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Spirituality only means in being in touch with spirit! And as spirit is all there is, as spirit permeates all that we call life, there is never a moment where we are not spiritual! Indeed we cannot be ‘not spiritual’ even if we wan to! And even as we move into this awareness… life and spirituality become one!

Busy lives, hectic schedules… and yet the yearning for something more or something deeper is something many currently identify with. And if you are one of those who wonder how to balance the two - your day to day and spiritual life - my response is: Don’t! Don’t balance the ‘two’, for they are not mutually exclusive states to be each given their due; they are not disparate parts to be juggled with finesse; they are only aspects of the one life you live, and in this awareness can you be in touch with spirit where ever you may be, whatever job you may hold, through whichever relationships you may be maybe partaking in.

Let’s view some key spiritual words in day-to-day ways or day to day words in spiritual ways!

Your Consciousness is not some mumbo-jumbo out of reach mystical aspect of self - it only implies your belief system, your truths, your energy field and the frequency you vibrate at! Your consciousness is the sum total of what you think and feel about self, others, life, the universe and God. Thus as you live life, as you learn and expand through its experiences, does your consciousness automatically expand! And as ‘you’ (personal consciousness) increasingly merge with spirit (universal consciousness) - its wondrous qualities: love, abundance, joy, thankfulness, acceptance and the like automatically become a part of you! And even as you vibrate to these finer frequencies you reflect them in your day to day experiences and relationships…! And spontaneously you find yourself well amidst a beautifully enchanting journey… like an Arabian night story with always ‘more’!

Indeed as we expand our consciousness, we are in 24/7 spiritual service! No separate time has to be taken out for ‘seva’ as our expanding consciousness impacts our personal realties, our environment and our world and becomes an automatic 24/7 seva. Through our day to day jobs, through the seemingly mundane roles we maybe playing- employee, housewife, business man or whatever - our very consciousness becomes a reverberating chorus impacting all that is! A new dimension is thus not some mumbo jumbo mystical plane that will descend from the skies- it only implies the critical mass of human consciousness - enough people thinking the same way! And as enough of us expand our belief systems, we expand human consciousness, and indeed usher in an enhanced dimension to live in! In layman terms each of us makes the world a better place!

Let’s view the material world- an aspect often considered ‘less’ than spiritual- and move into the awareness that The Unmanifest – Spirit, God or Consciousness- is part of the manifest material world.  Yes dwell on this nugget for a while and become aware that the ‘physical’ is not separate from the ‘spiritual’; know that matter is consciousness experiencing itself at different frequencies; recognize that God as ‘All That Is’ literally pervades all that is more tangibly around  you too. We cannot reject the physical world without rejecting its very core – spirit; and if we embrace everything as the divine we enter into sacred and abundant living; indeed into true day to day worship!  There are no agonizing choices to be then made- between life and god- relationships and spirituality- abundance and renunciation- and we move from being torn by one or the other into living life and being in touch with spirit as one sacred whole! If you find yourself subliminally justifying your physical needs and desires; if you sense a nagging guilt in its pleasures; if you feel comfort and luxury take you away from the divine; if you believe divinity cannot be experienced amidst the physically oriented day-to-day world but only beyond it… then use this awareness to dissolve the hidden hurdle to this divine experience! For indeed the hallmark of true spirituality is when the physical and the spiritual aspects of life are not viewed as two separate parts in conflict with one another but as one sacred whole. Let’s Rumi’s words take you beyond words! Read not these as expressions off a printed page but listen to them deep in your heart as he mystically murmurs over time and space: “Whenever you come across a beautiful object, it is God saying “Ah you found me”!”

Also of great significance is the understanding that Spirituality and our modern world are not at odds with each other! True spirituality demands nothing from you that does not fit in with a contemporary life style. Indeed spiritual truths are magical – allowing their concepts to be constantly re-interpreted according to evolving human consciousness!  Old antiquated ideas need not hold you back- and impossible seeming concepts become surprisingly easy as we understand them in new ways! Tapas is seen as passion; discipline as the effortless effort arising from being disciple to Self; service as vibrating to your most joyous frequency; unconditional love is understood as the simple acceptance of seeming differences; karma is seen not as retribution but a self chosen game plan; desires are not viewed in terms of being shunned but as our soul purposes to be embraced in the Now; egoless ness is understood as the co-operative endeavor, the feeling that we are all in this together; and surrender does not tell us to give into to some larger outside force but to claim the empowerment of being the one I… and its will! Thus nothing outside of you determines your spirituality or lack of it - it is only your day by day change of inner labels that changes everything… and yet nothing!

