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2017 tarot feedback.... and it continues ...

How on earth does Divyaa do it? In a few days she opens up a magical, mystical world. She makes each card come alive so that it stays embedded in one's consciousness. To give each of the seventy-eight cards an individuality is miraculous and Divyaa is constantly pulling out miracles from her invisible hat. This is no ordinary teacher but someone who is highly spiritual. A complex and esoteric system is laid out in terms a layman can understand. This is an experience I will always remember. Thank you, Divyaa.   Rani Dharker

Thank you so much Divyaa, Simply put, you are a blessing that i feel graced to have experienced.  It was JUDGEMENT that guided me to the HEIROPHANT (you) to tap further into the HIGH PRIESTESS in me to clearly see the SUN and direct my CHARIOT in the right direction with STRENGHT and JUSTICE. Thank you for all the divine connections and guidance  you so diligently and wholeheartedly imparted. I am ever so grateful to have connected with you Dear Divine Divyaa, you have helped me in empowering my WORLD both from within and without. I hope to sincerely take your teachings forward and make you as proud as you make us.I wish you endless love, joy and abundance... With love, admiration and gratitude!!!Reenie  

The work shop with you was outstanding. You met with every bit of the high expectations that I came with and more. I can safely rate you as one of the best teachers i have had the fortune of learning from and would highly recommend and urge anyone considering tarot to not look any further. Divyaa is one of the most sincere, knowledgeable and articulate teachers who makes the whole experience of learning so effortless and fulfilling and the energy of the tarot world is alot more than what meets the eye. It is an actual portal of universal connection that allows you to tap into all realms of reality and more through it. It can be used for guidance, insights, warnings as well as  for healing, empowering and even manifesting. After an intensive workshop with Divyaa, you will come out feeling confident, informed and inspired to dive into this wonderful and mystical world. I know I did! Reenie

Doing Tarot with Divyaa has opened yet another door along my spiritual journey. Her meticulous teachings and notes and her passion for tarot made the entire experience  a memorable one. Sowmiya Bharatt 

Hi Divya.  As I am reading your message. I am in tears. Your words move something in me And gives me a target, get rid of 7 of cups from life. Thank you so much for ur love and guidance. Thank you
Sonlai modi

Beloved Empress of Tarot, YOUR excellence ever leaves me the Queen of Cups thirsty for your gyan! I've always been the Queen of Cups, admitted, and reversed too for short spells! Ok now must i grab a scabbard of the Queen of Swords n lie low as a bard! The group energy yesterday was incredible ----- soft, yet strong, magical and moving! My Feedback: Divya is a veritable High Priestess cum Hierophant who transforms herself into an Empress, nurturing beginners, nudging the advanced students to bring fruition to their learning in doing readings and never ever judging us and in that, empowering each of us to find our wands of expression, cut through barriers of the mind with swords, fill our cups with Tarot Treasures and perhaps, make solid Pentacles through the readings! :-D Or then delve deep into the Hermit's heart. So that's The Tarot Diva, reaching out to each of her students at their level and drawing out the best from each of them! A beginner's or advanced course is at once a spiritual sojourn ---- a personal discovery and a Light that shines on another's path! Swamini. Aaradhanananda

Feeling very fulfilled D! You teach with so much love from the heart. Mansi

Taro has been a fantastic journey with u mam.  I have enjoyed doing readings today.  Thank you . Charu

Divya, the way you have internalised Tarot, making it your guide in joy and sorrow is beyond anyone's cup of tea But to have studied under you  is a deep  journey in itself for us few!  Vivi

Divya it's been a beautiful journey learning tarot with you.  Could actually see the cards reading the mind and feelings.  A great experience smita

Divyaa, to U, the woman with guts,

who broke the rut, 

To the seeker who transformed her pain into gain, 

To a Lover in distress, who metamorphosed into a High Priestess, 

To a soul, who travelled thru a dark tunnel to emerge a Tarot channel, 

To a powerful Teacher, a livewire,

To a friend, who welcomed me in her sphere, 

Whose guidance impact me with conviction, 

My Pranaams, Prayers n Prem in devotion!!!


May my Radha wipe ur worries abt ur hubby...

Chants n Blessings fr him!!!

Hope u like my hymn fr U, my co-traveller! Swamini. Aaradhanananda


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