TAROT AND QUANTUM PHYSICS- How Tarot works! De-mystifying Tarot
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On such things as matter, we have all been wrong- what we called matter is energy whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter- EINSTEIN

At this point I would like to include our more rational readers to join us, by adding a new perspective for you to view tarot through! Lets become aware that Quantum physics is also one of those bridges, reaching the same source, the same field where all information(touched upon in the introduction) lies And amazing as it may sound, the physicists are just discovering what tarot and other metaphysical systems have known all along! (This is why they have been called metaphysical. Meta means ‘beyond or in addition to’ physics!) And those who need the backing of science to ascertain their truths may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the basic principles underlying tarot are in complete alignment with quantum physics; and yet it offers its own vital input, as each system must in order to contribute and exist.

Every book of quantum physics outlines how we live in a vibrational universe, where everything you see, and don’t, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. So yes, stone, animal, this computer, your chairs, tarot cards, you and me and our thoughts and feelings is energy vibrating at different frequencies; and what you cant see is what we will call pure energy.

I want you to conjure this in your minds! Visualize that you are surrounded in a field of energy: some of it already the material people, events, things, and situations of your life; and the rest is pure energy- your raw material! Shaped by your thoughts and feelings! Shaped by your energy signatures interacting with this pure energy all around you. Visualize your thoughts and feelings and their frequencies as instructions you emit to this pure energy into what shape it takes: ping ping ping!!!!

And thus do we each create our own’ reality’. The ‘outside’, what we call ‘our life’, and ‘our world’ only reflects what is within us. The people and relationships which we enjoy or not, the events that transpire or do not, and the things that we have or don’t is directly our manifestation based on our energy vibrations, and thus our personal responsibility. We in fact are creators moment to moment, and thus are not hostage to external events. The point of power is within each of us, and in the Now. This simply put of course (as it is not our topic today) is empowered being or what is more esoterically called: claiming your creator hood!

Now you may wonder what this has to do with the world of tarot, but it truly is its starting point. With this empowering principle of co-creator hood in mind, we may indeed use the cards optimally! As they were designed to be used! To tap into added fields of information! And just as any significant external input on a situation helps us determine it better, may we with this extra input about self and our energy signatures, use it as guidance to better deal with the situation we went to the ‘cards’ for. This is the clairvoyance (clear seeing) the cards offer! This is how they point to probabilities, by tapping into the source (your feelings, thoughts and inner frequencies) before it has materialized into the denser people, events and things of your life!

Interestingly, the 78 cards of the tarot are called the major and minor ‘Arcana’ – which means “profound secrets & knowledge underlying the human experience.” Each card pertains to a universal archetype experience or quality, ranging from major to minor themes, stages, occurrences, feelings that all humans go through. If you further view the cards as multi layered and case specific symbols it will help you glimpse how the cards together, may comprise of the entire gamut of the human experience and its inherently subtle nuances, thereby holding or vibrating at frequencies matching most, if not all humanities problems, and situations!

And here, steps in, quantum physics again! One of its most basic principles about how energy functions is called, in simple terms, ‘like attracts like’! Energies of similar frequencies are attracted to each other! Thus do your questions- your feelings and thoughts and your situations resonate to these cards which are then ‘coincidentally’ drawn in your reading!

This is the tarots forte – it has been specially designed to help you view the sum energy of your thoughts, feelings, desires, fears and intent in the Now and what you are thus creating for self around you. To view what you may call the causes within your subconscious mind and its effects in your life! The cards are only one more tool to help you see the larger picture, tap into the deeper aspects that you have been unable to do through the usual processes of observation and deduction. A tool by its very definition implies (if properly used) an empowering aid and so must the cards be used – to facilitate ‘clear seeing’! And authentic clear seeing does not encourage you to give your power away to the cards, the reader, or a pre-determined future but to bring you back to a more aware and thus strengthened self.

This is a glimpse only, into how tarot rests on universal laws accepted both by science and metaphysics. Quantum physics further suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present. And Tarot optimally used always brings you back to this ‘choice point’ in the ‘present’!

P.S: We use the words pre-determined, predestined, precognitive, pre-ordained very loosely- and yet each is subtly different. Very briefly:

-Predestined is “what I have planned for my self in any given life” –

-Predetermined is “ what I have set into motion by my current choices”

-Precognitive is only the above-explained clear seeing, not ‘mystically’’ as much as through “knowing thyself”!

-Pre-ordained is what I as the One I have set into movement towards Being!

Divyaa Kummar

“Push your own boundaries further and further. Never stagnate, From movement to rest. When you stop movement in the middle there is stagnancy, not rest. There must be wave upon wave upon wave, each wave seemingly contradicting the first. Yet there is no contradiction, merely opening up another perception, another door”

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