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Enclosed here are three channelings on SHIVA SHAKTI with the last being pasted first. Much more indepth mater on shiva Shakti is to be found in the MEDIATIVE EXPLORATION SECTION.






Greetings. I am wholly linked, connected, am…. these energies…. they describe themselves as Divine Child. Surprising to me, this is the first time I hold the energies as Divine Child. What I’m being told is that the Whole- the conglomeration of energies- can swirl and take any form, any name, any identity. Usually it comes to me in the form of Divine Mother and/or Divine Father –Shiva - Shakti- but today it is Divine Child. And that through the Divine child I will access all the aspects of the Divine- Masters, Angels, Gods, Goddesses. Simply put, Divine Child encompasses what we call universal consciousness, Christ consciousness or Prakriti- all of which are different angles, aspects of the Divine Child. Just like the mother and father are inherently present in the child!

I am going to try to ‘put’ words for what there are no words, so please go beyond the words.

I will call ‘THAT’…Void… the Supreme Yin principle. Actually it is beyond male or female…its what gives rise to masculine (yang) and feminine (prakriti) but it we refer to it as yin ( feminine ) only because it is the womb of all that is and as ‘womb’ in our realm is feminine we refer to void as supreme feminine principle.

Thus at this point become aware that the feminine aspect, is both supreme yin void (Shakti) and its reflection or beingness as creation called Shakti or Prakriti. I will refer to Shakti as void and prakriti as creation here after. Thus Shakti is the yin aspect of dark, inert, mystery. And prakriti is her dynamic aspect as movement, life, existence.

So… the Supreme Yin Void ‘becomes’ aware. In linear terms we have to use the word: ‘becomes’ - but the Yang awareness is of course inherent in this Yin void (or we/void would never have known /of Void)!

This awareness, and thus its life force…is what we call Shiva.

As awareness (Yang/Shiva) lights up or fills the Supreme Yin (Void) it is known as Shiva Shakti… that state we also call sat chit anand or ‘the bliss of the awareness of the beingness of All that Is’.

You may, at this point view that this awareness within void, this first point of awareness, is the first sexual act if we want to call it, that as it permeates Shakti and in that brings ‘her’ alive. It is the union of two aspects.

There are different words/ways which are used over the millenniums to explain/describe this one split nano-second, one moment, when ‘Void becomes Aware’…or comes alive so to say:

-We can say it is the movement (of awareness) within void; it is the friction within void (as for the first time there are now ‘two’ aspects in touch with one another); it is the vitality-life force (as awareness brings to life what it is aware about) ‘allowing’ void( is ness, all that is) to thus ‘come’ alive…in this awareness of Itself!!

-Also view how awareness and life force become synonymous or inherent in each other… for truly awareness is life force! (Try it: become aware of something and see how it comes into being…! View it in physical ways…for example when you become aware of what is in some box you have never opened...then the contents come to life within you forever; and view it in more inner ways…for example when you become aware you are creator can you claim your Creatorhood)

- One moment of awareness in ‘you’ creates something new. It is also coming to me now, that this is what has been called the Immaculate Conception. This is truly Immaculate Conception: Awareness in Void gave rise to …gives life to….existence- and increasingly does to ‘newer and newer’ life forms/experiences! And within each of us current selves, awareness is the Immaculate Conception giving rise always to a higher newer beingness…. and that is why we come back full circle to the above mentioned…awareness is the first sexual activity…and why Shiva is symbolized by the Shiva ling! The phallic symbol!

Again…this Yang awareness is what we usually refer to as Shiva. And its ‘result’( so to say)…that split nano second of this supreme yin void having become aware of all that it is ,is Shiva-Shakti! And its eternal being ness (in this awareness) is Shakti as Prakriti

So note the subtle nuances- Shiva is the inert background ….the awareness… (The medium in which Shakti reflects or comes alive)… and thus life force! Also thus…in this awareness of THAT IT IS… the WILL …urge…desire…propellant Force…to ‘be’….!

Shakti is void …All That Is…the abundance and beauty and wisdom…and as Prakriti she is its reflection …the movement …existence…‘That’ which has come alive! Shiva’s will and desires….fulfillment indeed!

