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-Dearest Divyaa, I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed doing this Tarot Class with you. It was an absolutely mind blowing experience, not just for me but also for all the people around me, I must add. Thank you so much for bringing the cards alive for us. As a teacher, Divyaa you were excellent. Never once did I feel that there was something you did not want to share with me. And that for me is the sign of an absolutely superb teacher. I dont think that any of our classes got over at the stipulated time. No one including you was ever in a hurry to leave. Just goes to show the tremendous amount of patience you had as our teacher. Hats off to you! I am impatiently waiting for Tarot 2 to begin. Please tell us soon when. Meanwhile I am enjoying my cards tremendously, thanks to you Love and regards, Rajni Khurana 2008

-Hi Divyaa Just wanted to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at your Tarot classes and feeling bad that it is going to end soon.......Your scientific way of teaching with reason for everything makes it so acceptable . Tarot has opened many doors for me ,it has answered my many questions about spirituality and is unbelievable how 78 cards can answer 700000000 lakh questions. I have and still am discovering 'myself' everyday through the cards............and I am eternally grateful to you for showing me the way and being my guide. May you continue to spread this light in many more lives and here's whishing you infinite success, happiness and prosperity. Please let me know when u conduct the advance classess .......also wanted to know the process of meditating on the tarot cards. Lots of love and gratitude Rraima Puniwala

-Dear Divyaa The other forms of spirituality that i follow have been tremendous forms of healing but Tarot is the most straightforward, cogent guide i have ever come across! It is like my good old Oxford dictionary. Achha, what does such-and-such thing mean? Look up the cards, buddy! And there you have it! Such fun coz i might think arre no! Cant be! i always thought this person/situation/behaviour-pattern means xyz and i tell myself you are very kachha Anahite, you cant read the cards yet. BUT it is not i who reads, it is the cards who come like little angels and tell me this does not mean what you thought all along...this person/situation etc actually means THIS! And shut up and listen to us, you fool, because we have entered your life to clarify and to hone you.Wow, Divya, WOW. A Big thank you love, love Anahite.2008

-Hi divyaa, it was wonderful entering the tarot! v fascinating.! To actually get to "speak" to yr guides & tune in to the other dimension is going to be abs thrilling for me. I’ve always been looking to do that & to learn tarot is more for me to get in touch with my higher self. My dear divyaa, when i enroled for the class, i must confess i didn't know what it was all about. i had heard the word tarot & tarot readings being bandied about by many. I wanted to explore the world of tarot & it all came about when i read yr e-mail about the classes. On a whim & spur of the moment decision i enrolled for them. I wasn’t sure if i'd be able to attend them all but as the saying goes "when u are ready for it, it will happen" & so it did! i was so impressed with yr teaching! i must say i was transported out of myself when i was listening to u. i may have appeared kind of dumb but i was soaking up & trying to assimilate all that u were teaching. I forgot i was a dr, i forgot all about the nitty gritties of life outside the hall for those 3 hours! i really enjoyed yr talks & case histories. once again thanx for the wonderful insights into the world of tarot! lots of love & a big God bless, Dr jeroo bhada

-Dear Divyaa, Thank you for introducing me to the world of tarot- for showing me how to find my empowered self through the cards and not to depend on predictions! I find it amazing that the cards are such a rich source of spiritual truths and the world does not know? Three cheers on showing this side of the cards to us! Warm warm regards, kavita 2006

-Dear Dear Divyaa I came to learn tarot…and am going back with so much more! My whole perspective on life and self and god has changed…! What an amazing tool the cards are! And what an amazing teacher…guide you are to highlight this aspect of the cards! Thank you ever so much! Love geeta- 2007

-Hi Divyaa, I have no words to express, how the 11 weeks has been ......its just AHa! The peaks and valleys of life have always amazed me, but with your wondrous guidance of this great know how of tarot, valleys look as beautiful as the ace of pentacles [ solid ,beautiful garden with the golden pentacle above you ] and the peaks lovers [ the sun above ,and the guardian angel guiding you ] You have not only been an excellent teacher, but a profound one ,in this spiritual journey ,for all of us. And we thank you Divyaa for having chosen us to be your students, and taken on the task to enlighten each one of us We will walk through with you in this journey to reach THE WORLD many times over, whichever medium you choose to guide us with. And thank you you once again for opening the doors of wisdom for us. Loads of love Neena Bidikar 2007

-Dear Divyaa, Hope all well with you...and a big thank you to you for the tarot class. I attended.....your style of teaching was lovely, and made the tarot sessions really interesting ....thank you for introducing us so well, to the amazing world of tarot...I had a couple of queries related to tarot spreads...and was wondering if I may speak with you regarding the same.....pls let me know whats a good time to call you...Thank you once again...With warm regards, Ruchi.. 2007

-Dearest Divyaa ,I so enjoyed the Tarot Classes and was hoping that circumstance allowed me to continue without missing any… and the UNI did hear my prayer. Speaking for myself … I could not have asked for a better teacher. Your passion for tarot and your knowledge combined with your genuine regard for your students made the learning experience so very worthwhile and already I find myself seeing the finer nuances of this ancient wisdom. Thank you … thank You… THANK YOU. Love and gratitude, Nargis 2008

