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Mind at its ‘purest’, or largest, is Awareness (of Self) and thus what we also call Pure Consciousness.

As this awareness becomes narrower, or more focused (through individuation) it becomes in our terms less conscious and thus denser or more constricted…and we categorize these differing stages of awareness as different ‘parts’ of the mind! However there are no parts as such: the mind is not neatly divided into compartments with boundaries between what refer to its different parts and thus actually it would be more accurate to describe these as different aspects of the mind!

At this point, lets also become aware that while we laud the higher, finer, purer mind…it is this ‘pure’ consciousness, which chooses density to experience its true purity; and it is this ‘Oneness’ that chooses to individuate and paradoxically enhance its ‘oneness’…and this ‘expansive awareness’ that chooses to constrict itself into a more and more finely honed focus… because through these increasingly narrower focuses does it indeed ‘further’ expand!

The mind is thus the medium that Spirit…Consciousness…Godself creates to further experience Itself through. If deeply understood, The Mind is thus the origin of separation and ignorance…and at some point, once we have explored all that we have chosen to…once we have expanded back to the universal mind, we need must go beyond the mind to ‘Be’ Spirit…Consciousness…Godself…again! This is the state referred to ‘Pure Being’ and we can indeed begin to taste this, even whilst on the journey ‘back’: through meditation, through love, through play and through the joys of purely being! Words and concepts belong to the mind and thus at some point need to go beyond them. Paradoxically, this game (leela) of Self-exploration entails using the mind to explore and expand Self, and then using the mind… to indeed go beyond it! 

From our human point of view, the mind is the apparatus connecting what we can call Spirit and Matter (the body) . It is at its largest our very consciousness…and thus no matter how we will categorize the mind as this writing continues (even when we refer to it as subconscious or unconscious) the mind is always consciousness…

Now, the mind can be described in many ways, and through many terms, but in this writing I will touch upon some of the commonly used terms or categories. You may indeed view these as four different photographs or camera angles of the One Mind…with there being many more.Let us zoom our camera of perception to view the Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, and Super-conscious/ Supra conscious mind.

As seen above the mind is only consciousness! So these categories only refer to the degree that we are consciously aware of anything. What I am wholly aware of becomes part of the conscious mind, what I am less aware of belongs to the subconscious mind, what I am wholly unaware of is the unconscious mind. As all these merge in becoming increasingly conscious…it is what we refer to as the awakening of the super-conscious mind! The Supra conscious mind is thus when we as humans are wholly aware of Self: when we straddle humanity and Pure Consciousness.


The conscious mind is the most significant aspect of the human mind because indeed the human journey is about this conscious re-awakening…! The human experience is about the conscious awareness of SELF: Conscious awareness of ‘That I Am’ through the conscious awareness of ‘That I am not’. In very layman terms it means consciously accepting our creator hood and all that it means! And thus life after life we are in the process of expanding and aligning our conscious feelings and thoughts…. beliefs…mind… back to Pure (Godself) consciousness! We are in the process of making the unconscious and subconscious more and more conscious! (Removing the unconscious or subconscious limitations and fears of ignorance and separation… the ‘I am not’; and thus expanding back to pure consciousness from which we willfully separated or descended.)

"Conscious" means aware of, and able to attend to stimuli, and so our conscious mind is what we are aware of, and can respond willfully from. Our conscious mind is thus the part of our mind that 'thinks'. It can deliberate, accept or reject information... It is the part of our mind that has the power to choose what beliefs we ascribe to.  It has the power to decide what information should cross the threshold into our subconscious mind! It is the tool to help us expand our subconscious mind and to disempower its limitations. More so it is the mind that can indeed instruct or command what we call the universal mind to do its bidding! Seth calls it the boss and the universal mind its ‘slave’!


The subconscious mind is many layered, starting from merely your unobserved thoughts, feelings, beliefs to past experiences of this life (conditioning) or another (what we call 'karma'). Beliefs that you are not consciously aware of in the current life!  It is almost like a mega-memory bank, storing all latent impressions that you have not yet made conscious!

Therefore more often than not the subconscious holds many of your fears and limiting beliefs which life after life or year after year in any current life, you have suppressed ignored, held in abeyance...which you have not released or dissolved through their conscious awareness! These then become 24/7 energy signatures unknown to you! So even though you are not consciously aware of these - they play out wily nily in your life! Usually you look within, towards this aspect of your mind, only when it creates issues/challenges/problems outside!

Yes, the sub conscious mind can hold some positive beliefs, specially latent strengths you have chosen to expand…but because you have not brought them ‘alive’ so to say through conscious awareness, they too work wily nily like fluke darts in the dark bringing some good your way. It is their conscious awareness that would empower them…and allow them to be used optimally!

Carl Jung sums it up beautifully when he says:' Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'. This is indeed the process of what we call life…after life! Expanding our awareness to more and more conscious, becoming boss and creator rather than being directed by ‘fate’ and the fears, limitations and flukes of the subconscious mind. Another quote, which may help with this very significant understanding: “Conflict, pain, tension, fear and paradoxes are all transformations waiting to happen. If we confront them the transformation begins…”

So the whole point of any current life is to go beyond unconscious living…to expand the subconscious mind and its inherited belief systems. This is when we truly operate from authentic free will! We live far below our possibilities when governed by sub conscious input. Through introspection and contemplation, through gyan, the conscious mind can be used instead; towards a deeper, more inclusive, more powerful way of being.

Indeed in the human journey, the neo cortex, in the frontal lobe, suddenly became ‘bigger’…eludng scientists The neo cortex,


Now it is important to understand that both the conscious an subconscious mind are equally important in manifesting our life and tripartite realities (personal, environmental and world) - as both emit (or indeed are) energy signatures that impact raw material energy into manifesting as the people, events and things we call life. The conscious minds signatures we are aware of, the subconscious minds signatures we are not.