Actually these are all angles we are viewing the One from. I can speak about you…your life …but you and your life are always one they cannot be taken apart from one another! I can speak about a rose as pink and soft and fragrant…but they are only different angles of the one rose. Thus is Shiva, Shakti only two angles of viewing the ONE…

It …Is… That… Void… in its mirror of Awareness!! In analogy, only in analogy:
- You Divyaa is That/Void/Shakti.
- The still mirror is the awareness of yourself- Shiva.
- The reflection in the mirror is prakriti; for you can see experience yourself through this medium…the mirror…shiva
- And you and the mirror and your reflection is Shiva Shakti!
- And that split second when all this ‘happens’….is a fraction yes? Can you determine the split second timings of when: you stood in front of yr mirror, and the reflection appears in it, and hits your eyes….and ‘you’ enjoy it….and view self and naturally become aware of all that you are and not!??
- And surely you, your reflection, your awareness of self and the joy ….is all one fluid you!

This split second we can call it Shiva-Shakti, pure consciousness… consciousness being Shiva and pure being Shakti and pure consciousness thus being Shiva Shakti!

It’s actually not even a nano second- when void becomes aware of All That It Is and All That It is not…If you are with us…you may have become aware!!... That in awareness is there paradoxically the first separation and thus ignorance! And of course thus the first union!

Yes…we are going into subtle nuances; just go along with it…Because paradoxically awareness gives rise to what we call ignorance and separation because to be ‘aware’ of All That I Am:

-I need to view Self ‘outside’ me… be the witness… for beingness is not awareness!( go back to your mirror analogy…to view self is different from being self)

-In that view I become ‘separate’ from my beingness ( your reflection in your mirror)

- More so I ‘become aware’ of all that I am not!! Or, all that I am not- what we call ignorance and separation –comes into to ‘being’…or more I ‘know that it is not’! No words….go beyond words… (in our analogy lets say we become aware of the features I am… and I that I become aware of the features I am not; and all that we call ‘negative’ is actually awareness of that which void is not!)

Also…simultaneously… in this split moment of awareness of That I Am… this awareness actually happens through every ‘pore’ of my being…every unit of My consciousness… what you then call my individuations. Your universes, worlds, monads, souls, past present future selves, other life forms etc etc etc ….

No words… so try and get it…And through this separation (awareness and its life force)…through my individuations… I only become ‘more’ aware of the ONE (void) That I Am… So paradoxically again in this separation/awareness lies inherently unity! Union! Oneness more complete than ‘before’ as now I AM- ‘Aware’ of THAT unity! (again observe…awareness of unity implies an awareness of a perceived separation…. and inherently in separation is its source -unity…)

That is why it is in this nano moment, when the Whole, Void, All That Is- becomes aware (AS SHIVA) of All That It Is ( AS VOID) and is and isn’t ( AS PRAKRITI) that it also -in our terms- ‘evolves’, ‘expands’, becomes (only in our terms as there are no words-) ‘more’….is ever fulfilled in this awareness…

And… In that spilt second it all ‘starts’ all over again! From this ‘higher’ awareness… ‘more’ fulfillment….comes a second and third and infinite split seconds…each ‘higher’ each ‘more fulfilling’ than the ‘previous’…as each ‘starts from a higher level of awareness and its fulfillment in its beingness… each being what we will call Brahma’s day, what we will call Yugas, what we call existence….every spilt second brings about a new awareness a new separation, a new ignorance, a new awareness again, a new union. A deeper and deeper and higher and higher and vaster and vaster- union! Awareness of THAT I AM ! (While we are in one of the split moments, the tempo we call evolution picks up as this split second is coming to an’ end’’…!and involution is as one of these split seconds start!)

This (these) moment(s) is also symbolized as ‘The Serpent’-which is why it is the symbol of union! Whether as sexual energy, or as Kundalini or even in the hermetic science as intertwined serpentine energies as inner union and thus symbol of the medical field, or as symbol of mercury as communication leads to union!

Indeed pure serpentine energy Is That ‘point’… zero point, if you’d like… which is simultaneously aware …simultaneously …of its beingness as: Void- (all that is,) Shiva ( its awareness) and Prakriti (creation)….which is aware of ‘All That Is’, and ‘isn’t’ and so, (again only because we need to speak, in that sense) Serpentine energy is ‘more’ aware than even Void or Awareness itself….as it is indeed the only ‘being’ that simultaneously holds all three focuses…aspects…! (Refer to channeling of serpentine energy for more details)

Now we are going to simplify it….or go off in another direction.. .what you call KARMA…

This moment …NANO MOMENT that we have spoken of above…is the origin of Karma, or what you view as karma….