-Hi Divyaa, I entered your class and I knew I was in the right place because I don’t feel comfortable to quickly in a new atmosphere...but thanks to your approachable self you did create space for others like me to feel like myself. I needed some form of guidance went to many places....but didn’t feel at home...I learnt about the cards........and you know they truly do come alive...I feel I am inside and I’m the character...Like in the strength card...I actually became the beautiful lady with a rose chain around the lion........I am learning to be strong like that....... and every time I need guidance...the image comes in front me ........its amazing....And more than me pursuing tarot for money...I am trying to help my friends and think positively........I am...rather i was...the biggest pessimist on this planet....and... hearing what you had to say...which any told me....close to me be positive......went unheard...but maybe the way you told me was different... I never thought i would connect as usual...approach was wrong...but see how beautiful the journey has begun....I Think your class is an effective workshop for healing the individual as well! hmm...11 days....for 3 hrs aren’t enough i truly believe so.......I just feel i just loads... kunjan 2007

Dearest Divyaji, it is my utmost pleasure to say you are one of the greatest teacher in tarrot. Learning tarrot from you was an experience i can not forget in this life. Learning tarrot from you has helped me so much in my life that i don't have words to express. In tarrot i have found a friend who guides me, cautions me, awakens me to my weaknesses. It was one of my greatest decisions to attend your classes’ divyaji. I have all intention to reattend & do the advance classes whenever possible for me. with all the gratitude & love, parimal gandhi 2006

-Dear Divyaa, Life is a journey of constant learning and tarot classes have been remerkable milestone in this journey of mine. I express my GRATITUDE for holding my hand in amazing world of tarot and introducing me to the tarot cards in most fascinating manner. I couldnt have asked for more. You have been an endless source of knowledge and inspiration and have succeeded in bestowing on me the thirst to learn more from you. If at all i can give you an award- you are the worlds best teacher and not to forget to mention about the notes - IT ROCKS.I have cherished every hour of learning from you,it has been such an overwhelming experience!!! I look forward for the advance course to begin.( please please keep it on a sat as i am working in a 9 to 5 kind of a job which gets over at 8!) Lots and lots and Lots of love and Hugs Deepa C Dave 2007

-Dear Divyaa I was drawn to learning the tarrot cards, and the beautiful way in which you taught them, took me into a journey into myself...they made me aware of the many different aspects of my personality... fears, strengths, etc, they say in the bhagvad geeta "know thyself" , which is precisely what the tarrot helped me to do, and still does, when I am confused. jyotsna nivetia 2006

Respected divyaaji, being your student was the result of good deeds of our past karma,due to which we had the privilege of being you student (not a small thing). the experience is so divine which cannot be explained in words as we had the opportunity of being with the divine soul. we have now started missing all the lovely experience that we had, as it is said in hindi “ us lamhe ki kadar aati hai, waqt guzar jane ke baad”.we began to miss those excellent moments of studying from you, only after those wonderful moments have passed.studying from you was an excellent experience as you teach from the core of the heart. unlike others who teach with an intention of holding few things with them as an monopoly, but you never cared for your own time and always tend to gave us more than we deserved, which is itself a divine thinking, and never made us realize for those extra, time or the efforts you continuously made to make us feel more confident. and never expected anything in exchange for that extra, extra time and energy. This is a divine thinking, as its god who does it all for us and never asks in return, and tends to give and give, which you did to us. Indeed you are a divine soul. I feel that the word T H A N KY O U is a very very small word for all that you did for us. Especially me, I was the most naughty and caused lot of mischief. Here I would like to add, that in case if my words caused hurt to anybody, i apologize for all that, unconditionally…From you Student Tavinder Pal Singh 2008

hi divyamam,I am completely amazed by the language of the tarot you speak through.Hats off to you mam.Also something personal,to share with you,when i saw you speak the way you do and dress in short skirt i was inspired by you,for i used to have that deep feeling within me of wearing a short skirt and being so free and dymanic ,but also had this conversation in my head,that im 36,and how can i wear a skirt and be that way now.Thanking you so much for making a difference not only through your teachings of tarot,but over all by being who you are.god bless you.thank you so very much for sharing such immense and beautiful is indeed an eye opening notes,and also answering to so many queries that i always was looking for.lots of love and happiness,love rupa chandan 2008

Dearest Divya Madam,Each session was divine.. Tarot, by the grace of God and your blessings, continues to be a divine experience.. Indeed grateful to you till date for that transformation and turning point in my life.. God bless..Prayers and Thanks at your feet,Rishi-2008

Hi Divya,This is shilpa, I am a house wife and running a small business of handicrafts, I am sending this mail, because I have done tarot reading from one of your student, and i asked her to give me the mail id of yours. I just want to thank you first for being such a excellent teacher,This student has made you proud,Excellent in tarot reading,and then counselling after understanding the cards, she has helped my daughter out of abusive relation which no astrologer or counsellor could do,but she did over just a month by boosting her confidence, and similar many people through tarot from her have benefited,because i used to go to her regularly and have seen it, with very positive attitude, she pulls the words, feelings like a magnet, and very important she doesn't need anyone to reveal the identi to her, she can do this on phone, only question and everything is right in front of you, and so i wanted to thank you to be a EXCELLENT MASTER because this student has made you really proud. All the best and thank you,Love Shilpa -2008

