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Truth a beguiling goal -but ‘truly’ it is the journey towards it that is truths reason to be! And just as tarots high priestess veils the truth behind her so that you may each make this journey yourself, does life, indeed existence do the same! And when you venture forth, on this expedition for ‘the truth’…a clue from me to you: be open to the many paradoxes you will find along your way! Truth will turn you and itself left, right and upside down… so be prepared to play this game with abandon, exploring each facet wholly, for then will truth unfold and unravel itself; any resistance, any hard-line approach will only meet with truth cheekily continuing to play hide and seek with you!

Truth is usually considered, the apex of a triangle pointing upward! Most of us take the journey towards truth to be this triangle, with us exploring from the widest base of information, facts, data, input and then narrowing and defining each ‘truth’ to finally culminate as the one ultimate truth! But it is infact quite the reverse- you start at the narrowest point, of your perception, experience, and understanding of any aspect (truth) till its ‘truth’ encompasses more and more, infinitely widening towards what you call the ‘top’! For truth doesn’t narrow into ‘a truth’ ….but indeed moves into a place where you can view all points of view coexisting equally as truths- relative to different points along the journey, each truth only a function of a particular time and space co-ordinate! The triangle is indeed upside down!

Thus truths are not as usually considered – absolute facts without contradictions! Seekers get confused when they come across what appear as ‘contradictory’ universal truths; they constantly try and determine which of those truths is the ‘one and ultimate truth’! Either way they feel that if one is right then the other must be wrong, old or redundant! And indeed it is this need to categorize reality in terms of its ‘one ultimate’ truth, that comes in the way. The classic Rumi story outlines this beautifully: He tells us about four blind men in a bazaar, each one on one side of an elephant, touching the elephant to describe its truth. Naturally an argument ensues, for one describes the elephant through the tail, another through the trunk and the others through each of its flanks…and yet the people of the bazaar, from their vantage point of the larger picture, can see all aspects being the truth about the elephant!

Universal Truths can be likewise viewed from many angles, each one as true as the other! Indeed seemingly opposing perspectives, for example the principle of complete free will and complete divine will; or the truth behind desires must be fulfilled and desires must be transcended- can both be equally and simultaneously valid, for it depends from which ‘angle’ you are viewing ‘the truth’, and which experience you require in the now! Neither negates the other… and as you truly embark on the journey to reach ‘the truth’, you find not only these two points (your current and the larger) coexisting but the many gradations in between all making up its truth! For each point of view, understanding, and experience - each truth indeed- has its own validity in its time and space co-ordinate and is required for ‘soul’ growth therein! And as you explore, expand, evolve, acknowledge and accept that each individual truth, and all collectively togther too, is ‘the truth’ …your connotation of truth itself changes. Not only do you not hanker after some one and final truth but this awakening also renders null and void the association of ‘truth’ being synonymous with ‘one absolute’. More importantly you do not get confused by the different truths presented by different masters, texts or even by the same master to different people… or different truths presented to you along your journey!

Indeed spiritual texts are ‘written’ in ways, in which all aspects of any universal truth are present- with you coming across or accepting that truth which you need in the now! And this brings us to a very vital point in this exploration of truth. Each individuation is on its unique journey in experiencing the Whole for the Whole. Each so called current life is designed towards this, in inimitable ways. And based on your purpose of each life, what you have chosen to experience, explore, expand and disempower through any current life will you meet as your truths! For truth depends on many variables- your era (time) and place (space), your soul purpose, your current life purpose, your stage of what you call ‘evolution’ to name only a few… so yes truth is an ever-evolving aspect along with ‘you’. And if you observe carefully, the truth of each level of your personal evolution is self-verifying, as at each level you are native to that! So everyone feels justified in his or her own truth! In some life (or phase of) for example, you may choose to explore surrender to divine will; in another you may choose to claim your complete free will as Creator - and both experiences are valid for the larger soul journey and both truths have to be wholly experienced as your truth - beyond intellectual concepts. Only then are you, as a soul, ready to move to another of its facets becoming your truth! For your truth is what is you experience; your truth is in your energy signature, and not your intellectual understanding thereof!