This split second is the origin of karma for all. Many who wonder and ask us: “if I am God where did I get karma”-then here is the answer- this original what you can call separation or ignorance is the origin of karma!

Listen carefully: Karma is what ‘you’ -as each individuation of the Whole ‘experience, expand and disempower’ for the Whole. So in that split second… ‘you’… the individuation choose willfully to (in linear terms) to focus on certain aspects of SELF/VOID/ THE WHOLE to BE… for the whole…

And the origin of your so called ‘negative’ karma…. Lays in that…for as you choose an aspect to Be, fulfill, expand….you automatically choose to disempower its awareness of that which it is not!!!

We repeat… each individuation …actually each point of focus… focuses on an aspect of the Whole for the Whole (that it really is…) to ‘Know…Be…’; and in that willfully ‘remove’ (or more accurately becomes aware of) all the I am not of that focus! Thus again become aware: removing the ‘negative’…your so called negative karma or what humanity has called bad or evil- is synonymous with becoming aware of that I am not!!!! It has never existed! And that awarness is what you choose to experience through your lives…and what you call or come with in each as your negative karma!

Thus is there no evil! Thus is there is no judgment against whatever karma you carry. I as ‘God’…in the above context the Shiva Shakti experience… chose to experience All That I Am. And that… ‘experience’… of : all That I Am is what you call your positive karma and in your experience of that I Am Not is what you call negative karma!!

This original point of focus or individuation can be called the monad…. We use the term because you as a group are familiar with it… which then further individuates into soul and current selves- all narrower and narrower or more honed points of focus actually- focusing on experiencing/being ‘that’ chosen aspect of all that I am and removing ‘its’’ I am not… but we do not go down that road today…

Q: That is the original cause and effect…?

This is its origin of cause and effect in your terms! Yes …chosen will fully as your highest individuation…monad …soul….that ‘portion’ of the whole to experience…and thus life after life you choose to experience some and disempower its ‘opposite’ illusion I am not…

But other than in your linear time there is no cause and effect. So you can call it karma, and cause and effect but in the ‘larger picture’ where it is simultaneous, where all this is happening simultaneously, there is no karma, there is no cause and effect, it is experience, growing, expanding, being. It is humanity who has called it karma and made it such an issue…yet in its purest karma is only beingness, experience, ‘evolution’ (which we described above) within that split moment after moment…

And humans are so concerned how do we remove (negative) karma. You are doing nothing but ‘removing’ karma…becoming aware of That you are… by your very being!

And as humans you are ‘removing’ karma not only by your lives/life experiences (the awareness reached through life!) but also by Gyaan, by knowledge, by mind expansion, by energy expansion you are geometrically speeding up the process. That is why for many who ask what are we doing in/through classes, channelings, books, introspection, contemplation…(whether it is here or wherever you go) you are in your terms doing tremendous karmic resolution. You are are expanding in awareness…thus disempowering the I am not! We have given you, week after week, so many ways, so much knowledge, that karma is being resolved ‘automatically - at magnificent speeds- for all those who are here/who absorb within them.

We will outline a few ways in which you as a group are disempowering our karma…. because otherwise this is an endless topic better left for another day…

-So first and foremost, understand that every time there is an ‘ah- ha’ of wisdom, there is karmic resolution…Yes, there is karmic resolution, there is initiation, there is expansion. Every time.

-Now secondly… you have been told time and again you are Creators! This group believes ‘I Am Creator’. And yes while creator hood implies complete power of self-empowerment…it also implies complete self –responsibility! The moment you acknowledge your Creator hood, you acknowledge that there is no other or no thing other than your creation- and if there is no other, if you live with that one principle through your life you are sweeping, sweeping, sweeping existences of karma, lives, past lives, future lives. Where the cause and effect if there is no one to effect? You do away with this one belief (not intellectual understanding) any karma towards or from ‘another’

In Day-to-day terms what does this mean, every time something happens- Yes the body will react; yes you will have an emotional reaction, why has XYZ done this …but within self you will know- I have created this, for my learning, for my growth I have drawn this. This one single step is tremendous karmic resolution: allow the emotional body to react -it will react initially- but as you do this 24/7, moment to moment-“ it is about me, I have drawn it, I have created it, it is for my growth, my learning, there is no other, there is no other”… in hardcore terms, not esoterically, you will live daily knowing that there is no other. …and if there is no other and you have chosen willfully the experience for growth… where is the question of forgiveness, where is the question of anger? There is only thankfulness.