Dear Divyaa, there is Very strong n pure energy in n around you... Glad iam learning frm u... Shradha- 2008

Dear Divyaa, Your tarot class was so amazing with so much dedication.I am glad i joined you. thanks lata tarneja- 2008

Hi and Thank you for the mail ma'am...Btw, can I take this opportunity to tell you that I absolutely love the way you teach! It's been a fabulous two days so far....looking forward to learning more from you....warm regards and many thanks, reshma 2008

Thanks a lot and blessed. hopping that my ganesha will remind you every moment that your some students loves you and belive in you as guru. and for us you are more then that.bharat mona-MARCH 2008

hey divya,Thankyou so much for taking me through this  beautiful journey of tarot. it has taught me a lot and its true , the cards do  talk to you, i get the answers more intutively , that works for me.i feel that i am really lucky and blessed to have got you as my guide.Also wanted to mention  something else , My guided meditation sessions with you have changed my perspective to life........Thankyou for also being there for me like a mother,  would. i was completely shattered, broken and you guided her through the ups and downs of life so beautifully with love and understanding.LIFE  IS  SOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL NOW. And  theres only one person to thank and that is ,u, Divyaa ,my guru , my guide . Love  u loads ,Tanushree. 2008

Hey Divyaa...I could definitely sense that you taught us through energies because although we were a group of 30? I really felt connected and felt that self-guidance is really come home to roost. I really feel connected, centered and completely confident with your guidance. I have always know I am intuitive but that added with all that i have learnt from you makes it so much more real. Thank you. Look forward to the advanced tarot when you do it because whatever numbers you did are fabulous and open up a different world through the numbers. I hope you start new batch of silence meditation soon. I have grown a lot with you, and learnt how to apply my spirituality to my material being and how to manifest what I now know is to be.Love Aditi Makim 2008

Dearest Di,HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY-DIVYAA + 78 CARDS + SUSHMA = FRIENDS FOREVER...WOW! What a great feeling. This is e-mail energy exchange.ha ha...You are an amazing,friendly and a great teacher.I always count my blessings every day . I am grateful to God for his guidance to select you as my tarot teacher.Tarot classes have helped me  a great extent to  think positive. Like torrential rain, worry,anxiety,fear, insecurity were relentlessly attacking me. What a deluge! After learning  tarot card and understanding them  I worry less. I am able to deal with my negativites and they do attack me but have taken a form of passing shower. I acknowledge them and immediately get into the canopy of my tarot deck.Initially, in my daily reading I use to attract all the negative cards like tower, devil, ten of wands [projection of my insecurities) but since being with you more there is a tremendous change, I am attracting good cards like queen of pentacles, star, temperance. Today's card was ten of cups.Isn't it great!Just wanted to share my feelings with you today.God bless you.Tons of love sushma 2008

Hi,Divya, I keep hearing your voice in my head, every time I am silent...and the whole tarrot class of yesterday keeps playing through.I saw the  tuesday classes pictorially represented through the cards... and my own life...and I am now the dancer!!Each step joyous, and yet not knowing the next!!because i know that I am ( and the rest of the people in the world, ) are chalices through which  Consciousness is acting out its its desires to all be/experience etc your words!!Like you said ,its all a game, and when I play a game  ,I go to  to play out of my own FREE WILL,  and I am ENJOYING myself while  playing the game,   looking out for   MY BEST INTEREST , while playing, so similarly  Consciosness/ higher self, etc, will look after its best interest, and therefore, me, and all the other people.. I TRUST, AND THEREFORE   I SURRENDER.AND THEREFORE I AM IN BLISS  (your defination!)A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU DIVYA, FOR BEING THE HERMIT, THE GUIDE WITHOUT WHO LED ME WITHIN  TO SEEK MY OWN ANSWERS !!P.S I have know understood my reason for being so magnetically drawn towards the tarrot.. it was for this purpose.. to get this deeper understanding of life..visually..Thanks again love jo 2006/2009

d,ur the best teachr evr...and while i hv invested in many books and visited many sites after your class none match your notes and i always reach for your booklet when i need an insight -love ruhi 2006

D,i thank you, my wonderful wands and cups and swords and pentacles Teacher -you truly blended all aspects of teaching - detailed notes, thorough explanations,with lots of love and fun and deeper insights. love Mona 2008

Dear dee, Miss our Tarot classes and you and your indomitable energy, Divyaa.  Cheers to your courage and your transparency.  i have learnt a great deal from you.  (although i must confess that the first day that i saw you i thought you were just a young enthusiastic 30-something...! but lets establish this once for all ~ you are the eternal teenager..that is the fragrance of your energy and suddenly when you are in teacher-mode you turn a hundred and four and a hundred and four degrees!  Then again even as a teacher, you have youthful energy which imparts and receives equally...what is the card again?  Six of Pentacles, right?and now i gotta go. i have my favourite time of the week to attend to with one of my most fave people of all time ~ YOU! with each class, i marvel at your dedication as a teacher and your love for your art. i hope we can turn out like you with our students. love ~ lots!ciao! love anahite 2008

