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Think, speak and act from that end of the continuum that you seek to manifest, and the path will be made easier for you- Divyaa

Abracadabra! Allow magic and the power of trinity to enter your life!  The three simple ingredients to mix in this spell are positive thought, affirmative speech and constructive action!  This blend works like a ‘charm’ in manifesting your desires and dreams. Like any magical potion, each component plays its own unique role, and yet the sum is larger than the parts; and in the unity of right thought, speech and action lays a power so vital that it can change your life.

Indeed this combination was an inherent aspect of Mahatma Gandhi's might; for his ideas, words and actions were always perfectly aligned with what he chose as his end result! Nothing to the contrary would enter his mental make-up; he would not utter anything that was at variance; and his actions always supported his desired outcome no matter how implausible they might have appeared to others. And as his vision for a free India became real there lay a deeper message for us all- that we can each manifest our castles in the air! All we need to do is give them the correct foundations of right thought, speech and action!

Right thought implies a belief system in tandem with that which you wish to manifest. Only if you truly believe in its possibility will you be able to passionately envision it. And even as you hold the reality of its image within you, do you give it initial life. And as you consistently place your attention on, and indeed live from, the end result do you breathe further vitality into it. Visualization is not day dreaming! Day dreaming implies a lack of belief in what you conjure; it implies a make - believe experience while visualization implies a belief in its reality!

This is where right speech enters the spell. Your words have a double power for they not only direct energy into what it becomes; but also impact your thoughts subliminally! Speech dedicated to the most positive outcome, helps create it. If you instead repeatedly express doubts and give vent to how difficult or unfeasible it seems; if you complain constantly, conveying to self and others at the many impossibilities involved, your mind is silently hearing you and ingredient number one, positive thought, gets diluted!

Now the spell is coming to a boil; and all that is required is action commensurate to the outcome!  A clue from me to you:  if your thoughts and speech are in sync with what you envision, then appropriate action happens spontaneously as a subconscious response. Belief propels action; right thoughts enable them; right speech helps them stay on track… and hey presto it all blends together in a natural progression towards your goal!

So throw each ingredient into your magical pot, and watch as they add to each other in meaningful ways! Right action accompanied by opposing words becomes a nullifying factor, affecting your thoughts and thus over time your actions too! Thus walk your talk yes, but also talk your walk to keep it on track!  This helps you to think positively; which helps you to act constructively! Use the magic of three:  spirit, mind and body or thought, speech and action dedicated to magical outcomes and hey presto - free those miracles to manifest into your life!

Divyaa Kummar


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