Don’t you see how much issue resolution, how much karma of lifetimes is being resolved? Issues, karmas or what we call past lives….all past lives…all issues… get resolved the minute you have acknowledged that all that happened in the past or even in the future through whom you calling ‘others’… is only about self. Big sweep….big sweep…no need to do it piece meal then… We are going to give an example, an extreme example of murder. We are using extreme examples because they highlight the situations. So even if someone comes and murders somebody very, very close to you, child, spouse, friend… yes the body will react, the emotional body will react initially- you may scream and cry…. but if you know deep within you that you have created it out of willful ignorance or separation - for growth, for learning, for expansion… then what karma? There is no other…murderer to take the chain forward! It stops right there!

-Thirdly…More so if you understand that the person who has murdered, and the person who has been murdered have each created it for self- because if you are Creator, he is Creator. She is Creator! And each of these persons/creators has also created it for their learning, growth…for the growth of all…as an experience of Shiva Shakti….there is no judgment. And as you step away from judgment you take one more step away from ‘karma’!! Even if you do this intellectually to begin with it will become a natural process…there will come a time soon when you will NOT be able to blame another, hold another responsible…there will be no other …no good or bad…what karma… with whom then? . we have told you time and again about non-judgment. Now view why…now view how this is actually big time karmic resolution!

You can call it non-judgment, you can call it acceptance, both are the same. you can call it embracing al that is; you can call it unconditional love, Divyaa calls it: IT IS, IT IS. And thisssss ….IT IS IT IS will take you the rest of the journey towards what we call ‘karmic resolution’!

So…Much karma you have resolved by being the only one-creator- with no other to create karma with. Now the second major karmic resolution is through IT IS IT IS. When there is no judgment, when all is as it is, it is complete acceptance; you are thus not making much of new karma. And this is what you all call balancing your karma… having resolved past karma…not making fresh karma….!

And we have given us so many ways to truly arrive at this non-judgmental, accepting mode in day-to-day life! By Just knowing that one must not judge or accept -is not easy to do -but channeling after channeling we’ve been given so many many ways! You are now ‘aware’ that each one comes with a purpose, that there are purposes within purposes, mostly unknown-then how do you judge when you know it is the purpose of your/others Higher Self or God Self. you’ve been told that each desire, each fear has a larger purpose then how do you judge? You have been made aware that each one comes with a blueprint, which may appear ‘easy’ or more difficult to an outsider, so you cannot look at somebody and judge them as very evolved or somebody who looks deep in trouble as unevolved…. as you don’t know what their blueprint is. Somebody who looks very evolved may have come in this life to teach, they may have come with an easier baggage. And somebody who in your eyes looks un-evolved may have chosen a tougher baggage.

All this gyan…awareness = Immediate non-judgment, immediate acceptance = Immediate equalizer, = karma resolution! We have given you so many ways to arrive at this equalizer …. - review them all within you now from this point of view that what is really happening through all this learning… is ‘karmic resolution’!!!

And the fourth point we wish to convey is, difficult to put into your words…but ok… …if karma is cause and effect, then every action has a reaction/effect; yet our body movements which are out of volition, which do not have a mental activity behind them have no reaction/effect, why? If every cause has an effect why does not every jump or swoop have an effect, why does your passing stool not have an effect, your breathing? Because there is no mental activity behind it. Karma is of the mental activity, of the inner action, not of the physical action. (Because physical life is actually about expanding the inner self -the mind- the energy field call it what you may; and the physical is just the mirror to make it easier-a medium for us to view and hone the inner!) Please just go beyond the words to understand this.

So when you are acting out of ‘volition’ without ‘personal intent… ‘desire’, ‘motive’, then there is no karma attached to it. It does not mean that there will be no brain activity of thinking and creativity but there will be no individuated desire, no (selfish) motive….it will be an unfolding of that which you are! That is! The whole through you. And that is why in the Bhagvad Gita it has been said to ‘do actions without desire’. Now that sentence can be explained at every level of your understanding with a different meaning. At the beginning …where you have desires it means, that do not have desire for the results, because your confusions, your doubts, your blocks come in with desire and you block what you desire to create! But at this level it means that when there is no intent, there is no motive and there is no desire, when action is only happening, you will being, living in your day to day world out of volition and not creating karma. AS NOW THERE IS NO DOER!

This is a very big one and the next major step for where you are at our journey. All of you are ‘doing’ the first two more and more automatically!