The paths of yoga begin to seamlessly and naturally weave into the threads of daily life. The path of gyan becomes the innate desire to know more – and even as we place our focus on choosing to live a better life- does the required awareness start to come our way- tailor made for what we each require. Books, movies, even the World Wide Web…becomes a wide range of new age gurus offering us each myriad ways and tools to fit in with our current life style! Bhakti blossoms as the love of self; the others in our lives, for our world and All That Is- and requires not a separate far out temple to visit! Even modern love songs are heard as consciousness singing to consciousness!  And as we live in awareness and love… we breathe better, expand our energy fields and move into spontaneous kriya! Enhanced living happens - karma yoga happens! And the 4 paths of yoga step out of the traditional gurukul - into day-to-day life!

Let’s go deeper through a day to day joke! A young monk who has been assigned to study the original archives in a monastery comes rushing out in consternation; and when questioned by the head abbot he literally rolls his r’s to exclaim “The R… all along the ‘R’ has been forgotten… everyone forgot the ‘R’!  The word in the original document is celebRate- not celibate." Yes, this life affirmative approach, allows not only the younger generation, but all those who are living their normal lives to enter into the otherwise forbidding looking halls of spirituality!     The approach of being the aesthetic instead of an ascetic, the stand of being a lover rather than a renunciate, the prayer of rejoicing in the divine all around you in day-to-day ways rather than somber entreaties towards some inexplicable goal opens up spirituality in so many little ways!  It speaks to you of the glory and splendor of the human experience; it describes existence as a joyful exploration; it asks you to revel and revere not renounce your participation; it invites you to enter wholly into whatever aspect of it you have chosen to experience for the whole.  And this brings spirituality right into your daily life whatever it may currently comprise of! Your current life becomes the canvas to paint on it what only you can! And every moment that   makes up your now becomes homage to self and Self!

This brings us to meditation! Yes, the new buzz word- it’s on television, it’s in the glossies, it’s seemingly everywhere, as are it many methods and benefits!  And if you are tempted but feel the lack of time against you- let the awareness brought about by this writing  help you  make a quantum leap into a state of 24/7 meditation! For mediation, simply put, is being in touch with spirit- and as you increasingly live in the awareness  of spirit deep within and  all around you in practical day to day ways - you are in a 24/7 state of spontaneous mediation!

Awake with thankfulness filling your heart! Remain in this ‘hallowed’ space awhile, reviewing and reveling in all that’s good and working in your life- and that’s as spiritual a start as you can make! You seed your energy field with positivity and camel-like carry its life force through the day.

As you place your feet on the ground, acknowledge the solidity, stability and succor of planet earth firmly beneath you - feel anchored in its support and thus freer to explore another day of life’s grand experience. Welcome the spreading sunlight by knowing it to be a moment-to- moment embrace of Consciousness itself!  When the wind blows, know it is consciousness caressing against your face! Let this attunement with all that’s around you be your prayer and you need not a separate time and space to enter into sacred communion!

Take it out into your day and see everyone as little Gods going about adding their unique touch to the unfolding universe!  Seek not to know what their expedition is about, only knowing that each one is adding in secret ways that you will only discover at the ‘end’ of the book! View differences not with disdain, but as a creator expressing itself in myriad ways- and revel in these much as you would in vast and varied buffet!

Make appreciation your mantra- appreciation of the workers and domestics who ease your life; appreciation for the support of friends and beloveds. Revere Godself in every beautiful object, landscape or person you come across- knowing it is the One Divine beauty showing itself through different forms! Bask in the abundance of the universe through all that surrounds you in material ways! View problematic events and people as teachers, guides, soul mates, triggers, aids- personal trainers indeed- helping you keep in shape! And extend this embrace to self, knowing that you are perfect as you are now, for it is on this current self that the universe rests!

Fall asleep knowing that whatever made up your day, was your perfect contribution- you aided the whole through every positive thought; and even every ‘fear’ was your endeavor to experience and remove it for the human race!  Your true spiritual role is to be you!  To experience, explore, expand and disempower what only ‘you’ can!  In this knowing, life becomes a 24/7 meditation and the so called ‘spiritual’ and ‘mundane’ lose their boundaries indeed. 


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