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October 2005

Beloved Jade Fire friends, today is a new step for me and there is great thankfulness towards every step in the journey… great thankfulness to all the people and events that have allowed me to take this step. Today’s channeling about ‘trust in self’ is not a coincidence - because it’s what this step is all about. I had told Ellaeenah that I won’t be channeling today, that I was taking a ‘break! And then, as I got up this morning and started my meditation -the Masters took me through this beautiful reflection of my entire journey till the ‘now’… and I was filled with a profound sense of thankfulness… and while I won’t go through the whole thing because it’s too long, I will share the last part because it helped me and it may perhaps help you.

We had done a very beautiful meditation on the Full Moon day, and part of that meditation was seeing which ‘quality’ is holding you back in your larger growth. And we were asked to view this, on a piece of paper within us. I saw that paper, thinking it will be something benign and very manageable…but I saw a very strong word- and the word was “coward”! And I said to self, to the paper “hello, I am not a coward” and I tried to make it go away…willing it to be one of those ‘mistakes’… but of course it didn’t go away, there are no mistakes in that reality…only a choice of accepting it or not! And we were given a choice through the guidance of the ‘meditation’- whether we would like to put the quality/paper in the fire towards its removal or, if not ready, then not assign it to that irreversible fire and my ‘paper’ had jumped into the fire.

This morning my meditation ended with a replay of all this, and by then Jade Fire’s presence was very palpably there and He was asking me to review my intention! Intention is actually inner action. If inner action has taken place, then it must be commensurate with outer action. Or true intention hasn’t occurred- desire towards it has. And jade fire said to me: “So take your ‘break’, but today make true your intention to move away from fears and take the first step… and of course as always, having said ‘his piece’ he gave me the choice… that you don’t have to take it, you can always allow it to be… till the day you so choose to remove it.” And you all must know how it is- what we usually do with our meditations: an “ok my paper is burning somewhere, and I can just sit back and hey presto it will go’’!! But this- today - is how the Universe gives us opportunities to ‘reflect’ our intention in outer action! We have to take the steps my dearest friends!

And so I come back full circle- linking my morning meditation and today’s …Jf’s… channeling about trust in self. Because till now I had not figured out, exactly where the ‘coward’ was… and I suddenly realized! I have been using the ‘excuse’ of fear of public speaking for a long time, and I realized when Jade Fire was speaking to me now that the fear of public speaking is there, yes a bit, but actually it was the cowardly façade behind which I hid my fear of acknowledging and claiming that whether I speak ‘in link’ or I speak completely as ‘Divyaa’, I am completely and wholly emanating the energies of Shiva Shakti, or the Masters or Universal Consciousness, call it what you may- through my energy fields and my words. And in today’s channeling when JF looked me in the eyes I knew what it was about. So I had to get up and claim it and ‘speak’ today! I had to trust self…not in my meditations but physical here and now …I knew that I had to take action to make true….claim… my intention…

And with this came such a profound sense of thankfulness- the same thread of thankfulness which had been the ‘theme’ of my morning meditation- and I realized that but of course I am going to speak on thankfulness because it’s the topic which ‘They’… sneakily ;-) I realize now … had already given me an experience of in my meditation! And sneaky… because this morning when JF had said take the opportunity and speak I had sort of said “yes yes I will take it surely when it comes” and to be honest I had said that thinking that the ‘opportunity’ is at some safely distant point!

Even now, when I began speaking, I had thought I would sort of emanate the energies of thankfulness I had experienced this morning with Jade fires message… but instead of just emanating the energies I am going to ask you all to close your eyes. We are going to go through a small ‘exercise’. So you may each feel what this ‘thankfulness’ is all about; what you call gratitude… and of course then I am going to take that final step and speak on it…!


I would like all of you to conjure somebody or something or some place that you really love. Allow that to fill your mind and your energy fields……… and even as you have done that… you would have felt the expansion of your energies….?

Now I am going to ask you to conjure someone or something (it can be the same or another) towards whom there is great thankfulness, great gratitude, and profuse appreciation. Allow this thankfulness to fill you ………focus on the immense gratitude…and most of you would have observed again a surge in your energies - a great powerful potent surge – even beyond the expansion you felt when you conjured love! It was vital for us to each feel this for ourselves, to observe other than intellectually, that surge!

And this energy signature of thankfulness or gratitude… we can call it an energy signature… we can call it a beautiful tool, we can call it a positive quality is what really helps us manifest the beautiful things in our lives. All of us here are always concerned with the “how’s of manifesting’… as a group you are trying to understand the ‘tools of manifestation’. And so having felt for self that surge of its energy, may you now better understand why and how Gratitude or thankfulness is one of the most beautiful tools towards manifesting all that beauty around us that we desire..

