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We have experienced the first two chakra's... the root chakra where we experienced the love for our physical plane and the swadhisthana chakra where we experienced the sweetness that we are. And today we will focus on our solar plexus chakra.

So send your energies deep into mother earth and ground yourself - focus on your solar plexus chakra – see it like a gold emanating orb- and having focused on this , focus on current self- current Anju, current Nita, current Hamsi self,  as… I am… in this beautiful now. Feel at this chakra your own presence - feel ‘I Am’… nothing more, nothing less…I… Monica, Neeta, Niku…Am.

Feeling your I am presence, your current I am presence at solar plexus chakra now focus on the ‘I’, in every Self and yes you can visualize this I in the form of a e.y.e. eye  in every cell… of not only your body but all that makes up the universe …because every cell is  an ‘I’, whole and complete.

Extend your focus from the I of current self to the I inherent in every cell, every stone, every leaf, every flower, every plant, every tree, ….because the same sense of Self is extending… in every insect, every fish, in every bird, in every animal… the same sense of Self is extending… in every man, in humanity itself, as one man.. I am human… and now extend this to I am the physical experience… I am earth, I am the tangible experience… I am the solar system…I am the galaxy, I am this universe, I am the universe... I am Godself, Creator, Shiva, Shakti… I Am That – I AM –

From this presence, from this extension, from this expansion, from this  ‘I’  we will wonder how can we expand even more, I am Creator… I am Godself… but now I am Shiva looking within into the void and therefore I Am ….Pure potential and I am Shiva looking outside at the reflection, at creation, and therefore I am Prakriti, existence, creation itself …

I Am …THAT I Am (emphasis on colored words)

I Am That I Am

I AMthat I AM




All That Is…. and we will wonder how we can expand THIS SELF… THIS PRESENCE… and yet I burst out into one hundred million zillion individuations, selves, experiences, focuses, …. and in this separation, in this dissolution, in this very individuation ‘THAT I Am’ becomes stronger, expanded, extended…. view the power of dispersal, dissemination…view the power in individuation…

Expereince the power, the strength, the I Am ‘ness’ that allows me to become a hundred million facets, aspects, nuances and with every individuation, with every ‘breakup’ so to say I am infinitely more unified…

Experience how your sense of self, your presence of current self has extended expanded to  encompass  all  I’s and now again focus on your solar plexus; focus again on current self, current Anju, current Divyaa and view your expansion as current self…view your solar plexus chakra has expanded… it actually encompasses your physical body it actually extends far wider… each one try and view his own I Am presence… each one has now touched a couple of feet at the minimum.

Understand that this chakra the solar plexus  is a very vital chakra… for what you call your personal energy fields, for what you call your aura, your presence, your mind…  it is also the chakra where you hold your self view… who you think, feel and sense you are. And therefore it is important at this chakra to feel your most expanded, and your most extended current self, as a focus of Earth, Universe, Galaxies, God, Void, Existence!

And now view your own auras, your own personal energy fields again…they are not even a couple of feet …they are one with the very sunlight, because I am truly All That Is, and sunlight pervades everywhere and I pervade everywhere… let there be no limit, let there be no definition…. I Am, I Am

And now consciously from your solar plexus emit 360 strands one in every direction so to say… reaching out to all these other selves, aspects, qualities… to all the ‘other’ I’s that I am …and trust that they connect to that aspect, that self, that you require in the now for empowerment, expansion and extension of self….

And even as you connect to all that you are… consciously, feel your single-mined  determination, focus, power, feel your strength, feel the vitality, the life force to be everything from nothing …understand you do not have to ‘become’ the whole to tap into this power… you would not exist even for a minute without  the entire power coursing through you moment to moment… you are the very life force , the very strength, this power is yours in every moment you could not exist without it even for a second beloveds… you don’t have to get Moksha, you don’t have to get realization, you don’t have to reach anywhere… you are the will to ‘Be’… .All That I chose to be’… as every individuation…. 

