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TAROT is my passion and an enchanting world of symbols for me to endlessly explore and reach-out through! At a deeper level, I am a spiritual facilitator and thus ‘teach’ the tarot both as a tool for practical guidance and as a storehouse of spiritual wisdom- to fit in with whatever your spiritual path may be. In this synthesis does the tarot truly work as a tool of divination- knowing thyself and thus what you are creating as a future! I first came to the cards (or the cards to me) in the summer of 2000 and since then it has been an ongoing learning! Deeply meditative input, in-depth reading, professional readings and teaching the tarot has all added to my understanding of the cards. I have also done a summer course in the united states with world famous Tarot Hierophants: Rachel Pollack (a tremendous impact on my tarot psyche and a must read for true tarot lovers) and Mary Greer in the summer of 2006, and every such input becomes one more mosaic in an endlessly beautiful larger picture of tarot! Do browse through  student feedback on the classes...its the very next link...


Due to my personal philosophy and way of using the cards, I take you through an in-depth understanding of each card in this course; thus even though it is a beginner’s batch it is not a quick fix very basic class, if that is what you are looking for!  However at the end of the classes you come out understanding the cards deeply and are thus enabled to read the cards in enhanced ways in the longer term. This course equips you to read for self, and through practice to read for others, without needing to do another course unless the love of tarot draws you! It is usually an eclectic group of all ages, mostly beginners with a sprinkling of matured tarot students and even professional tarot readers and who have come for more insights.

In-depth exploration of the meanings, symbols and spiritual secrets contained within the cards enables you use the tarot in many ways. Discover how they can be a spiritual journey, a counseling tool to 'know thyself’, a best friend giving you upfront guidance or a compass pointing to probabilities ahead! Read them for self or others in empowering ways.

We begin the class with two power point presentations, the first touches upon the many frequently asked questions about how and why tarot works; the second explores the deeper spiritual meaning of tarot; this is followed by introducing you the cards, and any questions you may have! 

The next few weeks we go through each card in detail- its symbols and meanings and how to use it for practical or deeper readings because my personal philosophy is that it is this foundation that helps us read the cards better in the longer run. Rather than learn few key words per card and get stuck when they do not 'fit' the myriad questions that life brings to the cards. We thus understand each card as a person....and just as you 'know' how those whom you understand deeply respond in different situations, likewise you will 'know' how the cards fit any question posed to them! 

All of this is interspersed with examples from case histories and personal experiences over the years. Thus at every card we run through a gamut of examples from day-to-day life-  which not only brings the cards alive…but also out of text book understanding into how to actually use them!

I further   introduce you on how to use the cards for magic or manifestation (how to harness the positive energy in the signs and symbols all around you) and how birth details can be incorporated to enhance readings or understand self or your clients better.  

All this leads up to the classes on spreads - we cover a range of spreads suitable for different kinds of readings- and then to actual practice…tarot sessions… with each other! The course prepares you to read the cards for others (and self) in ways which empower them rather then encourage them into being   passive observers in their life events!  We explore how 'prediction' is all about determining probabilities and guiding the client (or self) on how to facilitate the positive ones and improve/ deal with the not so good ones!   But more importantly, and an aspect that is highly emphasized through the weeks, the course helps you use the cards as an invaluable self help tool! It helps you access your subconscious mind and view how you are creating your life events and how to enhance life.  Tarot helps you know thyself...whether it is for an optimal emotion quotient (enhanced day to day life) or a deeper spiritual journey. And if you choose... it is that vital trigger to make contact with your inner guides – guidance…intuition or psychic skills.

While the class is formulated with the complete beginner in mind & geared to give them a deep foundation and love for the world of tarot  we often  have  a  eclectic mix of beginners, more experienced tarot students and  even readers who come to explore the cards deeper and deeper-and thus all are welcome! 

Many ask for a shorter quicker course-and while i could teach you the cards in a few days...or even hours... i would not do true justice to the world of tarot and thus your tarot journey! So yes, while it might seem a long duration to some, the strong foundation and deep exploration of the cards  serves you well in the long run, rather than a quickie! Do read student feedback on this - more than 20 Tarot workshops and perhaps over 200 deeply fulfilled  students!

My workshop  includestwo bound and printed booklets.) One has in-depth meanings for to use! The other has detailed notes on symbols, exercises for practice and spreads- indeed on each topic we pursue- so that you can ‘listen’ in peace rather than focus on taking down notes!  The hall is air conditioned and we have a small biscuit break! You need to buy the Rider Waite cards ( available in any book shop- price varies with the dollar rate- or I can buy them for you-) As sitting space only allows a certain maximum- confirmation is only on full payment at time of registration. Drafts and cheques to be made in the name of DVYALOK; cash to be sent to my home in an envelope with your name and mobile number after speaking to me






TAROT 2- ADVANCED COURSE: TAROT PLAY AND KNOW THYSELFMAY 2019  - the paradox here is that this is lighter then the beginner’s course! One you have grasped the essence through the beginner’s classes, and got that firm grounding almost all other levels are only to enhance and explore the cards further!

 As the name suggests, a lovely light and refreshing playing with the cards to know them and self better! Just like spending more time with your friends helps you understand them better, it is by taking off the intellectual blackboard into play that helps us truly inculcate any wisdom! KNOW THYSELF is an aspect where we explore the cards primarily to know self better; through this we end up understanding the cards in very personal ways!

Tarot Symbols help us harness the positive energies around us in wondrous ways!Tarot can be many things and many people to you- a best friend lovingly  guiding you, a tough counselor enabling you, a mirror reflecting your subconscious thoughts & feelings, rich symbols to tap into, a spiritual text fitting in with any religion, a compass pointing you in the right direction…and yes sometimes even a crystal ball to peek into what you are creating!

For further information or registration please email me or sms me with your name or call me on 9821180556...best between 8 - 9.30 am or 5 -8 pm. 



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