All of you are aware how energy functions: Like Attracts Like or the law of attraction; and having observed the surge of thankfulness in your energy fields, the energy signature of gratitude you may better understand its great drawing power! And so whenever you are thankful, really thankful for something, (abstract or material) when there is this profuse gratitude, then that’s what’s happening… you are emitting this signature and because of how energy functions- and the great attracting power of thankfulness- you are drawing towards you more of the ‘same’….that is people, events things to be grateful about! Obviously, if you are thankful, it’s something you consider positive… and thus through this you are creating more and more positive!

Also, this will help us understand that all these ‘qualities’ which we call ‘good qualities’- which are indeed espoused by all spiritual teachings of any kind- be it ‘gratitude’ or ‘non-judgment’ or ‘forgiveness’ they are not positive qualities because they are ‘spiritually correct’. They are spiritual qualities because they are ‘positive tools’ to enhance our here and now. They are optimal points of focus allowing energies to work optimally towards manifesting an enhanced life! And that is why they are spiritual qualities. Authentic spirituality means an enhanced here and now and not only some heavenly thereafter…and that’s what these qualities ‘do’ …and are thus spiritual!

Thankfulness fits in all the laws of energy, all the creative visualization nuances that we have opened for you, explored and discussed here time and again:

-We know that when we are creatively visualizing something towards its manifestation, it should be in the NOW. It should be conjured as already happened.

-We know it should come from abundance consciousness, not from lack consciousness. This means we must conjure from a position of already having the full abundance of what we so want! Usually visualization is done with a certain yearning…, which is an energy signature of lack!!

-And we know that visualization works best when it is accompanied with the great feeling; that feeling indeed which would be ours if we did have it all is an important component of creative visualization! Because ‘feeling’ has a potency to send a man to the moon and back and thus in energy terms great great drawing power! So its’ feeling is what counts, not just the intellectual visualization of what you choose to manifest!

But, usually when we are ‘doing creative visualization’, these are all very difficult to do and we are always struggling to get it right. How do I ‘already’ imagine for example my magazine, which I know I am conjuring to ‘have’ in my ‘future’! So I more often than not imagine that occurrence- manifestation- some time in the future and struggle to bring the visualization into the NOW. How do I imagine the abundance I seek? Usually the area of lack being filled…! How do I conjure a problem dissolved…? Usually the problem… going away…! Always a current lack being fulfilled in the future and my focus unconsciously being on the lack! And the feeling? Always struggling to feel the delight of what’s not currently or in our terms ‘really’ there!

But when you are experiencing, expressing, feeling gratitude or when you are in thankfulness all these ‘steps’ are automatic:

- It’s already in the now; your focus is on something already manifested in your life and thus you are not focusing on the future!

-As its already present your focus is on that…abundance, fulfillment…indeed in thankfulness there is no lack consciousness!

-And unlike creative visualization, where often, that all-important ‘feeling’ is difficult to muster because you don’t truly believe that it has happened, and you are to some extent faking that it is ‘already happened’…in thankfulness this feeling is potently palpably inherently present! We just experienced it!

-Most importantly- as thankfulness is a memory of what already is- it already has a tangible energy structure on the inner planes…and thus easier to tune into…and thus gratitude is a ‘real’ affirmation of what already is…and not a ‘yearning affirmation’ as those ‘affirmations you make’…. usually are! The energy signature is thus vital, strong, potent and not yearning, wanting, coming from lack… Do it friends; feel thankful for something you have in your life; and now make one of those creative visualizations and feel the difference, other than intellectually! Say I am woman…and say I am …. (Something you are not already but seek to be and thus do affirmations towards)

And remember this clarity…potency….strength…. of your energy signature is the all-important factor for successful manifestation! In thankfulness there are no fine ‘rules’ to follow to get the visualization ‘right’ or ‘in tandem’ with the universal laws of energies! Your attitude of gratitude is inherently and completely in tandem with the way energy functions! You are doing the best possible creative visualization! And it is the optimal focus for further positive manifestation!

And focus is actually the very essence of manifestation! I call focus the spin ball of creating; there are so many fine nuances to ‘master’ in ‘correct focus’…what to focus on and what not to focus on…for focus it is truly the life force to create into your life what you focus on….and in all these so-called positive ‘qualities’ (gratitude, non judgment, forgiveness, love, generosity…and others) these nuances, as we have just seen, are automatically mastered! And thus these qualities are finely honed tools of focus….and thus…manifestation!