Dear Maam,I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Since the time I can remember, I have always been interested in all that is the unknown. Even when I didn't know anything  I would sit with my friends & talk about it. My exposure to meditation happened at a very early stage in life. I never didunderstand the meaning of it all.Then as time went by a lot of things happened in life & the question "why me? " kept haunting me. I wanted my answers. At that point of time I was exposed to Tarot through a friend. I was told a lot many things, which didn't make sense then but as days passed by things started happening. My faith grew in Tarot. Now I wanted to learn it but the person whom I had been to said when the time comes it would happen on its own.My quest for my answers would not let me be quite. I tried learning a lot many things. Then I came across your advt. in the TOI. I didn't have my resources but I managed. I started my classes. I made sure that I wouldn't miss any class, not only because I would then miss what was taught that day but also I didn't want to miss on the precious words that you spoke. I soak in everything that you say & don't say. Your meditation classes and also the emails that you send regularly have been so very insightful.My life has been a roll-a-coaster. But after meeting you, I have learnt so much from you.     I'm receiving answers to my questions. I have my Guru, who gave me iniciation for meditation & with due respect to him, I feel I have met my Guru. I'm so much more at peace now with myself. Once again thank you maam, for being one of the  best blessings in my life.With Warm Regards,Monesha- 2008

Dearest divyaa! Fabulous !! That's why tarot reading has picked up so well!! I love it, enjoy it and live it!! I live in the world of tarot!! It's been amazing...yesterday I did a reading with my parents and that was the single most fulfilling experience - something I have waited to experience and dreamed of it a million times - to serve them in this way is amazing. They were fulfilled and pleased with the session and I am sure this is the stepping stone to be the spiritual leader I wanted to be with their blessings. I am so happy!!! great news to share - Vision Weavers has started with a bang! And with professional Tarot readings....amazing!! I feel happy and finally on my path. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and the experience of the client has been more than fulfilled. Vision Weavers is mainly to bring children and youth to work on studies or choose career from their core nature and their parents too. And three of my clients were 2 young girls and their mother and all were relaxed into a deep enquiry - the cards are amazing!! Thank you for the teaching!! Words cannot convey enough. A big big hug can!!! We'll celebrate coming tuesday for sure - this is a birhday month for sure for me - a new birth!!love aditi 2008

Dee! I know Im suprised at myself but had done elementary readings for my masaji and he thought it was very bang on!! Im almost his official family tarot reader. HA HA ..So....Im good. Just got back last week from a loonng break of 5 weeks. Back to some pleasant moments ...smiles/acknowledgements....was tempted to call you but cannot possibly harass you everytime I get a handshake ...which is almost everyday!!! So im trying to take it in my stride and not react in a heightened state. Im..uh  feeling " just...  ah..." at this know I truly thank you once again for helping me learn all about this you would say.. truly wondrous life ! love shruti 2008

Divyaa is a cherished friend and also our Tarot card teacher. We have attended several of her channelings and energy sessions. She is fantastic. I think you will find her absolutely remarkable. She is very connected to Source. If you want to know more about her, go to her website which is mentioned at the end of her e-mail. Lots of love to you all,Fizz and Meher 2008

Dearest Divya,Just want to tell you that i am thoroughly in love with my tarot classes!  You make them very special, indeed! Our classes mean a lot to me..i really wait for Saturdays..get into atrance almost!  i also spend a lot of time with the cards and am doing my homework. So much fun, this new world!  i catch myself talking to acolleague/neighbour/friend and think, oh this guys an emperor!  andthis one is the fool! !Truly, what you said is so very true!  The same card has a differentsignificance in my life, even in this short span!i look forward to this fabulous journey for my own growth and Godwilling, for others too.Thank you for being there.A big hug.anahite.

Divya ji Feeling gr8 to be your disciple,wid U opening petal by petal to Xperience the fragrance of a new flower.meaning enlightening us (showing us )to see a new world thru TAROT.I`m enjoying myself thoroughly, stepping slowly but surely into a new world ,quite mysterious though, but enchanting.ramesh 2007

Respected ,dearest  Maam, I have had the blessings of the lord for sure cause i met you. You have been a truly very very expressive teacher. Cause only a person who can express so beautifully can be the best tarot teacher. I thank the higher forces as i know they made it possible for me to reach to you.  We all noticed how  passionionate you are about tarot. For me it was a fabulous experience and a totally fabulous journey through all the classes . You made it so systematic  and in a very  simple and  organised method you showed us what each card meant . The cards would start speaking themselves the way you use to put it up for us and  hold our fingers and take us through the journey of the fool.Your notes are fantastic too and when i read them i see you sitting in front and talking to us. I started idolizing you so much that when i talk i start speaking the way you do. I say to myself to connect to the Divyaa consciousness and words start flowing in as i remember all what i experienced on the tarot journey. Its one of my best  learning experiences to have had till date. You have been a true inspiration to me. I truly thank you from the core of my heart. I pray to god for blessing you and your family with the best in life .I would always love to keep in touch with you all my life as you have  been an instrument in changing my life.Your student Araadna MARCH 2009

