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What does the grandiose sounding concept of self-empowerment really mean? Like all universal truths, it can be understood at many levels, and peeled endlessly like a cosmic onion! To start with, self-empowerment is usually linked with a claiming of your Creatorhood- a state of being wherein you realize that you shape your reality, moment-to-moment, through your recurring thoughts and feelings. At deeper levels we understand that this power of manifestation is only it’s by-product, much like producing alcohol while manufacturing sugar! True self-empowerment thus lays deeper, in the acknowledgment that your life plans, what you perhaps call karma or destiny, are willfully chosen by you for your highest good and growth. Towards certain experiences or learning, towards expansion of self and disempowerment of the limiting aspects within that self. No matter how challenging these may appear, it is indeed by your true free will that you choose your so-called destiny! However at its deepest level, complete self-empowerment means complete self-responsibility! Where you comprehend that everything outside of you, which you view as your life or world is but a reflection of the inner you; there is nothing in your exterior without it being in your interior; you are the cause and the outer is only its effect!

Thus true self-empowerment leads to the profound understanding that there is no other! There is no one other than you! And yes, most certainly this eureka has many ramifications in your day-to-day life! At first you go through a certain sense of consternation because there is no one to blame- no person, event or thing, nor fate, nor God that you can hold responsible for your life events, because everything comes back full circle to you. But it soon dawns on you that if you are wholly responsible for creating your life then you are completely empowered to enhance it too. You are not hostage to situations, people, and things outside your self; the point of power is within you and in the now! Blame, judgment, non-forgiveness, fluctuations between feeling the aggressor or victim all start to recede rapidly as you begin to view self as the source of everything outside you. You even understand what Christ meant when he said ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ because with true self-empowerment there is no need for the false power of controlling the ‘outside’!

Which brings us to another layer of that cosmic onion and the realization that Self Empowerment is claiming you creator hood yes, but at tripartite levels- your personal realties (relationships, careers) the environment (country, political, educational systems) and your world! Thus to change, enhance or even understand any thing in your life, be it difficult mother in laws, betraying society, unclean politics or world terrorism, it is within you that you must look! Mahatma Gandhi’s words: “Be the change you want to see in the world” come alive in this context and are to be taken literally! It is the single most effective way to change the world! A line of reasoning that works best in any such self endeavor is what we have coined as “Why why why till you reach the I”, which makes you look within as the source or cause of the effect outside! This also becomes a 24/7 meditation, because you are constantly brought back within, to self, and to the creator that you are!

The concept of Mirrors is a beautiful visual analogy towards the above understanding, and asks you to view your life and world as your reflection in the mirror! If you are joyous and loving it will reflect back; if you are filled with doubt and anger it is what you will meet in the mirror! And just like you cannot manipulate the relfection in the mirror, you cannot change your world from the outside. This helps you reinforce that all patterns and recurring situations need to be addressed within; otherwise the future is only a mishmash of the past, which you present to self in different ways so that you may handle the cause within.

At this point you may well be wondering how exactly do you manifest the people, events, things (or lack thereof) in your day-to-day life? You may even wonder where is this creator within you? And the answer of course is that the creator within you is in your belief system, because it is through your recurring thoughts and feelings and focus that you manifest physical life! You live in what is called a vibrational universe and everything you see (stone, plant, animal, human) and don’t see (space, thoughts, feelings) is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Thus visualize that the field of pure energy surrounding you is your raw material with your beliefs impinging on it moment to moment; and as critical mass is reached these beliefs become the physical tangibles you call your life or world! Energy is completely neutral and does not judge between positive or negative attention, and thus you create your limiting (doubts and lack) and positive beliefs.

With this understanding you can wholly claim your creator hood, and choose to think in ways that you wish to see outside you! Expand your beliefs and you will enhance your day-to-day life! How? Start by Knowing Thyself, what energy signatures do you emit moment-to-moment? Have you taken responsibility for your life and world? If you still blame the outside it is what you will further create. Know that you create moment-to-moment through your feelings, at tripartite levels, and thus there is no one other than you! Your life and world is your mirror.

By DivyaaKummar

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