Another understanding on the subject of thankfulness is that we should not only be thankful or grateful for the ‘large things’ in life… for the Masters, and Gods. We should be in an attitude of gratitude for all that we have…big and ‘small…to enhance what we may have as yet little of…and create more of all that we already have!

Sounds very good, but how do we really do this? And one way I discovered was by trying to tune in to the essence of everything around you. When you focus on the essence of anything (abstract or material) gratitude or thankfulness becomes moment to moment! So for example I appreciate and feel thankful through the flowers for the splash of color in my life…and the agarbattis for the fragrance of sweetness that permeates my days… If I sit in a car then I feel a great thankfulness for its essence of mobility and freedom… if I hear music on the tape recorder, I feel a great feel a great thankfulness for its essence of relaxation…or elation The essence is very important; otherwise gratitude it’s an intellectual exercise!

And we don’t have to be new aged flunkies and doing a very verbose ‘thank you” process! Thank you car, thank you flowers, and thank you mike…. Of course not; because the moment you become aware of the essence and what it has added to you…your life… it becomes a way of being…. everything becomes a wow. …everything is felt with great thankfulness …! It’s then an automatic energy signature of thankfulness …it’s a sub-conscious energy signature and not with conscious effort…it’s a constant drawing power!

Focus on whatever essence comes through for you each day…the same ‘object, person, event; may bring forth different ‘essences’ to appreciate and feel thankful for! Not only do you tune into the different wonders of any given person, event or thing…and thus your focus on the positive… you draw that essence then from a hundred different avenues! If for example I appreciate the freedom my money gives me…I draw freedom in all areas of life where it may currently be missing! And yet another day I may appreciate its security…and draw that…from friends, family…whatever!

Also, and very important this: Thankfulness is indeed a great way of keeping your energies high. if you are living in this awareness moment to moment… then your energies feel/remain at an all time high through the day! We do so much of ‘chakra work’, ‘cleansing’, ‘grid’ work… even accumulation of knowledge… to raise our energies. Whereas if you remain in a state of thankfulness for everything around you, it’s an automatic raising of our energy….what we refer to as finer or higher energies/vibrations…

And this doesn’t only help you attract more of the same automatically but fits in with another universal law of energy: Energy resists it’s opposite… So if our energies are at an all time high, then all that is not compatible with these higher finer vibrations cannot come our way. Our energy fields resist them automatically. They by –pass us so to say!

More so we are then not only manifesting or creating what we are ‘grateful’ for but we are in a state of being powerhouses…attracting only more and more of the ‘good’ and at some critical point-there is less and less of the ‘not so good’ in your life to focus on or be the ‘whammy’ in fine tuning your focus! And you turn the circle… and thankfulness alone can do it!


However it is very easy to be thankful for good things in life, what we call the positive things. But thankfulness can be used to change the focus from lack consciousness into abundant consciousness to thus move away from the ‘lack’ towards the abundant essence instead! If I am paying my servant an exorbitant salary, and feel that ‘pinch’ every time…then my focus is on lack and stress. But if I can tune into its flip positive aspect… the thankfulness of what that service gets me… “Oh wow, they are giving me so much of time, comfort, freedom”…. I have immediately done two important things energy wise…I have moved from lack and attracting more of that; to abundance or positive essence/consciousness and attracting more of that! I stop the negative flow; and create a positive flow! As we have seen where your focus is, is what you are drawing more of!

Further more and now we take thankfulness deeper: The same thankfulness- we should extend to what we call problems, issues, and challenges! Because if you truly realize what the gift is, what is the learning or opportunity for growth…in an every so-called issue, problem and challenge… there will be great thankfulness…. and not anger, sorrow! And again your focus switches from the anger and sorrow, which you would draw more of if you remained there- towards the essence you are thankful for instead! And then you manifest more of that essence instead! You draw the learning the growth and not the anger or pain!

But this must be done with awareness… you must recognize the essence you are thankful for in any so-called negative situation! So, you cannot say “Oh, I am so thankful for the horrible man” because then I am focusing on horrible energies and making this purely an intellectual exercise! There is no appropriate energy signature! Don’t make this an intellectual exercise, friends, because it is defeating the purpose. Focus on what he is teaching you, what you are learning, on the vision it has got you, the opening perhaps, the growth….or of course the specifics as these are only general examples! Focus on that and a profuse sense of thankfulness will swell within and the focus on the negative… recede….