Hi,First of all, I must start by saying that I enjoyed our tarot1 class immensely and the input we received from you has made a major positive impact on my life!..Truly..I experience it everyday!!..I really can't thank you enough for the same.......:)Thanks & regards,pooja gorakshakar.MARCH 2009

Hi Divya I would like to thnak you for the wonderful mails coming from your end.  Each mail has something new to impart and great insights.  I really look forward to them and love reading them.  The karma series were simply amazing and so are all the others.  They work as constant reminders and pull one back when one is going even slightly offtrack.Doing the tarot class with you has given me a different perspective about tarot and my block with the tarot cards has dissolved to great extent -infact now my relataionship with the tarot cards has changed.  I really appreciate the ways in which you teach the tarot so self-lessly and sincerely wanting each of us to grow as tarot readers.  your way of connecting the cards to every area of life, specially the spiritual is simply amazing. Such connection in itself becomes an ongoing learnining process and makes tarot your constant companion, a friend, a Pari.March 2009

Hi Divyaa,No amount of words can express my gratitude for all that you have done for me. I guess my actions in carrying forward your teachings will be proof of such appreciation."The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort.  The tough problem is not in identifying winners:  it is in making winners out of ordinary people."  This is what you have achieved Divyaa with flying colours. We all formed a bond over the 10 weeks; a bond which to me will remain forever. No other could have done a job with such a "varied" group such as ours and some rather difficult people (like me), as you have Divyaa. THREE OF CUPS !!!You are simply put...... AWESOME.Love from my heart always,Chris-Aug 2009

Beloved BeautiFUL,m addressing Ur soul!very few like U, ya, i mean 'U' can leave a poet like me tongue-tied!Ur Taro teaching is like an arrow that hits the target! For me, Tarot was deep learning n a sacred discovery of self in a novel way.Divya, darling Divya,U poured like the ACE of Cups n soared like an angel!Though tough n bold, urs is a hart of an Empress, u mothered saying "it's ok to cry,"lke a Chariot u cracked the whip saying,"Now move on, dont sit n sigh!"u eased me so, dat i felt light, n to the World of Star n Light, i did fly!my dear, dear Divyaji,I com bac tired from Tarot class,but i peruse thru my Notes all over again,n try to absorb the manna u feed us with!Thank d Universe for giving u as my Tarot teacher!I ALWAYS C MORE N MORE IN UR WORDS!Sometimes, i m so touched with ur depth n faith n profundity n insight into Tarot...that i start reliving the class! The way u say, "Ok guys is so cool!"U r blessed n more importantly, u share the knowledge. ALL LOVE  vivi-i refill ur cup with tears of gratitude n beatitude.SEPT 2009

Dear Divya,A simple thank you for starting me on a path which gives an immense satisfaction.Yesterday, was my 1st ptofessional tarot reading.Thank you again for coming into my life.Ritu sept 2009

Hi Divyaa,Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to do a reading with me. More then the outcome of the reading, what I really appreciated was the warmth that your home reflects, (nothing to do with the aircons not working), and above all the peace and positive energy I felt while I was with you. Its was simply put AWESOME.May god bless you always. As a student of tarot of yours, if I can take away just 10% of what you represent, I would have acheived wonders.Love always,Chris-2009

Hi Divyaa,

 Did not get a chance to thank you for the wonderful tarot journey i had. It really helped me to understand alot of stuff i was going thru. i can definately recall seeing  my self in different stages of the 'Fools story'I ve achieved  this contentment in myself that now i take up everything which comes forth to me as my experience for myself what i have chosen.. nothing seems good or bad to me, it just feels right. Acceptance of  didi's death was my victory... i now remember them in happy heartfelt memories rather then those nightmares i earlier used to have. i still feel very connected in soul with her and i know somewhere somehow i may meet her again.This vision only got clearer because of your blessings. Thank you so much. Love Always,Smeeta -2009

D dearest ,And how can I thank you?!!You for being the guide , you for being the friend,you for being the only one as you are....As I surrender , I remain grateful for all that is,for all that I am , for all that surrounds me- and that which is then within me.And for all whom have been sent to me. Last but the most amongst few, you.So much love. Sonya.

