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The abstract THAT becomes the tangible AH THIS, and the tangible ‘this’ ego self becomes the intangible ‘oh that’!
Use meditation, self inquiry, parables and whatever tools help to make this shift


Awareness ...is simply dropping what you are not, and experiencing and abiding in or more accurately as, ‘That which you are’. This state of being becomes real…tangible…as real or tangible as the ‘you’ used to be/feel... and in this, the seemingly real you, the ego notion start to automatically dissolve  

Awareness requires you to add nothing! All we are doing here, is removing the weeds… unconditioning you from the conditioning of the ego self/Maya... dehypnotizing you!  Abiding in and operating as the ego-notion was the hypnosis… and Awareness of what you really are ... is the dehypnosis! 

Come  relax…we usually ask you to ‘move into’ what you call ‘That’ or ‘Self’ or ‘Awareness’…but actually what you are doing is dropping whatever comes in the way of your natural state of being.  As you gather here in the sacred circle…as you close your eyes…the powerful intent of dropping all that you are not, is automatically triggered, and therefore you move (in your terms) so easily into ‘That’- Awareness rather than what your aware of (you may call it Self, impersonal consciousness) but beyond words it’s your natural state of being…what you truly are 24x7 beneath those thoughts…beneath the mask of your ego self.  You are this 24x7…you cannot not, not be this…and therefore when you gather  here with us  all that happens is a dropping of what you are not… experiencing That which you are.

Come become aware of this beautiful reversal that takes place. In day to day life, this state of being, which you call ‘That’ – yes you know it is somewhere out there ... ephemeral ... intangible. And the states of being you call yourself/ego notion is very real and tangible. . But when you gather here,  when you are in meditation, when you drop your thoughts…your false persona…a reversal takes place - you become ‘That’ automatically …there  was nothing further to add - and it’s now not ephemeral or out there somewhere …feel the very tangible presence ! And as you become/abide as  That - then the ego self,  personality, the current you which you so identify with…which was so solid  and tangible now  starts to fade and become vague and ephemeral somewhere out there like a shadow...!  A complete reversal takes place when you move into awareness rather than what your aware of… this state of being becomes real…tangible…as though the very sun is shining out of you…and that ego self with which you walked into the room…that personality…those thoughts…they fade away like a pale shadow.

And that is all that we do here in this gathering…help you abide in your natural state of being…quicker…longer...firmer…because as you do that, that ego self, its thoughts, personality…that  is seemingly so real you… automatically starts to pale and fade like a shadow…which soon withers away. So come beloveds…be aware of yourself as awareness rather than what you are aware of (as impersonal consciousness rather than personal consciousness …Self rather than self) as this  is the only step left in your spiritual ripening.  The stronger, firmer this becomes…the longer you abide here... automatically beloveds…automatically the ego self…the personality…those thoughts…automatically they start to fade and wither...

And become aware, that every time you move into your true Authentic Self, even if it is for a nano second…every time you do…for that nano second…the ego self is not there…it does not exist…cannot exist...how can there be darkness when light is present! And therefore the more frequently or longer you abide here …the longer is the ego self absent! Indeed fading away till one day you won’t be able to find it…there will be no effort…like a loose garment it would fall away.

So yes this practice is meditation, and its spontaneous occurrence is liberation! So all you have to do whether in meditation or day to day life is to move into and abide as awareness… longer…firmer…as it is one single step towards ego dissolution…what the world calls liberation. This is what we do with you here… removing the weeds…there are no seeds left to sow beloveds... so that the practice drops and its becomes your natural state of being – awakening !

Thereby you abide in the world but not of the world - participating, doing what must be done, but identifying with nothing -  the world exists yes as it does …but you do not…!  I AM... but the ego amness is not...

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle you might have bought in a shop…its already complete…nothing needs to be brought from outside…pieces are going to fit together. You may call this unconditioning from the conditioning of the ego self or dehypnosis - as awareness is the dehypnosis! Every moment you spend as awareness… dehypnosis is taking place…every moment, be it one nanosecond in your day, or longer whilst in meditation, dehypnosis is taking place... the hypnosis of Maya/ the ego is dissolving. In this awareness, how can you not keep up the practice...be it in mediation or day to day... o come beloveds into abiding as Awareness!