And this is how we change the past. We have …from this platform… spoken on this subject often … and yet you sometimes wonder how in real terms? This is one way of changing the past. If for example, somebody has walked out on me and I am finding it difficult after years to forgive him or her…and if I understand… truly view and feel… “Oh my God thank you, because of you I developed an inner union, I got on this path of stupendous growth, that’s why I am here, oh my god thank you thank you…for helping me find my purpose to BE….and what a fantastic purpose! ” Then in effect, you have changed the ‘past’! The whole energy structure around the so-called past…event, person, situation changes. Your view changes, your perceptions change, your truth about it changes….and that’s all any outer event is…! The ‘past’ has changed! There is nothing left to ‘forgive’…it has become something to be thankful about! Otherwise it is completely intellectual process of saying I have forgiven! When you really for give- the past is for-given …for saken…away!


The reason I’ve been using the word thankfulness rather than gratitude, (and this has come to me few years ago) is that very often we have preconceived notions attached to words and we tune into that energy more often than not…to the energy of what the word has come to mean for critical mass…or you…rather than what it originally meant. For example Love means one thing really…but we use it in a diluted concept…! And usually, gratitude …implies a subconscious indebtedness, obligation. It comes from a feeling of having received from a position of lack. And it implies the ‘other’. You are coming from a disempowering sense of thanks in viewing ‘the giver’ as coming from more and self from less!

And today’s channeling was all about this: Let every quality be self-empowered. So even in thankfulness there must be a self-empowering acknowledgement that ‘I have created’. The word thankfulness or appreciation is thus ‘better’ as the focus- subtle as the difference may be- is on self as creator and thus more empowering, yet with a complete thankfulness, acknowledgement, appreciation of the role of the other ‘self’… as co creator, partner, in a consensual reality! Neither do we give our power away as sometimes we do in the obeisance of conventional gratitude…neither do we not acknowledge, appreciate and indeed revel in the self thru whom it came! In thankfulness self, the other self, the essence we appreciate all included! I have created Jade Fire in my life, I have created this beautiful group in my life. At the same time profuse thankfulness for each one of them and all those people events things that got me here…Seth books, my oxygen friends, el… pervades me…. and I deeply acknowledge, accept, revel in the selves through whom all of this has come. So it is the focus on empowerment yet on the other beautiful selves and help!

In thankfulness instead, there is for me personally an implication of abundance/fullness on part of the ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’, the classic 1+1=11 whereby each ‘one’ is complete in itself but together the magnified force of 11 and not a sum of 2 different selves! There is thus no feeling of obligation to pay back, and indeed whatever the receiver (who is thankful not grateful) then does or says or gives towards the giver is a spontaneous sharing resulting from oneness. Inherent in this is the realization that the giver is only another self, and one feels thankful indeed for ‘that’ self to be part of its journey. Surely our leg does not feel obliged to our hands if they pull out, say for example, our foot from some mud pit!! Our hair does not feel obliged to our fingers for shampooing them ;-)))! We may on the whole be thankful for our hands but in every action we recognize that we are all one body with its parts doing their different jobs for the whole and thankfulness brings home this point in day to day ways!

Of course, very important here is to understand this principle in reverse too! If I am creator and the others beautiful selves through whom it has come; then in any situation I have been the ‘giver’ I MUST ACKNOWLEDGE AND KNOW that I am only the tool to empower, emanate, bring, aid, help … them what THEY THEMSELVES HAVE CREATED!

IN THIS one can see yet another universal law of energy…in tandem with thankfulness! In energy, in the universe, there is only ONE I! And that’s why it all works, dovetails so beautifully! I Shiva create through (for example) my Divyaa self for my Ellaeenah self, x essence, so that I Shiva can enjoy…and be! When you live in thankfulness this feeling becomes a part of every action you do or receive…! It becomes a sense of oneness and all things working in tandem for the ONE good! And you are moving deeper into thankfulness, into its oneness, which is really what thankfulness is about! Indeed at this point thankfulness which starts as a tool to an enhanced life becomes a tool towards encompassing and feeling …oneness!

So dearest friends, you can call it thankfulness, you can call it recognition of the positive quality… you can call it appreciation…. Either way understand it well and allow it to flow optimally! And please: the words do not matter once there is conscious awareness of what it means to YOU. You may thus use gratitude of course as you would in day to day terms…for if you have changed its energy signature within you that’s what you resonate to…and it doesn’t matter what words you use…!