At this point we can loosely, for the sake of explanation only, define truth in terms of a) your current (or personal) truth b) the larger truth or what you consider you will finally ‘find’ as the ultimate truth of any aspect c) and the seeming polarities in between that come your way, as others’ truths. Most important and what many seekers do not give credit to is their current (personal) truth. Seekers are so concerned with the ‘ultimate’ truth that they do not realize that ‘The Truth’ is always what you are experiencing in your here and now as your current truth! It is what you have chosen to experience of the larger truth! Indeed wherever you are seeking ultimate truths, consciously determine what is your current knowing and experience of it beyond the intellectual! Do you live it? Then is it your ‘truth’… and then will you be open to its ‘larger’ and ‘higher’ truths! And a vital clue here: the ‘ultimate’ truth always dwells in that ‘next’ level of consciousness thereby catalyzing your evolution… experience into that level. That is all the ‘ultimate’ truth of any aspect is - the next level of any truth! And this then infinitely continues…your current truth and the ‘next’….! Now many of you will think, aha, the ‘real’ ultimate truth then, is that which comes at the ‘end’…! These are the ways in which the human mind leaps, always seeking that ‘one final’ answer on any aspect!

And thus it may surprise some of you: There is no ‘one’ single truth in the ‘end’! So what is this ‘larger truth’ then? It is that point of focus where all truths co-exist simultaneously! Paradoxical yes? That the larger truth (of any aspect) is not one ‘final’ truth shorn of all its ‘contradictions’, but its totality, which contains all it’s seeming polarities and contradictions! Collectively is it the larger truth- remember the elephant story!

As we take this further, we come to the startling realization that embracing all truths leads to a place of no truths- to indeed a beingness of All That Is! I will quote from a previous channeling of mine: “Do not now despair and wonder why you need to go through all truths to arrive at no truth! For there is no truth in the sense of what truth is usually taken to mean by you all - where one truth negates another or truth implies something that is not truth. Universal truths are but aspects of That I Am. And as I Am All That Is - where can untruth be? And if there is no untruth how can there be what you call ‘truth’? In me resides the field beyond right and wrong, nothing and everything…yes but also beyond untruth and truth. But beloveds you must experience each of these; the totality of the aspects you seek, you need must experience as its truths, with their seeming ‘contradictions’ before you reach this place of all truth or no truth; you cannot arrive here from any one single viewpoint, experience - truth! When you experience all My nuances through your many ‘lives’, and ‘look back’ you do not then consider them at variance with each other but experience how perfectly it all fits! What we are referring to here does not mean an intellectual understanding of my ‘different’ truths, but experiential: each truth experienced, through what you call your many existences, as your personal truth! This is indeed one of your reasons to Be… to experience and integrate the multi-faceted nature of My reality- That I AM and That You are. ‘My reality’: what do these words imply? ‘Real’ implies truth to you and if My reality is multi-faceted so must its truth be! I am All That Is- and any ‘aspect’…truth of mine that you seek to understand, is also made up of all that it can be! Remember as the macrocosm, so the microcosm. Do the tango- wholly explore experience your current truth and be open to the next! Understanding consciously now, that if your truth is not another’s truth, it does not make it ‘more’ (or ‘less’) of the truth. Understand also, that your current truth is not less valid than the next level of truth- for there is no short cut!”

Universal truths are but aspects of All That Is, and thus does your journey towards truth take you everywhere…till you pierce the veil behind the high priestess, and enter into her secret of all truth and no truth. Then you flow out once again as life…and the empress card, but looking through the high priestesses eyes…leads to an enhanced experience of all that comes your way.

Divyaa Kummar
Note: We shall explain to you through analogy: conjure if you will a circle. Blue at one end; red at another and many different colors in between. When you are bang in the middle of blue, and cannot see the other color, blue will be your truth. Then as you travel through it, a point will come when you glimpse the next color, whilst still experiencing the current! It is only when you move into another color, and become that color will it become your truth and you will view the blue as a valid truth you have experienced but is not your truth anymore. Likewise will you go through, glimpse and experience every color making up this circle- till having done that, replete and fulfilled you will view the circle as a whole, and experience all the colors co-existing simultaneously. None are old or redundant or invalid! But whilst you are within any color, this bird view of all colors in the circle can only be intellectual?

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