I am Divine will- because at this chakra- I understand that there is no other will…I am the Divine will which present in every aspect of ‘will’ that I willfully don… let there be no confusion between free will and destiny…

Again tune into your aura, your energy field… touch this ‘power’ that you are… see the gold orb which has become light itself pervading everywhere…see it as life force everywhere…space if you like..… no goldno color… experience what is this power? …. it is so still… it is so inert… it is so suffused...so invisibly pervading…. it is the very life force that allows all to be, and this is true power… as gentle as breath, as prana… this is true power beloveds this what you are tapping into now… the gentle breath, still, inert… this which allows all to be… touch this true power and you will never seek the other, the other is only a reflection, and therefore the meek shall inherit the earth… experience this power now within you… how it is not the drama, spectacular power that we usually visualize it to be… how it is calm and gentle.. the backdrop allowing whatever falls into it…to just be ….access this power at your solar plexus… permeate your solar plexus with this power, true power, authentic power, life force, as gentle as your breath…as gentle as the early morning that allows the flower to open… as gentle as the breeze… view this power as the beautiful sea in which you swim and just keeps you afloat…view a building…how it just is… it does not need to shout and scream and claim… it just is …view your tables, view your chairs, view your furniture they do not seem  powerful objects for they are inert …silent but they are all the will to be.

Understand why we are focusing on the solar plexus and speaking of Shiva, for it is not that Shiva does not reside in your third eye but understand that it is at this chakra that you can most effectively expand and extend current self to cosmic self …it is at this chakra that you become Shiva and then you merely view through the third eye as all that is!  Your third eye can never wholly ‘open’ as long as this chakra has wholly been claimed, the self- empowerment, self responsibility, creator hood …all dramatic sounding words, yes, but the experience quite to the contrary…and so gentle…so gentle that it is in this that the 3rd eye slides open…

All of you view your third eye opening (as a result of this)… so when you are your Shiva hood, you see through your Shiva eye.  And  do not only seek psychic powers at this 3rd eye but seek you …clarity, seek you…day- to- day answers, seek you guidance, seek you how the larger picture is playing itself out, seek you answers ….and claim your Shiva power, your Shiva hood, your Creator hood, indeed all that you ..claim you I AM THAT at the solar plexus…

And this empowered Self then expresses through all your other chakras …then will your root chakra express MY abundance, then will your sacral express MY balance then will your heart express MY love and then will your throat express MY unique aspect and glory, and then will you see through MY 3rd eye and then will I pour out of your crown with MY/YOUR/OUR life force… allow this life force, power, strength, vitality, prana to flow out now and fall around you  like a fountain pooling at your feet and entering you again at the root and going up the chakra’s…and pouring out again… keep that process on… make an intent that this process remains on…ad infintum…

And understand that it is current self who is the doorway to all these other selves …do not belittle current self; do not think the Shiva and the Whole and the Creator Self is  larger or bigger or better because your current self is the altar to all other selves… therefore claim current self again at the solar plexus… it is through the doorway of current self that you can expand and extend and meet and merge with past selves, future selves, probable selves ,God selves, Guide selves, Angel selves, Master selves…other selves, stone self, plant self … this current self is an altar to all your selves … claim it…and even as you claim your current self, view yourself having a ‘ring’ around you and extending to what you call higher selves… see another ring and you are extending to soul… see another ring and you are extending to monad… see another ring and you are extending to universe see another ring and you are merging with Existence.. there are no rings there is no Anju, no Hamsi and no Divyaa and yet I Am and yet I Am All That Is ….

I will now put on the music….  (OM NAMAH SHIVAYA WAS PLAYED)

Om …of current self….

Om in union with all other selves….

Om in dissolution…

No self… and yet I am… existence itself….and I am every flower, plant, tree, rock, table, furniture,  I Am… I Am.. I Am That…view your merger… view your dissolution …. go beyond even wanting to be Godself ….Don’t limit….

Feel how still is power…and you all make such a song and dance about it….do not seek this power outside through relationships, through career, through success and yet when this power is yours it will reflect all around you in whichever aspect of it you have chosen to experience….

 ee every cell in your body now like the I AM, like the gold orb, like your solar plexus chakra….let this be your breath, let this be your bloodstream… let this be your breath…let this be the ground you sit on…

 Allow this connection of all those memories, all those wires, all those pathways – those subconscious selves- that are not wholly aligned with This Self- Empowered Self…. see those leave you…. let your body disintegrate, let your mind be rewired and now come together as a New Self, as Shiva, as Power, as Strength… as Life Force… you are life force itself beloveds… at this moment you are life force itself.

 View in your third eye each one of you, one dream, one goal, one aspect of divine will…. …See its picture clearly….and know that : so it is …so it is …so it is. Allow the thankfulness for this experience to pervade you …know it is divine will… know that… I have chosen to explore and experience…..! Feel thankfulness pervade you and pervade Existence itself ….because the experience belongs to All that I Am… 


My deepest love and thankfulness to each one of you.

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