However, the importance of the conscious mind becomes more apparent when you recall (from the above mentioned) that in spite of both aspects of the mind impacting and shaping energy into your life events, it is the conscious mind that is the boss! Because the conscious mind can instruct the subconscious mind- it is the conscious mind that can rewrite the subconscious scripts; re-program the latent subconscious pathways. And the only claim to fame that the subconscious mind has is our very unawareness of its contents; and thus its wily nily impacting raw material energy is its power! But it is always amenable to the will and directions of conscious mind who is indeed boss…. and when thus redirected or reprogrammed by the conscious mind, the subconscious mind ‘automatically’ goes about emanating the appropriate energy signatures….what we consciously choose! It can thus become a 24/7 magnet attracting/manifesting what we consciously choose in the now, rather than its wily nily, unknown to us energy signatures, based on limiting past experiences and their fears!

This conscious reprogramming can be done through positive thinking and affirmations but more deeply and permanently through conscious belief work (self introspection and contemplation or counseling and therapy) and ultimately through 'gyan' or mind (and heart and chakric) expansion and of course through meditation!


Which brings us to the unconscious mind. Again I reiterate that these compartments are not watertight and are being used for explanation only, and thus all aspects of the mind interlink and overlap each other.

The unconscious mind can also be viewed in many layers- but very simply put for this writing; the unconscious mind is that part of our overall experience that is not observable to our current consciousnesses. It is that part of our overall experience we do not need too access for current day-to-day life. (And thus is it called ‘un’ conscious -but do note that the word consciousness remains!) Thus the unconscious mind means unaware of and thus unable to attend to its dynamics …be it within our own dimension (for example our digestive processes) or another (for example Third dimensional humans are largely unaware of their first, second and fourth dimensional selves...and thus unable to responds from there) 

This is a device to enable the current human experience- so that we can focus on the current life ‘experiences and tasks’ so to say. Once we have (in any life) made wholly Conscious (consciously aligned) any aspect of our existence with ‘That I AM’ (call it Pure Consciousness, Universal Self, Godself…or what you choose) we do not need to consciously experience or learn it again; and thus if not required in the current plan, it gets ‘stored’ in what we call the unconscious mind. For example our DNA!  Indeed all that we automatically do…without conscious awareness…digestion, breathing, moving etc…we have consciously experienced/learnt it in some dimension or state of being and thus do not need to bother with it consciously in a current life!

It is also of extreme significance to understand that the unconscious mind also includes our Godself awareness…that Pure Consciousness which we willfully veiled, or individuated or constricted or made denser. Thus it also encompasses the Universal One Mind…or what is known as the power of infinite intelligence and unconditional love and abundance! But as we are playing the game of ‘separation’ (or ‘individuation’) from it, it remains unconscious within us.


Now again become aware of the importance of the conscious mind! As we expand our consciousness, the unconscious can be accessed through physical body messages, dreams, deep introspection (if externally aided these are also called regression and hypnosis) and meditation. Indeed the conscious awareness of the very same subconscious and unconscious minds become the super conscious mind! This has to be a journey however, an unfolding, a blossoming, a stretching of the mind or our energy fields   …because otherwise the current conscious mind cannot ‘contain’ the vastness, and is what then becomes hallucinatory, mad, etc.

Also recall from the above mentioned: the conscious mind can instruct the unconscious mind. This is what current common parlance refers to as commanding the universe, which then kicks in full time to perform according to this conscious information or directions! The right people, events and things will start appearing in your life, bringing your way opportunities from wherever appropriate for suitable action…towards becoming aware of your limitations or using your strengths. Everything will be set in motion to help you achieve your desire. Once you truly understand the super-conscious mind power, you will realize that success is not a function of luck, but of the conscious mind. A beautiful quote to sum this up: “Utilizing your conscious mind to direct the subconscious mind to enter into communication and harmony with the universal mind is the secret of personal power” Delfin Knowledge System

Of course if you wish to understand this deeper, there is only One mind. And all individuated minds are aspects of and thus connected to it. This understanding is vital to appreciate that your inner being already possesses all the wisdom …indeed all that you will ever need. Self is your ultimate resource, and thus when you tap into it positive things happen ‘automatically’…which truly means ‘through self’! Auto=Self! And so, if you really think of it, you have within you access to the unlimited abundance, beauty, vitality, wisdom, love and all potential of the universe…( your unconscious mind or energy fields) and you only need to tap into it! And how? Through the intention of the conscious mind!


While we have touched upon the different aspects of the mind, I have emphasized their interplay with the conscious mind, so that you may comprehend the significance of the conscious mind!

When you become consciously aware of the true nature of your inner being and its resources, you begin to dissolve many of the former limitations to your growth.  Thus conscious awareness works both ways: you ‘automatically’ disempower the myriad limitations arising from separation and ignorance; plus as your very awareness expands, it empowers all that you increasingly become aware of! Thus is awareness also:  Life Force or Creative Power. This power is an aspect of what you already are; you just need to real-ize this (make it real) through your conscious realization and thereby view it flow into your day-to-day life.

As this develops, the ‘minds’ begin to blend and merge and expand into becoming your one super conscious mind! The super-conscious is innately multidimensional and thus you straddle the universe and all that it offers…simultaneously! Ascension is the process of changing one's consciousness from one reality, based on one set of beliefs, to another. On a group level, ascension is the collective expansion of a state of consciousness set of beliefs to the point where that consciousness creates a new reality a new state of being or dimension

By Divyaa Kummar

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