Hi, First of all, I must start by saying that I enjoyed our tarot1 class immensely and the input we received from you has made a major positive impact on my life!..Truly..I experience it everyday!!..I really can't thank you enough for the same.......:)
Also, I noticed a "triggering off the inner guidance system or intuition" mentioned in your class details! Thank you -2009

 I just wanted to personally thank u so much for being such a wonderful guide and doing this class has helped me alot to grow as a person and find peace....Love always,Niharika -2010

 Dear Divyaa,Travelling on the Fool's journey with you was a magical and enlightening experience.
I feel transformed in this one month like I have journeyed through all 3 lines of physical,mental,spiritual  in fast forward right before my eyes!!! Thanks for empowering us to face the highs and lows of life and preparing us to leap from the known to the unknown..You said to meditate on the Star (when charging my cards) and I feel the Star is guiding me to Trust and allow what is...and I am so grateful that I was guided to you:)
Thanks for opening the door to a world of Magic and Illusions and Beyond... 
Lots of LOVE,
Purvi -2010

Really enjoyed my journey with you, thanx for showing
me a new path to spirituality.You are a wonderful human being. Thanks
once again. Vs -2010

Dear Divyaa,Thanks for all your guidance during the class. This was a wonderful Tarot Journey.  All that I have struggled to learn in the last four years, you were able to pass down in 10 weeks which just passed awayso quickly.   Will miss the group and the fun we had from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m every Saturday but I will remember you and the rest each time I pull out my tarot deck.Please keep me informed about your advanced class.  Hoping it would be on  Saturdays again. Wl keep in touch.RegardsRosie -2010

Dearest Divyaa Thank you soooooooooo much for taking us through the world of tarot in the last 10 weeks. I had never imagined I would be taught tarot so well and that there is so much to the cards at multiple levels. For me it has been a truly fulfilling and overwhelming experience to have learnt tarot after patiently waiting for 8years!!! I am sure I wouldn't have had a better teacher/ guide/friend than you to take me through this journey. Probably the Universe was aligning itself in such a way that I had to learn Tarot through you.... 

I am eagerly looking foward to your advanced tarot classes ( I just hope I can make it to them inspite of my residency). Please keep me posted about all your upcoming events and your mails too.And thank you so much for the mailing list!!  

I'm going to miss the classes...each and every one and the group energies we created...

Loads and Loads of gratitude (for being my heirophant) and love ( for being my queen of pentacles) Kisses and hugs

Poonam -2010

Dear Divyaa,wish u a very happy new year.wanted to say a little thank u for guiding me on my tarot journey it is truly amazing & has become a part of my life
thank u
love niki -2010

dearest divyaa,Let me begin by saying how much i enjoyed the classes .Jumped into it like a" fool" and came out feeling like an "ace of cups." you  truly are a gifted teacher, who gives so much of herself.....may your tribe increase!!! The little spiritual nuggets that you threw in ,added that extra zing to the class. Am looking forward to the beginners meditation classes. Pls forward me the dates once you decide. My tarot has started in earnest.....but do face glitches now and then. Am  hoping that my patience will pay off. Can"t tell you how, at these times i wish you were around.....Let me end by saying a biiiigg thank you from the bottom of my 'cup'.......errr.........heart. like you always sayfrom my heart to yourslots of love......anita -2011

dearest dee i am going to miss the  tarot classes and the lovely group.thanks so much for an amazing insight into an entirely new world.u have added a new dimension to my understanding of symbols and to the world of spirituality. am waiting for the advance class.also divyaa pl add me to your mailing list.ove luck and happiness to allsangeeta mandhana 2012

 Hi Divyaa,A big thank you for the wonderful tarot class.When you teach you make tarot come alive.Your new book is excellent.I have just begun.Thank you once againlove,Jeroo-2011

 Divyaa.The subject line of this email should have read "thank you" but that
was just not sufficient for all that your reading brought me.I have full faith in tarot and in you Divyaa. I listened to yourreading very very carefully and think of all that you said in your
wonderfully honest Divyaa way. I also pay great heed to all that you
said.Once more, a deep namaskar and a huge hug to you, my marvellous
teacher, guide and may i add, friend.
Lots of love. Anahite. 2011

Dear Di,
This tarot journey has been one of the most Important breakthroughs in my Life...
Thanks a million Di... would surely love to do the advanced level... will confirm as soon as i manage my dates... the feeling is divine. I AM CONNECTED.

Dearest Di:)
The past 5 weeks and 10 long afternoons ,today seem like a milestone for me !! From the very  that i enrolled for the class, not once did i  even think about how i'd manage to sit through,,(though i did come armed with painkillers in my bag each time),I must admit that even my subconscious fears flew right out of the window,(overlooking your lovely garden:)the very first day itself!Since i had never met u ever before or knew many who had come to you for a reading,I googled you and connected with you at first sight of your picture..I remember leaving a request for a class many many months ago then, though  you had mentioned you may or may not...So i left my wish to the universe .and voila!!
 Di,I must admit the energy in that room kept me going and you as a teacher/guide,absolutely rock! You speak a language, each one of us can  understand and connect with.(dont even think of polishing off those b@#* and f%$#@..   lol! As  a teacher ,you have excelled by instilling in my heart 'a love for tarot '.I feel more in charge now with tarot by my side,,LITERALLY !! pls see the attachment,,i have stationed the WORLD card by my bedside!!
 During class , I also collected some pearls of wisdom,esp on why we get genetic disorders( I THINK MY DOCTORS CAN THANK YOU FOR GIVING THEM SOME REST NOW,BY GIVING  ME A CLOSURE ON THAT;)And so i cant wait to start attending your tuesday sessions .But before that i'm sooo looking forward to the advanced tarot class.(I hope the toilet roof will be fixed by then! lol! sorry !blame it on the diuretics!)
 Until then, i hope to practise some tarot..fortunately I have found an eager querent in my son ,for whom I did some wonderful readings last night and managed to put some of his anxieties to rest :)A  big thank you for that!!! and also for all your encouragement and guidance.. I have already started working on that front ...
I  would also like to thank my tarot classmates,some of whom were very compassionate and concerned of my well-being..It sure helped too..I hope to connect with them soon again:)
Once again Di,  A big THANK YOU for the  magical journey so far.will be back for the rest:)
Sending loads of warmth and the best of wishes your way...
with gratitude and love, Hema sadrnagani -2011

