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Shaktipath is a vast subject, but briefly: Shakti pat is direct energy transmission – this is traditionally done upfront from one to another by touch, or look or word. However my personal experience shows me that it can be done long distance, though the teachers ‘Word’ or connecting with them deep within.  It can also occur through the medium of books, cd’s etc… where the higher frequencies are carried to the listener/reader through the medium of the words in the book or voice on the cd – they just being the carrier for the consciousness which speaks them!  This is why some books/cd’s/websites etc impact you so deeply!

Shaktipath refers to a higher, finer frequency being emitted to you, to enable you to move into that over time. Energy functions on certain laws, one being that higher frequencies are not affected by denser frequencies, but lower frequencies are deeply impacted by higher frequencies! Indeed once a higher/finer energy is emanated to you, all your denser energies yearn towards the higher…like a lover drawn to the voice of his beloved…and thus once these higher frequencies have been emitted to you they remain within you removing all that’s not in sync with them and allowing your energy field to become with these higher frequencies /Self!

Indeed this is why being around masters and gurus enables you! Their vast energy field mingles with yours! Their higher finer purer vibrations seed yours! Indeed in analogy it is almost like gurus leave behind bits of their frequencies in yours! This is why, silence is as-  if not more effective than satsangs and discourses- when in the company of those who have expanded their Consciousness - for their energy field/consciousness permeates you directly through your energy field! Energies mingle easily! Their frequencies help raise yours! Their gnosis unravels within you in energy terms! In discourses your limited mind can come in the way but in silent communion even that barrier is removed! This is also seen when you attend talks of those who 'speak' from experience- as their 'truth' is part of their energy field and directly permeates your energy fields- so it is really not their words but direct communion from energy field to energy field,,, a direct mingling...and you feel you have somehow 'got' what they were conveying!! Those who speak from intellectual knowledge can impress and make a fine speech but as it is not their energy frequency it doesn’t really become your truth and remains a concept for you to make real! Thus the importance of the Indian tradition of darshan! Seemingly no words, no gyan, yet a silent direct communion with your guru's... energy field!

Shaktipath enables one in many ways. It can enable as a cleaning/healing. It can help you expand your current beingness. But usually it is linked to awakening the dormant kundalini or enabling the kundalini to further rise. Thus it is also often what is known as an initiation – where the master’s energy/consciousness enters you! Initiation also implies shifting from one state of consciousness to another higher/finer one.

However, kundalini awakening is not only some mystical esoteric ‘rising’ as depicted in images of chakra's - that's a symbolic representation- for it truly implies the expansion of your energy field from personal consciousness to universal consciousness… the move from self to Self... the beginning of awakening from the hypnosis of maya and duality ..... the dissolution of personal consciousness/ego notion.... we can describe this in many ways!

As self/maya/ separation/ignorance dissolves... as awareness happens... as we move from self to SELF... its called the rising of the kundalini!  We start operating from, and abiding in, a higher and finer frequency... our personal energy field expands or dissolves to merge with the universal energy field… we thus begin to life daily life through the higher potentials of each chakra! 

In more esoteric terms Shakti (which has willfully descended into the physical game and remains intact within at the root chakra till its time to go home) is released by Awareness/Shiva to move back to its abode with Shiva at the 3rd eye chakra! Together in this reunion, mating, ‘they’- our new or rather regained universal consciousness- energy field- bursts out of our 7 th chakra- which is the last point of separated consciousness! So we can say Shiva /Awareness descends to release its Shakti from the game of separation/duality!

In more layman ways: as one fills with increasing awareness – it releases the trapped shakti which then rises to become one with Its Shiva  Self… and we say the kundalini rises! It an upward momentum...in all ways not merely up your back!


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