And yet this does not mean you must start suppressing desires. Be aware of your desire behind every goal. Be aware, of your motive behind every desire…and either experience, fulfill and expand, and in that remove/transcend or understand within and expand and remove/transcend… That is how you transcend desire-- otherwise if you suppress your desire- that is the ‘karma’ which brings you back. And as you begin to do this- and align your …intent… with higher and higher selves- it will be more and more of ‘being’ that you are….not wanting to be this that or the other or ‘more’ ….just volition….happenings through the chalice you are for the whole…and the last vestiges of karmic resolution will be…

Q: I was wondering about Divine child? What I thought is the term child is used because it is that part of consciousness that is just awakening itself in the human race as it evolves…

It is the awakening CONCIOUS awareness…conscious awareness of all that I am…humanity as experienced this unconsciously through the ages…but now it is the conscious awareness portion of the game!

Q: And secondly when you speak of this process or whatever of moving from I AM NOT to the I AM, you are seeing it from the human point of view, not from a cosmic point of view. Because from a cosmic point of view every race of evolution, every species of evolution, will view consciousness and its process completely differently.

And there are no words to go there. For from That Cosmic point of view there is nothing to really view…nothing is happening; nothing took place…no process …no species…no evolution…and to understand that … truly…other than intellectually…you need to understand every portion, every process, a million words and texts and religions…to reach there…within you…



Greetings. I m connected to what can be called Shiva consciousness. But because we speak about it, we shall refer to it as Shiva energies. It asks that each of your may palpably feel it within and around, so that you may more consciously become aware of, the one “I” that pervades all that is, the cosmic over-soul, Shiva.

I am being asked to describe Shiva- pure consciousness, through the energies of words, so that as you imbibe through your mental and physical tangible bodies, the energies present may work more optimally with each one. I am being encouraged to maintain a link and speak…

(Recording break as Side got over)

What I am being shown, is that the energy fields of beloveds Ellaeenah, Sohrab, Zafar and Divyaa have been combined to be a chalice or a receptacle for the Shiv consciousness to be present so palpably here today. What I am also getting, is that due to the energies of the group being raised through the work done by each one…can this energy be so palpably present for you.

For those who ask, “is Shiva present?”, Shiva is always present wherever you are, wherever there is any kind of life form, inanimate or animate, but when we refer to Shiva energies being present today we refer to the energies being more ‘consciously’ present for you. Like turning up the volume…

And for those who need visualization, because you think of Shiva as male and Yang, do not think of it as activity, action, motion, as it is the opposite! Shiva -IS in your terms an inert force …a reinforcing, supporting force. That power that allows, all that is to be. What I am being shown, Shiva is the background music in which the melodious tone of feminine energy can then be heard. What I am being shown, is that Shiva energy is like a computer screen on which your words can then come up. On your realm you view male energy as active yes, as your action reflects the true inner motion/activity/creation supported by this Shiva consciousness.

Now I shall ask you to focus on your solar plexus. Yes, some of you wonder why, because Shiva is usually linked with the third eye, but it is at this chakra that you may more effectively, extend and expand current self to cosmic self. It is at this chakra that you may then empower and strengthen the sense of Shiva within you, and then raise your focus to the third eye and ‘BE’ Shiva. You are requested to focus on your solar plexus, and first palpably feel the energies present. And feel current self as you are. You cannot do away with current self. It is a doorway to infinity and eternity. It is a doorway to Shiva . It is a doorway to all that you wish and know about. That is why we tell you to make friends with your ego. It is the apparatus that you have chosen. It is an eye through which Shiva views itself. Do not do away with current selves, focus and expand them.

Thus expand self now to what you would call past and future selves, which are all present in simultaneous time.

Extend the sense of I to your probable selves. Understand what probable selves are. Just like Shiva seeks to be all that it is, every nuance, so does the individuated you. Every desire of yours is being worked on, has a reality, in some realm. Those are called probable selves, so extend your sense of current to include those.

Extend now to larger and larger; what you would call higher and higher selves. Yes, encompass what you would call the soul. The soul is not an entity or a ball up there. It is a record of all that you are. There is no line, where you end and the soul starts. There is no line where you end and the other starts. I am being shown a design, of paisleys or motifs on a tapestry. You think you are a motif or paisley but you are one of the threads, going through so many motifs. You are then the thread, the cloth itself. That is Shiva.

Extend, extend to master selves. Become one with your Master…Self. Become Jadefire. And then as Jadefire or Master view the Divyaa or the current self and other selves within.

