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Hear these words deep within you; do not merely read them off the printed paper, but listen to their essence unfold wordlessly within you as message from Universal Consciousness to you, personalized consciousness :

Dearest beloved,

“In every moment that you yearn to be one with us, in every moment you long to merge with us…We too long for that portion of Self that you call ‘you’, to Be All That Is …

How do we convey to you, for yours words do not permit, that your longing- which you view as your desire- is inextricably one with the divine impetus to be; our divine will to Be. Your longing, is our will indeed, and the universe’s very life force and vitality, allowing All That Is to forever ‘Be’.

So do not consider even for a moment that it is only you who desires. How can that be? If you have understood we are one, then understand that our quest is as one too. Eternally…moment to moment. Can your water be without its wetness, your sunlight without its warmth? We are one dearest beloved, we are one, and not only in some abstract sense or distant realm but in the reality of your very here and now. Through every heart beat, and every freshly drawn breath that seeks to be it is I who wills to live and experience through you.

So do not allow your desires to confuse and confound you; because what you look at with such suspicion and distrust are in the larger picture only an expression of this divine impetus to be. Every life is a partial expression of the one life; every desire subservient to the purpose of creation itself.

We hope that this understanding, this backdrop, may help you, better embrace what you view as your desires. Come now, all of you are spiritual adults! Seek to go beyond the obvious explanations! It is not so much a question of “Is there free will or not?” or “Must desire be fulfilled or transcended?” For Truth is not to be found in yes and no answers. So of course, there is in your terms, freedom of will; but its deeper implication is in its tango with divine will! Whereby ‘your’ free will and the larger divine will of which it is but an expression align in perfect harmony.  Both one and the same, and yet to you seemingly independent!  Your will; And mine; Contained in your desires! Fulfilling mine!

Thus do both free will and divine will ‘work’ in perfect tandem in your realm: through your so-called desires! Listen if you will at the master plan of divine intelligence that pervades all desire”:

Most of you are aware that in what you call the beginning… (We prefer to call this ‘before the beginning’, a paradox yes, which may intuitively help you grasp that there is no beginning! But we must speak in linear terms and so: in the beginning…) - The one ‘I’ chooses to experience (or more accurately Be) itself in every which way: every nuance, every potential, every possibility, and their infinite probabilities that your minds cannot even conjure. And this ‘I’ chooses willfully to individuate  into its own myriad focuses - each focus- which you will call each ‘self’ thereafter- willfully choosing to view, express, experience ,expand an aspect of the whole…for the whole!

And in that, what you view as ‘individuality’ and its ‘free will’ rises. As each ‘focus’ further hones or narrows its focus, its desires get more defined; but always in alignment with its larger (and of course original) Self…, and thus in alignment with the Divine Will to be All That It Is!

Now, when this larger Divine foray requires an individuation- you for example - to enter a physical venture then it’s… or ‘yours’… unique focus… ‘your’ purpose to Be in the highest of terms… is encoded into ‘your’ energy fields- your Dna- in ways beyond what you can imagine; because ‘you’  know that as you further individuate and forget your source as the game demands, this information will be thus kept intact!And in every ‘life time’ you encode into your blue print (or what you call destiny) as your free will desires and individual purposes, aspects of this larger divine will! So that when you don the veils (again willfully) you will ‘remember’ what part of I, you have chosen to express, experience, expand, disempower, contribute to and…be.

And these then show up within you, in the here and now, as your desires! And both your will and Divine will; your desires and Divine desire ‘become’ one and the same! How beautifully done yes? And thus when you feel within you a desire, it is only your blue print kicking in my dears! It is the divine seeking expression through your current focus! Or how indeed, would you recall and activate your purposes- once the veils came on? So desires are your encodements to your soul purposes in every life…! Your desires are indeed your triggers, planned to activate in different times as reminders for your myriad soul plans and purposes! This is what you astrological charts show you. The time table you have set to explore diverse aspects, which will appear as the varied desires you hold over different times!

And indeed it is only by exploring your desires that you may in your terms –grow! They are what you have chosen to ‘experience, expand or disempower’ in what you call ‘this life’ for spirit indeed. You may do this as you usually do through the outer life experiences these desires bring forth; or by going within and understanding their purpose and in that- fulfilling each purpose within and thus transcending desires! What you call the spiritual path! But you cannot suppress them, shun them ignore them! Through fulfillment of the purpose that each desire is there for, do you expand your desires back to a larger and larger focus…back to its original focus…back to being creator who just wills to Be. What you call going beyond desire!

Now may you better understand the subtle nuances of desire! In the larger picture, there is only divine desire, the divine will to be. As it individuates, as each focus becomes more honed, or in your terms narrower, this desire is incorporated into each individuation as ‘your’ current desires. Which you must fulfill, to expand it ‘back’ into the larger and larger focus. Yes?

And for those who ask what about ‘negative’ desires ( and ‘negative’ only being whatever you consider negative for in the larger sense there is no good or bad)  then understand that all desires have a purpose! But no, it does not mean you go out and harm the other, if you so desire! It does not mean indulging in what you perceive as a negative desire just because we have said it is part of your larger plan…no…it means - and listen carefully- it means become aware of the limiting feelings and thoughts, yes your limiting beliefs and impressions that give rise to this desire! It means becoming aware of the fears, subconscious conditioning and sankaras, that you have chosen to disempower through the effects of such desires.

This is why they are part of your plan, blueprint!

This is the purpose behind limiting desires!

To become aware of their futility through their effects and in that expand and remove them for self- and remove them for human consciousness!

If you can do this, these so called negative desires have served their purpose well. Not by indulging in them, but in resolving their purpose to be in your blueprint. This can be done by viewing them within and thus not needing to experience its effect on the outside that you call physical life. Or in learning from their external aftermath –what you call problems and crisis. Again no amount of suppression will help. You only postpone the inevitable…

So my dears- do not shun desires- understand them instead! And in this ‘awareness’ use them optimally and productively:  as a soul memory asking you to experience and expand an aspect for Spirit; Or a soul memory hinting to you that some inner resolution is required.! Go forth and look at your desires today…what are they conveying to you from beyond the veil? What soul energies are waiting to be acknowledged? Expressed? Fulfilled? Then do ‘desires’ expand to larger and what you consider loftier purposes- but we shall speak about that in another now….!

And you may do the same with fears. For your fears, if you explore them, are treasure houses towards ‘Knowing Thyself’. What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or offering resistance…is to understand your fears: watch them, learn about them, and come directly into contact with them. You are to learn from your fear, not to escape from it.

Love from our heart to yours.
Divyaa Kummar

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