 Thank u so much for such a spiritually elating time and for an amazing experience of tarot reading. The classes were amazing with truly eternal n blissful feelings..i m truly moved by your humble words .thank u for giving us such vibrant energies to make a difference in everyone's life.....Namita Jain -2011

 My dear Divyaa;Just wanted you to know what a wonderful time I had in the class. It was like my art history class in New York!  Tarot is such a beautiful healing and counselling tool. Ofcourse, without you I would have been so overwhelmed and even afraid of the cards. For me this was always a personal exercise, to understand myself, to be more accepting and make wiser decisions.Thankyou for being my teacher and guide, Im very fortunate.  Lots of Love: Rushali -2011

Hi Divyaa!

My life has come a full circle from the tarot classess. My Husband and i find all the answer and pointers in tarot.Thankyou soooooo much! for this line of divination. 

With lots of love n lightSantosh Mishra -2011

Dearest Divyaa,  I absolutely LOVED the tarot class conducted by you. It has opened the window to a whole new 'life' for me :)!!!!!!!! You touched on so many subjects beyond tarot that have made me look at things.. life. .love.. relationships... differently...  FOR THE BETTER. Been following your articles on facebook as well! lets say you have become an 'addcition' I encourage anybody and everybody to do a class, workshop, sitting whatever it is just to get a little bit of "D" into their lives!!!

looking forward to the ADVANCED and hugsPriya.K.-2011

Hi Divyaa Tarot enlightenment  through your thorough explanations and dedication to the class was the best part of this year for me.... i was always inclined towards tarot, astrology and numerology. A few weeks before i contacted u , i had bought Rider Waites deck and had decided to read through the internet and then a week later a very good friend of mine gifted me ' A Tin of Tarot' by Jonathan Dee... that was it ... i decided to learn and here i am now knowing a lot more than i ever would have imagined ... thanks to your superb knowledge .i have enjoyed the class immensely. And look forward to the advanced class. Please do continue spreading your knowledge to others. Monica K -2011

Three Cheers for Divyaa  HIP HIP HURRAY!   HIP HIP HURRAY!   HIP HIP HURRAY!Hi  Divyaa, read your lovely exuberant mails and wow reading them makes me wish we could have these sessions continuing on and on....I had a purpose every week counting the days till it was Thurs and then voila couldn't wait for Sat coz u just made the sessions so magical and instilled such confidence that I remember feeling like a champion whose won a trophy after the first 22 cards and I called my friends and family to do readings for them....The most beautiful feeling was meeting all the lovely people and I did make a few new friends and I walked away feeling confident that with a bit of practice I could work on my higher self thru the cards and help others by easing their worries thru the guidance that the cards would impart to me...And the best part is that confidence YOU gave me.... you are a true teacher who managed to make 22 of us fools take a leap and start on our journey..I would doff my hat (if I wore one).  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and
PSrealized I have started  making the circular gesture over my heart very subconsciously picked up from you.
Lots of love and please is there an account I can directly bank transfer the money or do I have to deliver it to you for the advanced class coz baby I am ready to rock and roll.
loven ishu -2011

Dearest Dee, I just want to Thank You for sharing this wonderful journey with us, and giving us at least me an insight to a magnificent magical world. Thank you once again. Loves always, angeli -2011

 Thank you Divyaa!!! Your kind words are most encouraging!  Your lovely story telling session got us so engrossed that we really did not realize how time flew past : ) You were definetely the queen of wands showing up with all your Strength and taking us on journey from 0 to 21 and beyond!!Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey!! Do mail whenever we plan practice sessions...  Love and regards
Varda -2011

Thank you so much Divyaa I am so humbled by your kind words!Thank you for such a great 'door opening'!Thank you to all my fellow travelers, its been so great sharing this experience...the classes were vibrating with joyous energies of mutual sharing quite amazing...looking forward to knowing each of you more in coming times.
'Kindred souls becoming Whole...Tarot opening doors Bringing that we need to the fore!'Rudresh -2011

Dearest Divya-WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE to receive your detailed mail with all our queries and your lovely straightforward suggestions!!!Doing taro was like a peek into another part of the world,which i must admit i thoroughly enjoyed!! Thankyou!! Like you rightly said mothers will be mothers,always wanting the best for their child,and since the page of pentacles is suggesting whats good for him ,so be it!!Looking forward to doing your advanced class . Already feeling bad that won't be seeing you and the  lovely girls anymore.Hopefully we as a batch will keep meeting up.Warm Regards Mridula -2012

