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Dissolution of the personal self/identity/ego notion is the one single step to awakening! Everything else, -the journey, concepts, practices, learning etc is towards this dissolution! And this one single step - dissolution of the 'me' notion - spontaneously leads to all those states we speak about ... thoughtlessness, detachment, witnessing, love, equanimity, deathlessness, renunciation,  detachment, gong beyond karma, dharma, grace, etc etc...

Put together here are a series of face book posts on this subject - each is a  stand alone comment i had posted over the year - so they can be read piece meal to be properly digested  – and together to get the flow! Each posting has a longer note but I have left that out here! Please go beyond the words…

NO ME /PERSONAL/SEPARATE SELF/ID/EGO NOTION = NO THOUGHTS! Thoughtlessness is not a state without thoughts but a state where one doesn't identify with the thoughts! ‘Thought’ is that aspect of the cosmic play that we personalize/identify with/claim as ours(thus resist or encourage)- otherwise it’s all just the cosmic play - cosmic nano seconds, seeming events & experiences- but no doer of!Thus no separate me = thoughtlessness! Thus as our sense of separate self - our personal identity- often called the ego increasingly dissolves, we spontaneously begin to enter and abide in thoughtlessness. Imp: Thoughtlessness is not a state where there will be no thoughts but where we do not identify with the thoughts! In this we automatically become witness...! We judge not, get entangled not…with all that passes through a seeming us...

NO ME/ PERSONAL IDENTITY/EGO SELF = UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS = LOVE! Love is not an emotion but a state of being devoid of the separation that i (and it’s me, mine, you & yours) brings about.As our sense of separate/individuated/ego self starts to decrease, we increasingly move into the state of being - called Love! When i (the separate self) am not - Love spontaneously is! When there is no me & you& his & mine- Love is natural state! Indeed no self = no fears, no demands, no attachments, no me, no you, no giving or taking = Love!Masters (for example Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Mahavir etc) being beyond the personal self -established as universal consciousness- are Love Itself! This is why we feel their love so acutely – they emanate what they are!

NO ‘ME’/ EGO SELF/PERSONAL IDENTITY = NO DOER = NO ONE TO SUFFER = NO THING LIKE SUFFERING! In the deeper sense this actually answers the question that we all grapple with at some point: “Why would we as God/Consciousness create a world with pain & suffering?” So yes as long as there is a me... suffering seems to be. But … No ‘me’ = no doer = no one to suffer = no thing like suffering!This can best be understood through the analogy of why we create the experience of a movie or a game: We willfully create & go to movies with ups & downs in their story line, but as we are not the characters of the movie, we actually ‘enjoy’ the experience of the conflicts, trauma’s and pain within the story line…without suffering! We have not created a painful experience, inspite of the seeming pain we have created in the movie!  Let’s take another analogy, that of a game: We choose to play snakes & ladders with its ups & downs but as we are not the counter on the board we actually ‘enjoy’ the experience of the games traumas and exultations! We have not created a painful experience inspite of the snakes seemingly gobbling us in the game! Thus as God/Consciousness we have created ‘the world’ in a similar manner – we have not really created suffering and pain – inspite of the seeming ups and downs… and as self/personal identity/ ego/ ‘me’ dissolves… as there is increasingly no me = no doer = no one to suffer = no thing like suffering becomes an experiential gnosis and not merely an intellectual concept …nor a question we put to ‘God’ asking why?

In analogy if i look through a camera lens i automatically label, judge, reject, covet …something/one is ‘beautiful’ or ‘not good enough’ or ‘wow let me click this’ or ‘uhuh not nice let me not click this’ or ‘umm i want this to be mine’ or ‘this needs to change’ etc !  But when there is no 'me' behind the camera - the same lens looks at the same scene - without any of those judgments, labels & desires! Thus as long as there is a ‘me’ there is some degree of labeling , judgment, coveting, rejecting going on… but as the ‘me’ dissolves…we spontaneously begin to move from judgment/labeling to witnessing…and as there is no me = no one to judge/label= a state of pure witnessing...

NO ME/ EGO SELF/PERSONAL IDENTITY = A STATE OF DETACHMENT RATHER THAN A ‘ME’ TRYING TO DETACH!   We usually consider self/personal identity/ ‘me’ to be our body-mind & what we think, feel & do. But at a deeper glace - self/personal identity/ ‘me’ is also made up of our attachments – of all that  we identify with- all that we extend towards-all that concerns & defines us - relationships, careers, places, things or situations. All these together make up the ‘me’/ ego self/personal consciousness - they don’t exist separately outside the ‘me’ and no ‘me’ exists separate from ‘them’! Thus No ‘me’/ ego self/personal identity = no attachments from which i have to strive to detach! Indeed my house, my career, my spiritual journey, that problem, this joyful situation, my child, spouse, fb friends…everyone & everything that makes up ‘my’ world… & my concerns or joys about any of these …all of it is what makes a ‘me’!  And thus as ego/ self/personal identity… increasingly dissolve… so do these ‘attachments’… and ‘detachment’ increasingly ‘happens’…! Indeed as long as there is a ‘me’…detachment is only an intellectual concept…! Indeed sometimes the ‘me’ even gets attached to getting detached!  But …No me = no attachments from which I have to strive to detach! It happens…

NO ' ME'/EGO SELF/PERSONAL IDENTITY = LIVING IN A STATE OF RENUNCIATION rather than trying to renounce this that or the other. As the notion of the false self dissolves = true renunciation is!

