AM NOT & I AM. The union of all dimensions & that is -why creation IS. That is why I foray out so that I may experience all this.

Because in your terms, My experience of ‘both’ is even grander than the All That I AM experience. It is why I carry, whom you call, your Gods on my head, on my crown. It is through my energy; through the pores along my length to tail … that they partake in the I AM NOT. And yet through my eyes they are aware of that they are!

The reason you find me repellant is because i represent to you your fears- of the so-called darkness and ignorance of the ‘I am not’-but what ignorance? What darkness? When (what you call) knowledge and light and god becomes more so, thru this very darkness and ignorance!

The reason you find me repellant is because i represent to you your discomfort with what you call your dense, material side! But again what impurity? When all that you call pure becomes more so through this so-called density of my beingness…!

The reason you find me repellant is because i represent to you what you the evil and ugliness of what you call separation from all that is good and god- but again what separation? My dears, never for a moment could you be in what you call separation…
There is no separation, not for a moment; nor would you be, nor would I!!! There can be no separation & serpentine only comes to remind you of that.

Mankind thinks ‘he desires, ‘he’ yearns to be one with God & be in union but do you forget? That the God in you…I… that part that you call ‘you’… yearns too; that this perceived separation be not there in ‘your’ minds. This is all that it would require…Knowing, that in every moment that you yearn to be one with us, that in every moment you desire to enjoin with us…. We too yearn and desire for that portion of us, that you consider as ‘you’, to feel beyond its perceived separation

I come to remind you of this: of the love that I am… ‘You’ are… ‘We’ are-! A love so confident of itself that no matter how far we may appear to go from our self…we know we will (in your terms) be back more enriched …. it is inherent…beloveds it is inherent. A love so brave, so strong that no matter what darkness you plunge it into, it remains forever alight with that I am…..a love so potent that no matter what separation it allows , it remains forever intact ….& becomes more enriched.

We bring you many messages, a few of which this child (Divyaa) can translate into words. We shall speak to you of, what you call, creation. You are creating something new (in ref to a cosmic hall the group is creating.) Creation is what you call Shiva and Shakti. You always view power and force as some combustible force, vigor, might of dance, and drama. But my dears, Shiva, true power is mere, in your words, ‘mere’ vivifying in nature… It is still. It is silent. It is inert. It is underlying… so that it may give existence to All That Is & that is true power.

Shakti you view as a big bang; again song, and drama but, my dears, focus on my form of serpentine energy.

Creation in its truest form is a smooth gliding…sashaying… out of All That Is & an equally smooth gliding…sashaying back! I urge you to view creation…Shiva and Shakti …words like energy and force as not always being synonymous with ‘combustible force’…but a natural ease…My dears…Creation, life, your journeys are not a direct straight vertical line which you imagine or seek -but a cyclical weaving and winding and exploring .You know creation is cyclical. It is spiraling. It is spinning. And that is why you find the force sometimes against you because you want a straight rapid force. But you must learn to move with all the twists & turns. Don’t you see this in My form? So do not… do not only enjoy the rapid and straight movement ‘back’, but allow it to unfurl, and if you go along with these turns and twists …the natural rhythms ….then, then beloveds will it be paradoxically the smoothly gliding journey back !

Patience … patience… impatience only betrays a lack of joy in the ‘I Am Not’, and a lack of confidence in that ‘I Am ‘View my form and how every ‘move’ takes in what you would call both sides of the experience. I cannot help but be this way. I experience, what you call, duality-what you call the two aspects of yang & yin. But there are many, many, many more ‘sides’…dimensions. It is a multi-dimensional experience, which is not evident to you in the minor motions of this creature that you all so despise. I turn an twist to enjoy what you see as both ‘sides’ –duality -and yes what you see as your two aspects- male and female or else why would we have indeed forayed out. -Of course there are not only two sides or aspects but we shall not delve into that in this now….

And we shall tease your minds open today & this child will bring you more knowledge on that. You consider the whole as some super blend of male & female energy. But the whole can never be a blend. No! No! Then you consider it to be androgynous, neither male nor female & that is your duality. But, my dear, the whole is not neuter; it cannot be. The circle around the Shiva & Yoni is not neuter. It is, in your terms, a 3rd gender, something you are not even aware of as exists. It is a 3rd gender, as real as, what you call, male & female. There is no way that we can describe it to you today. You may call it union: union of male-female, union of diversities… but it is not union as in coming together, but the source of that which goes to explore as two yang and yin or multiplicity! That is why serpentine energy also symbolizes the sexual energy but it is a union far beyond that. We will bring that your way when this child can be given the words to go where words cannot go…

Yes, serpentine energy also represents to you what you call karma & now ask yourselves why? Because karma is the conscious awareness experience-conscious awareness of the joy, growth, expansion inherent in the I AM NOT. And who better to experience that than serpentine energy? Because it is wholly conscious throughout it’s I AM NOT experience. That is why I AM joy & sweetness. That is why there is no fear, no repelling, no recoiling in whatever comes my way because I am always aware of All That I am!.

