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KARMA – A LIFTING OF THE VEILS!  A 2004 channeling

Cause and effect when entered into deeply shows us that we are the cause not some outside ‘other’, ‘fate’, or ‘god’. We can call this ‘cause’ our thinking, feeling, focus, which reflects as outer effects; or we can view it as our energy field which attracts like-wise effects; or we can call it karma - what we have chosen to explore, experience and expand and thus meet as outer effects.
Divyaa Kummar

Fond Greetings… today we shall speak to you on karma, as many of you tend to revert to viewing it in limited ways. Yes…most have you have moved away from considering karma as a retribution or punishment; but continue to consider it a burden… something that you need to ‘finish’ or ‘get over’ in order ‘to progress’! But my dears, we would like to make you understand that your ‘karma’ is the progress!

It may help you if you replace the word karma, and all its pre-conceived notions, with the words learning, knowing, growing, experiencing and yes, even playing. How can you ‘finish’ learning, knowing and growing! It is your reason to Be! It is what you, as your more expanded self, have chosen towards your very being!

We shall digress for one of your moments because it is imperative for you to understand that separation, or more accurately all perceived separation, from the Whole or whom or what you call God, is out of Divine Choice towards its play or the larger foray of its infinite fulfillment. This is Creations ‘reason to be’ if there is any; and what you view sequentially in linear terms as separation, experience and realignment …what you call learning, expanding and ‘becoming’ ‘The Whole’ again is (in different ways) a part of all realms, all journeys, all ‘beings’…but which only you as humanity have labeled as ‘karma’ and view with such alarm!

But beloveds, there is no cause for alarm- as karma is a gift! A divine opportunity!
For your karma- are your unique ways, your opportunities of (re)experiencing the Whole.
That is all your karma is- opportunities towards expanding and re-aligning your feelings thoughts and beliefs, with all that you are….already are! Indeed towards a lifting of the veils!

Now pay close attention - the human experience can be more accurately described as the expansion of thought, feeling and belief rather than physical expansion and growth. As humans, you as spirit have chosen a linear physical medium to further experience Self… to practice and hone your thinking and feelings… to expand your very consciousness and in that Consciousness it self!  Thus do you view and experience your consciousness- your thoughts, feelings and beliefs- through their externalized physical counterparts- through action …and all that it creates…your relationships, events and things!  However understand the paradox that action, and all that it creates as your tangible physical life and world, are indeed only the outer reflection of the reality that is within you- your consciousness! Yes, your seemingly tangible real world is the reflection; and your seemingly intangible thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are the true reality!

This is why your world is your mirror- because you as spirit chose to explore experience and expand self through this outer mirror of relationships and life and world events! It is part of your game plan or journey as humanity!  And this is why your ancients named your exploration, learning and experience- karma! For karma means action! And actions imply their result! And thus karma at its deepest only means using what is tangibly and physically observable-the action and what it creates- to view, expand and realign your consciousness!

Now…again pay close attention:
The ‘cause’ of your action is the belief behind the action! Or the consciousness that propels the action!
The effect is therefore of the belief (consciousness) behind the action!
So there is cause and effect, of course there is, but cause and effect of your beliefs.
You have spent life times thinking the cause and effect is of your deeds and completely missed the interlinking beliefs… your consciousness… which is the missing link, and what karma is really about!

If you understand this well you will not get bogged down with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ karma! Those beliefs that you have already aligned with their higher potentials- that aspect of your consciousness that has expanded into its higher beingness – is what you call ‘good karma’!  And those beliefs you have yet to align ....that aspect of your consciousness that is still in separation or ignorance of its higher beingness…indeed that part which is still playing the cosmic game- are what you call your negative karma! And in each lifetime you choose some of this separated consciousness and it’s limiting beliefs to expand or realign back with its higher aspect! And indeed in each life time you bring with you the commiserate higher consciousness that you require towards this!  That is the only difference between seemingly ‘good’ and ‘bad’ karma!

Now understand how this works in practical ways: Good karma is ‘good’, simply because when a belief is expanded to its higher potentials… when consciousness is expanded… it reflects in a like-wise action. Leading to a likewise ‘effect’ due to your universal laws of attraction! This is all that cause and effect really is! There is no ‘judgment’ or ‘reward’ implied in this effect! For example: You enjoy abundance. This is not because you have done… or do… ‘good and giving’ deeds in this life or any other, but because your beliefs on abundance being in alignment with their higher potentials reflects as good and giving deeds which lead to good and constructive effects. Similarly ‘Bad’ karma are merely beliefs that are as yet unaligned with higher potentials… consciousness still in separation from its higher beingness…and thus they continue to reflect in actions of separation & illusion and their like wise effects due to the laws of attraction! It is you who calls these self negating experiences ‘negative karma’, but they are infact a hint for that you are ready for expansion! Another opportunity! That is all! Again no judgment, no punishment! Pure laws of the Universe! Scientific workings of energy! Simple indeed!

In conclusion we shall add as we always do… that ‘older’ interpretations of universal truths are not old, wrong or redundant but indeed required for soul growth at different points of the journey.  Evolution is both personal and universal and based on both your personal and larger framework do you come across these truths as and when you need them.  Karma was viewed largely in terms of cause and effect of your actions as humanity needed to accept responsibility for their ‘actions’ as a step towards taking ‘responsibility’ for their thoughts …because as you move beyond the physical experience… into finer and  what you call higher dimensions… thought create instantly and you need to have mastered them. Incase all this talk of higher dimensions and finer mediums of existence makes any of you think humanity is inferior in any way let us hasten to correct you. You need a certain proficiency of consciousness, a deep commitment to its expansion and love for the game of Self exploration to ‘qualify” for the physical realm! Indeed very much like the Master programs many of you partake in, in your many specialized universities! They do not make you feel inferior surely? Like wise, your physical dimension is one of the finest universal universities for Masterhood! And karma is its course material… visible effects that help you expand your consciousness towards Mastery! Visible tools to help you realign with the love, power, and abundance that you already are!

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