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The very 'desire' for liberation implies the infinite is readying for 'my' exit from the cosmic play! The 'effort' that arises due to this desire, is what the infinite is doing thru a 'me'..! The 'effortlessness/surrender' that then just ‘happens’ is the infinite merging increasingly with the 'me'. And as the gap decreases we increasingly move beyond concerns about personal liberation and 'when will i get liberation’ to becoming one with consciousness and in that resting in whatever is good for Consciousness/The Whole… rather than concern about an individuated me. Thus your very desire to behold him means He has already stared wooing you…

Thus paradoxically, as we increasingly become one with the consciousness that we are, our concerns about going home lessens, because as Consciousness we rest in the knowing that I ‘divyaa’ -current self (put your own name here)  will ‘go home’ when I consciousness choose. We rest in the gnosis that I ‘divyaa’ (put your own name here) is not awakened as I consciousness don’t choose it yet and when I as consciousness do so…then so will i as divyaa (put your own name here)! Obviously I consciousness still need i divyaa (put your own name here) in the cosmic play! In this we move from current selves concerns to what we as consciousnesses choose! In analogy if we are the producer of the play and acting in it, we won’t want to go off the stage if our role in it is not over, no matter how tired we are, as we know it will affect the play

As you awaken, you switch your alliance from personal self and its interests and desires, to the larger universal Self that you truly are, and know that when You the larger Self has finished doing what It has chosen to through the chalice being ‘you’ the personal self… it will not need to exist in separation anymore, and its so called enlightenment will have ‘happened’ to it!  But ah… there will be no ‘you’ to pat yourself on the back for it would be an occurrence in Consciousness itself!  And when You as Consciousness deems it fit

When He seeks to re unite He will begin to dissolve your ego. Till He requires you in the cosmic play your ego will play its role.  In this gnosis we embrace each phase has its own validity… none his higher or lesser… and this gnosis is truly what leads to awakening…

We can’t all get liberated together: If everyone got liberated how would creation be! So like we don’t want a good book to end...we as consciousness keep enough aspects of self within the cosmic play... knowing full well that each of us will exit at the right time .. .like cues actors get to exit the stage at the right time for the betterment of the play.  So the focus shifts from personal consciousness and 'when will get liberation’ to becoming one with consciousness and its cosmic play… and in that resting in whatever is good for consciousness/the whole… rather than concern about an individuated me.

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