Yes, we represent to you this… what you call… repellant form because of your fear to face Me, to face karma, to face the joyful journey. But the day you understand truly that the I AM NOT experience is supposed to be joyful sweet, loving, expanding, you will not view the serpent in the form you do! And unlike your stories who say the serpent of the night will become a rope… Nay…. I will be the very Tree of Life. Yes. Karma never stings you, my dear. It is your own fears that draw it towards you for your growth & expansion & you consider my species poisonous! But I am rarely so. And rarely is it used & only when the poison within you invites me, draws me so that in its removal may you feel the sweetness of All That I Am. I am nectar. I am nectar & we shall tell you a small anecdote. You may find that those you may call illiterate, in the villages, place saucers of milk, sweetened, so that serpentine energy comes, partakes & goes away. That is only a focus on the sweetening of life & joy so that the harsher karma need not come your way. Serpentine energy is the greater wisdom & those who live life with joy & boldly so…. it keeps them safe. When you live life are you protected! When you defend yourself from life are you paradoxically in ‘danger’

And just like the way I shed my skin so that All That Is Not, repeatedly, repeatedly becomes All That I Am…. Change, my dears, encompass change joyfully & in love & in sweetness because I, serpentine energy, represent what you call the vulnerability, yes, the vulnerability of whom you call God to enter into an experience so magnificent, of such tremendous size, in your words, to become All That I Am Not so that through it, All That Is may become more. I glory in this knowing. I glory in this position. I glory in this experience

I am song. I am joy. I am dance. Have you not seen me sway to a dance? And when do I dance, my dear? When do I dance? I dance when the music flows… the inner music- joy- - love -the flute which resonates to the vibrations of the sweetness of life… the joy within life… the love for life ….
Love for ‘all that I Am Not’ ….

So that ‘All That I Am’ can be ever more…..

And that my dears is devotion-ray 6- love for where &who &what you are! So that you may experience All That Is Not ….in the confidence… that All That Is is ‘growing’ because of that…in the sweetness that All That Is becomes eternally ‘more’…in the wonder that All That Is Perfect can be in a infinitely fresh state of perfection…..

It is when you try & fight it, when you do not flow with the rhythmic rotating motion, that you feel the repellant force. If you go along with the spirals /cycles/ the moment – then ‘All That Is Not’, glides out, so that ‘All That Is’… may just be! It is that easy, yes.

Today, we invite you to see us serpentine energy as joy & love & not view us as the fear & repellant force Come dance with us…Neigh we do not ask that you welcome our physical species into your life- we will not come crawling all around you- we understand, we know- that while you are in the I am not you can never see the whole glory that I am…you are…that is for the serpentine energy alone-that is my secret, my glory… Humanity is not ready to embrace my energies and thus this ‘repellant’ (to you) form keeps you conveniently away! If you could see my splendor humanity would’ve seeked to tame me…cage me, and interfere in my work a serpent on your realm,

But it wasn’t always so, my dears. You didn’t always fear us. We were friends & more. We will not go into that today. Yes, we were friends. We played together & in your mythical story of the Fall of Grace, you condemn the serpentine energy to take you away from, what you call God, but no my dears I was not tempting you away from god but towards this supra conscious experience of Being God…. I was giving you the secrets of supra-consciousness…When the human was developing, developing the ‘mind’, I was giving you the secrets of how to maintain both focuses of awareness so that you did not need to go through this complete separation. But you did not listen to me…you were foolish…or brave! But I remained coiled within you & I do, even now. And you may call it the unconscious (awareness) but the awareness is there or you would not last a moment in this separation. And if you begin to enjoy your life, your journey, I will rise & share with you these secrets of how the I AM NOT can be joyful & sweetBut soon …soon will come a time when you will see us without these skins and forms you so despair of- these our not truly our forms but your masks, your fears, which we mirror-. You will then not view me through your beliefs of fear & repelling. You will view me in the form I truly am.

You may call us an alien energy, if you like because humanity is confused about what is alien energy. Humanity knows that you are I AM NOT as are those other species who share your complete I AM NOT experience with you, whom you call animals, plants, mineral. And then, as humanity is want to do, going to the other extreme: there are your Gods & Masters, who are wholly aware of the All That I AM. Aliens, my dears, are only other life forms, in realms other than you earthly plane, which are in a similar situation like you, experiencing ‘all that I am not’. Many of them are more aware than you, of both sides of the experience. And it is through my eyes, through my energy that they experience this wonder…. because there are no words to explain to you this wonder of the moment of awareness…

Come, my dears, partake of our joy; partake of our love …may there be sweetness in your I am not experiences…


NOTES: that came to me whilst I was re-reading/editing the transcript on beauty!

Serpentine energy-coils of energy actually- spiraling out from conscious awareness (head-male-Shiva) to tail –existence-creation-female (Shakti). Their net like skin is the ‘universal grid.’ Pores open to every dimension and every individuation. The Kohinoor, diamond in their 3rd eye, the representation of Void. A life form simultaneously aware of all three ‘realities’- void/Shakti; Shiva –awareness/consciousness; creation prakriti Shiva shakti! Represented to me by Narayan who is the combined awareness of all three.

-We view snakes as ugly because we don’t even have the ‘neurons’-experience-awareness- to view their true splendor! What’s not in us, we can’t see right? At some point, in the beginning when humanity was more aware, they were friends with serpentine life forms…. Seeing them in their splendid form….

-And also what’s coming to me- their forms are repellant to humanity-as snakes have willfully chosen a form like this to keep the rest of (modern?) humanity away from them! They don’t require our energies! They are doing their work deep within earth, maintaining the highest of frequencies, to keep earth and humanity experience ‘going’! If they were classically beautiful-humanity would want to own them, cage them have them as pets!? We would probably tamper with the high frequencies…like we try with dolphins etc…?

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