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Subject: Illusion of Time (Chopra)

"A friend showed me a newspaper chipping about a coalmine disaster in
Germany. A small group of miners were trapped under grown after a
massive cave in. They realized that the air in the mineshaft would last
only a limited number of hours. As it turned out, one in the group was
wearing a wristwatch, and he began to announce the time while the group
anxiously waited for rescue, and to sustain hope in the others, he did
not announce the right time, instead he called out one hour where two
hours had actually passed. Six days later a rescue team found the men
and were astonished that they were all still alive, with one exception
- the man who wore the watch.

"In essence the man with the watch fooled the others to breaking their
agreement about what constituted real time. Tragically, he could not
fool himself."

~ Deepak Chopra -
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