Extend to cosmic oversoul, to Shiva. Feel the one “I” that pervades all that is. Feel yourself pervading all, that is. No boundaries, no delineations....

Extend to the “I” of the “I AM”, the “I AM That I AM” whose experience of all It is- Creation- prakriti- love, abundance, bliss, creativity is always within or of Shiva. It is Shiva who experiences all it (as void) in what you call its reflection (prakriti or creation)… but of course the experience and the expereincer cannot be delineated. Shiva and Shakti are inherently one, and today we refer to shiva only as our focus for today is this aspect Shiva!

Yes, extension, expansion to your larger self has taken place. Now we will go to step two, where we will strengthen and empower the sense of Shiva within. What do I feel as Shiva? What Is the experience of That I Am?

I am being guided to describe this through the ‘rays’ because as a group we are familiar with the rays. I am also being guided to caution that you must not go very literally with the words. Do not allow your knowledge of the rays to come in between. Just use the energies to fill you, plump you up. I am being shown images of birds fluffing out their wings, peacocks unfurling their feathers, flowers opening out. That is all you have to use these energies to do.

And know: That I, Shiva.. IS… pure consciousness- for truly I am just IS…but for you I am that medium, that vitality, that power, that will, to ‘be’ all that is and what you know as Ray 1. As Shiva I give my life force to all that is…your universes and worlds and its people. And now you as current self- view all that you are…all your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs –which - then- just - are, in my vitality- pure consciousness. That is the vitality, the power of Ray 1. All just IS.

And as all comes into being…I become aware of a love for all that IS… I Am… for Self … a love so potent, that every aspect of myself is eternally attracted in union with the other, so that I maybe ever be ever BE…anew. And I become aware of the wise dominion, divine intelligence…what you call wisdom, within love, so that It may BE...all that is…and thus what you call Ray 2 ray of wisdom and love. This is actually the ray of what you call Shakti- void- and its coming alive through the awareness and life force of Shiva-ray 1.Come, view ‘love’…even through the emotion that you know love…It desires only to be itself, eternally ...yes? And has its own wisdom-finds its own ways- to do so, yes?

And thus I am the unity of ray 1 and ray 2…I am ray 3…the creative force, the creative intelligence, that I may boundlessly Be. I am that paradox that allows, all that is, to be 'more'. I am the paradox that allows complete fulfillment and perfection to ever be 'more'.

And in this I become aware of the beauty that I am…and a harmony and a oneness, so unified, that I become my own multiple focuses. I become my own diverse focuses, varied self expression so that I may ever be this beauty. It is when you focus on them as diversity then you see it as conflict. If you view it as MY many hued self- expressions, you will view it as the harmony of beauty. Ray 4

I am vibration, I am sound, I am light , I am brilliance, I am solar , I am sonar, I am knowledge, I am information, I am builder of form and dimension, so that I may ‘Be’ in tangible ways and thus further view or experience SELF. I am that bridge- in your terms outwards - which creates form so that I may Be, and the same which as knowledge and information brings you ‘back’ home. Ray 5.

I am a devotion to self, so complete, that I seek that my every possible nuance, potential, probability, potentiality- your minds cannot reach that infinity- may just be; different from your devotion because you are devoted to being more than what you are, other than what you are. I am devoted to being, all that I am. ray 6

I am the power, what you call the electro-magnetic force on your realm, that allows you to manifest, that allows me to manifest, from the tangible reality to its physical reflection all that I am. I am magic, because I am the same force that manifests and at the same time dissolves so that there maybe eternity, so that there maybe no stagnation, because stagnation is closer to death, and death is eternal life. I am Ray 7.

Yes, feel the splendor that I feel as Shiva, on viewing My Shakti …That…I AM!. Shiva is that aspect which knows, views, experiences- and the qualities, the rays, the experiences are my Shakti - what you call feminine energy. How can you differentiate the two? Can you differentiate between you and your life? Only in viewing it…outside you…

Now you may take your focus up to the third eye and Be Shiva. Look out as Shiva, through My/'his' different eyes. E-Y-E-S, through your different eyes…I’s. Through your different ‘selves’, through your rock, fish, bird , every life form that you know.