Thank you for the wonderful class Divya- learnt lots n lots from in the 7 sessions I
attended. I missed today's class and am feeling awful as Rashne told
me it was simply outstanding. When m cousin had mentioned about you, I
had asked her to share your contact details that very minute as I knew
I had to come to you for a session. Where my mind was confusing me,
may be destiny really wanted me to connect with you hence I landed up
for a session inspite of the initial denial from my end. Me being a
part of your tarot classes too happened out of the blue and specially
so coz you had already taken two classes and yet welcomed me! I have
been trying my best to find answers within and outside to a lot many
things. I am standing waiting for someone or something to help me with
a way ahead without fooling myself or making myself believe whats not
meant to. I sincerly urge you and all my fellow classmates to please
help me with lots of positive energy. I look forward to being in touch
with everyone!Lots n lots of love and smiles,
Zainab -2012

Hi!Every good thing comes to end so it is wid this class... But our journey begins made it look feel very easy by teaching it so well encouraging us guiding us,The way the whole story you narrated was so good and that made it easier to remember.
God bless you Kaanan M Shah Regards -2012

Dear Divyaa Ji,Tarot under your guidance has been the most enchanting of the experiences i have had in recent times.  The light u emanate  onto everyone present in ur fold is most mesmerising.  Just listening to everything that u unfolded for us during the classes makes me relate and corelate to every aspect of life thru each card which is most enchanting.  Would only request u to continue to spread this divinity to reach to many a souls like me, which i know that u do in ur very own way.Thank you for guiding and opening my inner doors to pierce thru and understand my own inner self.  The exuberance in the class was most dynamic thru out.  I also would like to thank each and everyone in the class for being so very supportive and understanding. u were and r the catalyst behind my transformation.  I have become a pool of energy and have ISHVAR riding on my forehead.  I just have to close my eyes and look up to him, in other words look within me and i find answers.  All the way i had U etched in my mind and eyes and i know that UR the one leading me.  I have been given a message, by none less than MA SHAKTI, to embrace u always.  I just need to concentrate and i can see ur eyes guiding me through all walks of my life.  I am so very connected with ur energies always.Divya Ji, i don't understand what it means, but i was told to offer myself to U and surrender and so i do.  If u have time, i want to sit in front of u and loose myself away. Amazing transformation happening Divya ji and i surrender to U for ur blessings.  Hoping that i can be of some service to u in my life and seeking ur blessings as always.chandrasekhar 2012

Dearest Dee , thank you so much for lighting the light and joy of the 
wonderful world of tarot in effortlessly made something so 
complex seem so simple... Yet you left no stone unturned in explaining 
every tiny detail...and nuance of the cards..I felt a mixed bag of joy 
@ completing the course yet a sense of loss of the class coming to an 
end & not seeing u as often..words cannot quantify my emotions..but 
will end at a simple Thank You dearest Dee...loads of love,Maadhuri -2012

Wow Divya!
What a wonderful email and that too today itself!
Although I missed the last class yet I have gained loads in 9 sessions.
You are a wonderful person, teacher par excellence & most of all a divine energy at soul.
I was silent because there was so much to absorb and the wonderful group soul members did all the questioning on my behalf.
I will always remain connected, surely come for other various activities.
My journey with you has just begun.
My humble gratitude to you and all!
Best regards.
Always be blessed!
Dr Devanshi T Kapadia,(Consulting Homeopath & Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

'The world of Divyaakummar' I am so glad to be a part of that. Divya you lent a part of you in each and every session. The fool's journey was no doubt made easy n interesting but for me it was experiencing a whole new ME through YOUR expertise wisdom n intuition.
will  always appreciate. Lots of love.       Shabnam sayed-2012

Dearest Divyaa,Deep gratitude for the not just the teachings but the heartfelt blessings and sincerest desire that each of us takes back inroads into a higher perspective of what Is.In this class, I found the synergistic "interwoven-ness" of spirituality and tarot. Which is exactly what I was looking for. I always knew there was more to it, and I guess you've led me/us to and into that portal.I sincerely thank you for your blessings and energies. Many thanks. With deepest regards,Jyotsna -2012

Hi dear dee My tarot journey with you was so so so so  Superb and excellent that I cannot describe In words 

You as a teacher are the best not only best 

But the best of the best and from my side 

I have tried to be a good student

You have not only taught me tarot but taken

Me ahead in my spiritual journey

Hope always to have your loving guidance

With me

With lots of love and regards and humble 

Thanks Hemangi


Dear Divyaa,My heart felt gratitude to you for teaching me.You are an amazing teacher,so passionate about your subject and so willing to share it all fearlessly.Am so glad that i found you.There was not a minute when my mind wandered during the class, you enchanted me in so many many ways.I have learnt in 10 days what a 100 books could not teach. So much of planning  and  hard work put into every class.The class is so beautifully interwoven, not just with the art of tarot reading but also spirituality which makes it so complete and very very beautiful.Love,Neeti Jatia -2012



Love divyaa
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