And having understood thankfulness we may understand why it is such a positive quality espoused by all spiritual traditions…If we do no other spiritual work, this alone will help us tremendously… IN DAY TO DAYS WAYS AND IN BECOMING ONE WITH ALL…


I would like to do a small-guided meditation on thankfulness. It’s a sure way of raising your energies; you can do it whenever you are feeling low. I am going to use my words, my essences, to give you the gist…but of course you must use your own.

You may close your eyes.

Usually when we start an ‘exercise’ of thankfulness, we start with the Gods. Somehow it is instilled in me to start from those who are the nearest and dearest around you- because it is ‘they’ who take us to our larger Gods.

And so I am thankful to my husband, (you may replace it with spouse, wife, girlfriend it doesn’t matter, but be aware of the quality, don’t make it an intellectual thank you.) I am thankful to my husband for the unstinting, unflinching support he has always given me in every area of my life,

I am thankful to my daughter, (you may place your own children or any other here) for her total acceptance of me not only as a ‘mother’, but a woman and an individual.

I am thankful to my home, for its comfort and sanctuary and space and the space that Jade Fire could come and channel there. For the color, for its beauty…(the essence may change day to day, go with the flow, focusing on the different aspect each thing in your life brings your way will help view how much you have!)

I am thankful to my domestics, my staff, porter, peon, every helper everywhere for the comfort, ease, they have got in my life. For the amount of time they have freed up for me, to do things that are meaningful to me.

I am thankful to my friends for the ‘masti’, the fun, the nasha, what I call the mad glad days….the laughter and sharing…

I am thankful to my families, both my side and Mayank’s, for the great spiritual soil that they have been in my upbringing and formative years; and for the balance that they have provided within me, the balance of independent thinking and yet their culture and values; for the roots and wings indeed…

I am thankful for all the teachers, guides… (and dear friends, here we must include all the books, all the websites, every transcript, every teacher… and don’t only think of current Masters because every Master, every guide has been a stepping stone for this. So many times people come and tell me oh weren’t your sat sang days a waste of time and I say no because ‘that’ is what got ‘this’ understanding to me so fast). So I am completely thankful for every Master, teacher, guide…every beautiful step…(even Buddha, when he got self realization saw and was thankful for every step of his existence itself for this pinnacle!)

I am thankful to the beautiful groups I reach out to because I have learnt that in every reaching out there is a great learning for me.

I am thankful to my co-leaders, in which I include Yezad, for the warmth and embrace into their energy fields, their complete and tremendous support, encouragement …. They have always allowed me to grow in my own space, pace….manner, no pushing, no prodding and I am completely thankful for that guidance which to me is in accordance with the principles of universal free will…..!

I am thankful to Seth, oxygen group, Ellaeenah, to be the selves through whom I could come across my purpose to be in this life and in all lives and existence itself. For the passion that has got into my life. There used to be a time when I used to wonder “oh! God I don’t want to live till 75 /80, why do I have this long life, what will I do. And now I say “Oh my God there is so much to do, one lifetime is not enough”. (The reason I add these personal aspects is to show you that this must be part of the mediation for it to be jagrat…come alive!) For the great strength which knowing your ‘purpose to be’ gets into your life it makes so many choices, options easy to make! It clears so much of the static and confusion! Recently I was faced with a choice, which would have driven me crazy a few years ago, but because I knew my purpose it was the easiest choice to make. Did it fit in or did not fit in. The moment I saw that at this point it did not fit in the choice just went away…. Effortlessly (I am adding all this to give you a gist that you must too- then only do you move from an intellectual thank you x, thank you y to the core essence!)

And of course I am thankful to beloved Jade Fire and Divine source and at the risk of sounding a ‘holy cow’, I am completely thankful to him to connect me to my deeper Divinity, to make my life a moment to moment sacred journey whether I am awake, sleeping, laughing, it matters not. For the connection to source itself…. And its joyous force that pervades my life.

I thank all of you in different ways which I cannot enumerate now…but it pervades me moment to moment…

And in this thankfulness may we all live, and emanate…and become a chorus of reverberating joy!

Friends, this is a beautiful ‘meditation’ to do when you are feeling low. It’s a beautiful way to keep your energies high. It is a beautiful way to appreciate the different people, and different essences they bring into your life…it’s a lovely way to attract the positive and move away from the lack…it’s a beautiful way to move into oneness….allow it to be free flowing and you will view a range of ‘things/people/events coming up every day to be thankful for ….and you will a hundred myriad essences in each person…and in that joy will you live and your heart swell and draw further more…Thank You.

Love from my heart to yours, Divyaa

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