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Dearest all,

TUESDAY DISCOURSES take place almost through the year, from 2.30 to 3.30 every Tuesday. The group is small, the ambience casual and friendly, the topics wide ranging. It is also the best place for new comers to meet with me! As a new comer you must email me, call (9821180556) or come with a friend! There is a token energy exchange-of rs 100 towards Dvyalok- but if you cannot meet it you are welcome to (share that with me and) be a part of our lovely ‘Tuesdays


Perhaps you have explored a little, read a lot, and attended many a discourse but somewhere, somewhere there are questions that are not yet answered to your deepest satisfaction… aspects that haven’t quite clicked into place?

Perhaps you are seeking a deeper connection with Divine self…or have just recently gotten interested in exploring is there a God? What is the universe? What is soul? Why am I here? Who am I! Perhaps you have heard and felt the call of ‘spirituality’ but wondered what does it really mean? Will it fit in with my day-to-day life? I cannot be a holy cow-can I?

Or perhaps life has recently thrown you a curve and you want to know why is life the way it is? What can I do to improve my relationships? How do I land up in the same rut all the time? Perhaps you have already felt it is time to move on to something better but don’t quite know what or how?

Perhaps friends, best selling books and movies have told you about being a Creator and ‘having it all’ and you seek to know more… how to fine tune this skill? Can I really manifest what I choose? What is destiny then? And free will?

Or perhaps you are just drawn to the seemingly mysterious and wondered what is energy? What are dreams? And symbols? And mantras? What are past lives indeed?

And I would like to tell you that every time you have wondered or seeked or questioned…the universe has responded… every time…! And Tuesdays will only enable you to access this wisdom from deep within you and allow it to come up to your conscious mind, so that you will find yourself saying “Oh! Aha! Yes…! … Umm I know that!” And in this awareness will you then use it to more consciously, almost automatically… to enhance your day-to-day life at first …and touch a deeper divinity over time.

We meet in an informal lighthearted ambience at my home - discussing a range of. The feel good factor is palpably present and all those who attend swear it has changed their life or beingness…!

The group is eclectic - ranging from teenagers and those of us in our prime to senior citizens. The timings Tuesday, 2.30 to approx 4…sometimes less sometimes a wee bit more…but punctuality is appreciated please and thus its better to come in by 2.15… you may however quietly leave whenever you need to.

You may come to try it out, or as and when you feel the need, or as most do: you may come every week to change the labels and laws you live by…view life afresh…create new pathways and unleash the genie within! Naturally continuity aids you…and old timers view ‘repetition’ in terms of their tilled soil being able to take the same words deeper; in terms of the many contradictions being wordlessly addressed within over time; in terms of the larger picture endlessly opening up its nuances and unveiling its secrets…till it all somehow ‘fits’!


The love and wisdom of all religions is revered and incorporated into a universal spirituality here and we thereby go beyond being a ‘religious’ platform. While you could call this a ‘spiritual’ session, we keep away from such tags because internal growth comes in different ways for different people, and all are welcome and encouraged here. You may come to find God… or Self…. or enhanced Life! You may come for mind expansion, emotional balance or the deeper divinity that pervades you…


Universal spirituality does not stress on one truth for all, but more that each one needs to arrive at their own truths! Thus truths from many sources are embraced: encompassing the wisdom of worldwide Divine Beings, New Age channeled Masters, Ancient texts of all cultures and yet interpreting them to current human evolution, understanding and needs!

Through these discourses and discussions you are guided to expand your personal understanding of customary concepts like karma, destiny, free-will, God, soul, re-incarnation, desire, good and bad and sin and etc, which are not only of a deep interest to most people but sub-consciously rule so much of our lives. Our ancient concepts most certainly have their validity, but as humanity evolves, we are ready to view these same aspects in more expanded ways and realize that they are but parts of a larger and more freeing picture than we perhaps thought, taking us towards a more universal spirituality.


These meetings help both those who are currently ‘seeking’ due to problematic lives for which they find no lasting ways towards redressing their issues; and the many who are seeking to complement their already full lives!

There is much interest in the spiritual all around us, and i find that there are many who are interested but find no time for more serious reading/re-searching and thus appreciate the various concepts and tools presented to them in a manner which they can easily incorporate into their lives.

Moreover there are many looking to combine our spiritual heritage with a fresher approach. Whilst most of them desire to retain their traditional roots as far as spirituality is concerned, they are looking for a more updated and universal spirituality that reflects their east- west synchronized lifestyles and mindsets!

A good question to ask if you need this meeting is to ask self what states of joy do you live in?


To indeed empower each one to arrive at their own truth…! To use these discourses as triggers by which you can then culminate all your knowing into your own wisdom towards enhanced states of being…call it self-growth or realization… and thereby reach out optimally to those around you, your communities and the world if you so seek.

Spirituality has often been viewed through the lenses of obeisance; worship has become inextricably linked to a dependency on outside forces; and Tuesday’s presents how spirituality indeed is all about self-empowerment! About expansion of self to Self as Creator- God indeed! Without taking away the significance and love attached to our revered Higher Beings- guides, guru’s, masters and ‘Gods’… and indeed by encompassing them in our Selves, we realize even more, how magnificent ‘they’ are! The respect and love indeed grows but not dependency!!

Moreover, I feel that spirituality correctly engaged in, must lead first to better current realties, and not only be concerned with the ‘hereafter’! The discourses share concepts, ways and tools that help in creating better lives.

They also help us understand, and thus find, our purposes to be…leading to both personal happiness and spiritual service…and the surrender of self empowerment over time!

Joy and fun is often ignored as being part of spirituality. These classes, and indeed its energy, conveys that the hallmark of true spirituality is how ‘joyful’ one can be in the here and now! How spirituality, self-growth and the inner journey can be joyfully blended with our day-to-day lives.

Changing your mind about ‘God’ helps you change your mind about your fellow beings, careers, life… Expanding your larger picture about self, the other, life and god helps you optimize the here and now!

It is with the deep thankfulness in my heart that I reach out as a fellow traveler on the journey- with much to contribute… and much to learn… as I share… This Grace.
Love Divyaa Kummar-2007

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