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“You do not define the truth. You simply enter into it.” Mumonkon 18

Immortality implies eternal life
 Eternal life implies the negation of death
And yet, paradoxically, eternal life… immortality... exists only through death
 Indeed through constant change…from microcosmic to macrocosmic levels!
Through change is continuity instead of stagnation!
Through death do you render ‘death’ null and void; do you become All That Always Is.

Immortality implies eternal life
Eternal life is not the negation of, but the embracing of death moment- to- moment
 See this all around and embrace immortality. Body cells constantly die so ‘you’ may live; through a million deaths of its many steps can the fluid grace of a dance be; the sun must set for the next day to be; It is through the paradox  of death that ‘All That Is’… can be more! Perfection… can further itself! God indeed dies every moment to eternally be!

Immortality implies eternal life
And eternal life implies a state of flux - even the gods learnt this! Brahma looks down on creation wondering why it is stagnating; Saraswati whispers into his ear that while his creation is wonderful-he forgot that all-important death! For if mortality exists; it is in stagnation, inertia, fear of moving from comfort zones! Indded what appears safe and changeless is mortal and through death is new opportunity, growth, infinite expansion!

Immortality implies the negation of mortality
Mortality implies the human physical body
Thus beyond the physical… beyond the body is immortality ever present
Indeed the physical is merely a veil… move beyond it… not in ‘physical death’
But through yoga- union with Higher Self- be it gyan, bhakti, kriya or karma;
Expand your sense of self and you are in constant touch with immortality

Immortality implies the negation of mortality
And its limitations… its unconsciousness;
In deep sleep you taste immortality every night, or you could not live as mortal! Every nano second you blink out …into your enduring presence or you could not live as mortal! But in conscious awareness of your unconscious eternal beingness is the supra consciousness of immortality!

Immortality implies the negation of mortality
And its emphasis on external senses! Enjoy them yes, but also turn them within;
Straddle both the mortal tool and the immortal that uses this beautiful tool!
Enjoy the changing forms yet be the changeless screen on which they play. Know you are awareness; not what you are aware of; automatically personal self dissolves and consciousness lives as immortal in the here & now! When there is no self, how can it die?

Immortality implies eternity
Eternity, authentically, is not ever-stretching time, but timelessness
Thus immortality is to be found beyond, not within, time! And beyond time is only the present moment! Try it, try catch the Now and it becomes the past or remains the future!
Try it- if the Now is, you cannot be! If you are, the Now cannot be! In the now there is no mind, thus no self, thus no time, thus no past… change…death… only eternity!

Immortality implies that which is always known… remembered
Be it Gods, Masters, renowned people, events or things;
And if you give it some thought, they are yet ‘alive’, as they tapped into and expressed ‘That’ eternal essence, in individual ways; and it is ‘That’ which is immortal…
The individual Divine… not the individual itself.
Perceive the changeless essence within, perceive immortality.

Immortality, Ah
Not in some distant future but in the Now
Not for the Gods but for current expanded consciousness
Not in changeless ness, not in undying ‘self’
Orgasm like, every tiny shift, every stage of letting go builds upon itself
Till there is no you left to enjoy the Ah of immortality!
A concept only… for preoccupation with immortality implies mortality!

When there’s no wall, there is no need of a window”-Rumi
Love from my heart to yours
Divyaa Kummar

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