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EACH OF THE SYMBOLS I have chosen for my landing page has a personal significance for me. I will share these with you briefly, as symbols point beyond themselves to a meaning that can be divined within, yet remaining out of our full grasp… and thus trying to ‘explain’ them quite defies what they are truly about!

The LARGER 8 PETAL LOTUS is the heart chakra; from where I express into your heart centre - the other lotus!

The GOLDEN SEEDS coming out is the intuitive wisdom flowing forth from somewhere deep within… so deep that even I don’t quite know where the source lays. Yes there is the solar yang source (THE SUN) and lunar yin one too … hidden but not quite (THE MOON) and yet it is somewhat beyond these too… going deeper and deeper through spirit (TRIANGLE POINTING UPWARDS) and through the layers of Love… into…?

The ACE OF CUPS (in the first seed) is a message that it is only fulfillment that can truly fulfill another… fulfillment that is the root of true service… fulfillment which reaches out automatically as spiritual transmitter!

The CADUCEUS AND CHAKRIC SYSTEM (in the next seed) … is the kundalani rising or personal energy field expanding into universal … inner balance and thus true healing happening (that’s why it’s a medical symbol too) … and expressing forth as the wings of mercury - the god of communication!

BABAJI - (in the next seed) is a Master living in the higher planes … yet retaining a physical presence in the Himalayas in the true spirit of spiritual service; anything I say here in reference to ‘him’ will be too little. I am deeply connected to him in mystical ways… it is ‘he’ who works through a chalice called ‘me’…

THE GODDESS- in all her aspects has played a vital part in my journey: the void, the womb of All That Is; creation or prakriti itself; The Word, and the ‘beyond the word’ aspect; energy, and beyond energy indeed consciousness too. Love. Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Tara, KuanYin, Mother Mary- Universal Mother –Ma. CONTAINING WITHIN HER HEART CENTRE -THE GODS- Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma; togther Narayan. For where Goddess is Gods must be; and where the Gods are the Goddess is; one cannot be without the other. They are not two parts … but aspects of the one! Where water without its wetness? How sunlight without its warmth?

THE OPEN DOOR- which takes you into the larger picture. Always open, to more. The door is current self….looking into Self and Selves!

THE TWIRLING CRYSTAL BALL AND ITS SACRED GEOMETRY! Symbolizes for me the eternal action, movement, activity…yet at rest…twirling infinitely into more… and beyond the very screen of time and space… beyond all that is or can be ‘known’. For this you must be colorless… no impressions a tall…crystal clear…!

THE SPIRAL from which it all rises-or flows… the symbol within our DNA; the symbol of serpentine energies and kundalani! The symbol of one, extending infinitely! The symbol within nature! A quote ( alas author unknown) sent to me by a friend in reference to my website image: "The spiral is the sign of the eternal, creative, unifying and organizing force or principle at work in the universe, and especially of the ongoing creation of consciousness. It is a divine mark on nature, what may be termed God's personal signature on the cosmos, the Great Architect's own autograph--from the cradles of stars and planets in the awesome spiral arms of galaxies to the beautiful double helix structure of the DNA molecule. As the spiral seems to be integral to physical growth, so it is also the symbolic pattern of human spiritual growth”

THE SKY …SEA the time and space experience; heaven on earth is already here and yours through this journey …within… the heart centre.

The music is OM MANI PADME HUM sung by…..

-It literally means...The Jewel (mani) in the Lotus (padme) hum (resting in) ... the jewel at rest in the lotus...

-If you go deeper means the fulfilled mind at complete rest in the fulfillment of being…completed consciousness …

-When you go deeper it means the conscious complete rest in the unconscious and therefore becoming the supra consciousness of Om mani padme hum...

-When you go deeper... it is Shiva...resting in Shakti...

-And beloveds....when you go deeper still is consciousness going beyond itself.... resting in... What we have no words for...but ‘That’…

-Layers within layers ...within layers...yes… and more…

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