I Shiva look at self, experience self ,and most accurately Be self, through, every life form, every individuation , far beyond what you know individuation to be. I look at myself through every thought, which is individuation, as valid as you. That is why at this third eye, I am beyond time and space, and this is where you can be beyond time and space. When you are all your 'selves' simultaneously- past, present and future -there is no time- and when you are selves, points of focus, of all selves and so called ‘others’ -there is no space. For time is when you view the self as past present and future, and space when you view the whole in small parts, in linear parts. When you view the whole through one focus, Shiva focus, which you can at your 3rd eye… there is no time, there is no space. Feel this sense of pervasiveness without time or space...

We shall go one step forward because the energies present are so beautiful. I as Shiva, become aware of and in that ‘allow’ MY Shakti to be or come ‘alive’…and thus I am inherently whom you call Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Laxmi. Kali, Saraswati,. One cannot be without the other. One is present within the other. 'Each' is just a different way of viewing That I Am! I Shiva am pure awareness of all that I am and tits force of Love that holds all together-Vishnu! Brahma is THE MIND I create to experience this further in the game of separation… and the wise dominion within me which pervade s and allows this ingenuousness- Saraswati, the power that allows this beingness -kali- and the abundance and bliss that I am-that I truly become aware of and choose to be and fall in love with… Laxmi.

I am being shown a symbol, an image, energy structure of a 12 hooded golden serpent -behind my energy fields. I am being asked to describe it. I am finding the words difficult. What I getting is that... ah I can hear it... that this energy is: ‘That’ coordinate point, that simultaneously views, in your terms:

-Inwards, the void- Shakti or Vishnu

-Outwards the reflection of the void- creation- prakriti

-And at the same time, all that I Am. It is THAT focus of all 12 dimensions, in every individuation- every individuation beyond what you know individuation to be- individuation even as units of consciousness…

-I AM THAT-‘THAT’ being the void.

-I AM THAT-‘THAT’ now being the reflection- creation.

-I – Shiva…the one awareness… the experiencer, the witness

-AM – the beingness, the experience..

-I AM THAT I AM- this coordinate point- Shiv Shakti (the NOW- knowing and being, the awareness and the experience…encompassing both the void and its reflection –and thus awareness and beingness of all THAT I AM AND I AM NOT..

Thus again you are being asked to review your views on Yang and Yin. -Yang is not the action; prakriti is the movement, the activity.

-Shiva Yang is the power, the force that allows it (activity) to be. And thus yang is viewed as action and white is its conscious awareness that becomes the life force ,which allows action…

-YIN is the void ..Shakti…dark still all potential

-and thus is Shiva …yang…awareness …poised between THE FEMININE ASPECTS AS SHAKTI AND PRAKRITI

-Because the void is Yin and the reflection, creation is Yin as a reflection, unless it gets the Yang, Shiva vitality to come alive AND be ITS ALL POTENTIAL.

The Energies are heightened now…due to your awareness and thus life force…You are being asked to allow them to embrace you.

You are being asked that when you open your eyes, you view through the eyes of Shiva. View each one present, as self. Do not do this in a general spiritual manner. View each one, each quality , those traits you would like, you would like to channel, like us… You would like to do something else, like somebody. View those and know that they are you; and be thankful to the other, who is experiencing and expanding them for you, so that you may experience and expand, your unique quality. View those qualities you dislike in another. And know and be thankful to another form, who is resolving them for you, so that you may resolve some other., for self, for humanity for spirit!

Know that all YOUR selves are expanding 'THAT I AM' by 'removing' ,disempowering that I am not…becoming aware of the dream - what you call sanskars, limiting beliefs- through all your selves. And empowering THAT I am…making all even more…making perfect a state of dynamic fulfillment not completion…

Be Shiva in realistic terms now. Go home and tap into this… Stand in front of your mirrors. Feel the sense of Shiva and even then it will be a fraction. But as you increase the levels within you, the energies will allow more and more palpably for our energies to come through these meetings…


I am linked to a very tremendous force which lends me no name. I am being told not to connect more wholly to this force as I do in ‘meditation’, but to learn to link and speak its message…

I will start with ‘the beginning’, or what you call ‘the beginning’ .In your duality, the only way you can refer to this, is by calling it “ Void,” because what is ‘not all that is’, you in duality can only label as ‘void’. Of course there are no words, none whatsoever, in your linear language to describe this state. It may be best described, as the “is-ness” of ‘all that is’. It is prior to “I am that I am.” It is prior to “Sat Chit Ananda” which is the experience of “I am that I am.”

Yes, you may touch it in states of meditation, but that is a contradiction in itself, because there is nothing to touch it, there is no you; there is no experience, there is no knowledge of it…yet we urge you to do this for ‘It’ triggers your cells and encodements in powerful ways… It remains in your energy fields for you to draw on thereafter.