NO PERSONAL SELF /EGO = DEATH LESSNESS! As we move beyond the personal self (and its cause and effect … and life and death… known as the wheel of samsara) we move into impersonal self and its deathlessness – there is no one or nothing to die. This is what Moksha really implies = the birthing into deathlessness… the birthing into eternal Self.

NO ME/EGO SELF/PERSONAL ID = DHARMA = Let’s view dharma, adharma through the ‘no me/ego self’ angle. Dharma =being in sync with our true (divine) nature, living as authentic Self and all that flows from this state of being. Adharma = being out of sync with our true (divine) nature/authentic Self, living the duality experiences of indivuated/ ego self and thus experiencing the thoughts, feelings & actions that arise from this sense of separate self. Thus automatically, as ‘me/ego/personal identity’ dissolves, so do feelings thoughts & actions that we deem ‘adharma’, and we increasingly move into abiding in Dharma! Let’s go deeper: No me/ego self/personal id = thus no one to judge things as good & bad = thus nothing like bad/ ‘evil’= thus all living in sync with Authentic Self = a state of Dharma!  Thus imho when the scriptures say that the ‘lord comes to earth, when adharma rules or when ‘evil’ in mankind is reaching some zenith’, it actually implies that the ‘Lord’ comes - not externally but internally as expanded Universal Consciousness within each of us- enabling the me/ego/duality self to dissolve and thus increasingly abide as Authentic Self… thus usher in a state of Dharma in mankind!  Thus imho when the scriptures say that the ‘Lord comes to earth, when adharma rules or when ‘evil’ in mankind is reaching some zenith’, it actually implies that the Lord comes not ‘against’ evil or on the ‘side’ of good, but as Universal Consciousness enabling personal consciousness to dissolve and thus enter a state of Consciousness that is beyond duality/opposites and its seeming good & evil! And this (no me/ego self/personal identity = no one to judge things as good & bad= nothing like bad/ ‘evil) is what’s called the victory of dharma over adhrama or seeming good over seeming evil! 

NO ME/ EGO SELF/PERSONAL IDENTITY = A STATE OF GRACE. GRACE IS THE PRESENCE OF 'YOUR' ABSENCE. As ‘you’ the personal identity begins to merge with - and thus experiences - impersonal Self… the ‘you’ that is still present describes it as Grace! As ‘you’, the personal consciousness that you are familiar with, begins to dissolve - and becomes one with - Pure Consciousness... the ‘you’ that is still present experiences this poignantly unfathomable state as Grace. Grace is not conferred on a 'me' by another- Guru God or Cosmos - Grace is the experience of Self flowing unto self!
-The paradox of grace- the less of me, the more ‘i’ experience grace!
-The paradox of grace - as Self increasingly permeates and fills ‘self’… self decreases & dissolves!
-The paradox of grace – no self, no experience of grace- and live is gracefully lived …what Zen describes as boiling water and chopping wood.

. Humility is not a quality to be possessed but the absence of 'someone' to possess it. As one abides in the awareness that all is consciousness, that there is no separate me/the doer, that all qualities actions experiences rise in consciousness as consciousness wills... we move away from identifying with all that flows through 'us'… the sense of separate self dissolves & there remains no one to claim humility.

IN CONCLUSION: ME' IS PARADOXICALLY A TERM TO DESCRIBE ALL THAT WE ARE NOT! We are not the body not the mind not its thoughts, actions, concerns, joys etc. Indeed we are not all that makes up this seeming ‘me’! The increasing awareness of all that I am not (Know thyself) with the increasing awareness all That I Am (Know Thyself) is the ‘journey/process’ of a spontaneously dissolving me/ego!

ENLIGHTENMENT IS NOT FOR THE ME BUT FROM THE ME!  (THAT WE THINK WE ARE) Thus trying to fight, suppress, over come the ‘me/ego’ grants something that doesn’t exist- life! But the light of awareness works like the two pronged effect of light being shone into our inner mansions…removing non existing shadows & silhouettes (dissolution of me/ego notion) … and bringing to life That which is truly within (recognition of and over time, abiding as, Consciousness/Universal Self/ No self/ Source call it what you may…)At some point as we increasingly become aware of and abide as That I Am... and all that i am not further and effortlessly dissolves.  This is also known as the path of tantra - awareness of our true nature …spontaneously dissolves what’s not... rather than trying to fight what’s not and in that...give it life! I call this path seducing the ego! As the ego is seduced with the light of awareness it begins to divest its many layers and ultimately willingly surrenders unto the embrace of authentic Self… knowing that in this embrace is not non existence but becoming All That Is…

A PERSONAL ANECDOTE: On a visit to a Buddhist temple as my niece & I were turning the large wheel she asked me what it symbolized & to keep it simple I told her it was the wheel of samsara- cause & effect- good thoughts/actions leading to a better turn of the wheel. She thought for a moment and then said: “But mausi/aunt, then how does one get off this wheel, is there some magic door?” I was touched by her keen perception…..and explained to her the magic door of non doership… moving beyond personal identity.... the cosmic play’s events and deeds flowing through a you rather than by a you… the magic door being from a you rather than for a you….!

Divyaa Kummar


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