Awareness of your true Self… thus automatically the illusion self cannot be!  You have all heard the story of the rope hanging on a tree which at night you fear as a snake? You are asleep underneath it and fearful it’s a snake – and all the explanations of beloved ones or teachers around you at the tree telling you it’s not a snake did not really work…the fear remained?  But in the light of awareness as the sun rose and you saw it to be the rope it was: dehypnosis…no snake…dehypnosis …no ego self… effortlessly the personality starts to fall away in the light of awareness…

Like the mirage, you may know it’s a mirage… you may discuss it even …you may even understand it scientifically…but it still appears a mirage…! Till you actually reach that place… no mirage! And in that awareness automatically was there no mirage - no effort was required, no understanding what so ever is needed, you need not be the scientist… automatically when you reach there the mirage isn’t. And therefore as you move into awareness…automatically beloveds the ego self is dissolving…! Thus this is the one single step for deep spiritual ripening - to move into and abide in or abide as awareness - rather than what you’re aware of...

When you become aware that you who you thought was the subject is actually an object…it’s a big shift…a mega dehypnosis! All these years, lifetimes and yugas you thought you were the subject with everything around you as objects - but as awareness you become aware that this you/the ego self/ personality/ Divyaa (put your own name here) is not the subject – because as you move into and abide as Awareness the subject moves....and you become aware that what you thought was the subject is actually an object. Come become aware of this (we have taken you though this in a precious gathering)... just this awareness…that the ego you is not the subject... brings about the further dissolution of the ego notion you identify with!  Spend a few moments here. Just the awareness that you are not the body…you are not the thoughts…you are not the events…you are not the label you call yourself (we have taken you though this in a precious gathering) is what automatically/effortlessly begins its dissolution. And thereby - as what you are not drops – you ‘become’ what you are!  You experience what you experience here in meditation…your true nature…call it ‘That’…call it Awareness…call it Self…call it Impersonal Consciousness…call it the I AM Presence…and when you abide in your I AM Presence…the other smaller ‘i‘…ego ‘i’ is automatically not there ... when there is light there can be no darkness!

Masters have called this the ‘I’…‘i’. The first ‘I’ (the capital ‘I’) is the ‘I AM’ Presence and the second ‘i’ is the small ‘i’ of your ego presence. But the small ‘i’- the ego ‘i’- is an imposter, an illusion, a label, at the best it’s a thought…a thought when…which debated fragments and breaks away (we have taken you though this in a precious gathering). Where is that little ‘i’ of yours’’? It’s not in your body…it’s not in your thoughts’’…it’s not in your feelings’’…it’s not the events…where is that ‘i’?  It fragments in trying to find it because it does not exist.

Whereas the ‘I’…the capital ‘I’ in the I AM’ Presence is not a thought...it’s not an idea…it’s the only true reality…no amount of arguments…no amount of debates…no amount of intellectual discussion can take away this from you…your ‘I AM’ Presence. Even if a hundred sages can come and tell you…you do not exist… you will be aware…’I AM’(we have taken you though this in a precious gathering) …this is not the thought…it is a presence…an experience…the only reality…the only absolute in your life…‘I AM’. So take away everything…let the floor beneath you fall away…let the walls around you fall away…let the room disappear…let the world…the planet… the universe disappear…let your body disappear…let your name…your thoughts…your feelings…your memory…everything disappears…nothing… nothing is left ... but ‘I AM’ is! Come be aware of this do not take our word for it!  

Thus, nothing only means no thin other than ‘I’- there is no thing like nothing- because when you reach the nothing…the ‘I’ who knows that nothing is there… ‘I AM’. Come be aware of this do not take our word for it!   I AM’…the only absolute in your life that cannot be debated or intellectualised away…do this beloveds…let everything around fade away into oblivion…the physical, the walls,  ceilings,  room…the city,  country,  world…the universe…the body…tangible…intangible…the thoughts…everything…let it fade away. And yet you know…I AM…I AM… I AM. Come be aware of this. This I AM, This Absolute is what we call Awareness rather than what I Am aware of.

It has been symbolised by Shiva, but truly it is an impersonal state of being - the ‘I’ is actually not an ‘I’ of claiming to be someone or something - the ‘I’ is origin actually in the Ahhh ...Oooo.. .Mmm. OM- simply the awareness of All That Is. And what you do in meditation in these gatherings, in different degrees,  is experience this ’I’… abide as this ‘I’…know this ‘I’…become familiar with this ‘I’…! And when you are ‘I’ - the ego ‘i’ cannot co-exist…where there is light there can be no darkness…where there is vastness there can be no smallness…where there is stillness there is no movement. I Am Awareness rather than what I am aware of…the single vital step for spiritual ripening. The more often…the smaller the gaps …the firmer and longer you abide here…automatically... effortlessly the ego notion dissolves= awakening!   When there is light the darkness need not make any effort to not be there…! In meditation you experience this powerfully…your frequencies are at the highest… automatically       the lower frequencies of ego self are getting dissolved.