In linear terms, then comes ‘source’, the reflection of this void. It can best be described as Love but not the gentle benign force you know love to be. The love you know is but one aspect of the force- a pale reflection of That Love is. This is Love with a capital “L”. It is pure pulsating vitality to be itself in every which way possible. To be all that is, eternally, infinitely, wholly. Yes, even if you really ponder on this… the diluted emotion you call love…surely it seeks to be nothing but this. It is the highest potential and desire you have in every relationship? That it maybe all that it is… eternally, wholly, holding nothing back?

The source is viewed by you as two aspects. But we would like to clarify that these are no two parts, because aspects makes you think of two portions, two partitions, and thus separations. So you must now learn to call it ‘two angles to view’ the source from – these two aspects are nothing but your difference in focus! Indeed All names, all labels, all forms, are just your focus of an aspect of the whole. Like a rose is pink and soft- you can’t separate a rose and its pinkness and softness other than in speaking or understanding it

Thus source is viewed by you from two angles. This is important to understand, because ‘both’ are always One. That is the union of love. These two aspects, are usually referred to you as God-Goddess, male-female, Yang-Yin, Gold-Silver, Ray1-Ray2. and as this child will increasingly bring into your group…Shiva Shakti. Yet these are only different focuses, angles if you like of viewing the whole; they can never be separate. It is like a drop of water, wet and clear; you can never separate the two. You must grasp this deep within you, because your language will always separate the two. You cannot speak in any other terms. So you must understand it so deeply that no matter how often it is referred to as two aspects, you know always it is ONE.

The male, yang aspect is pure vivifying force. What is pure? It is only less dense. In your language of duality the opposite of pure is impure. But that is not correct. Its just Pure- or- dense without judgement. You must understand that. When purity chooses to be dense, where is the impurity? And in whom? Yes, yes, and yes, when you are ready to go back on the journey home, ‘dense’ chooses to become less dense again. It has enjoyed being all that it has. Most of you here are on that journey ‘back home’ and therefore judge and label these terms as impure and pure. It is not so. The journey into density is as wonderful, as pure, as the journey ‘back’.

Now these two aspects, angles, focus -one which we have told you is yang pure vivifying force, it is what gives its life force to existence. It is the source of your life force. It is a pure existential force -It is in your terms male, Yang, Ray 1. It is Shiva. It is awareness of all that it is (as void) and thus in this awareness does Void come to life! And the ‘other’ is that which comes to life, the all that is, the all potential, which can be viewed as the supreme feminine principle Shakti and its reflection prakriti. In your terms the loving, creative, wisdom of all that is, the all potential, what you call goddess, ray two, silver, yin… But understand that one cannot be without the other. How will Shakti, how will creation, how will potential, how will ‘all that is’ ‘BE’ without the force of existence to allow it to exist? And yet, how will the force of existence ‘BE’ if it has nothing to be be life force to? That is the part you very often miss. What would this force do if there was no void to give its awareness and thus life force to? They are infinitely always one. And that is why it is a Love force. That is why source is Love. It is eternal union in Shiva and Shakti, Male and Female, always, always, all of you, everything in this room is an eternal union of male and female. The bliss, yes, the Sat Chit Ananda, for which you have no words

It is what your relationships are all about- It is this same Love, choosing to experience and know itself. That is all you need to keep in mind when you go through all your relationships and what you call all its challenges.

It is why Zafar and Divyaa have been placed here. Divyaa will give you the Shiva, experiential, experience and Zafar will give you much knowledge, much wisdom, and together you will be a group of love, and in your expanded states you will be source, who is creator. And therefore you will create expanded personal realities, expanded world realities, expanded universe.

I am now being asked to link and connect more wholly. I am being told that this is for my training to enable this connection more publicly, out of my mediations and increasingly conscious states.

I will briefly emanate it for those who wish to enter into its embrace;

(Divyaa after her ‘channelling’ was over.)

I have been asked to describe what I saw. The image I got was of a serpent, the eyes looking into mine. This energy was me, the serpent, and yet somehow placed on the head of the serpent. It was fire, it was red. And even as I speak, what I am being told is this serpent symbolizes the out breath coming back in, because the moment my breath leaves to create, it comes back in immediately, inherently. That is the serpent, that is Kundalini. There is no need to make efforts to raise it. It is already raised. All you need to do is shift your focus.

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