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Consciousness... Energy …  is One.
Kundalini is our personal energy field!
Raising our kundalini only means expanding and merging
with the One Cosmic- Universal Energy Field!

Awakening our kundalini only means
Moving from self to Self 
Moving from the microcosm into the macrocosm
Moving from personal to Universal Consciousness
Moving from self-identification into I Am All That Is
Moving from identifying with matter into becoming Pure Consciousness
Moving from duality and its illusions into the Reality of Oneness
Moving from its external manifestations to the Source Itself
Moving beyond the ego notion and its confines
The cessation of individual existence and awakening into cosmic existence!

Energy ... Consciousness... is One
Kundalini is our personal energy field
 and in becoming one with the Cosmic/Universal energy field
there remains no 'me'... nor ‘my’ kundalini...!

Our kundalini only descends to allow Self
to play the game of separation;
and sits coiled at our base chakra keeping Self intact deep within self
And once ready to wind up the game
Our kundalini takes us back ‘up’  from whence we  came

SHAKTI which descended willfully
Is freed by SHIVA –as Awareness fills self
And in that it rises to become One again!


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