We have told you many a time - it’s a dual process- in expansion of what you are automatically is the dissolution of what you are not…and in the dissolution of what you are not is automatically the expansion of what you are!  So yes many gatherings have been devoted to what you are not…as that dissolves you automatically become what you are. Many gatherings are focusing on what you are…in that automatically what you are not starts to dissolve!  All of you are familiar with the parable of the sheep and the lion…a new born lion grew up amidst sheep thinking itself to be a sheep…no amount of guidance by the lions who found him could convince him otherwise…he remained a sheep even though he knew intellectually he was a lion…till one day he saw his reflection in the river…and in that awareness his lion nature came back…the sheep automatically and effortlessly dropped! And this is what you are doing here in these gatherings…you see…you move into …you experience…you abide as the impersonal consciousness that you are…in that automatically the little sheep…the ego…the personalities dissolve. 

And this is where your focus as a group must lay now - all the time awareness of who ‘I AM’. Another parable will help you energetically:  a sculptor carved beautiful lions from rocks, and when asked his secret, all he said was “I simply glimpse the majestic creature within the rock and the chisel automatically removes whatever is not this majesty!” So beloveds, as you keep your awareness…your focus on who you truly are…automatically the ego self starts to dissolve. So come glimpse... nay...  see clearly...abide as I Am ... and whatever isn’t will automatically be chiselled away. So come abide as Self, Awareness, Consciousness, ‘I AM’ ...  call it whatever you choose....

Let ‘That’ become the ‘Ah This’ - and the ego self who you always call ‘this’ – becomes the ‘oh that!’  A complete switch! The Self who you thought was somewhere out there…an abstract notion... which you called  ‘That’ -  becomes the tangible , here and now, experiential  AH THIS! And the ‘this’ ego self that seemed so real tangible and close at hand...becomes the somewhat out there abstract intangible notion!!!  This Divyaa (put your own name here0) …becomes the vague abstract somewhere out that!

And when that happens, when you abide as ‘Ah This’ in your I AM Presence… the ego self dissolves, disintegrates and has a less and less hold on you. The world exists just the way it is…but there is no you! Become aware of this: the world exists just the way it is…but there is no you…! Those thoughts are not yours, actions are not yours, events happen but here is no doer thereof... experience this rather than only knowing it intellectually and  there remains nothing…nothing to hold on to as a  you or to stake it’s  a claim on you…and you abide unceasingly as  I AM’…in this light... darkness isn’t...

Do these beloveds, meditate daily if you can even for a few moments …touch ‘This’ experience… Be ‘This’… recognise ‘This’. Make it a practise too through the day -  when you get up in the morning , when your feet hit the floor, when you brush your teeth…through the day …be aware of awareness…that you are not that self that you are aware of...

Yes use the qualities inherent in this state of being …stillness, vastness, changelessness, neutrality; so when you are walking become aware that you are stillness…when things are in a flux become aware that I Am changeless…when there are ups and downs become aware i am witness …when things are petty become aware I AM vast…when you are feeling tired become aware you are tireless…do this beloveds…use the qualities...another practice yes to take you beyond the practice into it  becoming your state of  being

Use a symbol, any symbol that you identify with to symbolise this state of being; we had given you a triangle with a circle in it…but  it can be an image of Babaji or whatever comes  to you;  a symbol helps you to immediately to move into this state of being. So yes again it’s just another practice... a tool to take you beyond tools into it becoming your state of being...

Use any tool that you resonate to… chants, photos of your beloved Gods,   prayer… through them all, realise what you are doing, is you are using them to become awareness rather than what you are aware of…! Use them yes, but in this awareness like a bridge you leave behind once you have crossed over. Meditation…moment to moment practise of moving into awareness … the qualities… symbols…use the tools…five easy steps...

Become aware of who/what/That you truly are… that’s the dehypnosis… there is no other elaborate procedure!  The more frequently you do this… the longer and firmer you can abide as Self... the stronger is the dehypnosis… till you remain unceasingly in/as Awareness rather than what i am aware of.

Remember, the world exists…the so called you exists… the so called thoughts and feelings and events all of it exists - but I Am not those! Freedom…freedom beloveds…! This is how your sages and masters live…in the world but not of the world…participating…doing what must be done…having a body but identifying with nothing…the world exists…but you do not…

I AM. Remove everything around you…the floor…the walls…the ceiling…the room…the city…the country…the world…the universe…the galaxy…the body…tangible…intangible…thoughts…feelingswhatever other words come to you…drop everything…but when there is nothing…the ‘I’ who knows the nothing is present…that  is who you truly are. When you experience this here in mediation …it becomes a ‘memory’ which you can easily move into in your day to day life…it becomes ‘real’…and the more real this becomes the more unreal does that ego self…that label…that personality become...

 And so it is, so it is, so it is 


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